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Pharmercy + Necropolis + Star-Gazing!

Fareeha has never been here, and judging by Angela’s curious, roaming eyes, the medic hasn’t either.

It bleeds of Ana, though - and Jack Morrison.

The location, the remnants of her mother’s hiding, the Necropolis - city of the dead. They’ve come to find her - them - but like ghosts, the old soldiers are long gone.

“Fareeha, come sit with me,” says Angela, patting the limestone roofing of the ruins they’re walking across. Fareeha does as she’s told, stripped of her chest plate and most of her armor, she sits down in only her leg protection; feet dangling off the building, down, down into the pitfall below. It is alright; both Angela and Fareeha have learned to fall gracefully.

Angela’s got a cigarette resting unlit in her hand, supporting her weight as she leans back. She’s looking at a photo - one of Fareeha and Ana, a dozen years ago. They found it in her mother’s hideout. Fareeha doesn’t care to ask to see it.

“I don’t think that they will return,” Fareeha says, and looks up to the stars above them. Out here in the desert, not ten miles from Giza, it is astoundingly dark. The Milky Way stretches like a band, ethereally, almost perfectly above the Pyramid of Khufu and Fareeha is so far out her depth she does not even have the forthwith to hold her breath.

“It’s beautiful,” Angela says quietly, all at once acknowledging and ignoring Fareeha’s words. The doctor lights her cigarette and in the void, the glowing embers of burning paper and tobacco resonate like a waypoint; like something which should not be ignored.

“It is,” Fareeha agrees, smoke floating past her, carrying a long forgotten scent - reminiscent of the army, her allies who shared lights in their downtime, the warm Egyptian sun burning their skin just as the sand had; Aahil, who offered her a drag in high school when they ducked out during lunch to sit in the shade of their worn and sandy school building. All good memories, in their own way.

Fareeha watches Angela, unearthly in the starlight, and red glow, blinking up toward the pixel points above, quiet; at peace in a way Fareeha has never felt.

Fareeha focuses on the smell, the dirt digging into her palms and the homey image of a criminal’s cavern.

And then the stars, the ones in Angela’s eyes and the ones twinkling overhead. The silence of it all.

A moment’s rest before a storm.

“This is my first time in Egypt,” Angela confesses and laughs softly in a dry sort of unhumored way. “How could I have, for so long, missed how beautiful it all is,” and her eyes are not on the sky, her hand clasped tight on the crumpled picture.



Black Hat x Hero! Reader

A/N: LET ME BE CLEAR! This. Does. Not. End. Well. For. You. (Also, a bit of gore! I never got around to that Gore insert…the plot fell apart so I hope this makes up for that!) I wrote Black Hat as a true evil mastermind, manipulative and back stabbing (heheheheh). He doesn’t return the sentiment…but he plans to use it in the future. Lemme know if you want more of this.



Smoke burned your eyes as you flew through the air, dropping off a final group of citizens to safety. The members of Black Hat Inc (or at least the ones useful in a fight) were wreaking havoc once again on your beautiful city. Buildings were on fire, cars were crashed, and that demon had already robbed most of the banks in town, you didn’t even want to think about the casualties…the screaming. You blinked away the stinging in your eyes and flew quickly back into the fray.

Detaining the science boy and that insane candy-haired girl was a challenge in itself. The first held his own rather well with his two ray guns, even grazing your form more than once before running off. The girl was even worse, she ended up running off to the same place the doctor had…their boss.

They talked about him back at the academy. They warned you of his power. You had always admired his power, his drive, and if you were honest…him. If he were a hero, if he were convinced to be a good man… it was a long shot at best. This man or whatever he was…was evil personified.

Black Hat.

He sent off his henchmen with a threatening glare that promised punishment…but later. For now he wanted to face you…alone…

Sweat rolled down your forehead, and you could feel your body tense.


This man-no- this monster standing before you had killed countless heroes just like you. You had been warned not to face him alone, that he’d destroy you the moment he got the chance.

Breathe, y/n.

Making eye contact with him made your blood run cold. He grinned up at you from under the brim of his hat, the flames of surrounding buildings shining in his monocle. And that chuckle…so cold…so menacing…so…


Wait, what?! Y/n no! Get a hold of yourself! This was a criminal. This was THE criminal. Handsome or not, he was still a threat!

“Ah, so you are the newest nuisance they retrieved to face me.” He said, “Allow me to introduce myself, my dear, I am Black Hat, and you are..?”

You didn’t say anything at first, choosing instead to glare at him and hope that you looked intimidating.

Black Hat smirked. Your attempt at intimidation didn’t bother him in the slightest. He made his way towards you at a moderate pace, holding his cane in one hand and observing your reaction. He could sense your fear..and also…your attraction? He chuckled a bit.

“Your name…” he said in a low hum.

“Y/n.” You replied curtly, wanting to limit the contact you had with him, but before much could be done he was holding you by your throat in one hand, his cane raised threateningly in the other. You squirmed in his grasp, powerless to do anything. How could one person be so strong?

“Ah…well then, I look forward to our next meeting.” He smiled devilishly, enjoying your panic.

“Next?” You choked out. Black Hat never left any heroes alive.

He pulled you closer slowly, hooking the curved end of his cane around your neck so his other hand could move to your back.

“I can’t just kill something as pretty as you.” He said in your ear. You involuntary shivered under his touch, and he smiled wider. You were frozen there, incapable of response.

He spun you around quickly and his claws tore through your shoulder like a hot knife through butter. You let out a scream as Black Hat laughed. Your pain his entertainment. He kept the cane around your neck, lifting your head next to his as you sank to your knees.

“If this relationship is to continue, dear.” Black Hat said turning his hand inside your bleeding wound, the sudden intensification of the pain making you see spots. You choked out a small scream as Black Hat continued, “You must understand that you cannot trust me.”

He unhooked you from the cane’s grasp, kicking you down to the ground. Tears burned your eyes now, not the smoke as you gasped for air.

He leaned down to your groveling form and added, “And I always get what I want.”

Somewhere above the two of you, you became aware of a plane of some kind. That scientist with the bag on his head shouted in an ever fading distance. The handsome form of Black Hat above you.

Black Hat chuckled and left you there, confused and bleeding profusely on the ground. You knew he was showing you mercy. You knew this was unusual. Why? Was it because….

Black Hat knew you wouldn’t die and he enjoyed torturing you too much to be upset about that. They had never given him such a pretty plaything before, and he would enjoy breaking you in every sense of the word.

“They should know better than to send someone with such a weakness.” Black Hat chuckled to Flug, who simply steered the aircraft back towards the manor, slightly confused and not even desiring to ask about the blood covering Black Hat’s clothes.

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Still playing around with quick & sketchy styles, hoping I can whip out a full painterly painting by April 1st!
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*watching movie, finding material for SDM*

*watches Daphne hold onto bridge*

*watches Daphne grab something out of her purse before it falls into the waterfall*

Me: “…um? Daphne? I really don’t think this is the time for a smoke, it’s– wait, why does  a children’s movie have ci–”

Me: “OHHHHHHHHHHHHH, it’s floss! That’s a relief, it totally looked li–…”

*thinks for a second*

Me: “…wait, do women just carry an extra-large thing of floss with them everywhere they go?