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I’m in a HUGE drawing mood but I’m in crunch mode for finishing two essays, two paintings, and studying for tests that I just can’t hrjshjdhjsk  

My Lord: Sneaking Downstairs

This is the beginning of a two parter. 

Warning the next part I write may not be the second part of this one.

Thank you all for voting on which chapter I was going to write next earlier! You are in for a special treat! 

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Sammy is looking for his sheep…

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Gratsu week :
day 2: Heart

Ok this one has an AU-ish side to it so the idea is that once you are in love with someone you can give them your heart and if it turns out they love you too you can make half of your hearts fuse together and then BAM your other half is always there with you . And so at the beginning of the thing Gray is refusing to fuse their hearts together because he is being secure . Everyone have beautiful hearts and Gray’s is so ugly and black and Natsu deserves better