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1) Who was your first fictional crush?

I think it was Elesis/Sieghart from GrandChase Probably Elesis since she was released wayyy earlier than sieghart :^) (I STIll LOvE ThEm)

2) would you reveal your internet history for enough money to live comfortably for the rest of your life?

Well if releasing my internet history makes me monies, hell ye. Plus it might save my life in not having to remember all the tabs I’ve got.

3) Would you rather shop at a clothing store or a book store?

My irl friends will hate this but yall know i’ll go into a book store over clothes. Even though they’re screaming at me to get more clothes.

4) If you had the chance to go to any fictional world, what would it be?

Hmmm, I don’t have one in particular but a fantasy world would be great, like with magics+mechas+aliens (etc) 8^)))))

5) Can you do a handstand?

No, I don’t exercise enough to save my life. I can’t even do pull ups reliably.

6) What is the most ridiculous thing you said in order to confuse someone?

“You know its like its there but its not there?” Then again I say things that confuse myself too.

7) What is your Myers Briggs personality, do you feel it matches you?

INFP last i check about a year or two ago. Uh… maybe for some parts of it.

8) What is your favorite pokemon?

I wanted to say ditto but I love roselia just as much.

9) You have a day to get away with anything, what would you do?

Do nothing and not feel guilty about it. Like homework and responsibilities.

10) Do you like adulting?

I assume it means to be an adult? or behave like one? I’d say no, not really. But hey responsibilities and shit still needs to get done even if you don’t enjoy it.

11) Are you the type of person that finds learning new words fun?

Well only if the word’s funny or if the word holds a lot of meaning. Otherwise I tend to forget it after learning it/looking it up on the dictionary.

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1) What made you start tumblr?
2) Whats your most favorite game?
3) What kind of story endings do you like?
4) What kind of characters do you like/enjoy the most?
5) Whats a huge turn off/no no in stories?
6) Any songs in particular that you enjoy currently?
7) Do you prefer co-op games or single player games?
8) Which country would you travel to for a holiday if it was fully paid for you?
9) Any current goals? Dreams?
10) Would you rather swim or run?
11) What do you do when you’re bored?