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BTS Shopping With You

Request: Could you do a reaction to you asking you’re boyfriend (the boys) to go clothes shopping with them?

Namjoon: If it’s a thrift store count him in (im just joking lol). Gladly goes with you and helps you shop.

Taehyung: Takes more time in the store than you though lmaoo you have to drag him out because he’s taken like 10 hours trying to decide what shirt to get.

Hoseok: Follows you around picking most random piece of clothing in hopes of getting you to hurry up.

Jin: “You’re taking a decade just grab both.” 

“Jin do you see the price tag??” 

“….wHY are we even in here let’s go.”

Jungkook: Stays on his phone most of the time and suggests the plainest clothes on earth for you to buy and you’re like ??? fam no.

Yoongi: “I’ll just wait outside until you finish” kind of guy

Jimin: Just follows you around and carries your clothes. Hypes you up when you ask if something looks good on you.

Mini Matchmaker Pt 3 (Steve Holiday Mini Series)

Happy New Year, my lovelies!! I was trying really hard to have this ready for NYE cause that’s when part of it happens but work and life made that impossible. But here it is!! I really hope you like this! I had all the fluffy feels while writing it, so yeah. :D Let me know your thoughts! <3


Mini Matchmaker Pt 3 (Steve Holiday Mini Series)

Characters: reader x Steve, Bucky, Clint, Natasha, OC Justice, Laura Barton, Sam, Maria Hill, others mentioned. [modern AU]

Summary: A surprising phone call leads to another dinner, plus New Years Eve plans go awry. 

Warnings: Fluff! Lil angst. Mention of death and car accident. Illness I guess? 

Word Count: 4.2k (I’m a wordy birdie)

Tags are at the end

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Mini Matchmaker Series Masterlist


Originally posted by shenghoutony

The day after Christmas was a rude awakening, returning to the awful world of retail clothing and the demanding general public. Everyone and their dim-witted cousin had descended upon the mall to return ill-fitting clothes, otherwise unwanted gifts, and basically to annoy you. You didn’t know how many more times you could say, “Without a receipt I can only give store credit and that’s with the tags still attached” because every single time, the customer was baffled and infuriated at your inability to fork over the refund money without proof of purchase. Shocking.

You had spent your (late and shorter than usual) break hiding in the bathroom just so you didn’t have to see another person for 15 minutes. You repeated the mantra of “only a few more days, only a few more days…” to keep you from snapping right then and there.

Thankfully, two days later things had calmed down and you were able to have an actual lunch break. Natasha had joined you halfway through and was currently devouring your basket of fries, but lucky for her you weren’t that hungry. If you never saw another mall food court again, it would be too soon. The combined smells were nauseating. Only a few more days, only a few more days…

The buzzing of your phone on the laminate table brought you out of your stupor, your heart leaping at the name displayed on the screen. Steve. Natasha’s eyes followed the sound and she gripped your arm in almost-painful excitement.

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Dating Hae like:
  • it either go two ways tbh 
  • he’d be all fixed up and really nervous to ask you to be his grill and then you’re just like ‘hoe why r u dressed so nicely and why r u sweating so much??' 
  • then he just says it like “Y/N I really like you and dknsksnsowbdibe” and you’re all chill and when he calms down you two talk and boom you’re dating 
  • OR it’d go like 
  • “hey y/n do you wanna see a magic trick?!" 
  • "sure" 
  • "poof you’re now my girlfriend" 
  • "okay DongHyuck" 
  • tbh I see it going both ways -anyways omfg it’d be so fucking fun 
  • he’d tease you a lot how cute -he knows where to stop and he’s actually really soft for you 
  • like he’d always check up on you when he’s out of the country like five minutes later ring ring oh look it’s him again asking if you washed up yet 
  • and the same with him whenever you’re gone you always check on him and ask him how he’s doing and it’s just cUtE 
  • he’s really soft for you like he wants you to be happy all the time and doesn’t want you to be sad ever -but at the same time 
  • "you’re such a bitch y/n" 
  • "I know" 
  • "fuc u" 
  • "thank you Hae" 
  • it’s such a playful relationship 
  • you two are best friends like you do everything together and make fun of each other and just have a lot of fun 
  • "y/n come here I have a secret to tell you" 
  • "What do you want this time" 
  • he leans in real close and then burps into your ear 
  • but it’s all good cause you burp louder 
  • he probably texts you at 3 am just to make fun of something you said before 
  • okay but 
  • imagine accidentally sleeping on his shoulder and him just worrying not knowing what to do but doesn’t move cos he doesn’t want to wake you 
  • and then then he falls asleep after taking pictures to tease you 
  • but the members take pictures of you two and they make fun of you 
  • denies the fact that he likes it, but when you say you won’t do it again he says to do it again lol 
  • he cAnt even beleaf he’s dating you like he’d think you’re an angel and that you own the world or smth 
  • whenever you two fight over dumb shit he’s all like "are we done fighting” and ur just like “ya” and then you’re all good 
  • you two never really fight over anything serious because when one of you guys make a mistake you two own up to it and apologize 
  • like the most serious thing that probably happened was him getting upset you didn’t tell him something first 
  • tbh he just really wants to be number one and wants to be lof by you 
  • like trust is the biggest thing to him and you two would nEVER DO ANYTHING TO HURT EACH OTHER 
  • when you visit him when he’s practicing he takes a break and you two sit and he talks about what he did at practice and even though he’s sweating you still get close to him -and then someone would yell “Lee DongHyuck get your ass over here stop making out" 
  • He’d get upset but you’d stay to watch them practice 
  • after he’s done getting clean and you two go out sometimes (more like all the time you visit) and he’s so happy to treat you and you’re like 
  • then he’d say "save your money for our wedding day" 
  • Youd shut up lmao because you’re so embarrassed like who says that y'all only 16 or smth 
  • but you like it 
  • you would scream whenever you two pass by any clothes store and want to buy everything but have no money and you leave before he tries to buy it for you -anyWAY 
  • y'all so soft and nice yet hate each other you kno??? Like it’s so nice to be around him and you think you’re not enough but to him you’re so much more than enough you can look at him and he’d be like ilysm 
  • pls don’t hurt him cos he would never hurt you
Tips Tricks and Bits

Secret Photo Filters
When having your TPC photo taken in the photo booth, holding down either shoulder button will apply a special filter to your photograph!

Effect Code:

  • L Button - Black and white
  • Neither - Color
  • R Button - Sepia tone


ATM Savings Rewards
Save the following amounts of bells in the ATM (located in the post office) to have a gift mailed to you.

  • Box of Tissues - Achieve a balance of 100,000 bells
  • Letter Set - Achieve a balance of 500,000 bells
  • Piggy Bank - Achieve a balance of 1,000,000 bells
  • Aluminum briefcase - Achieve a balance of 5,000,000 bells
  • Post-office poster - Achieve a balance of 10,000,000 bells
  • Safe - Achieve a balance of 20,000,000 bells
  • Mailman’s Hat - Achieve a balance of 50,000,000 bells
  • ABD - Achieve a balance of 100,000,000 bells

Occasionally, when you complete certain requirements, Phineas will arrive in your town to give you a badge for accomplishments in the game. These accomplishments range from the amount of Bells saved, to how often you catch bugs, fish and sea life. Badges appear as a section of your town ID card.

  • Amateur Turnip Trader - Earn 500,000 Bells worth of profit in Joan’s turnip trade.
  • Pro Turnip Trader - Earn 3,000,000 Bells worth of profit in Joan’s turnip trade.
  • Master Turnip Trader - Earn 10,000,000 Bells worth of profit in Joan’s turnip trade.
  • Avid Bell Saver - Deposit 1,000,000 or more Bells into your savings account.
  • Wealthy Bell Saver - Deposit 10,000,000 or more Bells into your savings account.
  • Tycoon Bell Saver - Deposit 100,000,000 or more Bells into your post office savings account.
  • Backyard Gardener - Plant over 100 trees and flowers from the state of seeds or saplings.
  • Village Gardener - Plant over 250 trees and flowers from the state of seeds or saplings.
  • Gardening Specialist - Plant over 500 trees from the state of seeds or saplings.
  • Balloon Hunter - Shoot down 30 or more balloons.
  • Balloon Buster - Shoot down 100 or more balloons.
  • Balloon Master - Shoot down 200 or more balloons.
  • Bronze Medalist - Earn 300 or more medals from the tropical island’s tour games.
  • Silver Medalist - Earn 1500 or more medals from the tropical island’s tour games.
  • Gold Medalist - Earn 5,000 or more medals from the tropical island’s tour games.
  • Catalog Maniac Bronze - Unlock 20% of Timmy & Tommy’s shop catalog.
  • Catalog Maniac Gold - Unlock 80% of Timmy & Tommy’s shop catalog.
  • Catalog Maniac Silver - Unlock 50% of Timmy & Tommy’s shop catalog.
  • Dreamer - Visit Dream Suite 50 times or more.
  • Heavy Sleeper - Visit Dream Suite 200 times or more.
  • Mr./Mrs. Sandman - Visit Dream Suite 500 times or more.
  • Fish Maniac - Catch 50% or more of the fish specimens.
  • Fish Encyclopedia - Catch 80% or more of the fish specimens.
  • Prof. of Ichthyology - Complete the fish encyclopedia.
  • Good Host/Hostess - Invite more than 50 other players to visit your town.
  • Great Host/Hostess - Invite more than 200 other players to visit your town.
  • Goodwill Ambassador - Invite more than 500 other players to visit your town.
  • Good Samaritan - Help your neighbors by performing 50 favors for them.
  • Great Samaritan - Help your neighbors by performing 100 favors for them.
  • Town Concierge - Help your neighbors by performing 300 favors for them.
  • Good Shopper - Purchase 500,000 Bells worth of items at Timmy & Tommy’s, Leif’s gardening store, Abel Sisters, Kicks, GracieGrace, Redd’s, or the Museum gift shop.
  • Expert Shopper - Purchase 2 million Bells worth of items at Timmy & Tommy’s, Leif’s gardening store, Abel Sisters, Kicks, GracieGrace, Redd’s, or the Museum gift shop.
  • Master Shopper - Purchase 5 million Bells worth of items at Timmy & Tommy’s, Leif’s gardening store, Abel Sisters, Kicks, GracieGrace, Redd’s, or the Museum gift shop.
  • Happy Homer Bronze - Earn 50,000 points or more from the Happy Home Academy (HHA).
  • Happy Homer Silver - Earn 100,000 points or more from the Happy Home Academy (HHA).
  • Happy Homer Gold Earn - 150,000 points or more from the Happy Home Academy (HHA).
  • Insect Maniac - Catch 50% or more of the insect specimens.
  • Insect Encyclopedia - Catch 80% or more of the insect specimens.
  • Insect Entomology - Complete the insect encyclopedia.
  • K.K. Slider Fan - Watch K.K. Slider perform at Club LOL on Saturday nights more than 20 times.
  • K.K. Slider Fanboy/Fangirl - Watch K.K. Slider perform at Club LOL on Saturday nights more than 50 times.
  • K.K. Slider Diehard - Watch K.K. Slider perform at Club LOL on Saturday nights more than 100 times.
  • Letter Writer - Mail 50 or more letters.
  • Letter Author - Mail 100 or more letters.
  • Postmaster - Mail 200 or more letters.
  • Neighborhood Traveler - Visit a different town over 100 times.
  • World Traveler - Visit a different town over 250 times.
  • Space Traveler - Visit a different town over 500 times.
  • Refurbishing Beginner - Refurbish 30 or more items at Re-Tail.
  • Refurbishing Expert - Refurbish 100 or more items at Re-Tail.
  • Refurbishing Master - Refurbish 200 or more items at Re-Tail.
  • Seafood Maniac - Catch 50% or more of the deap-sea specimens.
  • Seafood Encyclopedia - Catch 80% or more of the deep-sea specimens.
  • Prof. of Seafood - Complete the deep-sea encyclopedia.
  • Skilled Angler - Catch 500 or more fish.
  • Expert Angler - Catch 2,000 or more fish.
  • Master Angler - Catch 5,000 or more fish.
  • Skilled Bug Catcher - Catch 500 or more insects.
  • Master Bug Catcher - Catch 5,000 or more insects.
  • Expert Bug Catcher - Catch 2,000 or more insects.
  • Skilled Diver - Catch 100 or more sea creatures.
  • Pro Diver - Catch 200 or more sea creatures.
  • Dive Master - Catch 1,000 or more sea creatures.
  • Streetpass Beginner - Get tagged via Streetpass more than 100 times.
  • Streetpass Expert - Get tagged via Streetpass more than 300 times.
  • Streetpass Master - Get tagged via Streetpass more than 1000 times.
  • Village Leader - Exceed 200 hours of play time.
  • Village of Honor - Exceed 500 hours of play time.
  • Village Representative - Exceed 50 hours of play time.
  • Weed Hunter - Pull 500 or more weeds
  • Weed Buster - Pull 2,000 or more weeds.
  • Weed Menace - Pull 5,000 or more weeds.

Fortune Cookie Prizes
Buy purchasing a Fortune Cookie from any of the Timmy and Tommy-owned stores, you can trade in a Lucky Ticket for any of the prizes below.

  • Fortune Cookie #01
    Mushroom Mural
  • Fortune Cookie #02 
    Block Floor
  • Fortune Cookie #03
    Hero’s Clothes
  • Fortune Cookie #04
    Random Item
  • Fortune Cookie #05
    Hero’s Pants
  • Fortune Cookie #06
    Random Item
  • Fortune Cookie #07
    Peach’s Parasol
  • Fortune Cookie #08
    Hero’s Cap
  • Fortune Cookie #09
    Majora’s Mask
  • Fortune Cookie #10
    Samus Mask
  • Fortune Cookie #11
    Midna’s Mask
  • Fortune Cookie #12
    Toad Hat
  • Fortune Cookie #13
    Red Pikmin
  • Fortune Cookie #14
    Blue Pikmin
  • Fortune Cookie #15
    Yellow Pikmin
  • Fortune Cookie #16
    Random Item
  • Fortune Cookie #17
  • Fortune Cookie #18
  • Fortune Cookie #19
    Goal Pole
  • Fortune Cookie #20
    Fire Flower
  • Fortune Cookie #21
    Super Mushroom
  • Fortune Cookie #22
    Green Shell
  • Fortune Cookie #23
    Super Star
  • Fortune Cookie #24
    1-Up Mushroom
  • Fortune Cookie #25
    ? Block
  • Fortune Cookie #26
  • Fortune Cookie #27
    Fire Bar
  • Fortune Cookie #28
    Bill Blaster
  • Fortune Cookie #29
    Yoshi’s Egg
  • Fortune Cookie #30
    Random Item
  • Fortune Cookie #31
    Triple Red Shells
  • Fortune Cookie #32
  • Fortune Cookie #33
  • Fortune Cookie #34
    Blue Falcon
  • Fortune Cookie #35
    Master Sword
  • Fortune Cookie #36
  • Fortune Cookie #37
  • Fortune Cookie #38
    Random Item
  • Fortune Cookie #39
    S.S. Dolphin
  • Fortune Cookie #40
    Virtual Boy
  • Fortune Cookie #41
    Wii Balance Board
  • Fortune Cookie #42
    Varia Suit Pants
  • Fortune Cookie #43
    Varia Suit Shoes
  • Fortune Cookie #44
    Bad Bro’s Stache
  • Fortune Cookie #45
    Big Bro’s Mustache
  • Fortune Cookie #46
    Varia Suit
  • Fortune Cookie #47
  • Fortune Cookie #48
    Triple Bananas
  • Fortune Cookie #49
    Hero’s Boots
  • Fortune Cookie #50
    Fi Mask

Having the opposite gender’s hairstyles

After getting 15 haircuts on your gender, Harriett will offer to let you get the male hairstyles if you’re female and female hairstyles if you’re male.

HHA Prizes
Prizes are dependent on which mode you are playing under. Prizes for the theme challenge cannot be earned while under the standard mode and vice-versa. Speak to Lyle about changing to and from the theme challenge.

  • HHA tee - Get a score of 10,000
  • HHA Pennant - Get a score of 20,000
  • HHA Jacket - Get a score 30,000
  • Silver HHA Plaque - Get a score of 50,000
  • Gold HHA Plaque - Get a score of 70,000
  • Silver HHA Trophy - Get a score of 90,000
  • Gold HHA Trophy - Get a score 100,000
  • Gold House Model - Get a score 150,000
  • Golden Roof - Get a score 300,000 (theme challenge)
  • Golden Exterior - Get a score 500,000 (theme challenge)
  • Golden Door - Get a score 700,000 (theme challenge)
  • Golden Fence - Get a score 900,000 (theme challenge)
  • Golden Mailbox - Get a score 1,100,000 (theme challenge)

Better Tools
These are tools in the game that you unlock.

Silver Axe - Purchase from the island shop for 8 medals.
Golden Axe - Talk to Leif the sloth after purchasing at least 50 tree saplings from the gardening shop.

Silver Fishing Rod - Purchase from the museum’s second floor extension after donating at least 30 fish.
Golden Fishing Rod - Talk to the fishing tournament host after catching every fish in the game.

Silver Net - Purchase from the museum’s second floor extension after donating at least 30 bugs.
Golden Net - Talk to the bug catching tournament host after catching every bug in the game.

Silver Shovel - Purchase from the museum’s second floor extension after donating at least 15 fossils.
Golden Shovel - Talk to Leif the sloth after purchasing at least 50 fertilizers from the gardening shop.

Silver Slingshot - Shoot down the present with 2 silver balloons attached to it.
Golden Slingshot - Shoot down the present with 3 gold balloons attached to it.

Silver Watering Can - Talk to Leif the sloth after purchasing at least 50 flower seeds from the gardening shop.
Golden Watering Can - Talk to Isabelle after maintaining 15 days of perfect environmental conditions.

Nookling Store Upgrades

T&T Mart - 10 days after your town is open and the you have spent at least 12,000 bells in Nookling Junction. You must have moved out of a tent

Super T&T - T&T Mart must have been open for 10 days, and you must have spent 25,000 bells there. Also the Gardening Store must have been open for 10 days.

T.I.Y - You must have spent 50,000 bells at Super T&T and it must have been open for 21 days.

T&T Emporium - You must have spent 100,000 bells at T.I.Y and completed 4 Gracie Fashion Checks at Satisfactory level, and T.I.Y must have been open for 30 days.

Unlockable Locations
Most, if not all of these require it being 10 days past the start of the game, and most will all be available in the public works list.

 Club LOL - Have Nookling Junction upgrade for the first time, give Dr. Shrunk permission when he visits your house, and obtain signatures from other villagers.

Dream Suite- Revealed 7 days after game start. Talk to Isabelle when she is sleeping. Dream Suite will be added to the public works list.

Fortune Teller Shop - Have your fortune read (which happens whenever Katrina visits your town) 20 times. Then speak to her and the shop will be added to the works list.

Garden Center - Pull 30 weeds, plant 30 flowers or trees, OR water 30 plants.

Kicks - Spend at least 8000 bells in the Able Sisters’ shop.

Museum Shop - Donate at least 20 items (at least one from each category) to the museum, and talk to Blathers daily; the shop will become a works project.

QR Machine - Talk to Sable (in the Able Sisters store; the one sewing machine)for 10 days straight and on the 11th day it will be added to the back of the store.

Reset Center - Turn off your 3DS without saving, and when you start up your town, Mr Resetti will say that the Reset Centre closed, then its a works project. 

Shampoodle - Spend at least 10,000 bells in Able Sisters’ or Kicks. It must be at least 10 days since Kicks was built.

The Island Resort - Start up the game after finishing your upgrade to a house. Tortimer will greet you at the start up; meet him at the docks. You can go one day later.

The Roost Café - Donate 50 items to the Museum, and have the Museum Shop already unlocked. Talk to Blathers 7 days after the Museum Shop’s opening.


Magic Rocks
Like in the previous Animal Crossing games, there is a rock in each town that, if you hit it with a shovel or axe, gives out money. It only does this once per day, of course, but you can get up to 16,000 bells if you hit it enough. Every day there will be an extra rock in your town. Hit it with a shovel and it will break and reveal a different mineral. You can take these to Cyrus (once he wakes up) and use them as an additional way to make your furniture different. Or you can just sell them. Once you have the silver shovel, you have a chance of making gems come out of the money rock instead of bells. Also, you can take 3 gold gems to Cyrus and he’ll make you a random piece of a special gold furniture set.

View town’s history
If you sit on the ledge at your mayor planted tree after it has grown for a month and wait a few seconds, credits will roll by showing your town history.


Avoid Bee Stings Easily
To easily avoid being stung by a bee, simply press ‘Start’ and select 'Save and Continue.’ This will refresh the environment and cancel the flying bees, avoiding the need to run into a building or to try and catch them. The beehive will still be on the ground after the save completes.

Avoid Triggering Beehives in Trees
To shake trees for money and furniture safely without fear of getting attacked by bees, go to the Train Station and open your train gate to visitors. Beehives will not spawn when your train gate is open.

Balloon Frequencies

Whenever the time on the clock ends in 4 (i.e. 12:34 or 8:54), a balloon may appear on one of the sides your town. This means you can get up to 6 balloon presents an hour. You must be outside for the balloon to appear.

Change the Club LOL Gyroids
If you go into Club LOL during the morning or afternoon before the show you can walk up on the stage. If you click A on one of the Gyroids you can choose to swap it with one in your inventory. This can give a new back beat to some of KK’s songs while he is DJing or playing guitar!

Cliff Diving
It’s possible to perform cliff dives straight from your town and into the ocean. Look carefully for a section of the cliff that doesn’t have any beach area beneath it. Stand near the edge, equip the Wet Suit, and press the A button. Your character will jump off the cliff and land in the water below.

Bug/Fish Catching
When hunting for a certain type of catch, such as sharks or palm tree bugs, this trick will help. Search the area where you are looking for the creature, and if it isn’t there hit start and save, but continue playing. This will reset the bug and fish spawns in your game, and it only takes a few seconds.

Extra Storage
Whenever you’re full of items in your inventory, you can store your items inside letters, preventing you from having to come back to get whatever you missed. This gives you 10 extra item spaces, handy for selling your bug/fish load from the island.

Hit Balloon Presents with Net
If ballooned presents come from the coastal side of town, go to the cliff the rest of town is on. Before the balloon reaches the cliff, hit it with your net. Also, if the present comes from the other side of the town, as the balloon reaches the cliff it will lower allowing you to hit as well.

Skip Kapp'n’s Song
While traveling to or from the Tropical Resort, while Kapp'n is singing tap the the B button rapidly. He’ll suddenly stop singing and say a few things and then drop you off. This saves a lot of time.

Taken from a retail store forum

Prosecution policies in certain stores!Some of this info could be wrong but this seems to be the general policy on stores from what I’ve gathered. If you notice any errors or have additional information about a particular store I’ll edit it in.

Aeropostale: No chase policy/Doesn’t prosecute/No LP, staff has little or no LP training/Cameras are not actively monitored

Abercrombie & Fitch: No chase policy/Sometimes prosecutes but often will just ask for merchandise back without civil demand/Only LP is staff, some care, some don’t/Cameras are not actively monitored

American Eagle: No chase policy/Will prosecute/Limited LP but will occasionally use plain clothes/Cameras are not actively monitored

Best Buy: Has active and good LP. Will follow you into the restroom if they suspect you, they will also call the police the second they see you conceal something. There is a stationary guard at the entrance who monitors cameras throughout the store.

Burlington Coat Factory: Somewhat dangerous.

CVS: No chase policy but will attempt to get your license plate/Will prosecute/Store managers will sometimes act as plain clothes LP/Cameras are not usually monitored

Dicks Sporting Goods: Poor LP

Dillards: Very dangerous.

Fred Meyers*:

Hollister: Same as Abercrombie & Fitch

H&M: Chase policy and prosecution policy unknown/Very good LP for a small store, even in small stores will use plain clothes or a security guard/Camera status unknown

King Supers: Good LP

Kmart: Will chase.

Kohls: Dangerous store to shoplift at, has active LP who make fitting room stops.

Lord & Taylor*: Will chase you/ Will either prosecute or issue civil demand depending on circumstances/Extremely good LP, plain clothes are used and are often off-duty cops/Cameras are actively monitored.

JC Penny*: Will chase you/Will either prosecute or issue civil demand/LP is decent but not as good as Macys, occasionally uses plain clothes/Cameras are actively monitored

Macys*: Will chase you/Will either prosecute or issue civil demand/Above average LP, plain clothes are common/Cameras are actively monitored

Meijers: Will chase.

Mervyns: Dangerous.

Sears*: Will chase you/Will prosecute, sometimes issues civil demand/Extremely good LP, uses plain clothes/Cameras are actively monitored

Sephora: Will Chase/Will issue civil demand and call police, may prosecute depending on circumstances, will issue a trespass order for 1 year/No plainclothes/No monthly quota on shoplifting aprehensions/Very well and actively-monitored cameras that are full colour, and can pan as well as zoom in/nothing has a security tag/There is one dedicated employee who monitors all the cameras, and has radio contact with all (or just the LPs) staff members in the store/There are generally more than 2 LPs active in the store with the camera guy behind the scenes/LP is well trained and even regular staff has a degree of LP training

Staples: There are two kinds of store layouts. The old store layout consists mainly of rows of aisles, and the new store layout has more of a maze layout like Bestbuy. The cameras in the stores with old layouts are mostly fake, while the newer stores employ several low-profile cameras designed to monitor internal theft. In both stores the cameras are not usually monitored.

Stop & Shop: Chase policy unknown/Will prosecute/Uses plain clothes LP and staff will often look for shoplifters/Cameras are often monitored and are numerous

Target*: Will chase you/Will prosecute, sometimes but rarely issues civil demand/Extremely good LP and employees are given an incentive to look out for shoplifters/Cameras are actively monitored and are very high quality

Walgreens: No chase policy/Will prosecute/Does not have active LP but the staff will sometimes try to act as LP. They aren’t supposed to and can not legally stop you/Cameras are not usually monitored although there is usually one employee in the back room near the cameras, so be aware of that.

Walmart*: Will chase you/Will either prosecute or issue civil demand/LP often poor but ranges from store to store/Cameras are actively monitored/Has a policy not to prosecute under $25

*Stores marked with an asterick are known to enter shoplifters into a national database.“

Sailor Soldiers Selfie Approach
  • Sailor Moon: Selfies herself doing literally anything when she remembers to but frequently forgets, so she has a million photos of herself at home and then like 1-2 of parties and outings. Unlike Venus her selfies are unstaged and she has no qualms about posting pictures of herself looking funny or weird. Laughs so hard she wees when people tag her in unflattering candids. Doodles over every photo.
  • Sailor Mercury: Only takes selfies when she meets people or goes to places that she thinks are particularly noteworthy, like seeing a famous theorist at a convention or visiting a historic site. Selfies are more for her own records than for other people. "Meeting with my friends" quickly became one of those noteworthy events, and being tagged by other people makes her happy in a way she didn't think possible.
  • Sailor Mars: Looks naturally glamorous in every photo she takes but only rarely takes selfies, mostly to show new clothes or accessories. Acts disinterested but is slightly annoyed by being tagged in others' pictures.
  • Sailor Jupiter: At first takes no selfies, though she takes millions of photos of her cooking, her craftwork, her plants' progress, destinations, cute things she sees in stores but doesn't buy, cute cats, etc. But slowly her friends encourage her to feel more comfortable posting pictures of herself, first in group shots and then with things she's made. Likes vintage-style filters.
  • Sailor Venus: hahahaha literally an average of one selfie every half hour. All her selfies are delicately staged and she fixes her hair & makeup before, or edits it after. She takes selfies with her food, new makeup, in the dressing room, with cute boys she sees at the mall, etc. She mines Artemis for Likes. She has a million apps for applying filters, stickers, effects, etc. Will hound you to delete unflattering candids even without being tagged.
  • Tuxedo Mask: Only tagged in the candids Sailor Moon takes of him. He looks frustratingly good in all of them.
  • Sailor Pluto: Only posts "accidental" partial selfies, like a hand holding a door, half of her leg, a reflection in glass but her face is hidden. You can tell she's beautiful but you can never get a good look.
  • Sailor Neptune: Mostly cross-posts of promotional or professional photography shoots. Genuine selfies are usually previews of her upcoming works or shared from the accounts of fans she meets. Funny Sailor Uranus candids. Seems very mature until she randomly posts a photo that looks rude but is actually just her elbow or a peach, and confuses all her followers. :^)
  • Sailor Uranus: #gains Gratuitous half-smirk workout selfies to make her followers swoon. Lots of shares and shout-outs to selfies with fangirls to make Neptune jealous but it never works. Lots of videos where she stares emptily at the camera while someone does something embarrassing behind her. She's always pulling some kind of face because even though she thinks she looks handsome AF she can't bring herself to take an "unironic" selfie.
  • Sailor Chibi Moon: Straight-forward and fun selfies to show off a new look or celebrate hanging out with friends, but otherwise likes to stay out of her photos. Her face is on Sailor Moon's account more than her own via photobombing.
  • Sailor Saturn: She doesn't really know what a selfie is but she likes to share things that make her happy and doesn't understand why so many people call her #aesthetic

fukurouheichou  asked:

You're hooking me up with so many appreciated deals on cute clothing ;;v;; ♡ Now if only my paypal would process my transfer..

I’m so glad!!!!!!! Just don’t forget you can use any of the promo codes I post along with all the fashion stuffs throughout the entire store and they NEVER EXPIRE. So go ahead and enjoy 10-15% super kawaii shit because paying full price for things sucks. I used to look around for kawaii/lolita/pastel clothing and I could never find anything less than $50 bucks that I liked… so being able to show everything cute and affordable clothing is nice! 

If you’re looking for more cute clothing specifically throughout my blog, I have a “shop” tag in my description for people to find it all more easily! Best of luck bab and thanks for checking out my blog! It means a lot!

I'd Buy That For A Dollar


I"M GONNA REQUEST SOME SMUT THEN :D Frank owns (or works at) this clothing store (You can decide what type of clothing c: ). Y/N comes in on a slow day to browse so he helps her look thru the racks and there’s lots of subtle flirting from Frank. Y/N goes & tries things on and models them for him (and more flirting but this time Y/N flirts back omg), and then he gives her extra help in the dressing room ;) (and it gets a bit kinky). Hopefully this makes sense omg I’m sorry if it doesn’t. ___________________________________

You’re walking down the street on a calm Sunday. You hadn’t had any significant plans for today so you decided to get a little shopping done, something you’d been wanting to do. You’re on your way to your favorite clothing store, when your walking stops as you pause in front of a store sign. “Stage 4 Clothing” it reads. While you had passed the store multiple times in the past, your interest was suddenly peaked; there was a decent sale going on. You give a little mental cheer before pushing the door open to step inside.

As you walk in, you immediately notice the fact that the store seems to be empty. You frown the slightest bit. Shit, maybe this store is closed and I didn’t even notice. Before you can make a decision on whether to leave or not, a friendly toned voice rings out and startles you.

“Hi there! Welcome to Stage 4!” You turn to where the voice came from, and you see a guy covered in of tattoos, sitting behind the counter reading a Kerrang! He’s smiling and you look at him for a second, seeing how attractive he is before answering.

“Hi.” You greet back, stepping into the store more.

“Almost everything is on sale. We’re having a really slow day so don’t hesitate to ask if you need any help.” His name tag at the end of his lanyard says “Frank” and he smiles at you in a way that seems a bit more than polite.

“Alright, thank you.”

“No problem.” He continues smiling at you and you notice his eyes slowing looking at you from top to bottom. He meets your eyes and then smiles again before going back to his magazine.

You continue on and walk deeper into the store. The clothes are actually very appealing to you, and the prices are good. You choose a couple of items and as you scan the racks, a scarf catches your eye. It’s bright orange with little tassels at each end, and it’s made of a super soft fuzzy material. You laugh internally just a bit as you pick up the scarf and have a proper look at it.

“Nice scarf.” A sly voice comes out from behind you. You turn your head to see the worker guy from before, Frank, walking over to you. You chuckle a bit.

“Thanks. It’s a little different than what I’d usually choose, but there’s just something about it. I like it for some reason, but I’m not sure it’ll look good with anything I own.” You tell him your qualms about the scarf; he works here for a reason, anyways.

“I think it’s really unique. It would probably look cute on you.” He says with a smile that pulls more at one end of his lips than the other. “I’m Frank by the way. What’s your name honey?”

“My name is (Y/N). And thanks, but I don’t know, sometimes I have a little trouble figuring whether or not something will suit me.” You confess.

“Well as you can see, it’s a really slow day, so I could maybe help you out with that? I can totally shop with you, if you’d like.” Frank smiles kindly at you, his hazel green eyes shining. You think for just a second before answering.

“Sure, Frank. That’d be much appreciated.”

His smile immediately grows. “Great! My keen fashionista eye won’t let you down, beautiful!” His tone is joking and he winks at you. You giggle and begin to scan the racks once more, taking the scarf with you.

As you look around at all the clothes, Frank occasionally points out things he thinks “would look cute on you” or “look at this, you’d look bangin’ in this (Y/N)!” You only thank him and take the clothes he suggests, which you actually really do like.

You finally reach a section of clothing that you hadn’t yet looked at. It’s chock full of short shorts and sets of skirts that pair with crop tops. You pick up a frilly black skirt that is actually really to your liking. Although, the length of the skirt immediately puts you off a bit and you hesitantly begin to put it back.

“What’re you doing (Y/N)? Oh, that’s a nice skirt.” Frank sidles up next to you.

“Eh, it is, but I don’t think the length will flatter me all that much.” You confess to him.

“Whoa whoa whoa now!” Frank begins, gently moving your hand with the skirt away from the rack. “I, personally, think it’d look amazing on you (Y/N). And if you don’t believe me, we do have dressing rooms here.” You smile a little at Frank, but he looks just a tad nervous and hesitates before continuing. “If… If you’d want, I could even… lend a critical eye.” He suggests slowly. A critical eye, hm? You don’t respond right away, not sure if what you’re thinking is correct. “I mean you could just go try them on if you want, but I could yknow share my opinion when you try something on. Only if you want of course.” Frank clarifies a bit more, sounding nervous at your lack of answer.

“I try something on and you tell me what you think of it? Hm. Sounds like a little fashion show.” You chuckle a bit and Frank eases up. “Sure Frank, I’d appreciate the help.”

Frank gives you a toothy smile. “Alright then, let’s go hun!” He begins to walk to the back end of the store, and you follow after quickly picking out some more stuff off the rack.

The dressing rooms are tidy and you choose the big one in the back. Walking into the dressing room, Frank settles himself to wait. He gives you a thumbs up as you enter the stall and close the door. Looking through the clothes you brought in, you pick out a pair of shorts to try on first. You replace your jeans with said shorts and take a quick look in the mirror before opening the door to step out in front of Frank. As soon as you present yourself, Frank’s eyes shine and he gives you a smile.

“What do you think?” You ask him.

“I think they look really good on you! They match your style and… they really flatter your… shape.” Frank gives you a slow look from bottom to top before meeting your eyes and smiling. You face warms a tiny bit.

“Thanks, handsome.” You grin at him before twirling on your feet and re entering the stall.

Next, you decide to try on a skirt and a crop top. The skirt is the black and frilly one, and the crop top is dark purple and a bit lacy. You take an unsure look at yourself in the mirror. Fuck it. You walk out a bit more shyly and stand in front of Frank nervously.

“What do you think?” You ask him quietly. You look down at the floor for a second and there’s only silence. When you finally look up, Frank’s eyes are wide and his mouth is in a little “o”.

“Wow.” Is all he says, looking you up and down.

“What? Wow good or wow bad?” You question.

“Good. Definitely wow good. Damn (Y/N). You look… fuckin stunning.” Frank continues to look you up and down once more, and he shifts in his seat a bit.

“You think so Frankie?” You regain confidence and your tone goes from shy to soft and maybe a bit flirty. Frank’s eyes immediately darken at your words.

“Yeah (Y/N). It looks great on you.” Frank bites his lip before continuing. “You’re a really beautiful girl (Y/N).” You blush a bit.

“You’re not too bad yourself, Frank.” You wink at him, playing along. He grins cheekily.

“Why thank you, sexy lady.” Frank says in a bit of an outlandish tone, but you detect the suggestiveness that lies beneath that.

“Well I guess I’ll go ahead and try something else on for you.” Quickly, you turn back into the stall and walk back in, but not before seeing Frank’s smile drop a bit. Patience, Frankie.

Stepping into the stall, you remove the articles of clothing down to your underclothes. You shuffle through the clothes you’d brought in with you, and choose a corset top. It zips in the back, and it is also slightly a crop top. Without putting on anything else, you slip into the top and zip it up about halfway. Just as you expected, it’d be a struggle to zip it all the way on your own.

“Hey Frank!” You call out.

“Yeah?” He answers from outside the stall.

“You think you could come in here and help me out a bit?” You don’t move at all as a silence hangs in the air. You hear shuffling.

“Sure thing. Open it up and I’ll help you however I can.” Frank sounds borderline nervous, not knowing what to expect.

You open the stall door to let him in, and he enters. His eyes widen significantly as he enters and sees you. Frank clears his throat.

“How can I help you, babe?” Frank regains his cool demeanor and doesn’t even try to hide his lowered, lingering gaze.

“Zip me up?” You ask him innocently as you turn around, pushing your bottom out just a little bit. Frank inhales a deep breath before moving closer. A lot closer. He places a hand on your side, to hold the fabric in place as he slowly zips it up. You can feel his warm breath on the back of your neck.

“Thanks, Frank.” You whisper, not yet turning around. His hand still lays on your side and you can still hear him breathing. “Do you like it?” There’s a mirror in front of the both of you and you look up to see Frank looking intently at you, an animalistic look in his eyes. The words seem to break Frank out of his silence.

“You’re so fucking hot, (Y/N).” Frank almost growls, and he slides his hand down your side. Before he can do more, you surprise him by pressing your ass back onto his crotch. You feel something pressing against your ass, and Frank lets out a groan. “Fuckin’ finally get to play with you baby.” Frank brings his hands down and grabs at the sides of your ass, gripping at you through your panties as he grinds his erection into you at the same time. You let out a small moan as you feel his hard length rutting against you harshly.

“You wanna get dirty right here don’t you, fuckin’ slut? You’re gonna be my slut right here in my store. Give me your hands.” He growls. You have to bend forward a bit in order to present your hands to him behind your back. Frank obviously doesn’t mind, as he pushes you forward even more. You almost lose your balance but Frank keeps a firm grip on your hands. You glance at the mirror in front of you, your face much closer to it than you were before, and you see Frank going through the pile of clothes you’d brought in with one of his hands. He seems to finally have found what he was looking for, and you die a little on the inside as you see him pull out the fuzzy orange scarf from the pile. He meets your eyes in the mirror’s reflection and grins devilishly at you as he ties your hands securely behind your back with the scarf.

“Frank.” You whine out unintentionally as he tightens the binding around your wrists.

“What is it baby? You want me? You want me right here right now?” Frank teases in a husky voice, and you hear him rummaging with his pants and hear his zipper go down. You look up into the mirror and you see Frank standing behind you looking disheveled and oh so fucking sexy. His hair is in front of his eyes, and his pants are down. His erection stands stiffly as he spits in his hand and rubs it on his tip haphazardly, shuddering a bit at the brief contact.

Then, Frank grabs at your panties and roughly pulls them down. He moves in closer and he rubs his dick along your wet slit.

“Fuck, so wet for me baby. You’re such a dirty girl.” Frank groans before suddenly giving your ass a hard slap. You cry out in surprise, and before you can do anything more, Frank presses his dick against your opening and shoves himself inside.

“Fuck!” He whispers roughly, and you see him roll his head back through the mirror’s reflection at the initial contact. He starts to thrust into you and you can’t hold back your moans.

“Frank! Fuck!” You let out, now bent over fully with your face almost touching the mirror.

“That’s it baby, moan my name with that pretty mouth of yours.” Frank’s voice is low and he grabs at your bound fists with one hand to hold you steady, and with his other hand he gives you another hard slap on the ass. “You’re so bad (Y/N). So fucking bad, fucking on my dick in my store.” You cry out and moan as he continuously slaps your ass and you can feel the angry red marks forming already.

Soon, Frank’s thrusts are speeding up and becoming frantic. “Fuck babe, you’re gonna make me come all over your hot ass.” Frank lets out breathlessly. His small whimpers amplify into loud moans, and they intermingle with your own as the feeling of Frank fucking you engulfs you in absolute pleasure. With one last deep moan, Frank pulls out and shoots all over your reddened ass. You watch his face in the mirror, his mouth agape, his eyes closed tight, and his brow furrowed in pleasure. For a few seconds it’s silent as you both catch your breaths.

“Frank…” You mumble out almost incoherently. With that, Frank goes to untie your wrists then proceeds to clean you off with the scarf. You straighten up and rub your sore wrists a bit. You both get dressed in a comfortable silence, and once you’re both done you speak.

“And I really liked that scarf.” You tell him in mock disappointment. Frank gently takes hold of your chin and directs your face up to his, then plants a chaste but sweet kiss on your lips.

“I’ll find you another one honey. But wasn’t that worth it?” He asks with a wide grin.

“Sure was, mister store clerk.” You smile back and he chuckles.

“Come on, let me ring you up babe.”

thanks to @gouguruheddo for tagging me!!


1. Always post the rules
2. Answer the questions given by the person who tagged you
3. Write 11 questions of your own

1. What was your first job like?

Well my legitimate first job was doing a professional theatre production when I was 15! We rehearsed four weeks and then performed three weeks (and all of this was Tuesday-Sunday evenings and sometimes mornings/afternoons, it was crazy haha). I made $200 a week for some reason and got to act every night with a live rabbit, I loved it lmao.

But my first “real, minimum wage” job was at Justice, a clothing store for middle school girls. I worked mornings, and I rarely saw more than three customers in a single shift lol.

2. How many languages do you know?

I’m only fluent in English. I know some basic Russian, and then for school I’m currently trying to decided between studying German, French, or Japanese. Someday I’d love to learn EVERY language. *__*

3. If you won a million dollars, what would you do?

I would set my mother up so that she could retire/live comfortably. I would invest in getting a bachelors, masters, and PhD so that I could be financially stable and well educated af. I’d give a dear friend a lot of money bc he worries about money too much and I want him to sleep easier agjdsjjs. And I would drop $200 to buy a plush Erwin doll lmao.

4. What are your thoughts on kids?

I love little kids, hate middle schoolers, feel mild distaste towards older teens lol. Would love to have or adopt/foster kids someday.

5. Wanna get married? *wiggles eyebrows*

Like in general? Yes. To @gouguruheddo specifically? OF COURSE SIGN ME UP <33

6. You have 24 hours to eat 30 lbs of chicken wings or else you and everybody else you love dies. Can you do it?


7. What’s your first name?

Zoe. Pronounced like Zoey (with that EEEEEEE at the end).

8. How flexible are you (physically and mentally)?

Well physically I’m actually pretty flexible! I’m a dancer so I can do the splits, backbends, high kicks and jumps, etc. x) Mentally I’m pretty meh - I have trouble with changing plans on the fly, going with the flow, but I’m also a bit mentally flexible in that I can try new things pretty easily and I’m pretty adaptable? Like I pick up on things pretty easily. Idk haha.

9. What’s your opinion on the current economical and social state of the United States?

*gross sobbing* *slams hand repeatedly in door* *lights self on fire*

10. Would you let Becky smash?

Would I ever!

11. Have you ever sucked a dogs dick?

If I’m being quite honest I watched this video while I was hanging with my family, all with the sound turned off - so that was a unique way to watch this video LOL. So my answer is a solid “um maybe.”

I tag @fairyroses @pineappland @letitrainathousandflames @shackally and anyone else who wants to do it! (You’re not required to do it, of course. :3)

My questions are:

1. Do you have any pets? If so, how many and what kinds?

2. What country would you like to visit someday?

3. What song always makes you cry/super emotional?

4. Do you prefer books, television, movies, art, or music?

5. Have you ever taken a dance class?

6. What was/is your favorite part of school?

7. How would you decorate your room if you could do absolutely anything with it?

8. As a child, what was the first career you wanted to have when you grew up? Is that still what you want to do/what you’re doing now?

9. What are your favorite and least favorite holidays?

10. What is your favorite fanfic you’ve ever read? (It can be any fandom - alternatively, your favorite piece of fan art you’ve ever seen if you’re not a fic reader)

11. What’s your absolute favorite meme?

five things tag meme

I was tagged by @dorianpink

5 things you’ll find in my bag:

wallet, glasses cloth, pocketknife, tape measure, benadryl.

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

kettle, a picture clothesline, too many notebooks for someone who writes directly into Scrivener most of the time, computer parts, so much yarn (seriously so much).

5 things I’m currently into:

designing knitwear patterns, deluding myself into thinking I can open an etsy store, (re)playing very old puzzle computer games, writing single scenes of very long and complicated works of fiction (but no more than single scenes), salt and vinegar popcorn.

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:

visit the parts of england where my mother lived before emigrating, get a graduate degree, cross the country by train, finish writing something fit to be published, visit Hagia Sophia.

5 things that make me happy:

puppywalks while it’s dark out, the smell of linden flowers, fresh ground coffee, oversized blankets, that moment when you’ve been writing for HOURS and you realise it’s four in the morning (sleep hygeine?  What’s sleep hygeine?).

5 things on my to-do list: 

find work that can be counted upon to have stuff for me to do, walk the dog, write that refugee nonprofit in the city to see if they’re taking on volunteers, try to find a route through British Columbia that isn’t on fire, (or alternatively) try to convince my mother we do not need to visit British Columbia while it is on fire.


@floryanna, @gryphye, @chibisquirt, @fontscosplay, and @mintchipmage (but only if you want to do it) and you, if you want to.

I love spending money. I used to do it without much thought, but then I would end up with clothes I didn’t really want and no money. A few months ago, I decided this buying-clothes-I-felt-were-mediocre thing wasn’t really working for me. I wanted to spend my money, money that I saved up and earned, wisely. So I changed what I did with my money, and I thought I would share a few tips I’ve gathered with you.


1. Keep a jar of some sort on your shelf/on your desk/wherever! In this jar put ALL your loose change, no exceptions. Everyday you buy something and get back change, put it in your jar when you get home. Pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters, even dollar coins! Once your jar is full, take it to the bank and exchange it for money. In a few months you’ll have at least twenty dollars you didn’t even think you were saving! I use a cute mason jar to keep my coins because it’s big (more money!!) and looks super cute on my desk.

2. DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT keep all your money in the wallet you go out with. To the smarter ones of you, this may sound like common sense. But if you’re a little careless with money and spending (like I was) it’s something you need to be told. There are two big reasons for this. One, maybe the more obvious, is that you can be robbed!! If a pickpocketer happens to steal your wallet and you have say, ninety dollars from babysitting in there, they’re one lucky criminal. I’m speaking from experience, it SUCKS to have all your money (and cute wallet!) stolen. The second reason for this is that for some people (me) money is super easy to spend. I can walk into American Apparel and spend like eighty dollars in two seconds. It’s hard to stop yourself when you’re in a store and have the money. And what sucks about this is that I have a really cute light denim circle skirt that I NEVER wear because I don’t like how light wash looks on me. Of course there are returns, but if you’ve bought it with your own money you usually convince yourself that you like it for a while. This is why it’s better to take note of something you like in a store, put it on your list (more on that later) and think about if you really want it. Then if you decide you do, you can go back to the store with just enough money for that one thing.

3. Keep all your receipts! This is so so helpful and very important in saving money. What I do is I make a goal for how much I want to spend in each area of shopping (clothing, food, gum etc.) at the beginning of the month, and then at the end of each month I use my receipts to add up how much was spent in each area. If I reached my goal or was under, I’ll treat myself to a popsicle or something, or maybe even take a friend out for lunch! But if I spent more than I planned, I’ll make it a goal to cut back extra in that area the next month. Of course these goals can change from month to month. If you want a seventy dollar shirt from Zara one month, don’t feel bad for spending more on clothes than you do other months. As long as you plan for it, and as long as you have the money, you can splurge in things you really want.


1. Make a list of things you badly want. I like to keep a handwritten list, but some people keep them virtually (pictures on their phones, word document with links) Be super specific with these lists, and prioritize them. This way, you know what it is you want the most and can adjust the way you save money to save enough for that one thing. For example, when I really wanted the Easy Jeans from American Apparel, I didn’t buy clif bars after cross country practice for like two months. I saved the money a lot faster because I planned for it, and now I have those jeans and wear them all the time! Keeping a list also prevents you from buying things spontaneously, because you’re saving for whatever is next on your list.

2. Know what to splurge on and what to save on. Some people have the policy that the cheaper something is, the better. This is a great policy and if it’s yours you can do all your shopping at thrift shops and Marshall’s and you’ll save tons! But sadly, some of us love buying clothes on the more expensive side of things. If you’re like that, the number one thing that’s important to learn is to NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP ABOUT IT. Remember, expensive things can be great, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting them. But it’s important to know that you can get great cheap things too. What to save on and what to spend on are calls everyone makes personally, but I can give you a few guideline tips:


a. Candles- Stores like Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters sell very cute but very expensive candles. In my experience, it’s usually not worth spending $30 dollars on a candle when you can get basically the same one at your local CVS. Walmart and Target also have super cheap ones, and in my opinion they smell fantastic.

b. Skirts- I rarely spend over forty dollars on a skirt. Usually I spend much less. There are so many great places to find cheap yet very cute skirts. Almost all mine are from thrift shops (my best find is a white tennis skirt nearly identical to the AA ones for like six dollars!) Thrifting is great, but it can be time consuming looking for just the right thing. If you’re not into it, H&M offers a great selection of skirts. Their Circular Skirt is only $15 and comes in a great selection of prints and colors. Forever 21 also has a huge selection of skirts for suuuuper cheap.

c. Lunch- If you’re going out to lunch with a friend, try not to spend more than ten dollars. Ten dollars can buy you a great meal at so many places. Cafes, although very cute, can end up costing fifteen or twenty dollars for a meal and a drink. There are so many cheap places for food. Of course you have places like McDonalds and In n Out, which are both great fast food places where you can eat super cheap. But if you’re looking for something healthier, you still have tons of options. One of my favorite healthy (and yummy and cheap!) places to eat is Chipotle. The food is super organic, and if you want to go super healthy you can make a delicious salad. I usually get a tofu burrito and it ends up totaling up to about $8. Some local places I like are Sweetgreen (locations only in DC and NY), Chop’t (only in the DMV area) and Cava (same deal as Chop’t.) At all these places one can get a great $10 meal, and wherever you live I’m sure you can find a similar place.


a. Crop Tops- I’m talking about the short sleeve or sleeveless simple unicolor ones. As basic as they are, I always splurge on these. I simply cannot STAND the cheap Forever 21 ones. In my experience, the material is super cheap and can tear easily. They’re also super thin, so many times you can see a bra underneath and they cling kind of weirdly to the body. This isn’t the case for everyone, but it’s true for many people (all my friends and most of the impression staff agree.) I say go for the American Apparel Baby Rib Crop T. Although it’s $24 (maybe three times the price of a Forever 21 one) the quality and fit is worth it!

b. Skin Care Products- WOW! I cannot stress this enough. It’s superbly important to take good care of your body, and getting good skin products is a vital step to that process. Talk to your doctor or a dermatologist about what is is your skin needs, and if needed get a prescription product. Getting the right stuff is so much better than getting cheap pharmacy moisturizers, and it pays off. Always check the back labels of lotions and face washes before buying them and make sure they’re healthy for your skin.

c. Starbucks- When you crave a grande caramel frappucino, nothing will fulfill your craving except for the grande caramel frappucino. Do not think that getting a black coffee and adding tons of sugar will satisfy you. You will feel empty.

d. Shoes and Bags- These two are grouped together simply because the same reasoning is behind investing in them. A good pair of shoes and a good bag are two things that one uses all the time, so it’s super important that they are good quality. If not, it can result in huge blisters and the insides of your twenty dollar purse all over the floor. You’ll probably end up spending the same amount of money (and even more time) replacing a shitty bag and a shitty pair of shoes.

3. Know your resources! It’s always great to know where you can buy cheap things, and here are some places you should always remember:

  • Know your local thrift stores!

  • (get cheap camera film, cheap knee high socks, almost anything!)

  • (you can find exact clothing items you want for cheaper.)

  • Papaya, Target, Forever 21, H&M, Tobi, Go Jane, Marshalls, etc. (these are just a few of many cheap and cute clothing stores that are constantly having sales.)

  • Zara’s sale section (I’ve gotten the CUTEST things here for way cheaper than originally priced. Many stores have a great sale section, and you should always check them. Urban Outfitters also has a fantastic sale section, but I’m boycotting them and think you should to because of this.)

A few more things to remember when spending/saving:

  • It’s OKAY to want to spend a lot of money and it’s OKAY for all your clothes to have been under $20. Don’t let anyone make you think differently.

  • When you want something, always ask yourself ‘Do I really want this?’  Sometimes I even keep the tag on my clothes the first time I wear them in case I change my mind.

  • DIY’s are the key to saving money! You can get a good quality t shirt at your local Goodwill and crop and hem it yourself. These are good skills to have when it comes to saving money.

  • Remember that there are so many great things you can do for FREE. As fun as seeing a movie is, tickets can be really expensive. But remember that a walk outside to a place you’ve never been with a friend is free, and can end up being loads of fun.

Hope this was helpful! - Ella :~)

For A Good Time, Call: Hold (by 4msg)

and y’all thought FAGTC was dead. HAH, YOU THOUGHT. 

@4msg wrote this Hobi oneshot as a part of an ongoing collab series being done by her, @hyacinth-ink, @sugasmut, @zeurin and i, making it oneshot 5/7, which means only 2 more left! thanks for being so patient with us, be sure to show these writers lots of love, and hope you enjoy~

You scrutinized your reflection. Hair cascading down your back, form-fitting cropped white sweater, baby blue high-waisted circle skirt. You had to admit, it was a beautiful outfit. But the goddamned price tag.

“Looks great on you,” came a voice from behind. You twirled around to locate the source of the sound. You noticed how whimsically the skirt fanned out as you did, almost feeling physical pain at the inverse relationship between the quality of the clothes and the price.

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