more shocking similarities between myself and toby


JOSH I spoke to C.J. I’m going to try to get the President down to sing backup.
TOBY Good luck with that.
JOSH I think she’s going to work it out.
TOBY Yeah? What’d she say?
JOSH She said she was going to try and work it out.
TOBY She say she’d take it to the President, see what he thinks?
JOSH Yeah. That’s exactly what she said.
TOBY That’s a catchphrase for “It’s never going to happen.
JOSH I know it’s last minute, but…
TOBY It’s got nothing to do with last minute, it’s got to do with he doesn’t think your guy is going to win.
JOSH What the hell is that supposed to mean?
TOBY It means it’s unlikely he gets on a red eye.
JOSH I am constantly amazed at your ability to continue to be a bastard. It really is something.
TOBY Thank you.