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Adriel, my brother, way of cheering me up from yesterday events were getting me a lot of flowers, taking me shopping, buying me lunch and alcohol. He seriously deserves best brother award for dealing with me almost all day. Now I’m going to enjoy this food and bug a couple of people.  

But enough about me and my brother, hey guys!!

do u ever just… have a bag of ruffles that is Too Big but you have to keep eating them… u Gotta

Sickness (A TinLamp Story Part 2)

The next day got worse for Spinach.
She hazily opened her eyes, and took a glance to her left. There layed Larry, fast asleep, with his arm still cradled around her. She let out a weak smile, until she felt a gurgling down in her stomach. She began to pant heavily but softly, making sure not to wake her friend. She took a look at the clock, and as she did, she let out a gasp.
8:30 AM.
She quickly hopped up, then, she immediately felt a sharp pain rise from her stomach. As she clutched her stomach, she immediately fell flat on her nose. She let out a shout of pain, as the clang of her metal top echoed in the room.
The shout was loud enough to make Larry’s eyes snap open.
Spinach Can layed there, with her face down, not wanting to reply.
Larry quickly ran out of bed and kneeled beside her.
“Spinach, a-are you okay?!?!”
Spinach Can let out a small whine.
“O-Oy, Larry…..I-I’m alright…”
Larry raised an eyebrow.
“My dear, please get up.”
Spinach Can shook her head.
“Y-Your not g-gonna like what’cha see…”
She weakly lifted up her head.
Larry’s eyes widened when he saw her face.
Her nose was turning into a dark shade of blue, as a stream of blood dripped down her face.
“S-Spinach! Your nose!!” He immediately ran to his drawer and pulled out some bandages.
Spinach Can felt herself get dizzy.
“L-Larry, I-I have to g-go….”
Larry began to wipe the blood off of her face.
“My love, please stop squirming, I must clean your nose.”
Spinach Can felt her eyes well up in tears.
“L-Larry! That hurts!!!”
Larry stroked her head, and placed a bandage on her nose.
Spinach Can slipped out of his arms.
“N-No time Larry! D-Dads gonna kill me! I love y-”
She felt her entire face go red, as she hopped out from the room, slamming the door behind her.
Larry sat there, with his arms now wrapped around himself.
“I-I…I love you too…”
He smiled.
“Where is she.” Mumbled Steak Guy. He stood in front of the stove, mixing and adding ingredients to the breakfast for them, and the rest of the teachers. Fridge stood by his side, occasionally taking ingredients out from him.
“She’s probably still in bed, hun’. You know how she hasn’t been feeling very good for the past few days.”
Steak Guy let out a silent growl.
“It’s probably because of Larry.”
He turned around and took the salt from Bread Boy, who was happily drumming against it with a spoon. He let out a whine, and Steak Guy handed him a jar of peanut butter.
“Steak, Larry is not a bad person, he-”
“He drinks beer! He gets drunk! His teeth and gums are gonna go grey! And trust me, he won’t listen to our warnings! And he’s hanging out with Spinach Can?!”
He turned back to a pan filled with sizzling food.
“Soon, Spinach will probably be drinking just like him.”
Fridge put a reassuring hand on Steak Guy.
“D-Dad! Dad, I’m here!!”
Steak Guy, Fridge and Bread Boy turned around to face the pale Spinach Can, sweating and trembling while at the same time, hugging her stomach.
Spinach Can layed a hand on her forehead.
“Sorry dad, I-I woke up late, and I-”
“And your nose!” Interrupted Steak Guy.
“D-Dad! Please l-let me-”
“Steak! Can’t you see that she’s I’ll!!”
Fridge picked Spinach Can up and placed her next to Bread Boy. As he did, Bread Boy gave Spinach Can a hug.
“Hi Spinach!!”
Spinach Can have him a weak little pat on the head, then clutched her stomach as the pain increased.
“ How do you feel, Spinach Can?” Asked Fridge in a soothing tone.
“M-My stomachs starting to hurt, as if I’m gonna throw up, a-and…”
Steak Guy growled.
“Did Larry hurt you?”
Spinach Can looked up, with shock in her eyes.
“D-Dad! Wh-Why would you think that?!”
“You know how that drunken lamp acts! He could’ve hurt you! He could’ve made you drink! Especially since you’re sleeping with him, and especially since I saw him running down the hall yesterday night.” He crossed his arms.
Spinach Can let out a cough.
“L-Lets just get cooking, it’s almost nine.”
Steak Guy grumbled and continued cooking.
Spinach Can clenched her stomach, and winced at the pain. Bread Boy looked at her.
“ ‘Ey, Spinach! Are you alright?”
Spinach Can nodded.
“Spinach, you don’t look okay.” Fridge came up to her.
“I-I’m fine, serious-”
Her eyes widened and she slapped her hand on her hand.
She gagged.
Fridge grabbed her and rushed tried to rush her to the bathroom, but unfortunately, she ended up puking the sandwich she had last night.
Steak Guy immediately dropped everything and went to her, rubbing her back while at the same time, cleaning up the mess she was making.
Larry left his room to hear Colin and Tony talking at the other side of the hall.
“Morning Colin! Morning Tony!” Larry grinned.
Colin’s screen brought up the message:
“Hello friend!” He greeted back in his digital voice.
Tony took a sip of his coffee and yawned.
“Good morning, Larry.”
Larry smiled.
“How have you been, Larry? How are things with you and Spinach Can?”
Larry’s smile faded.
Colin gave him a confused look and scanned Larry.
“Hm….it seems as if you are worried, tired, happy, and hurt.”
“C-COLIN!!!” Larry crossed his arms.
Tony looked at Colin, then, back to Larry.
“Is there…something wrong, Larry?”
Larry sighed.
“Spinach Can is sick, and…she’s been having a sour attitude towards everyone…especially…”
Larry let out a nervous chuckle.
Colin and Tony exchanged worried glances, and when they opened their mouth to say something…
Larry shushed them and heard something that made Larry’s heart drop into his shoes.
“STOP!! I-IM FIN-*gag*”
Spinach Can.
And she was getting worse.
Aaaugh here it is!
I’m so sorry if this was badly written, I’m sick and I had to deal with something today..
Well, here you go!

coffeeandfitblr  asked:

5, 16, 20, 24 :)

5. Do you use a gym?
Yes, a few times a week when my husband is off so he can come with and help with the baby or keep her at home.

16. Do I like making smoothies?
I love fruit, but I HATE cleaning my blender. Also, I try to sneak too many veggies in so it usually ends up tasting more like spinach..

20. How do you pass the time during cardio?
If I’m on the elliptical I prop my phone up watch YouTube (it’s my favorite thing ever and time flys). If I’m running I’m listening to music or trying to zone out about something else 😂

24. Breakfast or Dinner?
Dinner! I’m so tired of eggs it’s UNREAL.

agent-hardass  asked:

So in general what's your garden plan this year? IIRC you like to put edible plants in your front yard for all to enjoy, and it looks like you have a couple ornamental from your recent post. Do you grow herbs as well? And what is your favorite things to plant and about gardening?

i just loving being in dirt with plants. they’re so steady and forgiving!

i’ve planted spinach and collards and a tulip on my porch railing container, and then more spinach and collards on the steps, but i’m not sure about putting them in front. someone (frat man?) has been leaving trash in my front yard for a while now: a xmas tree, a baby gate, liquor bottles, all kinds of wrappers, and ofc my blm signs got messed with (not now they’re behind the thorns tho) so i’m just worried about something as tetchy as greens being out there. i think i’ll start tomatoes and then put them out front when they’re sturdy enough and probably a zucchini? bc zucchinis are ALWAYS more productive than even one family needs.

but remember that awful woman who came to my neighbourhood to go to brunch and then picked my tomatoes? i don’t want more of that. i was thinking of making a sign that says “if you’re in NE for brunch these tomatoes aren’t for you.”
“if you make more than 30k/yr suck it.”
“did your parents pay for your house/college/car? keep walking”

2,000 year old tree in South Africa called The Tree of Life. The boabab tree.

Some hollowed out trunks have been used to provide shelter to as many as 40 people, it can hold up to 4,500 liters of water, fibers from the bark can be turned into rope and cloth and fresh leaves are often eaten to boost the immune system.

The medicinal properties of the boabab fruit are amaze balls: 3 times as much Vitamin C as an orange , 50% more Calcium than spinach, and it has a plentiful source of antioxidants which are disease fighting molecules credited with helping reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Beauty of the Motherland

anonymous asked:


who’s the cuddler:

definitely spinach, often at very inconvenient times too. Usually when Sketch is in the middle of doing something artsy

who makes the bed:

Spinach 100% ! If  Sketch didnt have spinach around to remind her she’d probably forget to shower, let alone make the bed.

who wakes up first:

sketch, waking up at the crack of dawn with sudden insparation

who has the weird taste in music:

sketch, mainly because spinach doesnt listen to much music

who is more protective:

definitely spinach, who sees herself as tough. she’d try to “protect” sketch against very trivial things, a lot of which involve the colour of her teeth

who sings in the shower:


who cries during movies:

spinach, sketch doesnt really care and is too busy being angry over how cliche it is or how bad a certain shot was

who spends the most while out shopping:

spinach because she always has to by the Healthiest™ food around

who kisses more roughly:

Probably sketch, to be honest 

who is more dominate:

once again probably sketch, but she doesnt bring it up much so that spin’s pride isnt damaged

my rating of the ship from 1-10:

11 !!!! my otp

True Nightmare-A DHMIS Fanfic

W A R N I N G (?)

This contains some gore(?) and stuff, so..yeah XD

Larry sat in his same spot, his eyes wide open with dark bags under his eyes. His eyes were red, and he was trembling all over. He couldn’t sleep.

He just….

He looked around, trying to figure out what to do. Usually, when he was like this, he needed a beer. But this…
This was different.

He gently sat up and clenched his hands on the table. He didn’t feel right. He felt…

As if something was right next to him…or even worse…
Controlling him.

He didn’t want to make a move. He wanted to stay that way, but eventually…

“ Y o U D i R t B a G! “

He turned around to see Sketchbook-Yes, Sketchbook-smirking, showing rows of razor sharp teeth, and her eyes spilling black ooze.

“W h Y d O e V e N t R y?! Y o U k N o W s H e D o E s N t L I K e Y o U!!!”

Larry gave her a terrified look. He began to back away-before he bumped into Tony.
But Tony had bloodshot, nightmarish eyes with fangs in his mouth.

“ N o N e O f U s L i K e Y o U a N y W a Y s!!! Y o U r E j U s T a W e A k D r U n K!!”
He let out a deep cackle.

“N-No! Stop it!” Larry cried out. He felt a hand grab his wrist. He looked up, and saw Colin, with his eyes black and spilling inky tears, and Shrignold, with his eyes pure red and his wings torn apart and demonized. Horns sprouted from his heads.

“ W h Y d O y O u W a N t U s T o S t O p L a R r Y?” Hissed Colin.

“Y o U a L r E a D y K n O w T h A t W e H a T e Y o U!” Cackled Shrignold.

Tears were now dripping down Larry’s face.

He felt claws scratching his legs. Bread Boy looked up at him, blood spilling down his eyes.

“ W e D o N t H a V e T o L e A v E y O u A l O n E…” He whispered.

Larry felt claws dig into his shoulder.
Fridge stood there, smirking, showing an abyss of razor sharp teeth, and his eyes black with red pupils.

“ W e C a N c O n T r O l Y o U a N y T i M e W e W a N t.” He chuckled.

Larry slapped his hand off of his shoulder, and ran into the middle of the room.
“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!?!?!” He screamed at the top of his lungs.

He felt his lampshade being tugged and lifted, and he opened his eyes.
Big Mistake.

There stood Steak Guy, with razor sharp claws, sharp, pointy teeth, and his demon-eyeballs staring down at him.
Black ooze dripped down his eyes, and he yanked him up violently.

“ W e A r E y O u R w O r S t N i G h T m A r E s..” He growled, before tossing him against the wall.

Larry felt the glass on his back crack as he let out a cry of pain.

“PLEASE!!! DONT HURT ME!!!” He weeped.

He shut his eyes, trembling and shaking, until he felt a small hand your his cheek.

“ It’s okay, Lar…”

He looked up to see Spinach Can, with her eyes closed. She had a gentle smile on her face.

“We’re not gonna hurt you~….”

Larry looked at her with relief in his tired eyes.

“Y-You’re…not…?” He whispered, lifting a trembling hand to stroke her head.


Larry smiled weakly.

“W e R e G o N n A K I L L y O u!!!!!”

Larry’s eyes widened in pure horror as Spinach Can began to grow torn-up bat wings, grow long claws and teeth, and open her eyes, only to reveal her bleeding eye sockets. H
She let out a petrifying screech as she dug her long claws into Larry’s hand.

Larry let out a scream of pure fear and pain.

Larry felt his heart pounding faster as everyone began to surround him, grabbing his arms and legs.

“HELP ME!!!” He screamed in pure horror.

He then began to feel blood spilling down his cheeks as everyone pulled his arms and legs away from his body with a strong force.

He let out a demonized scream as he felt his arms and legs slowly tear away from his body.

He continued screaming, as claws covered his eyes and began to dig them out.


Larry screamed out loud as he fell of of his little table that he slept on.

Spinach Can hopped towards him in shock, as his arms and legs flailed around.


He then pictured the claws. The razor-sharp claws.


“Larry! Larry! Wake up! It’s just a dream!” She cried. She grabbed his arm, and gave it a small squeeze.

His eyes slowly opened. Spinach Can gasped as a tear of blood dripped from his eye.

“Larry!” Spinach Can tightly hugged him, feeling tears fill up her eyes.

Larry looked down at her, realizing that she had bags under her eyes. He looked up, seeing that the teachers stood in the hall, still in their nightgowns and pajamas, looking worried once again.

Larry panted heavily, his heart still racing. He weakly put a hand on Spinach’s back.

“L-Lar…a-are you ok….?” She whimpered.
Larry looked down at her, tears streaming down his face.

“I-I’m fine, Spin-”

“It doesn’t seem as if you’re alright, Larry.”
Larry looked up to the voice, and saw Steak Guy, with his arms crossed. Larry looked down in embarrassment.
Steak Guy raised an eyebrow.
“And, if I may ask, have you had anything to drink, Larry?”

Larry looked up at him, annoyance growing in his eyes. His chest glowed a light shade of orange, meaning he was getting a bit frustrated.
“N-No, why must you always ask that, Steak Guy?”

Steak Guy lifted an empty beer bottle from Larry’s nightstand.
“Because, whenever..” He waved his arms toward him.
“This, happens…it’s because of you and your drinking.”

The shade of orange began to glow a Reddish Orange.

“Okay, m-maybe I had a drink, but that wasn’t-”

“Hm. I knew it.” Steak Guy looked at him in disappointment.
Fridge put a hand on his shoulder.
“Steak, go back to sleep. You’re always-”
“Nonono, stay out of this, please. Larry, if this continues to happen, I will FORBID you and Spinach to see each other again.”

Quiet gasps of shock filled the room.
“S-Steak, no! You-”

“DAD! That’s not fair! It’s only been a week and two days since he woke up from his coma! HE IS STILL RECOVERING!” Screamed Spinach Can.

Steak Guy muttered something under his breath and finally spoke once again.
“I’m going back to sleep, it’s been a long day for me.”
He walked out.

Larry was now breathing in anger, the star on his chest a pure red. Spinach Can noticed, and stroked his arm.
“There there, Lar…it’s alright now…”

Fridge sighed.
“Why must Steak always get so angry…?”

Spinach Can put a hand on Fridge.

“It’s okay, he’s only being protective, dad..”

Tony cleared his throat.
“It seems to me that his hate is growing towards Larry.”
He shook his head in disappointment.

Shrignold sighed.
“Why can’t we all get along?”

Spinach Can took a breath.
“Alright, alright…everyone, let’s go back to bed, I’ll stay and keep an eye on Larry..please..” She whispered.

Everyone nodded and left the room.

“Hope you feel better, Larry..”
Fridge gave Larry a smile.
Larry’s star glowed a shade of yellow, for happiness.

“Th-Thank you, Fridge …goodnight..”

“Goodnight, Larry…”

He left the room.
Spinach Can sighed and looked into Larry’s eyes.

“Lar, what in the world happened..?” She spoke softly.
Larry put a hand on his forehead.

“Uh…a-another nightmare…h-heh…”
He gave her a crooked smile.

Spinach Can helped him up and layed him down on the couch.

“Now, I-” she yawned.
“I’m sure it’s been a long day for you, so…so…”
She gently laid her head down on his chest.
The star on his chest grew a bright shade of pink, as he looked at her, sleeping peacefully on his chest. He leaned a bit and kissed her on the head.

“Please, never leave my side Spinach…”
His eyes then closed, as he fell into a deep slumber.

Oh look! Another fanfic!
This is based on one of my AU’s, and this is also a TinLamp and other ships fanfic too!

And I also have to visit the doctor tomorrow to get checked on, but I’ve been feeling better, just a bit woozy ;P

Well, enjoy!

super easy fajitas!

1. chop half an onion and one bell pepper and sauté with coconut oil
2. slice two chicken breasts and add in to sauté with peppers and onions. [when I do meal prep, I bake a bunch of chicken breasts for the week (with olive oil and garlic salt and lemon pepper – super generic) which makes it easy to just add em to this, or any other recipe!]
3. Add cumin, cayenne, paprika, and a little salt/pepper, and sauté until the peppers are sliiiiightly soft but still a lil crunchy
4. get your tortilla ready! I like to spread plain Greek yogurt on the tortilla before, and sprinkle freshly chopped cilantro.
5. add sautéed veggies/chicken to your tortilla
6. Top with fresh corn, spinach, avocados, more cilantro, and squeeze a lime over it! (the corn/cilantro/lime combo is the tastiest part, in my opinion)
7. The end

easy peasy + so tasty