more sky rambles

Whenever anyone refers to fans of Sky or Deadlox as the “Sky Army” or “Dead Army” I always imagine these two in weird general armor.

let’s face it they’d be terrible generals

I kinda made this with the idea they were fighting over which kingdom to invade (Seto’s or Jason’s) but you can interpret it how you like.

this is so sketchy and the armor looks weird as heck ahahah

I just finished Jaws of Hakkon, which was amazing from start to finish, and it looks like I need to generate some headcanons very quickly. 

The reason? ‘Dreamers are sensitive to demons,’ says Solas, as we recover the memories about Telana. ‘She would have suffered great pain from being so close to Hakkon!’

Me, deadpan, standing there playing a Dreamer Inquisitor who spends her entire life fighting demons: ‘Great. Exactly what I needed for my blind character who’s also gonna lose a hand come Trespasser. More trauma.’

Soooo, new headcanon for Elera Lavellan: She does indeed suffer physical pain when close to demons. She wouldn’t suffer quite so much as Telana, due to her abilities (and thus her link to the Fade) being less developed - Dreamers are so rare in modern Thedas that she simply had no one to teach her until she met Solas. As Solas teaches her more, and her attunement to the Fade strengthens, the pain gets worse - but eases again soon after as Solas teaches her techniques to close herself off to the demons.

Everyone in the Inner Circle knows about this issue, but Elera never complains about it, due to her I-refuse-to-be-a-burden attitude, and she can get a bit snappish if the others start fussing over her whenever they’re near a Fade rift - so instead they all have an unspoken agreement to deal with demons with even more lethal speed than normal. (Also, whenever their agenda for the day includes dealing with rifts, Vivienne surreptitiously slips a painkilling potion into Elera’s morning drink, Cole hovers around her almost constantly, Varric puts even more effort into telling hilarious stories frequently, and Blackwall tries very hard not to let his protectiveness of her become overbearing.)

Another result of this is that I am now doubly determined to keep her family life intact and happy. I didn’t intend for her to have to deal with this much physical trauma - the least I can do is try to keep her from the emotional suffering I happily heap on most of the rest of my OCs.

man i wish i was good at drawing architecture cuz i had this cool ass dream last night where i was in some sort of rococo styled ballroom with a sky veiw and it was so bright and pretty and i really want that visual again ;m;