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it figures

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and don’t worry Stanley, you’ll get that cute belly eventually :D

(anyway I had to wait almost three hours at the train station today and so expect more useless and silly gafou doodles, ok? Ok.)

ehhhh shes probably gonna have a hard time with this for a while even after shes healed…. 

Soooo… I might finally be getting the hang of this digital crap XDDD

No one has permission to use this picture, DO NOT repost, trace, claim to be your own, edit/modify or de-face in any way!! Also if reblogging, DO NOT remove my artist comments. Really appreciate it, thank you.


💖 Meet the dad of your dreams Chas Chandler! 💖

first of all HUGE should out to @morethanonepage and @red-starshine and this amazing post prompting this ! :D
And obviously the Dream Daddy Game for inspiring everything :’)
Followed what was laid out to me on the post, mimicking the games style and graphics to best of my ability :’)
Was a fun little exercise really hahha

Chas truly is the dream dad and could use a date :’D
and of course i had to include the loser bf (bestfriend? boyfriend? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) with the infamous quote :D


Star Wars AU -  Queen Amidala and Lord Vader

Jedi serve the Rebellion while the Sith serve the Empire. With the excuse to form a treaty, the emperor sends his apprentice Darth Vader to meet with Queen Amidala, one of the supporters of the Rebellion against the Empire, to offer his service as a proof of his good will and to persuade the young monarch.

Vader’s tricks seem to not move the stubborn Queen. Making his job rather difficult prolonging his stay. During the course of time, Lord Vader starts falling for Queen Amidala. Even if there were moments of weakness from both of them, his feelings are not reciprocated.
After all…
How a Queen could love a Sith?
And how a Sith could love?


a tiny comic for christmas that i posted on twitter~