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Fem!Skull head canons

-Skulls real name is Stella but she says it sounds like a sissy name
Skull is born with natural galaxy hair but puts on a fiery make up palette to match it.
Her roomie thinks it’s lit but got a bunch of tattoos with flowers.

-she’s just a normal college girl who does stunts before she gets the trip to Italy. (Language Major)
-is morbidly interested in how to kick someone’s ass with household items.
-she’s learnt that spraying hairspray into her cloud flames makes it much more dangerous and fiery, everyone loves fire right??
-she has a mafia donna for a friend who teaches her to control cloud flames(not that skull knows–)
-doesn’t have much friends in college but her friend has nice guys who dress in black. (She thinks they’re like mafia guys in the movies but they’re sweeties so she shrugs it off.)
-she’s Vietnamese and often cooks for her italian friends (yes all of them are part of the mafia)
-she’s very oblivious to the noises of sobbing professors who gave her fails in the dorm halls
- Her roommate is determined to protect her.
-she’s used to sounds like that thanks to stunting as female ghosts who rides off cliffs and dodges every single obstacle as instinct.

-average in all but most of the small mafia famigila just love herrrr. They also learn some recipes from her grandma who always asks if she has a lover yet lmao
-fem!Skull is bisexual and proud of everyone she knows. But easily embarrassed

Kawahira thinks it’s amusing that she’s literally surrounded by giant amounts of protection and offers a job to Italy (she thought it was stunts, you never really know with Kawahira but he gives her free high quality coffee so yeahhh)

Honestly this Skull hc makes no sense but I wanted Skull to seem less of a moron. And female Skull isn’t really common! ^^ I see Skull more as a girl who accidentally gets a mafia donna as her roomie and stunts she does are way more dramatic than gun wielding mafia members who try to kill her (she thinks it’s a movie and acts like a victim before knocking all of them out and dragging the bodies inside her roomies place - she never saw the clean up crews while she was making dinner)

Her resolve is to protect her university’s students because they’re all nice! And grandma too but grandma knows how to kill a man with just lemon juice, thread, and giant needles. Her parents are traveling god knows where tbh and siblings were sent to boarding school

After she meets the strongest/ they don’t really believe it but she has balls of steel greeting every mafia member surrounding LUCE who turns out to be her roomie/ “oh Luce you’re pregnant” “yeahhhh, can you cook us some Vietnamese food” “sure! Love you roomie xox”

Reborn doesn’t really believe she’s a civilian and Skull shoves a bunch of hot sauce up his mouth along with flaming whiskey & limes outta nowhere and everyone is wary of her.

Skull cooks in place for Luce. The cookies Luce hands to the members are actually Skulls but she refuses to give the recipe out to Viper much to their dismay (“I’ve never been refused. Give me it now.” “Bitch get your own recipe. You’re an information broker arent cha?”)

Luce, Kawahira, and her grandma taught her everything she knows–


Headcanon time. Lewis is actually not the leader of the Mystery Skulls gang, Vivi is. Her enthusiasm for the supernatural can sometimes get a bit…overwhelming to other people when shes investigating cases (shes very excitable,). So they have Lewis do most of the talking, since hes really good with people. But within the group, shes the one whos calling the shots.

She also hates driving, she’d much rather have one of the boys drive

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I don't know. But sorta unrelated but related in a sense. But knowing that YandereDev has an issue with Mike Z makes me want to support Skull Girls more. Who else wants to support Skull Girls in hopes that it'll be more popular than Yandere Simulator just to spite him? #feelingreallysaltynow

I already bought both versions of the game what more do YOU WANT FROM ME


a million sounds of watt can’t compare