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hey, so i've started to draw on my own and i was wondering if i could get advice from someone who knows how to draw. what part of the person is best to start on when starting a sketch/drawing?

I usually start with GUIDELINES
even with my traditional, I just assume everything with shapes
then only readjust/correct my proportions on digital 

Don’t be afraid to fully utilise your layers
It exists for you to keep f*cking around until you get it right
Make use of your opacity and change colors of your pen so differentiate between the layers!! ~*PRO TIP*~

You can watch my tutorial on how I draw from start to finish on this video
It also has a voice over to help ya out (I have the worst accent, so please excuse me if you don’t understand it /cOUGH//)

There isn’t a specific method to start with
Every individual can be different
So, go a head and explore until you see which suits you the best!

a teeny tiny nagito doodle!! i love him a lot……
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