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the shipping on tumblr is cute, could you ship some mutuals outside emoboiz with wanna one members you don't have to be close to those mutuals but what you feel might suit their personalities don't have to be their bias

they are cute ikr! but sure thing, i’ll try to match them with the members personalities as best as i can. warning: these are long af, sorry

@memelordjisung: lmao erin is constantly wilding, actually think i’ve shipped her before but idk if it was with wanna one so guess what, we’re doing this again. honestly i cant help but feel like her and jaehwan would match well, like they’re both funny and low key weird in the best way possible, and he’d be the type to laugh at her when she gets drunk on a monday 👀  if they don’t end up as a couple, they’d be the ultimate bff’s tbh

@dxnghyuns: minhyun, straight up. like i always picture ngan with donghyun regardless but minhyun can be the sidechick or something lmao. ngan is one of the sweetest people i’ve ever met, ready to pick you up whenever you need it. i think she and minhyun would be such a super sweet couple, maybe a little shy at first (cause you know minhyun’s only got that online relationship experience 👀) but eventually they’d be this ridiculously adorable couple that you can’t help but be jealous of, damn

@minhwangs: ok i keep tossing up between minhyun and daniel, no just because she loves them both ok but i just feel that they match. but i think i’ll go with daniel because daniel is sweet (and cheesy like calm tf down boy stop my heart cant do this) and stupid, and i cant but feel he’d say something and sarah would get like flustered and he’d love it lmaooo idk i just feel they’d match well with them both being total sweethearts, and daniel said he wants to call his s.o ‘shorty’ or something and sarah’s on the shorter side so it’s perfect and im a brilliant and professional match maker tysm 👸🏻

@woojiniel: i think i shipped cathy with minhyun before?????? could be wrong but well im doing it again because consistency. jk no i do still think they’d match well, because to me they’re both very similar in that they are both adorable af, funny and weird when needed (because ofc that’s always needed) and then mature when the time calls. to me it fits, thus i ship it <3

@kingdans: have i ever mentioned that i love her??? cause i do, she’s so funny and nice we’ve never spoken before tho so this might be totally off lmao. but i’m shipping her with ong, because i always feel that ong would not only value someone who laughs at his jokes but can join along with them, which i think she would cause as i said i think she’s v funny. also visuals for days tbh, both are hot that is all. they’d be the couple that playfully argues one minute then are being cute the next.

@j7sung: first of all, their tags are so pure and wholesome i love. i’m shipping her with jisung because pure + wholesome + supportive = jisung. literally would be the most supportive couple out there and would appreciate each other to no end wow i mean i should be jealous or something because to me they just fit all too well.

i’m going to stop here before i start listing every mutual i have and this becomes a giant essay

the ranskov sugar daddy au goes like this: tater, newly moved to the states to play for the falcs meets ransom, the man who volunteers on the ice during public skates to help the kiddos learn to skate, when tater accidentally shows up at the rink at the wrong time. They get to talking as best they can, and they don’t understand each other 100% but you don’t walk away from a guy as handsome as that. At the end of the skate, Ransom rushes off, telling Tater he has to get to his second job [which is to the hospital, where he is a respected doctor] Tater sticks around. 

This continues. Tater shows up early to talk with ransom, who promptly rushes off to his next job as soon as the skate is over. Tater worries that Ransom works so much because money is tight. Ransom thinks Tater is a new immigrant with not much going on in his life because he hangs out around the rink so much and doesn’t talk about his job.

Queue them trying to sugar daddy each other. Tater takes Ransom to a fancy restaurant, and Ransom thinks Tater is just doing this to impress him, but Tater refuses to let Ransom pay. Ransom ups the ante by adding the fanciest bottle of wine to the tab in order to get Tater to back off. This leads to a stand off where they each order the most expensive menu items in a gambit to pay the tab. Until the bill actually arrives. 

They have a mini argument over who’s going to pay. Ransom tells Tater he can’t blow the money he saved to move here on one supper, and Tater tells Ransom he works too hard and can’t waste rent. They stare at each other in confusion.

Turns out they’re both stinking rich and they laugh about it and split the bill and agree that on their next date they should just go get pizza, which is so much better than the over priced meal they had. 

Another scene from the Wizarding World AU, just a short thing I really wanted to write. Takes place a few weeks after the original post (which you should probably read to understand what is going on here).

Jyn falls backwards into the river, her wand goes flying somewhere off to the side, and time suddenly seems to move so much slower as the water engulfs her. She is followed by curses flying from one of the black robed men who had attacked them on the forest path, and Cassian’s wretched shout of her name, as if calling out for her would have stopped her fall into the murky depths.

A dark wet embrace takes her, and she dimly registers that the river didn’t seem this deep when they were walking down the road just a few minutes ago.

Curses fly back and forth above the rippling surface, red, yellow, green, twisted fireworks born of both defence and ill intend.

Good. He’s fighting back.

A black shadow blocks out the display of lights, and Jyn becomes aware that she should be fighting back as well. Wandless and still submerged, she grabs around the riverbed for a rock, anything really, when a gloved hand breaks through the surface going straight for her throat, lifting her up, as if the idiot didn’t realise that holding her down under the water would have been a much more efficient way of ensuring her demise.

Jyn’s never met a Death Eater who didn’t foolishly rely on means of magic instead of the basic laws of nature, and she doubts she ever will. Oddly, if she had to pick a way to go, she’d prefer drowning over whatever kinds of magic this log of a man has intended for her.

Just as she breaks through the surface, rejoining the real world where she doesn’t have the time to ponder on her own demise, natural or magical, her hand closes around a sturdy branch under the water, and she swings; a blade of sharp silver slices into the side of the man holding her. 

The gloved hand releases her, as the owner makes an almost inhuman gurgling sound.

Jyn thought she had seen enough of today’s events play out in slow motion, but apparently not. The Death Eater staggers backwards slowly and Jyn lets go of what she thought was a branch. He falls, taking the sword with him back into the river in a glint of silver and red stones, disappearing under the dark water like a phantom of Jyn’s oxygen deprived mind.


There’s a splash behind her as Cassian jumps into the shallows to get to her, another two dead bodies left behind him on the riverbank.


He fights his way towards her through the current, and Jyn is suddenly very thankful that he is provably an excellent fighter.

“I’m fine,” she’s still trying to get her breath back to normal, “I’m not hurt.”

He makes his way to her side, and then closer, grabbing onto her wet face with both his hands, fingers in her drenched hair.

“Cassian, honestly, I swear I’m fine I just–”

He cuts her off with his lips, perhaps a desperate attempt to see for sure that she is still breathing, perhaps more than that. As stunned as she is, and now once-again cut off from her source of air, Jyn is somehow not surprised when her own fingers lace through the hair at the back of his neck, pulling him even closer, getting whatever part of him that wasn’t wet from jumping in the river just as drenched as she is.

She momentarily forgets about the sun going down, the water cooling around them, and how her missing wand has probably floated off somewhere downstream.

Cassian pulls away suddenly, hands still framing her face, droplets running over his fingers.

“I’m…” his eyes flicker down to her lips.

Jyn feels like maybe he’s the real source of air she was looking for.

So, she figures she’s wasted enough time, years in fact, without him this close to her, and pulls him back down to meet her lips again, softer than before, gentle, forgetting the war around them in favour of settling a peace inside themselves.

Behind them, the man Jyn sliced to death has bopped back up to the surface, no sign of silver blades, the only red a dark pool spreading around him, mingling with the currents of the river.

  • -team Taka visiting Konoha pt. 1-
  • Sakura: Okay, I have a shift at the hospital so I'll let the two of you talk alone. See ya later!
  • Sarada: Love you mama!
  • Karin: Bye Sakura!
  • -awkward silence-
  • Sarada: ..
  • Karin: ...
  • Sarada: So... you're really not my biological mom, right?
  • Karin: No! Oh gosh no. I only helped your mommy give birth to you. And I picked out your glasses when Sakura was worried why you haven't started reading yet.
  • Sarada: What relationship do we have, then?
  • Karin: I'm not good with children but... I could be your aunt! I'd love to be your aunt actually, you get to enjoy all the pleasures of spoiling a kid without having to push it out of your body, forever ruining your vagina in the process... (Sarada freezes)
  • Suigetsu: Never say never, that's my motto babe~
  • Karin: Shut up! All of this is your fault anyway!
  • Sarada: (still coping with the v-word) Mama suddenly doesn't seem so dirty.
  • Suigetsu: I wouldn't be so sure about that either kiddo, have you ever heard her and Sasuke-
  • Karin: (dragging him by the ear out of the room) I said shut up!

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Another prompt! YAY! I love your writing and I hope you can write the number 3. Thank you 💕

3. “Make me”  Again, thank you for 900+ followers! <3 :) I want to dedicate this drabble to @drchee5e, because you’re an awesome sweetheart and your comments on my writing always make my day. Thank you for being the amazing person you are! <3


Hiccup wasn’t expecting Astrid’s early morning visit the day after they’d returned to Berk. They’d each agreed to give each other some space for their short vacation away from the Edge, so seeing her was a surprise- a delightful surprise- but was none the less unexpected.

“Morning, Astrid.” He greeted with a smile. “Watcha doin’ here?”

“Nothing to do.” She explained, jumping up onto one of the old wooden tables, fiddling with one of the tools. “I was hoping you’d have some ideas- or maybe you’d like to take me on a flight.” She flashed a smile.

Hiccup tucked his notes under one arm, grabbing his arm gauntlets with the other and wrapping them tightly over his wrists, picking up the papers once more and waving them. “You know you’re supposed to be taking it easy- with your ankle and all.”

“Pssh.” Astrid grunted, “like I’m gonna let that slow me down.”

Hiccup sighed in exasperation, “Sometimes…” he muttered under his breath.

“Where’s Toothless?”

“That useless reptile baled on me, believe it or not. Hi-tailed it after Sven’s sheep- apparently they escaped again.”

Astrid chuckled and rocked back against the table, palms flat on the wood and head tilted to one side as she watched him. Hiccup smiled and continued his work, glad for the cool breeze that wafted through the open Forge from time to time. For once, the fires were out and the billows lazy, for Gobber had decided to take the day off and leave the Forge to whatever it was Hiccup needed it for, which it just so happened he had zero plans in the works- or at least, none that were ready. Spending time on a flight with Astrid sounded much much much more appealing then toiling in a sweaty Forge all day. He preferred to do that at night, when the air was near frigid.

“Have you seen the others?”

Astrid nodded nonchalantly, “Oh yes. I spotted the twins annoying your Dad-”

“Well, I’ll be hearing about that one tonight…” Hiccup groaned.

“-Snotlout going through the weapons, and Fishlegs flew off on Meatlug.”

Hiccup paused, turning to look at her suspicilously. “Please tell me you listened and did not go for a morning flight on Stormfly alone…”

She smiled slowly. “Maybe just a little one…”

Hiccup slammed the papers and charcoal onto the table, swinging about to stomp over to where she was seated. “Astrid!”

“I’m sorry!” She exclaimed- not sounding at all regretful, “but Stormfly was practically begging-”

“We all know that dragon loves to sleep in Astrid.”

“-that is besides the point! She wanted a flight… and who am I to deny her?”

Hiccup sighed deeply and pinched the bridge of his nose, silently wondering if she’d ever listen to him. What if one day… when she was pregnant…

Oh gods, brain, shut up. 

…she’d probably never listen to him. He thought forbiddingly.

“Astrid, please…”

She huffed and crossed her arms, biting her lip before looking away, “I’m fine, Hiccup. A little twisted ankle isn’t going to keep me down, you know?”

He remained silent, mulling over this and finding it to be very much true. Ever since the lightning incident, she’d been more insistent. More… stupid wasn’t quite the word, but brash. Even after she’d tumbled off Stormfly and hurt her twisted her ankle badly, she refused help. Not even Hiccup’s. She’d forced herself to walk all the way back to her hut on her own, and only then did she let Hiccup help her bandage it.  

He understood, he really did. He’d felt much the same way after the Red Death, where all everyone wanted to do was help, and he just flat out didn’t want it. He wanted to prove his worth… while he still had the chance. Of course, his father, Toothless, Astrid, and the gang- the whole of Berk- had shown him he didn’t need to prove anything… but how was he going to do that with Astrid? 

She was so dang stubborn.

He moved forward and grabbed her arms gently, turning her to face him. He stared at her seriously, taking a deep breath before saying quietly, “Astrid, I need you to listen.”

“Stop treating me like a child.” She muttered with a deep frown.

“Sorry.” Hiccup said distractedly, “But I need you to hear this, okay?”


“Make me.” He teased lightly, hoping to lighten her mood. But she instead gave him a sharp look, before looking away and huffing angrily.

“Now… will you please listen?”

Her eyes went downcast, but she didn’t try to move away. Hiccup took that as permission, so once again picked up the pace.

“You don’t need to do this, Ast. You’re injured, and you do not need to act fine-”

“I am a warrior.” She looked up and jerked her chin defiantly. “Warrior’s don’t let anything stop them.”

“And you don’t have to.” Hiccup said, ducking his head so he could look up at her. “You can still be Fearless Astrid Hofferson without hurting yourself further. I should know- I went through the same things you did… remember?”

She looked away, “It’s not the same.” She protested. 

“Yes it is!” he pulled away, kneeling down so he could tap her ankle. “Just because you hurt yourself, does not mean you’re weak! It only means you’re human- which each and every single one of us are. ‘Every warrior must be taken down- just to prove they can get back up again’.” He quoted quietly, fingers brushing over the boot that covered the bandages beneath it. “And you do know you don’t need to prove anything to me, don’t you?”

She shuddered and looked down at him, sliding off the table to hug him fiercely. “What’ve I done to deserve you?” She muffled against his hair.

“Been yourself.” He replied softly. “You’ve been Astrid Hofferson, sweet, kind, loyal, brave, and strong.”

She laughed shakily. “You’re copying me- that’s what I called you.”

“-when I said I was weak. I want you to know, Astrid… you are everything but weak.”

“You copy cat.”

Hiccup grinned, but didn’t pull away. The hug was comfortable and felt right, so he did not wish to disturb the peaceful moment… she was starting to sound like herself again.

“You okay…?”

“Mhm, I am now.” She kissed his cheek. “Somehow… you always know how to fix everything…”

pillow talk

a/n: my first attempt at some ryder x liam! i had this headcanon for some time, and really had to get it down on paper. hope you guys enjoy :)

ao3, for those of you who prefer.

Amelia learns pretty quickly that Liam is horrible to share a bed with.

She supposes she should have seen it coming. The signs were all there. He’s almost constantly either moving or talking, always doing something. In combat, he jumps right in, not afraid of taking harsh blows and getting in close. And then there was the time she stumbled upon him passed out with half his body falling off his suspicious dorm room couch. She thought that maybe sleeping in — well — a bed would tame that a bit.

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Half Asgardian pt.3

A/N Hello again my lovelies! I hope you are having a good day. I want to remind you guys that I love you and love hearing back what you think about the fics! Also thank you soooooo much for getting the follows past 100! I haven’t heard back from any of you if you wanted me to do a special fic for this occasion or anything. I hope you are ready for this next part because I had fun writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it. 

Warnings: Fluff,possible angst, injury (Mention of blood and such) if i missed any tell me and I’ll edit.

Word count: 3k+

Peters pov

Mr.Stark went upstairs to the roof. 

“Peter did you just say she went to the roof alone?” Wanda asked coming into the room.

“Yea why?” I asked her and her face dropped.

“What the hell was she thinking?” Wanda said and raced to the elevator and I followed.

“What’s going on? Why is it a big deal she went to the roof?”

“ I hope it wasn’t a big deal she was on the roof alone. After the night on the bridge she had a very loud dream that woke me up. It told her to stay with someone at all times. I don’t know why she would risk it.” We reached the roof and Mr.Stark was looking frantic.

“Have you seen Thor?” 

“No is she not up here?” Wanda asked.

“No, but the mark from Asgard is here and I need to know if Thor took her without permission after I told him not to.” He said stepping the elevator and we went down. Wanda gave me a worried look.

“Tony…..” Wanda said cautiously.

“What? If it’s not pertaining to Y/n I don’t want to hear it at the moment. F.R.I.D.A.Y. can’t find her and I didn’t just lose my child.”

“I don’t think she is with Thor.”

“She has to be that’s the only explanation for this.”

“Tony those people on the bridge…..” Wanda didn’t get to finish her sentence before he sped walked out of the elevator.

“If he believes Thor took her why is he looking around?” Wanda asked.

“He probably doesn’t want to hear what you were going to tell him.” I said and my stomach turned into a knot. I should’ve went up to the roof with her. She wouldn’t be missing now if I had. We both found Mr.Stark in a training room with Steve and Thor.


“No. I would never send her there alone. There is many things she doesn’t know about. Many different creatures.” Thor said.


“Tony she’s probably just out with her friends. She’s a teenage girl.”

“Did you not just hear what I said?Say one more stupid word and I will fight you Steve. I know what I saw on the roof. She isn’t here. There is no record of where she is and the only logical explanation now is that she is alone on another planet.”

“Tony are you going to listen now?” Wanda asked and Mr.Stark looked on the verge of screaming or breaking down into tears. “The night she was on the bridge she had a dream so loud I saw it and woke me up. Her mom had told her to stay with someone at all times. I told her that she follow that advice because it was more of a vision than a dream. I think those guys on the bridge were after her and they came back when she was alone.”

“But she can defend herself against other Asgardians. Have you seen her fight Thor?” Steve said.

“She probably wasn’t expecting it. Peter said she had a bad day and she was cooling off.” Wanda said.

“How did they even get here? We are not allowed to bring people back to Asgard at the moment.”

“She’s half Asgardian they probably let it slide.” Steve said.

Mr. Stark sat down. 

“Tony I will go after her and bring her back.”

“I’m going with you.” 

“You can’t. You will hinder my ability of finding her faster. If whoever took her finds out there is a human in Asgard they will suspect something.” Thor said.

“He’s right Tony.” Steve said putting a hand on his shoulder.

Y/n pov

I woke up in a cell with my head pounding. This place looked….. familiar? 

“I told you to stay with someone at all times.” My head whipped around to see my mother.

“Where have you been? Where are we?”


“Why? Why am I in a cell?”

“I may have promised you away before you were born.”

“You Rapunzeled me????” I asked hitting the bars.

“Did you even know you were half Asgardian? Did Tony tell you that you were his?”

“I read the note and Thor told me he knew you from here.” Her face dropped.

“So he must’ve told you what I’ve done..”

“No he just said he knew you.”

“Not in person that is. I’m surprised he didn’t tell you or have you locked up. I guess he saw you were a good kid.”

“Then how does he know you?”

“I’m one of Asgard’s top criminals.” I laughed harder than I should’ve.

“You? Yea right. You couldn’t even take care of yourself properly on Earth.”

“On Earth I could be lazy. You took care of me. Anyways I went to Earth for a robbery of something and met Tony. I forgot about the robbery my boss had sent me to Earth for. He showed up and was furious. He was going to end my life there, but he didn’t when I told him I was with child. I had owed him a debt for not going through with the robbery. He told me I was to give him you when you were born so you could be raised a fighter. I stayed on Earth and hidden so they wouldn’t find you. I sacrificed coming back to my home so you could live a normal life. They were going to find where I was sooner or later so I ran and left you in Tony’s care.”

“You told these people they could have you’re baby so you could escape debt-free?” I asked behind the bars

“Don’t give me that look. I realized my mistake , but it was too late. That’s why I sent you that vision of staying with someone at all times. They would never had done anything in front of a human. We don’t want to interact with humans. Such disgusting creatures.”

“I’m half human.”

“Your father was the exception. I still love you.”

“Your love doesn’t mean shit to me. Never in the whole time I’ve been alive have you showed it. Never. You left me to fend for myself. You only did something for me when I threw a fit.” I told her and she walked away.

“Fuck this.” I said and formed a knife out of an unknown element I have experimented with at home. It was stronger than anything that we had on Earth and was well past the element in Peter’s suit.

I went to go cut through the bars and it snapped the knife like a twig. 

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Some one said walking into the room again.

“ Who are you?”

“I’m you’re mom’s boss. The name is Raoul. Its nice to see you have some Asgardian traits. You can create things out of thin air. That will be very handy for you in the ring.”

“The ring? What makes you think that I’ll fight?”

“Your mom told me you were a smart girl. You’d be stupid not to fight considering your opponents will try and kill you. You see I run a fight ring that many people come to watch. Usually its animal against animal. You my dear will be one of the first to fight these animals in the ring. So rest up sweetheart you got a big day tomorrow.” He said and left. I sat down. Maybe I could make a break for it in the ring.

“Stark only took you in because he’s feels he’s responsible for you. He’s come into a new era. He’s cleaning up his mistakes remember? You’re one that he over looked. Why do you think the public doesn’t know about you yet?”

I kept walking.

“Not even your mom wanted you. How long have you had to take care of yourself? Doesn’t it hurt that the person who gave birth to you didn’t even care about you or what happened to you? How many of her boyfriends got more attention than you? How many of her boyfriends pushed you around?” 

I tired to speed my pace. Don’t think about it Y/n. Don’t think don’t think don’t think……..

“And what about that boy that you so fancy? He notices you and then kisses another girl. He would never fall for a piece of alien freakshow like you…”

Don’t think. DOn’t think……. about how he’s right…..

“Poor little Y/n. Her whole world is falling down. You were just fooling yourself. No one ever wanted you in the first place, they just felt pity.” 

I snapped and beat the shit out of him. It was only until Ned had to pull me off of him did I stop.’The other kid disappeared and Ned had looked at me with worry and I took it as pity then walked off.

My body jolted awake at the memory of the day I left and I was aware of my harsh breathing and tears on my face. I sat and held my head as I stared at my feet trying to steady my breathing.

“Get up scum we. Almost time to fight.” I looked over to see Raoul opening the cell. It didn’t require keys. He dragged me out and threw me into a room then closed the door.

“What the fuck?” I yelled at the door that closed then disappeared. The ground started to shake and climb towards the roof that vanished. The light stung my eyes.

“Ladies and gentleman! May I present our very first fighter. Not only is she our first fighter, but she’s only half Asgardian.” There were screams and applause. Are you fucking kidding me? Thor gave me the wrong impression of Asgardians.

“Now in the other corner we have her opponent.” I turned around and saw what looked like a large snake, but the Asgardian version of it.

“It’s venom would kill this half-breed with any contact she makes with it. Lets see how she faces up.” Raoul said as the creature moved fast around me closing me into a circle with its body. Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me. It spit and just barely missed my foot and I jumped away as it closed in closer. Its eyes were purple and darting back and forth at my movements. 

I thought to all the pictures of weapons Thor has shown me. I moved my hands to create a sword that resembled one that Thor had shown me. God I hope its made of the same material as the original. I created steps in the air to get out of the beast’s trap.

It saw me in the air and started to stretch its body to get me but I kept climbing I was going to try to escape going through the roof of the ring. However a shield went over the top before I was even close. Shit.

The beast’s body kept stretching up towards me. I looked down at it as it continued to stretch to me about a hundred feet below. I jumped. I don’t know what I was thinking, but the impulse came to me and so I jumped. I slammed into the head of the beast and ran my sword through it. As if in slow motion it dropped to the ground landing with a thud and me flying off of it and across the ring with the crowd screaming.

“There you have it ladies and gentleman. The half breed winner!” Raoul said coming down into the ring and threw me back onto the platform that went down to the room. I ended up back in my cell with my heart thudding in my chest. The adrenaline had hurt my chest.

I had a fight almost everyday for almost 3 months. My body got stronger over time. Peter, dad, and the rest of the Avengers were always on my mind when I wasn’t in the ring. What were they doing and if they could even look for me. 

I took in the weapons I saw in the crowds as references and was able to create and destroy a variety of Asgardian weapons. I had already created a sufficient suit for myself to keep me from getting to terrible injured. I sat on the floor working on creating a new type of weapon so I could cut through the cell when I heard footsteps and quickly made the weapon disappear into thin air as I looked up.



“How did you find me? They’re going to come any minute. I’m suppose to fight another beasts today.” I told him

“You’re not going to be fighting just another beast. You’re going to be fighting Raoul’s beast. The closest thing you could possibly picture it as is a wolf. However its millions of time stronger. Try to stay alive and stall if you can. We have a plan to get you out of the ring.” 


There was footsteps. “I can’t explain now Lady Y/n, but don’t worry I have one of Asgardian’s brightest to help out.” Thor said and disappeared.

“Show time kid.” Raoul said pulling me out of the cell and into the room that led to the ring and then he disappeared. I waited and was soon brought to the day light of the ring.

I turned to face what looked like to be a wolf, but was the size but almost as tall as the stadium itself.

“Oh shit.” I said as I looked at it growling in front of me. 

“This one….. Is my favorite.” I heard Raoul say as I stared down the beast. It opened its mouth and howled, but I stood my ground unmoving until it finally charged. I created a wall and it crashed right into it with a thud and caused a crack in the middle of it.

“Not very smart are you?” I asked it as it backed up and shaked its head of the rubble and it charged again. I pulled out a staff that had been similar to the pictures I had seen of Loki’s. I created a shield around myself as it tried to bite me and stabbed it in it’s eye. It roared in pain and slashed its claw against my leg. 

FUCK ME MOTHER FUCKER. I fell to the ground and held my leg. Blood was seeping out onto my hands. The beast moved to attack again. I moved my hands to create something to defend myself and what appeared ended up being bigger than the beast itself.

A giant dragon appeared and the crowd started to scream as it started to both take down the wolf-like creature and destroy part of the ring. I stood up and staggered away from the beasts as the crowd started to leave in terror. I ducked as the dragon swung its tail and broke the wall I was running towards. Thor appeared in the ring and picked me up and started to go quickly away from the ring. My vision doubled then went into tunnel vision and back again.


I don’t know how we got back but we did. 

“Y/N! What happened what’s wrong with her?” 

“She’ll be ok its the after effects of the venom that was in her.”


“Her leg. She fought valiantly against her opponents. She defeated the beast before the plan was even put into action.” I felt something touch my leg and my whole body convulsed.

“Are you sure all the poison is out of her leg?”

“Yes the pain she is feeling will last from a couple hours to a day or two. One of the best healers gave me this however to help ease her pain.” Thor said putting something on my leg and the pain stopped and I let out a breath of air.

“You couldn’t have done that earlier?” I asked him he set me down carefully and instantly I was greeted with a hug.

“Oh lord I didn’t know what had happened. I didn’t know where you were. I was so worried.” Tony told me squeezing me tight.

“You had a terrible choice in women back then. But I think you got it right with Pepper.” I told him and he let out a laugh.

“Ok you’re going to tell me everything that happened and I mean everything. You’re not going to leave me in the dark like you did about the vision got it?” He said pulling away from me.

“Yea I’ll tell you everything.”

“First go take a shower though.” He said smiling and ruffling my hair.

“I know I stink.” I told him.

“Lady Y/n keep the moss on your leg.” Thor told me as I headed off to the shower.

God, it felt so good to take a hot shower. After about an hour and a half I didn’t smell bad, but instead of my vanilla body wash that I loved so much. I got dressed in seats and a tee and decided to head out to the main room.

“Peter….” I said walking out of my room. He stood there silent and watching me.

“I-I umm…” He stuttered as I walked towards him.

“After 3 months you’re not gonna even give me a hug?” I asked him and he quickly wrapped his arms around me. He lifted me up and started walking with me over to my bed. I heard him sniffle. Oh no if he was gonna cry I was going to start crying.

“Ned told me what had happened….. the day you were taken.” He said sitting across from me now and held both my hands in his. His eyes were starting to water. “ Y/n i didn’t…. I didn’t kiss her. She kissed me and I told her that I didn’t like her like that and I should’ve told you earlier how I felt. I was kicking myself everyday you were gone because I didn’t know…. I didn’t know if you’d come back. And you should’ve told me about the kid with Flash…”

“Peter… Peter.. Peter… “ I kept trying to interrupt him.

“No y/n you need to hear this.” He said pulling my hands closer to him. “ Don’t  you ever, ever believe for one second you don’t matter to any of us. Ned and I care about you. The Avengers care about you. Your dad and Pepper care about you, they wouldn’t have taken you in other wise.”

“Peter I know that now and I know I should’ve told you. I shouldn’t have kept it to myself. I let my emotions get the better of me and I know it sounds very cliche but when I saw her kiss you I just felt my heart drop because I didn’t want to lose you to someone else and it didn’t feel right. I spent the first week in Asgard feeling sorry for myself and got nowhere. After I was put in the ring I realized how much I missed everyone and how I had taken everything here for granted. I kept thinking that I had just let 1 bad day screw up my whole life and now I was never going to be able to go back. Peter you don’t know how much I missed you. I promise never to shut you out again.” I told him and wrapped my arms back around him.

“Fuck I missed you so much.” He said burying his face into my neck and started to kiss me. He littered my neck with kisses then moved up to my cheeks,then my forehead before I finally grew impatient and pulled him to kiss my lips.

“ I am in the room.” We both pulled away to find my dad standing in the door way.

“I uhhh…”

“I’m going to ignore what I just saw and I am going to have a talk with Peter later about what I am choosing to ignore at the moment. If you aren’t to worn out we were going to get food and then talk about what happened.” 

“Yea I could definitely go for some food right now.” I told him.

“Ok then lets go.” He said walking away.

“Come on” I told him grabbing his hand and standing up.

“You’re dad is going to kill me.” He said lacing our fingers.

“Nah. Maybe just smack you upside the head.” I told him and kissed his cheek as we walked out of my room.

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Man In Uniform {Part 5}

Fandom: Avengers/Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: James Barnes is the local neighbourhood cop known for saving cats from trees and walking people home at night. It just so happens that he lives in your apartment building, in the apartment across from yours.

Prologue X, Part 1 X, Part 2 X, Part 3 X, Part 4 X

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