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FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF with the lightest most PG mention of sex

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Face mask - William Nylander (ft. Alex Nylander)

Requested by anon: Do you think you could write one about Willy nylander? Maybe one where he bring alex home without telling you and someone embarrassing happens? Haha you’re an amazing writer and I love the PT diaries

A/N: it turned out a little different, but I like it. Let me know what you think!

Word count: 1422

Warnings: A couple bad words.

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You spread the green paste all over your face, neck and chest area, trying to get a thin, even layer of the mask on. Your skin has been playing tricks on you for the last two weeks, so you have hit up every single beauty store in town until you have found a mask that promises to pretty much give you new skin. You feel kind of ridiculous wearing a pair of cotton shorts and a bralette with your hair up into a messy bun, but you are alone at home and the worst case scenario would be William seeing you like this. The package says that you should keep it on from fifteen to twenty minutes while it dries up, so you decide to just sit on the couch and watch some TV while waiting.

There is nothing interesting to watch, as usual, so you just end up watching one of those stupid TV shows where they just play funny videos of people falling down or similar; the mask is drying up and it makes it harder to laugh without cracking it. The mask is almost ready to be rinsed off when you hear the front door opening and closing.

“Hello.” You yell from your spot on the couch.

“Hey babe, Alex is he –” William says entering the room, followed by his little brother Alex. “What is that?”

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famous!(y/n) | luke au

a/n: first of all i am PISSED because i had this entire thing written and then my laptop shut down and i lost the entire thing and i am on the verge of tears okay. secondly, this was cute to write and i hope you like it. i like the concept! i may do more nonfamous!boy in the future :) 

word count: 1900


“(y/n), over here!” 

“(y/n), is that your boyfriend?”

“Hey, (y/n), what do you think about all of these rumors?”

The paparazzi blinded your vision with the flashes of their cameras in your face as soon as the exit door from the nightclub opened. You were put right on the street– or into the eye of the paparazzi, you liked to call it. Questions were being yelled at you, along with others screaming your name in hopes to get a picture of you looking in their direction. 

You held your head down, walking quickly through the mob of people. You glanced behind you, trying to find sight of your boyfriend, who walked with his hands shoved into the pockets of his black skinny jeans. His head was down, mirroring your actions in attempts to avoid his face being seen. 

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anonymous asked:

I wish you write a fic where Aaron is on his way to a meeting and it's a long train journey. To kill time, he starts scrolling through his phone. He goes over all the stupid text convos with Rob. And then looks through the photos that he's taken of him and Rob. And reminiscing the little story behind each one. And he realises how happy he is with Robert. We don't usually get things from Aaron's POV and how much Robert means to him. Would really like it if you wrote this insanely fluffy fic. :)

i changed it slightly if thats okay (very slightly) but this was the most!! fun to write anon, so thank you for this gorgeous prompt! (it got a bit long, so enjoy.)

we keep this love in a photograph

aaron reminisces about some of his happy moments with robert on a train journey home (1,811)

Aaron settled into his seat on the train, a cup of tea in hand as he began his long journey home to Emmerdale. He’d had to get the train down to London for a few meetings, and he wasn’t exactly looking forward to the three hour journey home. He didn’t deal well with long journeys at the best of times, and he was bone tired and just longing for his own bed, in his own flat (and maybe a pint, before he slept for at least two days.)

London was busy, and exhausting, and it was the first time in a long time he hadn’t gone with Robert by his side, his husband there to distract him from boring train journeys and busy cities with a smile and an overly enthusiastic list of things for them to do together.


Aaron barely held in a sigh as he thought about his husband. They’d been fighting a lot lately, over ridiculous things, and it was driving Liv, and his mum, and everyone else insane.

Rooting for his phone, Aaron sat back in his chair and glanced at his screen, seeing he had a few messages from Adam, and Liv. Replying to the work related texts from his best mate first, he turned his attention to Liv’s snapchats, wondering what ridiculousness his sister had sent him now.

“Robert, why does your face look like that?” Liv asked, her camera pointed at a serious looking Robert, who was hunched over his computer.

Robert glanced up, rolling his eyes at Liv, his blonde hair ruffled and out of place. “If this goes on your snapchat story, I’m going to let Aaron make dinner for the next month and you can get scurvy.”

Aaron couldn’t help but laugh at Robert’s response, and the cheeky face Liv had pulled in the next snapchat she’d sent him.

Liv was brilliant, she really was.

Feeling more lonely now than he had before, Aaron started to scroll through his photo album, skimming through the thousands of photos and videos he’d somehow ended up with. He’d never really considered himself a sentimental person, but he had a lot of good things to document over the past few years.

Pausing at a recent photo of Robert, Aaron felt his heart swell with love for the man in the photo. He’d taken it one lazy Sunday morning, Robert in bed with the duvet pulled up around his waist, reading a new book.

He was always lost in his own world, when he read, Aaron remembered, totally lost in the pages until he’d read it from cover to cover. After a quiet, sleepy round of Sunday morning sex, Robert had decided he’d stay in bed and enjoy his book for a while - Aaron had gone to get them both a cup of tea when he’d come back to see Robert so enthralled in his book, he’d had to take a picture.

It was one of those little things he’d learned about Robert after they’d decided to give their relationship a proper go, his love for reading. Aaron knew the easiest way to keep Robert happy, or brighten up a day was to just buy him a new book, the newest science fiction novel or murder mystery.

Aaron wasn’t a reader, really, but he liked seeing his husband so invested.

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Newbie - Evgeni Malkin (PT Diaries, Episode 1)

Requested by Anon: Can you write an imagine where you are the new physical therapist of the Penguins and help Geno with his rehab? It can be OTP-like or BROTP-like :) Thanks in advance

A/N: Hello! So, I’m going to rant a little about this. This is such a good idea, I love it; but I feel like it would have been weird and unnatural to write about a relationship that it’s too new to actually be a friendship or a romantic relationship. But I love the idea, and I’d love to make a series out of it, not only with Geno but with the rest of the team as well… a PT diaries or something like that. Thoughts?

Word count: 1171

Warnings: none.

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I reread the medical report, making sure I haven’t missed anything. It is my first day at the job and I don’t want to mess it up. This is the opportunity of a lifetime and I want to give a great first impression.

My name is (y/n) and I’m the new physical therapist of the Pittsburgh Penguins. I’ve been a Penguins fan since I was a baby, and to be part of the organization and getting to interact with the players makes me want to pinch myself to make sure this is real.

There is a soft knock on my new office’s door and the door opens, my boss and a tall figure getting inside the still really messy room.

“Hello (y/n)” Dr. Wright, head of the medical stuff, says and I give him a smile, “how are you doing?”

“So far so good.” I answer, looking at the man standing behind him.

I have been reading his file for the last hour and it takes all I have for me not to get on my feet and ask him to take a selfie with me.

“I’m glad to hear that.” my boss gives me a nod before turning around, “I’d like to introduce you to Evgeni Malkin. He is going to be your first patient.”

I stand up and walk around my desk and standing before the men, shaking Evgeni’s hand. He is way taller than I am, so I need to tilt my head slightly to look at his face.

“I’ve been reading your file.” I inform them and Dr. Wright looks pleased, “you have a couple torn tendons in your knee.”

“How painful is it going to be?” Evgeni asks.

“I’m pretty sure you are in a lot of pain already…” I say, grabbing the folder from my desk and looking at the x rays and diagnose, “I think you are going to need at least a week of therapy before even thinking about skate again, maybe more”

Both men take a moment to think about what I’ve said before Evgeni looks at me again.

“When do we start?” he is impatient to start his recovery and I don’t blame him.

“Right now, if you are ready” I suggest and he gives me a quick nod.

“I’ll go change” and he pretty runs out of the room.

I look at door for a second, before turning my face to my boss. He is smiling and I can’t make up why.

“First day. Don’t let him give you too much crap” he advices and I chuckle, “he is a big fish in the locker room, if he respects you the whole team will”

“Thanks for the advice” I say to him, grabbing my new Penguins hoodie and putting it on, ready to head to the gym where I’m going to be working for a long, long time, I hope.

“It’s a pleasure to have you here, (y/n)” Dr. Wright says as a goodbye and we both walk away.

I’m getting the things ready when Evgeni walks in, wearing a pair of workout shorts and a hoodie. His knee is swollen and bruised and I frown.

“It look pretty nasty” he just shrugs.

I nod in agreement, lifting a balance board and carrying it to the center of the room. The board has what it looks like a rubber ball cut in half attached to the bottom and Evgeni looks at it.

“I want to evaluate how bad is your pain before getting a rehab plan ready for you” I explain to him, “and I think that massages and maybe acupuncture will be needed”

“Sounds good” he just answers.

We start working. It is easy to work with him, he does exactly what I tell him and doesn’t complain at all when I make him repeat something.

“How bad is the pain?” I ask him for the hundredth time while he is standing on the balance board, one of his hands on my shoulder.

“What’s the scale?” he wonders and I laugh.

“One to ten, how bad?”

“A solid eight” he says and I raise my eyebrow, he is in a lot of pain and he is not even wincing.

“It doesn’t look like you are hurting that much” I comment and he smirks.

“I am Russian. We are real men in Russia” he states and I look at him, trying to figure out if he is kidding or not. He isn’t.

“I’ll keep that in mind” I joke and he smiles, “hop down”

He steps down and I shake my head.

“HOP down” I emphasize ‘hop’.


“Just a small one” and I push him back on top of the board, his hand quick to grip my arm so he doesn’t lose his balance, “c’mon, big boy”

He gives me a dirty look before hopping down, wincing when he lands.

“Ouch” he says before he can hold it and I write it on my notes.

“Alright, we are done for today. Sit down, let’s ice your knee” I pretty much push him down, making him sit on the floor.

I walk to the small fridge/freezer and grab a pack of ice and two bottles of water, handing one of them to Evgeni before wrapping the ice on a towel and carefully holding it against the back of his knee.

“Alright, it’s your time now” he says and I give him an interrogative look, “The team expects me to give them a full report on you”

“Is that right?” I roll my eyes and he laughs.

“It’s my duty as alternate” and I can’t help it but to laugh, “ready?”

“Do I have another choice?” and he shakes his head, “go ahead then”

“What’s your name?”


“Where are you from?”


“Any nicknames?”

“I’m sure that you’ll give me one”

“Very true. Boyfriend? Girlfriend? Husband? Wife?”


“That’s surprising” he says and I bite my cheek in embarrassment.

“Anything else?”

“Team you like the least?”

“(Team you dislike)”

“Favorite player?”


“Pittsburgh Penguins, of course”

“Ask me that question in a couple months”

“I will” he assures me.


He looks at me straight in the eyes and I hold his gaze until he starts laughing.

“Call me Geno” he says.

“What an honor” I joke and he smiles even bigger.

“Don’t hold the sass, you are gonna need it” he tells me and I nod.

“I can handle a bunch of big guys”

“I don’t doubt it” and he pulls his leg away, “too cold”

I nod and get up, offering him my hand to help him up.

“You have my blessing in the locker room” he informs me and I laugh.

I start picking stuff up and putting it back on its place.

“Tomorrow at 10am, Geno”

“Yes, ma’am” he says and I frown.

“Call me ma’am again and we are gonna have some trouble”

“Understood…ma’am” and he walks out the room.

God, these guys were going to be a handful, but I love a good challenge.

I’m Coming Home (From All the Places I Have Been)

As we’re waiting for tonight’s ep… here is a little post-7x02, full of fluff Peraltiago OS, because we need more domestic scenes between them :)

Title is from Shannon LaBrie’s song “Calls me Home”.

Read it on AO3 or under the cut.

It’s not the usual music of the first of her three alarm clocks that wakes Amy up that morning, but the actual voice of someone singing coming from somewhere inside her apartment.

She’s startled at first, when she hears it, still kind of stuck in that place between awake and sleep, and even a little worried – who the hell broke into her place?! – but then she turns her head, and actually sees the crumpled sheets on Jake’s side of the bed, and that’s when she remembers as she finally emerges completely from her sleeping state.

She’s dreamt of it so many times the past few months – of him being back here, with her – that it now feels a bit surreal, that this is the truth. That he is indeed in their apartment, doing whatever he is doing presently, only a few meters separating them from one another.

For a moment she doesn’t move, laying in the dark of the room with her eyes wide open staring at the ceiling, a smile growing wider and wider with each new second passing during which she just listens to his cover of a Taylor Swift song (or what she thinks she recognises as a Taylor Swift song – from where she is, she can’t quite figure out the words nor the melody) until realisation suddenly hits her, and her attitude immediately changes from relaxed to completely worried.

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What You Do On His Day Off

S. Coups:
• he wouldn’t be so happy at first, leaving his precious gang in the hands of Mingyu
• after an hour or so of sleepy cuddling he would get over it
• he really wouldn’t want to go anywhere except to eat
• so if you wanted to do something fun you would have to beg a lot
• he would always be checking in with the members even if they told him to shut up and enjoy his time off
• the only time he would actually wanna go somewhere is at like 1am
• you wanted to sleep but he insisted that a late night/early morning meal would be the best thing ever
• and maybe it would be if he didn’t make you do it every single night.

Originally posted by minghuao

• another one who wants to stay in
• lots of cuddling
• sometimes you’d wanna get up so you ask if he wants to call Seungcheol or something to check if they need help
• he would deny and say that they don’t need him today so you two can stay right there and sleep the day away
• “hey if you make me some food I’ll love you forever”
• he’s needy and you can’t stop it
• the deviousness doesn’t stop just because he loves you so don’t expect special treatment
• all in all he just wants to have a nice calm day with you because he cant have calm when he’s working.

Originally posted by jeonghney

• he would plan out the most extra day you’ve ever known
• like amusement parks, haunted houses, swimming pools, a festival, cooking lessons, weird dance classes, cuddling,
• “what do you mean we can’t do it all in one day i stole plenty of money just so we could do this”
• you mention the rest of the gang and what if they have an emergency? you two could be hours away at some merengue dance classes and then they’d all die
• “i’ll tell them not to do dangerous deals while we’re out doing the salsa”
• there’s no fighting this, you can’t stop the Joshua train from chugging all over the city
• it’s his day off and he’ll use it to the fullest
• just let him do it because the next day he’s just going to be suffering again.

Originally posted by lovejoshua17

• honestly he would be all over the place with what he wants to do
• he wants to stay in and cuddle or something
• but he also really wants to just walk around with you even if showing in face in many public places is dangerous
• you would mention a few places you could go together but he would let out a small laugh
• “yeah, no, we had a deal there and if i showed up alone they’d probably find someone to kill me”
• that leads to him telling you more stories about his mafia excursions
• there is no end to it, you end up wasting 70% of the day talking about the mafia
• the last 30% you go to some far away town to do some window shopping and eating.

Originally posted by wouhui

• he would definitely be more focused on bossing around the other members from home
• they told him to shut up and go away so a pout becomes stuck on his face
• you try to cheer him up but it’s like he was born with a pout
• “i mean i guess we could go see a movie, get a nice dinner, and go watch the sunset, if you insist”
• except you didn’t mention any of those things
• turns out he can be a sappy little dork too
• once you get home he is stuck on you like glue
• “how about we end off this day with a bang?” no.

Originally posted by fyhoshi

• he would be most content with sitting at home
• reading while you sit next to him
• or cuddling while watching a movie
• Mingyu probably calls him a few times throughout the day but he only answers once
• “hey [y/n] there’s this new documentary on ancient and modern torture can we watch it?”
• the way he asked is so innocent how could you say no
• he gets super excited and you can’t help but laugh even though it’s super dark humor
• or he gets upset that they use things wrong and insists on showing you how things are actually done.

Originally posted by mc-gyu

• he had actually been planning this for weeks, even months
• it really isn’t extravagant, he was just happy to get away from the smell of blood and drugs for a day
• except when the day finally came you woke up to find him planning future deals
• “ah, i don’t know what to do… give me an hour or two and then we can leave”
• it takes about three hours filled with calls from Seungcheol and Soonyoung
• he spoils you because he feels bad for taking time away from your day
• he wont let you say no to being spoiled either
• don’t fight him on it, you’ll always lose against him.

Originally posted by because-they-re-angels

• he wants to walk around with you, to just go anywhere
• like a normal couple who doesn’t have to run anytime they run into a member of a rival gang
• he mostly enjoys sightseeing or shopping
• he even has a big smile on his face when he gets to hold any bags you have because wow this is normal
• “oh Jun is calling me? he’ll have to wait i need to try on these sunglasses”
• he would also want to take a lot of cute selfies
• at the very end of the day he would be most happy just to check on the rest of the members because he cares so much.

Originally posted by luhan-bee

• he would also enjoy just walking around
• there would be no mention of the mafia with him, surprisingly
• except for “not my mafia anymore, not my problem!” anytime someone called
• a day filled with shopping but not much of buying anything
• for food, he’d take you to a new foreign restaurant every time you went out
• also he gives you his jacket or gets you a cute matching one
• even if you look like you’re both in a motorcycle gang
• but like i mean, that’s better than what he’s actually in so.

Originally posted by svnteen-idiots

• you’re either going to a comedy club or a casino
• he just wants to be somewhere where he can smile a lot and have you by his side
•even if he goes to a casino everyday for work
• he’ll be excited to take you out for dinner
• if you went to the comedy club you’ll be eating some club food but you two put it together in weird/fun combinations
• if you went to the casino, he would spend his winnings on a big, fancy dinner
• overall it’s just a really nice and smiley day with no interruptions.

Originally posted by faceofdistaste

• he would firstly stress out about what you’re going to do that day
• “what do you think? is it really worth doing this? do you think there’s any gang activity there?”
• you assure him that where ever he wants to go will be a good place
• but he just sighs dramatically and says that doesn’t help him make a decision
• you end up just leaving the house to see what’s around that would be fun
• “i’m getting a call from Seokmin what do i do?” he asks you because he doesn’t want to interrupt your day together again
• he answers the call while you get a big ice cream cone to share
• everything is alright, and you two just end up walking around and eating ice cream.

Originally posted by strawberryboo

• the first thing he does is ask Seungkwan and Soonyoung to make sure there would be no interruptions
• once he gets that sorted out he goes back to you and (maybe you make it for him ;)) eats some breakfast with you
• everything’s chill but then he’s suddenly like “hey like go climb a mountain”
• at first you’re like no but he somehow convinces you
• a lot of his decisions on off days are spontaneous because he didn’t really plan things
• so you climb this mountain or whatever and then his favorite thing to do is watch the sunset
•always accompanied by a nice little picnic, courtesy of Mingyu and Seungkwan
• when he realizes you’ll have to climb down in the dark he awkwardly gives you a hug to break the news that you cant wait until morning.

Originally posted by sneezes

• you thought he had nothing planned except sitting around and cuddling
• but bam he wakes up and pulls out a whole list of things he can’t do while working, like Joshua
• “ok so at 11 we’ll go to the circus and get some circus food and at 1 we can go laser tagging and then at 3 we’re gonna-”
• there’s no end but he’s so excited, you can’t crush his dreams
• Mingyu calls as you arrive at your first destination
• he proceeds to turn his phone off because he doesn’t want his fun to be interrupted
• but he does get in trouble for it the next day cause they needed some important information from him
• when he tells you he laughs it off because spending time with you was more important than the information would ever be.

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Pool Parties, Booze, and Kids: A Short Story in Domesticity

Summary: After an invitation from one of Phil’s old Uni friends turns out to be a pool party for his 4 year old son, the topic of kids comes up. And neither of them are really afraid to hold back. 

Genre: Domestic fluff

Word Count: 4k

Warnings: swearing

A/N: This idea just kind of came up after a pool party I went to (are pool parties even a thing in the uk idek). Set some time in the summer of 2014, based on the assumption the book/tour was already an idea in their head. First fic so comments are majorly appreciated?? Anyways, hope you enjoy :’)

Read on Ao3


The summer that year seemed to be exceptionally – and unbearably – hot.

And Phil was not passing up a chance at a pool.

Phil.” Dan leaned on Phil’s doorway, arms crossed and eyebrows strung up. “I don’t exactly want to go to this ‘party’. Who is it even for anyways?

Phil sat on the carpet next to his bed and groped through his dresser, searching for the swimming trunks that hadn’t seen the light of day in god knows when. “I told you it’s for an old school friend.” He was too focused on finding them to focus much on Dan’s whining.

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YouTuber!Au Series

Word Count: 1227

Genre: Fluff

“Ready to get lost? Today we’re going to Busan!” Mingyu smiled widely at the camera as he stood in front of the Seoul train station. After the time he’d gotten lost while vlogging in LA on his trip to visit Joshua for a collaboration, Mingyu found that getting lost in a new city was a really fun video that was well received by his viewers as well and made it a point to get lost in a new city once a month since. 

“I asked Woozi hyung about good places to visit and he told me about this small beach on the northern part of the city and a sashimi place nearby so the goal today is to explore and eventually find those places.” He quickly made his way into the station to grab his ticket and start his journey for the day as he continued to talk, making sure to film everything as he went.

Signing the receipt after paying for the ticket with the selfie stick in one hand was a bit of a struggle, but Mingyu managed to do it before wandering off to grab some snacks to eat in the hours he’d be spending on the train. His eyes scanned the aisles of food, looking for the familiar green box of his favorite crackers. 

He wandered the little convenience store inside the station with one arm out to continue recording and the other trailing along the shelf when he felt himself bump into someone. Or did they bump into him?

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry.” Mingyu apologized as he bowed deeply.

“Sorry I should’ve looked where I was going and not just at the food.” You said as you bowed furiously in apology as well, causing the two of you to hit heads due to the limited space between the two of you. 

You both shot up and apologized again, unsure what to do. Your hand went to your head to rub the spot that had been hit and Mingyu muttered out another apology that you tried to refused. 

“Does it hurt? I’ve been told I have a hard head. Do you want me to buy you ice for it?” Mingyu questioned. You shook your head and promised him that it was fine as he continued to say how he felt bad. His filming was forgotten as he began to fuss over the you, his meticulous sides coming out. 

You told him that it was fine, the awkward silence enveloping the two of you once again as neither knew what else to say or how to get out of the situation. After a good few seconds you just mumbled out a bye and went to find yourself a drink for your train ride. 

Mingyu blinked a few times before remembering his purpose for the convenience store trip and the camera in his hands. He quickly repositioned the camera to continue his filming and to continue his quest for the box of whale shaped crackers he loved. 

They were located in the next aisle over and Mingyu happily grabbed two packs before heading over to the register to purchase the food. From there he proceeded to the water fountain to fill his water bottle and then headed over to the platform to board the train.

“Ok, so I just got on the train and it’s currently about…” he adjusted his backpack strap with his free hand before he fumbled around in his pocket for his phone. “9:24 AM and the train leaves at 9:32 so - CRUD!”

Mingyu’s phone fell out of his hand as he tried to slide it back into his pocket and missed. He brought his camera down and started to lean down to pick up his phone when his forehead was hit by the back of someone’s head as the person tried to stand up. 

“Ow,” you said as you rubbed the back of your head with one hand and held Mingyu’s phone in the other. “You know you should really invest in a better phone case. This isn’t going to last long if you keep dropping it like this.” You said to try and make the encounter a little less awkward than the last one as you handed him the phone. 

“We also need to stop meeting like this.” Mingyu said as he brought his own hand up to his forehead after taking his phone back from you. 

“It’s only the second time.”

“In like fifteen minutes.”

“Fair enough.” 

“I’m Mingyu.” He said as he tried to stick out a hand to shake before realizing both of his hands were full. Awkward appeared to be a reoccurring theme whenever you met him. 

You introduced yourself and the two of you managed to make conversation (albeit a bit awkward) and you learned that he was a youtuber that lived in Seoul. The two of you proceeded to find seats together and you pulled up his youtube channel on your phone as he vlogged in his seat for a bit. 

His channel was a clutter of things and you found everything from cooking videos to random challenges to what appeared to be the only regular series other than Chefgyu, “Lost with Gyu.” You discovered a lot about his personality and saw that he was a bit talkative and actually just an overexcited puppy in the form of a really tall human being. 

“Do you want some?” You looked up from the video you were watching to find that Mingyu had stopped filming and was offering you some snacks. You thanked him and took a few.

“I didn’t realize you knew WonWooJi, I love that channel!” 

“Oh yea, Wonwoo hyung always comes over when he’s too lazy to cook and Woozi hyung also likes to nap on my couch. I actually did a video on their channel that should be coming out soon.” The two of you fell into a much more comfortable conversation than before, having found a common conversation point. You continued to talk about youtube for a while before the conversation turned to you and you talked about what you did.

“Sounds tiring.”

“It is at times though I do enjoy it at others, but that’s why I’m going to Busan for the weekend. Just taking a day off before it’s back to the grind. I’m honestly kind of just winging this trip. Thought of it yesterday and the only real goal is to get some good food.” Mingyu smiled as you talked.

“Sounds like we have a lot in common. I’m winging it too. The plan is to get lost and have some good food. I wouldn’t mind having someone join me.” Mingyu offered. 

“Are you inviting me on your little vlogging spree right now?” Mingyu nodded his head, but quickly said that you didn’t have to if you weren’t comfortable with the camera or with him since technically, you two were still strangers who’d met once. You told him that it was fine. 

“So do you want to get lost with me?” You nodded with a smile on your face, starting a friendship that would eventually blossom into something more as Mingyu’s viewers watched, them even shipping you before the two of you did.

Written by Admin Sea

When Stars Align | Two

Member: Jungkook

Genre: Angst, fluff, long distance relationship

Word Count: 2.0 k

Summary: You were only going to South Korea as a little present for yourself. Nothing more than that, but when a stranger drops his phone and then becomes your seat mate on the plane, all your plans to be a tourist in another country changes. (lol i suck at summaries) 

A/N: This chapter is a little shorter than the first one as it is a filler chapter. I hope you enjoy it though :) (and thanks for the great response to the first part) 

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Today is the day.

Your pounding heart is loud compared to the monotonous buzz of the crowd. The bags under your eyes are as deep as the holes left in your heart. From the time of last night’s situation until the now, the kiss keeps replaying in your mind. Jungkook’s touch is still as vibrant as it was in the hotel lobby.

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Tyler Joseph Fic Part 4

This is the last part to my Tyler Joseph fic that I have yet to name, hope you guys enjoyed it xx. 

Christmas morning came and went in what felt like an instant.  Tyler always said the holiday should be a week-long event, because it always felt like a lot of hype and excitement that just ended way too suddenly.  

Tyler was starting to feel guilty for lying to his family, but at the same time, he couldn’t help but be grateful that he did. If he hadn’t spun the web about Y/N, the last few days wouldn’t have happened, and Tyler would have gone on continuing to stubbornly dislike her. Maybe Tyler would tell his family the truth in the future, but not today.

On Tyler and Y/N’s last day in Columbus, Josh called, inviting the two of them over for the afternoon.  When Tyler looked to Y/N for a yes or no, she nodded her head excitedly.

Despite how close by Josh lived, the two of them still opted to take Tyler’s car to avoid walking in the blistering cold.  

“I feel kinda bad that we barely saw him at the party,” Y/N admits.

“Oh don’t worry, Zach told me that he ended up leaving early.  Apparently he had plans with this girl named Debby,” He made air quotes around Debby’s name and chuckled.

“Wait,” she said, “What’s with the quotes?”

Tyler burst out laughing, “There’s absolutely no way,” he said, “Josh’s supposedly been seeing this girl for month and I’ve never met her. He showed me a picture of her one time,” he added with a shrug. “But I’m pretty sure it was just a selfie he stole off of some random model’s instagram account.”

Y/N let out an obnoxious snort, followed by a fit of laughter.  She covered her mouth with her hand and doubled over in the front seat.   Now that Tyler was giving her a second chance, he found that he thought pretty much everything about her was adorable, especially the things he once found annoying. Tyler used to roll his eyes at the stupid way she laughed, but now it seemed endearing and kinda funny.

“Maybe we should set him up with someone!” she suggested, face lighting up in excitement. “Does he prefer a specific type or is he flexible?  Because I know a friend of mine mentioned a friend of hers who—”

“No,” Tyler interrupted. “We aren’t setting him up with anyone. That’s how people end up with fake girlfriends in the first place.”

“Worked out okay for us, didn’t it though?” she asked. She winked at Tyler, but still looked anxious for affirmation, like she still wasn’t positive Tyler was actually giving her a second chance.

Tyler smiled at her. “I’d say so, yeah.”


The ride back to Chicago was much more enjoyable than the ride from.  Tyler thought it might have something to do with the fact that he no longer despised his passenger, but there was no telling for sure.  

Even though the ride was less dreadful, the two of them were both still exhausted by the time they pulled into the lot of the apartment building.  

They lugged their bags up the stairs in silence, only stopping when they got to Y/N’s door.  

“What a weird trip,” she said, smirking.

Tyler nodded in agreement.  It felt weird to be dropping her off at her door after spending the past three nights in the same room together.

“Thanks for inviting me though, I really did have a good time.”

Tyler nodded. “Yeah, anytime I guess,” he said awkwardly.   He wasn’t really sure what the protocol was for dropping your fake-girlfriend off at her door after a weekend spent together. “I guess I’ll see you around?”

She nods while opening her door.  

Tyler starts to walk towards his own door when she calls out to him.

“Hey Ty?”

“Hm?” he says, turning around instantly.

“Mark’s throwing this New Year’s party at his place.  I wasn’t going to go, but I thought with you, it might be fun.  Would you maybe want to go with me?”

Tyler smiles.  “It’s a date.”


The week flew by in a blur of work, sleep, and Tyler panicking about his first official date with Y/N.  He knew he shouldn’t be nervous.  He’d spent three entire days with her for Christ’s sake.  But this felt different.  

“What should I wear?” he asked Josh over the phone on the day of the party. “Maybe a sweater? Keep it casual?  Or maybe it’s a fancier party and I should dress up a bit?  Should I ask her?  Oh and should I bring a gift?  I bet other people are bringing gifts.”

“Tyler,” Josh sighed, “You need to relax.”

“I am relaxed Joshua,” he snaps.

“She invited me, you know?”

“What?” Tyler asks.

“Y/N invited me and Debby to the New Year’s party.”

“You and Debby?  It’s not even her party…”

“I know, that’s what I said.  But she told me she checked with that dude, what’s his name? Matt?”


“Right, Mark.  She checked with Mark and he said it was cool. She told me that she knew I was your best friend, and she wanted me to be there if it meant you’d have a good time.”

Tyler’s chest deflated a bit and he let out a heavy sigh.  

“She said that?”

Josh hums in response.  “She did.  She likes you man… A lot.  So just relax, okay?”

Tyler nods before his face breaks out into a huge grin, “Wait a minute… Are you coming to the party then?”

“That’s the plan.  As long as I can crash as your place.”

“And are you bringing Debby?” Tyler sneers.

“She’s going to see if she can get work off, but hopefully, yeah.”

“Can’t wait to meet her, bro,” Tyler says, his voice thick with sarcasm.  He still wasn’t convinced that she was real, but he didn’t comment any further.

When it came time for the party, Tyler texted Y/N, just to make sure she was ready.  Her response came moments later with her telling him to get his butt next door, respectfully.  He smiled at her intensity and grabbed his coat.  

He knocked an odd little rhythm on the door before stepping back.  He waited, bouncing lighting on his heels before he heard footsteps and an off voice call, “Coming!” from inside.  Suddenly, there were knots in his stomach again.

When Y/N opened the door, her face immediately broke out in an immense grin.

“Hey there,” he said, smiling back. “You look great.”  

He surveyed her outfit.  Simple.  Dark jeans and a black, knit sweater.  But he meant it.  She looked incredible.

“Thanks,” she said, closing the door behind her and clutching her purse to her chest.  “You ready to party?”

“I was born ready,” he snickered, extending his arm for her to take.  She side-eyed him, but willingly took his gesture.  

“It’s still strange— you showing affection when there’s no one around to impress.”

“Well, you never know when they might be watching,” Tyler teased as he led the way down the stairs and out of the building.  

Mark only lived a few blocks away, so the two of them decided it would probably be easier just to walk over.  There was a small dusting on the ground, but nothing that couldn’t be trudged through.

“I heard you invited Josh,” he says.

She looks up, looking guilty, “I hope you’re not mad.  I didn’t want to overstep— I just thought you might like it if he was there.”

Tyler waves his hand like he was swatting away her nonsense.  

“Good,” she says smiling at the ground, “I also kinda wanted to see if his girlfriend was real or not.”

Tyler laughs out loud, pleased with her deviance.  “I knew there was a reason I liked you.”

The party was already bustling with people by the time Tyler and Y/N arrived.  They saw the lights flashing from the outside window on their way in, and the noise only increased the closer that they got.

“Mark’s in media, he knows a lot of people,” she explains.

When they get to his door, Y/N doesn’t even knock before pushing her way inside.  

Tyler is initially speechless at the size of Mark’s apartment.  Even with the crowds of people hanging around, the place looked huge.  

“I should add that Mark’s very successful in media,” she says after taking one look at Tyler’s gawking face.

She takes his hand and drags him inside, right in the midst of the madness.

Tyler finds himself third wheeling most of the night.  Y/N knows, quite literally, everyone at the party.  She pulls Tyler around, introducing him to people above the loud music before dragging on to the next group.  He wonders if this was how she felt at his family party.  

“No fucking way—“ he says suddenly.  A puff of pink hair comes into view and Tyler nearly chokes once he sees the pretty blonde attached to his side.  

Tyler turns and nudges Y/N’s shoulder excitedly.  

When she catches wave of what he’s looking at her face lights up and she laughs.

“Holy shit!”  

The two of them make their way over to Josh and his date with smug looks plastered over their faces.  

“Josh!” Tyler calls, breaking free from the crowd and hugging him.

“Hey man,” Josh says, giving him a pat on the back.  Once they’re done, he moves in to hug Y/N.  He squeezes lightly before backing off and putting his arm around the girl.

“Tyler, Y/N, this is Debby… my girlfriend.”

Tyler wishes he could wipe the shit eating grin off from his face, but he can’t, so instead, he plays it off as just being over-friendly and rolls with it.

Tyler finds himself having more fun than he thought.  A few drinks and introductions later, and he’s started a beer pong game with Josh as his partner, versus two guys he barely knew.    

With only ten minutes until midnight and the New Year, Y/N sneaks up on Tyler and grabs his hand.

“Hey, come with me,” she says.

Tyler notices the bottle of wine in her hand and looks at her questionably.

“Where are you going?”

“Just common.”

Tyler lets her lead him across the room blindly.  He’s buzzed and happy and frankly, he’d follow her anywhere at this point.  

He stops in his tracks when she reaches the sliding door leading to Mark’s balcony and smirks.  

“Well? Are you coming?” she asks as she steps outside.  

The air is brisk, but when Tyler looks up at the sky, he gasps at how clear it is outside.  

“Look at the stars,” he mumbles, gazing at the thousands of shimmering speckles across the sky.  

“I thought you’d like that,” she whispers, passing him the bottle of wine.  

Tyler takes a swig and the two of them pass it back and forth, settling in on the ground with their legs dangling over the balcony and just staring up.  

Only when they hear the music die down inside and the countdown begin do they look back at each other.

“Ten!” they call from inside.

Tyler meets Y/N’s eyes.  


They were shining beautifully in the moonlight.


He feels the familiar butterflies return to their place in his stomach.


She’s smiling at him.  


It’s wide enough to make her eyes crinkle.  


He’d never seen laughter lines so sweet.


He’s anticipating what’s about to happen.


He bites his tongue.


He leans in.  


Tyler presses his lips to hers with intent.  He scoots himself closer so that he can cup her chin, where he strokes the skin softly with his thumb.  Their lips move in unison and he only vaguely hears the crowd cheering “Happy New Year!” in the back.  

When he finally pulls away, he can feel his cheeks growing red, but he immediately decides that he can just play that off as the cold’s fault.  

She smiles back at him sweetly and whispers, “Happy New Year, Tyler,” before turning to look back up at the stars.  

Tyler can’t help but stare at her instead, because man, she was so beautiful. And in all honesty, this time… he wanted to take his time figuring her out. There was still so much to learn about her, but he knew that something about them felt right.

“What are you thinking about?” she asked, eyeing him after clearly noticing him staring.

Tyler sighs softly, meeting her gaze and smiling softly, “You.”

Queen - Black Widow x female reader


WARNING: It`s gonna get hot and steamy towards the end but actual smut won`t happen. Also there will be cursing.


Tired, frustrated and angry you were looking for your key through your bag that was like a garbage can. You had just came home from the worst date ever. The man had been a total pig! He was a total narcissist and even slapped another woman`s ass during your date. Both of you ended up throwing your drinks at him and going for drinks together. She was nice and her name was Beth. You had given her your number so you could go shopping togeher next week. While roaming through your purse you threw multiple kit kat candy wrappers and tissues out. Since when did you start putting your thrash into your purse? You didn`t even remember when you ate kit kats.

“Ugh, c`mon where is it?” You mumbled as you flipped your bag around and let all of it`s content fall onto the sidewalk. A lighter, nailpolish, coins, your wallet, your phone more thrash and the office key fell out of the purse followed by more junk.

A few people walking by looked at you funny and just walked away faster. It was late, you were drunk and the only light you had to see anything was the dim streetlight. “This is pointless…”

Suddenly the door opened and your flatmate Natasha peeked out. “Y/n?”

“Yes it`s me. Come help me up.” You slurred. Of course you didn`t sound that good, it was more like: “Yaassss me. Up up up up.” You lifted your hands up towards Natasha waiting for her help.

“What happened to your purse?” Natasha asked as she refused to help you so she could put all your stuff back into your bag. Still keeping your hands in the air waiting for her you said something unrecognizable.

Once Natasha was done she threw your purse inside and came to stand next to you. “You know that you can`t hold your liquor. I don`t get why you even drink.” Natasha took both of your hands and pulled you up with you leaning against her. “Let`s try to get inside without falling this time.” She said remembering the last time when you didn`t get further than two meters before you were falling nd taking her down with you.

Apparently today was your lucky day because you got all the way to Natasha`s bedroom without falling. Like always when you were drunk you slept in Natasha`s bed since your own was upstairs.

“Natasha I luv uh sooo much.” You spluttered.

“Yeah yeah.” Natasha laughed sadly as she kicked the door open. “Lay down y/n.” She said and helped you lay down on your side.

You had never fell asleep faster. Natasha smiled and removed your heels, jewelry, and jacket without waking you up. She fetched you water and a bucket just to be sure before staring at you for a while and going upstairs to sleep in your room.

- Week later -

You came back from another date and this time you were not drunk. The date hadn`t been that bad but you knew that it wouldn`t work between you two. The man had been a calvin klein model, but like most models he was always looking at a mirror, taking selfies and thinking of himself.

Unlocking the front door you yelled: “Natasha I`m home!” You closed the door after you and took your red heels off. “You are so gonna wanna hear about my date.” You smiled and you walked towards the living room. A few wine bottles were laying empty on the hall floor. “Natasha?” You peeked into the livingroom. “Natasha what is going on? Did something happen?”

Usually Natasha didn`t drink unless something special had happened. But even at parties and such she didn`t drink this much. There were liquor bottles, beer cans and vodka shots laying around. “Oh hi y/n. So who were you on a date with this time? A soldier from Afganistan, a ceo or maybe was it Tony? He`s been after you for quite a while.” Natasha stood up or at least tried to. “You are back early.”

“Yeah, William has a photoshoot early tomorrow.” You mumbled.

“A photoshoot? So you are dating some asshole model.” Natasha growled.

“What is your problem today Natasha? I haven`t done anything wrong.” You lashed back. Natasha`s voice was aggressive and you didn`t like that at all.

“I`m jealous!” Natasha yelled back and took steps towards you. Suddenly it was like some fog had left from around Natasha. She was aware of every little thing you did; your breathing, heartbeat and the tiny moves that you made. She was in her assassin state again. But this time it wasn`t a kill she was after.

“You are what?”

“Don`t act like you are stubid y/n. You heard me. I`m jealous!” Natasha was like a predator walking strongly towards you wath a snarl: “I`m jealous of all the things you do with your dates and all the time you spend with them.” 

“The things I… Natasha what`s going on?” You asked and took a few steps back while Natasha kept approaching.

“I`m jealous when you come back from a last nights date the next day and I know what you did. I can picture it and it tears me apart. And of how you smile when you think about your new crush or the glow you have after sex. I hate how I have to look at all of that knowing that I wasn`t the one who caused all of that! I just simply can`t take that anymore!” Natasha yelled getting even closer with you still backing up.

“Jealous? I can set you up on a blind date or.. or something if you want to get back into the dating game.” You said stumbling a little in your words. `What the hell is going on?` Your mind was racing too fast for you to keep up.

“Fucks sake!” Natasha yelled and took a few long steps to reach you before grabbing you by your hair and waist and pushing you tight against the wall before smashing her lips against yours.

Natasha`s grip in your hair was getting kinda painful and you trying to squirm away made her just tighten her hold. Natasha licked your lips trying to get in, but when you refused she bit you which made you release a painful squeak and allow her tongue to explore more.

Finally you were able to kick Natasha and unbalance her which led to her accidently releasing you long enough for you to get a few feet further from her. “What the fuck Natasha?! You attacked me!”

Gasping for breath Natasha said: “I didn`t attack you, I kissed you.”

“Well apparently those are the same thing for you because that felt far more like an attack than a kiss.” You breathed out, still on guard. “Care to explain?”

Natasha`s posture was feral as she was slightly crouched down looking at you intently with her lips red and slightly swollen. “I want you. In every way possible. I want you to be mine. I already worship you like a queen. And you will be my queen. I want you! NOW!”

“You are crazy!”

“What`s crazy about this? That I`m completely in love with you? That I want you more than anything? That I want you to be mine? You have never even considered me as a suitable partner.” Natasha growled as she approached you again.

“Enough Natasha!” You yelled when she reached for you again. “You have gone too far. Sit the fuck down or I`ll leave and never come back!” You yelled with high authority.

Natasha`s growl fell from her face and was replaced with pure horror. “Okay..” She backed away slowly towards the couch while keeping eye contact with you to make sure she`d catch you if you made a run for it.

Natasha sat down in the middle of the couch so there wouldn`t be room for you to sit without you touching her. Letting out a sigh you sat down next to her and started: “Look Natasha… I don`t know where all of that came from but I want to learn… Do you… I don`t know, love me of have some kind of feelings for me?”

Letting out a short breath Natasha turned fully towards you and put both of her hands onto your thighs, but not in a sexual manner, while crossing her legs. “I do.” She said strongly without wavering.

“Okay… Umm since when?” 

“Remember when we met four years ago?” You nodded so she continued. “I didn`t notice my own feelings for a long time. Not until Tony said about it. I stared standing really close to you, touching you whenever I could and having heated dreams about you. I wanted to be with you all the time. I thought I could suppress my feelings and stayed away from you for almost nine months.”

“Yeah I remember.” You mumbled silently.

“Then I set your flat on fire while you were on a date… I was just so mad.”

“Wait that was you?!” You yelled and got angry.

“Yeah I`m sorry about that… But you were looking for a new flat and that`s how I got you to live with me.” She sighed. “I`m sorry that I snapped at you. You kinda pushed me over the cliff with all those dates.”

“Sighing you stood up and went to the kitchen to make you two tea.

When you got back with two mugs Natasha was standing in the livingroom with a suitcase packed. “Where are you going?” You asked as you handed her the cup.

Dazzled Natasha accepted the mug and said: “But… I thought you wanted me to leave?”

“No silly. I went to make us tea to drink while we talk about us.” You laughed.

“Us?” Natasha mumbled. You smiled and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

“Yeah… Us.”

futuristicwastelanddestiny  asked:

Idk if your taking writing requests but like if you are could you do modern jackcrutchie being cute in public but then they deal with some jerk being homophobic or something?

TW: Homophobia, homophobic slurs

The painting may have been nearly a decade old, but its colors remained just as vibrant as the day after Jack had painted it. Russet browns stretched down the canvas, darkening with deep, expansive shadows. Gentle shading had added definition to the stone face, illuminating nooks and crannies, dark with mystery. Faded red slashed across the stone, an eternal reminder of eras past. The base of the Canyon lay black with death, and destiny. Even despite the thick darkness, small outlines of boulders and crevasses dotted the edge of the jutting walls.

At the base of the Canyon, a faded olive river crawled, winding its way deeper and deeper into the ground. Erosion lined the river’s walls, gouges of eons and eras long gone. Gone, but never forgotten, as the century-old sun shone light onto the past. Only the smallest white smudges could distinguish the rapids that seemed impossible in the sluggish river from the height of observance.

The sky above the Canyon was soft with thin, pink clouds. The setting sun, barely visible over the Canyon edge, had turned the sky a brilliant gold, with light orange undertones. White-bright sun rays extended upwards toward the clouds, washing out some of the soft golden light. The top of the sky was already darkening into a deep indigo that bespoke of eternities swirling into the distance. Shadows dipped beyond the Canyon walls, stretching beyond the dwindling sun rays.

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Year 2, Comic 7 - Parse - Part I

★ You will be able to pre-order a Huddle! Zine on Friday, the 23rd around noon EST. You can also check my storenvy FAQ for more info. They won’t get shipped until the first week of February so, uh…let’s all…be very calm.

Also, when you rec Check,Please! to friends, family, and coworkers, do you warn them that it is an ongoing comic that updates every two-ish weeks?

★ Notes on Year 2, Comic 7 – Parse – Part I

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Sure You Were - InuKag Drabble

(mini collab by me + @lacyjaybird)

Length: 1,718
Rating: T

Thanks to my darling Lacy for this drawing! Now here’s a fic to go with it. Please R&R on if you enjoy and you can click here if you want to find it

Kagome slumped onto the bed in her hostel. She was shining with sweat. Backpacking through Vietnam as a solo female traveller had been riveting, but she definitely wasn’t prepared for how hot the weather would be during this time of year. She’d spent the entire day biking around town and wandering into the tailor shops that Hoi An was known for. On an impulse, she’d ordered just a few more items of clothing than she’d originally intended. Thank goodness I have a few hours before I have to go back out again to pick up my clothing, she mused. She needed some time sitting in an air-conditioned room before braving the heat again. Asia was beautiful, but damn was it ever hot in August.

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Weightless: a Jackson fic

Chapter 1

“There’s no such thing as bad publicity. Besides, everyone wants a good love story.”

Originally posted by wanqkong

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In the Mood for Love (Jin x Reader) Chapter 3

(Chapter 1 / Chapter 2)

Next morning Seokjin woke up early like he always did to go running. He was a rising actor, having a small but faithful fan base who had come for his looks and stayed for his talent. So he always made sure he was at his top form, not wanting to disappoint anybody about his body when he had ro do a ropless scene- which he always had to do for some reason.

It was so early that the sun hadn’t even fully rised yet, so he didn’t expected none of his roommates to be awake. Nor did he expected to find you cooking breakfasts, your long brown hair bobbing in a high ponytail along with your head, in rhythm to whatever music you were listening through your headphones.

He didn’t made himself know so quickly, having a moment to really look at you without being noticed and without Yoongi barking at him. You were really pretty, even prettier than some of the models he worked with some times. You were tall too, maybe a couple inches smaller than your brother, but tall for a girl, with long legs. Even looking tired and upset, he had to admit you were one of the prettiest girls he had ever seen.

Seeing you stop mixing the scrambled eggs, looking at the phone buzzing with a incoming phone call in your hands, he decided that it was time to stop being a creep and make himself known.

“Wah, who would’ve thought Yoongi’s own blood was capable of waking up this early. I thought it was in your genetic code to hate mornings.”  His loud voice had made you almost drop your phone, that now you had brought along with you hand to your heart while you cursed low.

Seokjin had to resist the urge to laugh at you.

“Jin-ssi.” You breathed in relief, knowing that your life wasn’t in danger. “I thought i was the only one awake. Have you been there for long? Did you eat yet?”

He leaned against the kitchen countertop beside your. The phone had started buzzing again, making you sigh, throwing him dangerously near the sink.

“I didn’t. Aren’t you gonna answer that?” he asked, eyeing the pink device.

You bitted your lower lip, looking a little embarrassed again. “That’s Jaebum, so no, not gonna answer. I wouldn’t even know what to say. Do you like eggs?”

He nodded, sitting at the kitchen island. He had always  found the kitchen to be the best thing in this apartment, maybe the most spacious he had seen in Seoul. You didn’t find kitchens this big in central Seoul anymore, so he appreciated it even more. He still didn’t know how Yoongi didn’t charged more for rent, with all the space the apartment had.

He watched as you easily found where everything was, having to remind himself that you used to live here before. The room that was always locked was actually yours, answering one of his biggest questions since he moved in. He had always assumed that the room was just somewhere where Yoongi kept the body’s of the people he murdered hidden.

“I assume you are the reason why there’s real food in this house?” You asked after setting a plate of eggs and bacon in front of him, filling his coffee mug. You looked right, being in there, he thought. In the well loved kitchen, the early morning sunlight hitting the top of your cheekbones, setting a golden filter through the whole room. “God knows Yoongi oppa and Tae only eat junk food.”

“Yeah,” he answered before chewing. It tasted exactly the way he liked, the right amount of salt and butter. “They wouldn’t eat if it wasn’t for me. I have to make them coffee everyday when I wake up.”

She chewed on her food a little more before speaking again.

“Why are you awake so early, anyway? Do you have somewhere to be or is it an actor thing? I googled you, by the way. You have a lot of fans already, I was impressed.”

He stopped chewing, blurting with his mouth still full, “You googled me??”

You looked awfully entertained by his reaction, your hand covering your smile again, just like last night. Jin felt a little disappointed at not seeing your smile again, but he pushed it to the side for now. You scoffed lightly at him. “What did you expected? I had to know who I was sharing the same roof with. You’re very photogenic by the way. Your selfies are great.”

“God that’s so embarrassing!” whined Jin, hiding his face behind his hands. “You should’ve just asked me what you wanted to know, I would’ve even shown you my best selfies.  What else did you found?”

You shrugged, wiping your mouth delicately with a napkin. “Nothing much. Just that you have nice abs and great singing voice. Oh, and that you apparently blink with your left eye when you’re hungry, which is ridiculous. Is that even true?”

Jin looked at you, seeming more hurt than he should. “Yeah it’s true. Do you really think my abs are nice?”

You rolled your eyes, finally looking like Yoongi again. “You know they are nice, you have about a thousand shirtless selfies. You didn’t answered​ me, you know. About why you’re up so early.”

“Meeting with the boss. He likes to see my pretty face first thing in the morning. I don’t blame him though, the sight of my beautiful face can make anybodys day better. ” He sipped his coffee, looking through his bangs at you pressing the decline button on your phone again. “Do you want me to answer it for you? I could act like I was with you the whole night, make him have a taste of his own poison.”

You looked thoughtful for a moment, a half smile lifting the corners of your lips. “Nah, not now, maybe later. Thanks for the offer, though. I’m gonna take a shower, you finish your breakfast. It was nice talking to you, Jin-ssi, good luck with your meeting. Try not to blind anyone with your good-looks.”

You left him then, disappearing behind the door to your room. Jin finished eating, noting how you had barely touched your food, going to take a quick shower after because you had distracted him and he was going to be late if he didn’t hurry up already.  

Seoul’s summer was still strong even at the beginning of September. The drive to his agency building was longer than it should’ve been, but even still he still made it on time. Smiling at the receptionist, he took the lift to the director floor, where he promptly listened about the same old thing. He was getting more popular, his Instagram being partly responsible for it, attracting modelling jobs for him. It wasn’t exactly what he wanted, to model. But still, it helped pay the bills, so he took it anyways. Acting roles came more sporadically, but every one of them since someone had recorded him singing shirtless at the beginning of his career had been a hit. He was lucky, really, that because of his looks he attracted a large number of female audience, but that didn’t mean he didn’t put everything he had into each role, rehearsing nearly to exhaustion just so that nobody could say he was talentless. Acting was his dream, and he wasn’t going to waste a single opportunity.

He made his way to the the theater where his next play would be. He didn’t had to be there for another two hours, but he was a rehearsal freak. Parking his 4x4 at the underground parking lot, he made his way through the building, putting the code to open the door. Turning the lights on, he threw his bag with a set of clean clothes for later when he would be drenched in sweat in the corner.

Suddenly he remembered how you had said you googled him, cringing at himself and the ridiculous things you must had found. Smiling to himself, he typed you name in the search engine, being greeted by way more information than he thought there would be. But Yoongi had said your father was a big shot, so the media being curious about you wasn’t so surprising, after all. Korea always had a sick interest at digging through rich heirs lifes.

One of the most recent articles was about your father death, which he skipped. He already knew about this, and death wasn’t a subject he wanted to dig. There was something else he was curious about. The guy who was stupid enough to cheat on you.

It was actually the second article, named ‘Match made in heaven! Seoul’s elite sweethearts to become one soon!’, which he particularly thought was a terrible name.

He skipped through the text, looking at the photos intently. Taehyung was right, you looked way skinnier now than in the main photo of you, in a elegant black party dress smiling brightly at the man beside you, both of you showing the diamond ring that sat on your finger. He was handsome, Jin had to give him that. Auburn hair well styled, a nice smile and a suit that must have costed more than his last show had made.

Im Jaebum, 24, last year of law school, is bound to take over the Min Company in the future. With their faces, Korea’s bound to have the most good-looking babies in the future!

Jin scoffed. The guy wasn’t that pretty. He read through the comments, where surprisingly the couple had their own fans, who were babbling about how they should win the award of best looking couple of Seoul. Rolling his eyes, he opened your Instagram page. His eyebrows shot up. You had even more followers than him, but your last photos were two months ago. One was with Taehyung and an extremely big ice cream in each hand, both of you smiling big for the camera, looking more like siblings than you and Yoongi had at first, the caption being ‘My favorite dongsaeng treated his noona today! Everybody, go see his show, Thursday, it’s gonna be great!!!’, where she tagged him and the theater company. It had a extreme amount of comments.

The other one was you with Jaebum, posing in front of a pool, both looking like you had came straight out of a photoshoot with your cocktails in hand, your head resting at his shoulder staring at the camera while he looked at you and smiled. The caption now was a simple heart emoji.

He threw his phone over his bag, felling complicated. All the comments were talking about how great the two of you were together, other expressing condolences about you father, even though he had died four months before the photo was taken. Jin stood up, stretching his arms. He obviously wasn’t that great of a guy if he had cheated on you. He wondered how Seoul’s avid gossip readers would feel if they knew.

Sighing, he started practicing his dance for the play. He shouldn’t meddle in other people’s affairs, he knew. He especially shouldn’t meddle into his roommate little sister life. But it was hard to not feel a least a little bit protective about you. He, even more than Yoongi, knee how you must been feeling. He was also cheated in once, for the only person he had dated seriously. It was partially the reason why he never had gotten serious with anyone after that.

The door opened then, pulling him out of his thoughts. He smiled at the other actor who had gotten there early, deciding it was best to focus on rehearsing for the play that would soon be premiered.


You peeked under the pillow you were using to ignore the constant buzz of your phone that had now decided to thankfully remain silent. Feeling a little sick to your stomach, you pressed the button to your voicemail, closing your eyes in advance before hearing his voice.

‘Hey, did you forgot to power your phone again? Are you still at Jackson’s place? Don’t come home too late, it’s dangerous outside.’

‘Did you fell asleep there again? Aish, sleepyhead, couldn’t you have waited till you got home? Jackson isn’t picking his phone either, answer his home phone okay? Miss you.’

Lies.  You thought bitterly. How could he miss you after moaning the name of someone else like that? You took a deep breath, the last voice message was from ten minutes ago, at 9 o’clock. You knew that was the time he usually left for work, after kissing you goodbye in the morning.

“Y/N, where are you?” His voice sounded a little desperate, his satoori coming out a little bit like it always did whenever he was nervous. “Jackson just called me to tell me you didn’t slept there. Where are you? Why aren’t you calling me back? I’m almost calling the police, please call me back.”

You rubbed your eyes, feeling a little bad for having made him bother Jackson about you. You scrolled through your contact list, finding your blond friend name easily.

“What happened? Are you okay?” Came his voice through the speaker beside your head, your hands too busy hugging a teddy bear to keep yourself from falling apart. “I just stopped your fiance from going to the police to report your kidnap. He came here and almost knocked my door down when I told him you had left early yesterday. Were did you went?”

You gulped, feeling you throat drying. There was an uncomfortable feeling in your eyes, which you closed again. You wouldn’t cry. It wasn’t like you to cry so much like this. You had to get a grip.

“I’m at Yoongi’s place. I’m okay.” You finally answered, hearing your oldest friend sigh in relief at the other side of the phone. “ Jackson, I need a favor. Could you go to the apartment while Jaebum oppa is still at work and grab some clothes for me? The ones I have here are all ridiculous.”

There was a pause. “Why do you need clothes? Are you going to stay there now that you two made up? Why didn’t you called Jaebum hyung?”

“Please, go for me.” You said, your voice finally breaking at the end. “I’ll text you what I need you to bring and where they are. We can talk here. Don’t tell him where I am, just say that I’m okay. Please, oppa, do me this favor.”

You heard a car door closing through the phone, the car starting. You smiled a little, knowing that Jackson had probably started moving even before asking you why.

“Why are you crying? You never cry, not unless it’s something serious. I’ll be there with your things in a couple of hours, text me what you need me to pack and the apartment key code. But you have to promise me that you’ll explain, okay?”

“I promise. Thank you, oppa. See you soon.”

You lied there for a couple minutes, feeling grateful for having a best friend like Jackson. Eight months older than you, you both had met still in middle school. He was one of your father’s business partner and friends, and with both your moms being friends, you two had always a reason to be in each other’s houses. He was probably the person you most trusted your secrets, him being the first person who you had runned to after you horrible fight with Yoongi.

A head popped in your door , startling you. Taehyung had his signature boxy smile already set for you. He looked ready to leave, having even combed his mess of a hair.

“Hey, you going already? Did you eat the breakfast I made you?” You managed to say, sounding much more brighter than you felt. Walking over to him, you patted his head, a habit you had for a few years, since when you did it accidentally and discovered how much his hair was soft.

“Yup, it was it really nice. Usually Jin hyung is the one who cooks, but your food is much better.” He looked at you again then, pulling you to the living room. “ Don’t tell him I said it though. Anyway, noona, how are you feeling? We can go for ice cream later if you’re up to it, it’s been a while.”

You smiled at the younger boy. He was always so cute, like a puppy. You smoothed the collar of his shirt, pretending to be considering the offer. He was slowly starting to make a sad face, thinking you were going to turn him down, so you said quickly, “Of course I’ll go. I’m sorry I wasn’t better at keeping in touch. I’ll even pay for you, how ‘bout that? You can tell me more about what’s been going on with you then.”

He hugged you, lifting you from the ground, making you yelp in surprise. He was never one to be shy at skinship, which was actually refreshing after all the coldness in which you were treated when you visited the company building, basically the only place you willingly went to. He said his goodbyes then, rushing out of the door, already late for class.

Shaking your head at his retreating figure, you turned around. Yoongi was smirking at you, leaning against the hallway wall, shaking his head.

“That boy never asks me to eat ice cream. I guess he still has a crush on you, after all.”

“Oh, shut up, you know Tae has a crush on everybody. He text me about his crush on a photography major last week.” you grumbled, plopping yourself in the black leather couch. “I’m just his noona, it’s nothing like that. Not everybody shuns human touch, you know.”

He shrugged. “Sure, sure.” Looking you over, he asked then, frowning. “Did you even sleep? I heard you talking on the phone.”

Turning on the television, you scrolled through the channels nonchalantly. “A little. Are you going to work already?”

He narrowed his eyes at you, no doubt having caught how you were changing the subject.

“Yeah, so I can finally finish in time for a change. You’ll be okay alone in here? You can come with me if you want.”

You rolled your eyes at your older brother. “You would hate that, you always said I never let you focus. Jackson is coming here with some of my things, I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about me, oppa.”

He walked to you, his hand ruffling your head just like you did with Tae five minutes ago. You grunted at the mess your hair was now, glaring at him half menacingly.

He poked your left cheek. “It’s my job to worry about you. Call me if you need anything, and don’t let the men get you down. Peace.”

Your sleeper missed his mint head by a few inches, unfortunately. Trying to fix your hair without bothering to go look at the mirror, you settled more comfortably at the worn out couch, finally settling to Discovery Animal, and it almost felt like when you were a teen, when your mom was still alive and you would  school, pretending to be sick so that you could sleep the whole morning.

You must have dozed off, because the next thing you knew was that the doorbell was ringing. You opened the door, Jackson being on the other side, a suitcase in his hand. He looked you over, scrunching his face at your dark circles. He handed it to you, stepping inside with you.

“This place looks the same. Where’s Yoongi hyung?”

“At the studio.” You answered. Biting your lips, your mustered you courage again. “Did you told Jaebum  I wasn’t kidnapped?”

He sighed, sitting at the same couch you were drooling two minutes ago. “Yeah. It was really hard making him not come here with me, by the way. He was worried sick, went to my house before going to work looking like he didn’t slept all night.”

You snorted loudly. “I bet he didn’t.”

He lifted one eyebrow at you, silently asking for an explanation. And you gave him one. Telling him all that had happened since the moment you left his house, were the both of you were working on your guest list for the wedding, up until when you had listened to all his voice mails in the morning.

Jackson looked expressionless, like you never saw him before. The line of his jaw getting sharper the more you told him, finally breaking his silence when you had cried again, embarrassed for being so pathetic, not because you were feeling hurt, you told yourself.

“You’re not pathetic.” he was quick to assure you, making you realize you had said it out loud. “Jaebum is. Couldn’t even keep it in his pants like a horny teenager. What are you going to do? Are you calling off the marriage? Do you want me to kill him?”

“I don’t know. You know that he was basically forced into this engagement, just like me. I’ve been thinking the whole night, about if I was mad at him or not. I’m hurt, yes, but i don’t know. Can I blame him for that? Maybe it’s my fault. Maybe my father was right when he said I wasn’t really enough for Jaebum and that i should be thankful for marrying him.”

“Don’t, Y/N. It isn’t your fault. You are more than enough, for Jaebum and for everybody. Don’t put yourself down like that. He’s the wrong one, just him. He’s the one who broke your trust, my trust.”

You stood, walking until you were standing in front of the windows. You watched Seoul’s busy downtown, bursting with people even in the morning going about their business normally.

“If I was enough that wouldn’t be happening. Yoongi was right, when he said all those things to me about this engagement.” You sighed deeply, feeling a little bit numb inside. “ Maybe there’s something wrong with the women in my family, something that make us unlovable.”

His strong arms circled your shoulders, pressing you to his chest.

“There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re not unlovable. I love you, your brother loves you, Taehyung also loves you. Jaebum loves you too, he just seems to have forgotten about it. Come, let’s get some fresh air, put on some clothes that aren’t pink pajamas. Seoul can’t handle you being  so cute so early.”

You complied, going to your room, dragging the suitcase behind you. Jackson had gotten everything you asked, even your skincare and makeup pouch. You smiled to yourself, knowing that you could easily trust your life in Jackson’s hands. Changing to a summer dress[ and sandals, you tied your hair in a elegant bun, doing your best to conceal the lack of sleep from your face. Feeling almost human again, you went out, stopping in your tracks when you heard your phone buzz with a text message.

From: Jaebummie Oppa <3</b>

I am so relieved you’re okay. Please call me back, miss ur voice.

Something in your chest tugged. Was he just pretending? Did he really care? You turned your phone off, not wanting to have to deal with it right now. You smiled brightly at you best friend, who was entertained with his phone, giving a nauseatingly sweet smile and typing at the same time.

“Is Mark oppa still in LA? Are you smiling like a fool because he just said how much he missed you or something disgustingly sweet like that?

“He just sent me a photo of him and his dog, so cute. Look.” He showed you the screen, and you hated to admit, but it was cut. The small white puppy was nestled in his chest, sleeping peacefully. “What you wanna do? Want to go shopping? Heard that’s your favorite sport.”

You punched his arm not so lightly. “Screw you, Wang. Let’s just eat lunch at that place that only sells organic that you love so much. You’re paying anyway.”

He laughed his infamous laugh, making you smile in return. You could always count on him to boost your mood. It made you think that even though things weren’t good now they would be again someday. 


Is this a plot forming?? Maybe??? It’s a little less of a mess now, isn’t it? Opinions would be greatly appreciated, as well as corrections about my grammar (english isn’t my first language) 

More Jin x Y/N in the next chapters, but be warned that I think this will be a slow burn. BUT!! It’ll have smut!!! Eventually lol

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The Matsu's react to their s/o initiating the first kiss?

What is this? Someone is actually posting on this blog?! (We’re really sorry for being dead for a month, all I can say is screw school) ~Mod Jyushi

Osomatsu was not having a good day. Not only had his brothers been ignoring him, but he’d lost all his money at pachinko. When he was walking home he just happened to run into you. He didn’t see you at first because he was staring at the ground. You walked up to him and noticed how down he was. You decided to cheer him up by walking with him home. He looked startled that you would be so kind, but immediately perked up a bit. When you got home, you made him some food and when you set it down on the table, you gave him a kiss and said ‘Eat up!’ Oso didn’t respond for a few seconds, but when what happened registered in his mind, he said, ‘Damn, I didn’t know I was getting dessert first.’

You and Karamatsu were hanging out on the roof of the Matsuno residence. Kara was playing his guitar while you listened quietly with him. You both did this a couple times a week, whether it was Kara playing his guitar, singing, or just hanging out on the roof for fun. You enjoyed these with him, albeit you had to help him so he didn’t fall off most of the days you went up. Today was no exception, and you grabbed him by the collar of his leather jacket just as he was about to fall. He fell back and landed on top of you, with both hands on either side of your head. His ears flushed a bright red as he moved to get off of you, but you stopped him. His eyes widened as you pulled him down and crushed your lips together. When you pulled away to catch your breath, all Kara could say was ‘How did I end up with someone as great as you?’

Choromatsu was having the time of his life. You had gotten VIP tickets to a Nyaachan concert for his birthday. When you gave them to him, you were sure he was going to faint on the spot. Now the two of you are currently in the middle of the concert, enjoying Nyaachan’s songs. You looked over to Choro, and his face was one of pure happiness, and you couldn’t help but laugh and enjoy yourself a little more knowing you were sort of responsible for it. Just as the last song played, it turned out to be your favorite one, to which you screamed a fun scream and jumped around a little too excitedly. Choro tried to calm you down a bit, only to have you grab his face and give him a quick, hard kiss on the lips. When you finally calmed down, you looked towards Choro, only to find him passed out on the floor from over excitement.

It was a normal day with Ichimatsu, the two of you hung out and fed/played with the stray cats in the area. You were currently scratching a long haired tabby when an idea popped into your head. You picked up the cat with little resistance and walked up to Ichi with the cat held up in front of your face. ‘Hey Ichi, does it look like this guy has something in his eye?’ You asked him. He looked up from the cat he was currently petting and stood up to look at the one you were holding. ‘I don’t see anyt–’ he started to say before being cut off by you. You’d carefully lowered the cat and locked lips with him, surprising him. When you pulled away, his expression was one of shock, but it quickly returned to normal, though his ears were beet red. You chuckled at his reaction, but jumped when he pressed his lips against yours again. You both stopped when you heard meows and felt the suddenly forgotten cats on your legs.

You were watching Jyushimatsu play baseball, and it was the 9th inning of the game. The score was tied 8 to 8, and it was Jyushi’s turn to bat. All he had to do to win the game was get one other player to home plate, and the bases were loaded. He stood up to the batter’s box and swung his bat over his shoulder, getting into batting position. His face was serious. Your eyes locked for a split second and he smiled at you, confident. Time seemed to stand still as the pitcher started his throw. There was a hush of silence from the crowd when WHACK! The ball went soaring over the other team’s heads and over the fence. The crowd went wild. By the time Jyushi made it back to home plate, you were running up to him and tackled him to the ground. Before you even knew what you were doing, you kissed him on the cheek and congratulated him. He smiled even wider than he already was and celebrated his victory(and kiss) with you.

You and Todomatsu had spent the whole day together. It started with a nice breakfast at Sutabaa and a walk through the park. Totty ended up taking hundreds of selfies throughout the day, and posted the ones you approved of on his social media. Afterwards, you both hung out at your house for a couple hours talking and watching old movies together. The two of you seemed to get closer and closer by the movie, with your head resting on Totty’s shoulder as you sat on his lap. Soon, a sappy 80’s romance movie came on, which got the gears in your head turning. During one scene, the couple are dancing together, so you stood up and dragged Totty up off the couch with you. He protested a bit from moving from his comfortable spot, but quickly picked up what you were doing. His face turned into one of mischief and grabbed your hands and twirled you around. You both tried to copy the movie’s choreography, but failed miserably. What did end up happening was that you tripped over your own feet and toppled onto Totty. You both laughed at your silliness, and you noticed the couple in the movie were kissing now. Feeling brave, you lowered your head and lightly touched your lips to Totty’s which caused him to stop laughing immediately, as his cheeks started burning red. When you looked at him again, he was shocked, but soon recovered and responded with ‘I think I just died and went to heaven, maybe another kiss can revive me?’

Baby Boy//Josh Dun

Requested: Can you do a pregnancy imagine w josh? Like all the way from telling him you’re pregnant to labour day?:)

Note: This was seriously too cute of a request so I had to do it for both J and Ty, thank you anon. You’re the reason why my heart is a pool on the floor. Hope ye enjoy!


               “Oh my god.” You whispered, smiling down at the small stick in front of you. Checking the instructions you felt tears fall down your cheeks. One line = not pregnant, two lines = pregnant.

               Two lines. Two lines symbolizing that there was a small bean growing inside of you, a small bean that you and Josh had made—together. God the hormones knew how to make you seem overly attached, and kind of psychotic. Putting your hands over your stomach you smiled widely; you were going to be a mommy. Hiding the test in the garbage you walked out of the bathroom, walking out to the livingroom to plan on how you were going to tell Josh about the little miracle inside of you. It had to be special.

               It wasn’t until later that night, when you were silently nibbling on crackers and listening to Josh snap at someone on the phone when the thought dawned on you—what if he doesn’t want to be a father? It wasn’t like the two of you were trying for a baby, like the idea had been thrown around. All the plans had been talked about after the wedding, which the two of you were trying to plan despite Josh’s hectic schedule. Biting your lip and looking down at the ring on your finger you held in a sigh; maybe you could wait a little bit to tell him. He can’t be mad, right?

               Your anxiety about the topic resulted in awkward silences and dead-end one sentence answers from you; which added to Josh’s already growing stress. Which caused him to get frustrated with you, therefore raising your anxiety which could not be healthy for the baby at all. This of course stressed you out, and it wasn’t until 3 days later that you finally snapped. You sat crying in the bathtub, the showerhead still pouring warm water over your hunched figure.

               You had just walked out from a fight with Josh, one where he accused you of sleeping around, and lying to him because of how you had been acting. Of course you could never do such a thing, so you let it spill.

               “What has gotten into you? I try having any sort of conversation and you fucking shut it down!” Josh snapped, voice raised more than you had heard it in the 3 years the two of you had been together. “Are you fucking someone else? Because if you are please give me that fucking ring back, this engagement is off!” He slammed his hand down on the counter in frustration, it looked like it hurt; you wanted to rush to his side and make sure he hadn’t caused any damage but you were frozen in place. You dared not to speak a word in fear of making the situation worse—although your silence did the same effect. Josh was angry and wanted answers, and you were anxious and couldn’t speak.

               “I’m carrying a baby, it’s yours. Believe me or not I am probably 3 months along with your baby.” You voice was barely above a whisper. You wondered if Josh had even heard you, considering you barely heard yourself. “I’m sorry but I can’t bring myself to kill something so innocent because someone deems it “at the wrong time” or “an inconvenience”. Leave if you want to but I’m having this child.” Through tears you saw Josh’s blurry face turn soft, and shocked. The regret carved in his features broke you, it hurt you to levels you couldn’t describe. You sat and let him scream, let him get all these ideas because you couldn’t bear to speak truth. “I’m going to shower.” You sobbed before rushing upstairs, ignoring Josh’s pleas. The way he spoke your name broke your heart even more.

               “Y/N, please.” It had to have been the 10th time Josh had whispered this exact sentence through the door, since you began showering he had been sitting outside. Waiting for you to allow him inside the bathroom. Yes, the door may have been unlocked, but he dared not to intrude. “I want to talk. Please.” His voice broke at the end of his sentence, causing your sobs to grow louder and harder. You were shaking as the water ran cold—how long had you been in here? Suddenly you heard the door swing open, and felt a pair of warm arms cradle your cold body. Josh had crawled into the tub beside you and pressed his face into your neck. Shielding you from the cold water with his back.

               He had came into a freezing cold shower, fully clothed just to make sure you were okay. The thought caused you to sob once again—except the emotion behind the tears changed. Suddenly you were filled with love.

               “Don’t cry, don’t blame yourself please.” He whispered. “I love you, I love him or her, please just don’t go. I know you weren’t expecting it and neither was I but I want to be a dad. I want to cuddle them to sleep, buy them cute outfits, take cute selfies with them. I want it.” That was all it took for everything to become so much more real.


               “I’m nervous.” You whispered, the two of you were currently sitting in the waiting room, today was your first ultrasound, and some bloodwork and other tests. For some reason, you felt yourself nervous throughout the day. “I don’t know why. It’s just..weird. We’re going to see our baby.” You smiled up at Josh who was sitting beside you, smiling at the thought.

               “I know, I’ve been nervous since the day you told me you were pregnant.” He laughed, followed by a nurse walking in and calling your name.

               “So I’ll lead you back here to do the bloodwork; then we’ll get daddy back for the ultrasound.” She smiled, leading you into a room with a big chair in it. You bit your lip, bloodwork had never been your thing. But if it meant keeping your little baby healthy then so be it. This calming thought lasted all of 2 minutes when the lab technician came in, causing your leg to bounce in fear.

               “Nervous?” She asked giving you a caring look before preparing the stuff she would need. “It’s really not bad, how about we talk about the baby. How far along are you?” She asked, putting the tourniquet on your arm.

               “I’m just over 5 and a half months. A little late for an ultrasound people are telling me, well everyone except the doctor.” You shrugged, apologizing soon after realizing the lady was feeling for veins.

               “It’s no worry, you’re doing great. So what are you guys hoping for?” She asked, you looked at the other side of the room before responding.

               “I don’t have much for preference, as long as my little one is healthy that’s all I want. I think my fiancé wants a girl though. Seeing him with our friend’s baby girl is adorable, he loves her so much.” You smiled, remembering the time Josh had eagerly offered to babysit. Watching him cuddle up with the little toddler (who proclaimed her love for her “Uncle J!!” repeatedly that day. Saying hanging out with the two of you was the most fun she had ever had).

               “Well you’re all done, and I hope you get a healthy little one, and if everything works out a baby girl.” She smiled, putting a cotton ball over your arm.

               “You’re done? I didn’t feel a thing.” You commented in awe, looking at her with wide eyes.

               “I’ve learned that when pregnant women start talking about the baby that they don’t tend to focus on the poke.” She smiled, taping the cotton ball on and leading you to another room, where Josh was sitting in the corner on his phone.

               After a few minutes of waiting, and whispered talks about shopping for baby stuff afterward; another lady came in. She had pressed some weird looking wand across your stomach, moving it around until a steady thumping filled the room; looking at Josh with tears in your eyes you smiled. That was your baby, it’s little heartbeat.

               “Sounds like a healthy heartbeat. Are you ready to see your little one?” Both of you nodded eagerly, fingers intertwining as another wand was placed over your stomach; this time showing a black and white picture of a little mutant-looking thing. Your mutant looking thing. “The doctors orders say that you would like to know the sex, is that correct?” When the two of you nodded, the woman leaned in. Looking intently at the screen before letting a small sigh out. “I can’t seem to tell the sex, I’ll be right back.” She left the room, grabbing another ultrasound technician, who said the same thing.

               “I’m sorry, the baby isn’t in a position where we can see the sex characteristics. If you still want to know, talk to your doctor and he can probably set up another appointment.” The two of you nodded, a little disappointed that you didn’t get the answer to the magic question.

               “Hey, Y/N.” Josh whispered that night, as the two of you lay in silence. “Would it be bad to say I don’t want to know the sex anymore? I feel like it would be a good surprise.”          

               “But how are we supposed to prepare the nursery and buy clothes? Wouldn’t we need to know.” For some reason the idea of not knowing gave you a little anxiety.

               “Not all clothes have to be gender specific, we can buy that stuff after our little one gets here.” After about 5 minutes of reassurance, you felt alright with the idea of not knowing the sex until your baby was born. Some things are better left a surprise.


               “I don’t like this!” You screamed, throwing the piece of paper your doctor had given you on the table. “What is a birthing plan even? I don’t know what I’ll want when I get there. If I need pain medication, give me a little bit. If I need a C-section for the babies safety then so be it! I am 8 and a half months pregnant, I don’t want to think about this!” For some odd reason you were beyond frustrated with the idea of a birthing plan. Your doctor had said it was a way for you to plan everything a little bit before the birth happened, but your little one using your kidneys as a punching bag last night kept you awake. Which meant you were hormonal, tired and grumpy.

               “Take it one step at a time, okay?” Josh spoke in a soft tone, approaching you in the way one would approach a rabid dog. “The first thing we need to address is do you want to delivery vaginally or C-section?”      

               “If I don’t need a C-section I don’t want one.” You snarled, still frustrated with it.

               “Okay, what if something goes wrong during labour?”

               “Then an emergency c-section is fine.”

               “See, we just got through the first one. It wasn’t that bad was it?” You wanted to be mad at Josh for making you do a stupid paper you had no intentions of doing; but the smile he had and how cute he looked with his crinkly eyes made that impossible.


               “Come on baby, my back hurts and these stupid Braxton hicks are getting annoying.” You mumbled, looking in the mirror at your gigantic baby bump. So far it had been 3 days since your due date came and went; and your baby was taking its old sweet time getting here. Though the near constant Braxton hicks was a good sign, right?

               “Hey Y/N, is it okay if I steal Josh?” You heard Tyler ask, walking into the bathroom where you stood when you felt your body completely tense. “Did you just pee yourself…?” Tyler asked, slightly disgusted with the sight in front of him, before it clicked. “Oh god your water broke. I’m not stealing Josh.” He mumbled quickly before making a mad dash downstairs, frantically screaming at Josh about the “traumatizing” sight he just witnessed.

               “It’s time?” Josh yelled, running at full speed up the stairs as you stood in shock, the puddle around your feet growing. When you only looked at him in shock, followed by the pain of another early contraction he nodded to himself, grabbing a baggy sweater and pajama pants for you to change into. “I’m going to grab the baby bag, our bags and get the car ready; okay? If you need any help call me or even traumatized little Tyler—he’s my best friend so he’s kind of obligated to help you. Even if you’re spraying water all over the floor like a water hose.” If it weren’t for the pain of the contraction, you could’ve sworn you would’ve flipped your pregnant shit on Josh for his last comment.


               “God I hate you.” You growled, squeezing your eyes closed as pain shot through you. You had requested medications, but the doctor said you were too dilated at this point for them.

               “Is she okay?” You heard Josh ask worriedly to the nurse, who explained it was the transition phase of labour, you could’ve sworn you heard something about you transitioning to Satan. “It’ll be over soon, think of our little baby boy or girl. They’ll be snuggled in their cute onesies, and snuggle against you and me. We’ll have our happy adorable family.” Josh whispered, cringing slightly as you squeezed his hand once more.

               After what felt like forever of labour and then delivery you heard a shrill cry fill the room. Your heart sunk, then filled with a copious amount of love. You’re little one was finally here.

               “It’s a boy!” You heard someone declare, your eyes filling with tears; some happy and some distressed.

               “I’m sorry it’s not the girl you were hoping for.” You whispered to Josh as they had begun cleaning your son.

               “No no no.” Josh began, brushing the hair out of your face. “I love him to death; I haven’t even met him yet but I love him.” You saw tears run down his cheeks as your son was brought over to you. You held him close, tears never ceasing. Your son was absolutely perfect; tiny but perfect.

A Second Chance

Prompt: Henry has always had a knack for using the camera. But when Killian begins to notice photographs that don’t include him, his concern for his and Henry’s relationship grows. Captain Swan/Captain Cobra. Rated F for feels and fluff.

He first noticed them shortly after he moved in, and to be quite honest, he’s surprised that he didn’t become aware of it before that day. After much explaining that the little black box wasn’t magic, Killian finally grasped the concept for Henry’s camera. He had a vintage Polaroid one, the kind that spits out the picture as soon as it’s taken (and then the viewer proceeds to shake or blow on it because they assume it will help it develop faster).

Killian found the first one a few days after he had came to live with Emma and Henry. He was unpacking one of his boxes of books when he spotted the photograph on the coffee table. Now distracted from his task, Killian dipped down to pick up the portrait, grinning when he saw how lovely his Swan looked. The picture was of Emma in the kitchen making pancakes, one of the few items she knew how to cook without burning the place down. Smiling, he flipped the picture over to see that Henry had written a description on the back.

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