more selfies because i have them

since trans day of visibility is coming up in a few days (march 31st), i figured i’d make a list of advice for cis people commenting on/reblogging people’s posts/selfies?

  • do definitley like and reblog and tag and comment on our posts!! its what TDOV is for! show your support for the community by showing us some love
  • dont post any selfies if ur cis. today is not about u
  • if ur gonna comment about how great someone looks, great!!
  • just make sure u use the right pronouns/descriptors. most people put their pronouns on their selfies, but if they dont its easy to check their bio to see if they have them! 
  • also dont say stuff like “wow ur prettier than I am!!” bc that implies that u think cis ppl are more attractive as a default, so its insulting and patronising
  • if the post is one with pics from multiple stages throughout someones transition, pls dont say “its not fair u get to be hot in both genders!” because thats cissexist n transphobic and adheres to the “used to be a X” rhetoric and erases people with fluid genders and implies that cis ppl inherently deserve to be hotter/better 
  • go thru the tdov tags!! spread some love to all of us (not just conventionally attractive and/or passing people)
  • its not only selfies either. lots of ppl post some really cool content so dont miss out on that either

thats all i can think of rn. feel free to add on if u want

EDIT: okay so lots of people have said things along the lines of “im going to post selfies and theres nothing you can do about it” or “i want to post selfies anyway” and like. cool. whatever. im all for celebrating urself with selfies. just,, dont make this day about you okay? like keep out of the tags and dont make it an ally thing. and to the people who want to post selfies just because its a trans ppl day and for no other reason: fuck u

Sigiling Selfies: How to Anti-Taglock Pictures of Yourself

So @dontusemycauldron mentioned this to me at some point, and it took a few days for it to really sink in. They told me how some people put sigils on their photos to prevent people from using them as taglocks for things like cursing. And I went, “well holy shit, that is fucking clever,” and proceeded to do it with every single one of my selfies I’ve posted to Tumblr. Not because I’m concerned, but I like to put faith in preventative measures. 

I decided I was going to show you guys how to do it - at least with SAI, because that’s the program I tend to use for art things now (and I can’t find a good crack of Photoshop anymore). However, any art or digital media program that makes use of layers and transparencies can be used for this technique.

First off, you want your sigils. I made two personal ones, and I also made two for Tumblr use. However, I’m going to recommend that you create your own sigils with your own statements of intent, if you can.

“This photo is bound from being used as a taglock.” 

“This photo is not successfully used as a taglock for cursing.”

Ideally, you want digital sigils with transparent backgrounds, so you can avoid as much visual disturbance to your picture - you don’t want people to see or know there is anything over top of it, right?

Anyway, now on to the (SAI) tutorial!

Open your selfie and your sigils; you can switch between them along the bottom of the SAI window. Copy and paste the sigils onto your picture. I do this by clicking on the sigil’s canvas, hitting Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+C, then selecting the canvas with the selfie and hitting Ctrl+V. I can show the screen commands, however, for those that aren’t so tech savvy:

The “paste” option is also in the “edit” menu, as you can see. When you’ve done that, your selfie should look something like this:

Well, you know, you won’t look like me…but your sigils will have pasted in the top left corner of your picture. And they’re very obviously visible. BUT fortunately we’re not done with it yet. 

Arrange your sigils over top of the face part of the selfie, however you want. I didn’t specify before, but the icon that looks like the cross with the arrows on each end (highlighted in blue here) :

…that’s the move tool; click on that, then on each separate layer, and you can move the layer around as you wish.) You definitely wanna do this before you change any of the transparency of the sigils, while you can still see them. Ultimately it doesn’t matter how you arrange them, just as long as they are on your face. Mine look like this:

It almost makes a heart shape, lol. So, those familar with SAI know where to look to see the layers. Mine were on the left-hand side by default, I know that is something you can change, however. They look like this:

On the bottom you can see the separate layers - your picture, and the sigils each on their own layer. Above that, you can see the “mode” and “opacity” tools. Those are the ones we care about.

Experiment with the mode if you want - it isn’t required, but it can help. I like to put mine on “overlay,” because it adds to the visualization of the sigils seeping into the picture and blending in to it. You need to click on each separate sigil layer to apply the mode. That makes it look like this:

And with that we’re almost done! Finally, just change each of the sigil layer’s opacity to 1% by clicking on the opacity bar and dragging it almost all the way down. You want them to not be at zero because they still need to be on the pictures and not “off,” but if you put them at any higher than 1%, you can still see them, and you definitely do not want people being able to see the sigils. Once you’re done that the selfie look like this:

Can you even tell there are sigils over top of that? There are. Four sigils, now, actually, lol. And this is how the layers look over on the side in SAI:

As you can see, the mode has been set to overlay on both, and they are both at 1% opacity. From there, save your picture (file, save as), feeling free to specify in the title that one has been magic’d. Then, you can upload them without any worry!

Of course, this can be done with sigils for other purposes - I just made this post with the intention of preventing selfies being used as taglocks, because that’s what I did to mine today. However, you can easily apply any sort of glamours to your selfies, if you desire. 

I hope this helps anyone, or inspires anyone! Let me know if you have any more questions, or if I wasn’t so clear about things! This is my first time making a tutorial for any art program, I dunno if I did any good… But, yeah, just let me know if you have more questions or anything! :)

Things I find beautiful about people

•When they talk about something they’re passionate about.
•Sending you a song because it reminded them of you.
•Singing off key but not caring.
•Sending you funny selfies.
•Laughing at their own jokes.
•Making cheesy puns.
•The way their voice sounds in the morning.
•Getting excited when it rains.
•When they wear oversized sweaters because they’re warm and comfy.
•Tapping their feet while sitting at a desk.
•When they get excited over how beautiful the sunset is.

Feel free to add more❤

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Victuuri AU where they meet on Tinder

(s/o to everyone on discord for enabling this, esp @actualyuuri​)

“You can’t swipe left on everyone,” Christophe laments. “He was cute.”

“Nope.” Viktor flicks his finger again. 

“Oh come on! He’s cute, too!”


Christophe sighs. “I’m seriously starting to question your taste in men, Viktor.”

“I don’t think he’s cute at all,” Yuuri says, frowning. Next to him, Phichit laughs.

“Come on, you never know. It’s just a fun game, and it doesn’t hurt to cast your net out a little!”

“I don’t want to cast out my net,” complains Yuuri.

Phichit rolls his eyes. “There’s gotta be someone here that’ll fit your exacting standards, Yuuri ‘I only date men who have done quad flips’ Katsuki.”

“And you making me swipe right on everyone isn’t going to help matters,” retorts Yuuri.

Phichit blows a raspberry. The next profile comes up. 

“I don’t know,” says Yuuri, looking at it with a frown. “He’s got a bathroom abs selfie.”

“Swipe right,” replies Phichit.

Viktor gets to the profile named “Yuuri Katsuki”, who is currently 1.2 kilometres away, and purses his lips. Because the guy’s picture has two very attractive men on it, but one of them sparks Viktor’s interest a lot more than the other.

Which one is Yuuri? His gut instinct goes for the one in the cat-eared beanie, but it could just as easily be the cheery-looking darker-skinned one next to him. Both of them are beaming in front of the Detroit Skate Club, though, and based on their next picture of them goofing around on the bleachers inside, must be involved with the DSC somehow. 

The third picture is a picture of a pork cutlet bowl. Just a fuckin pork cutlet bowl. Viktor groans, though he’s also intrigued. Christophe raises an eyebrow and leans over.

“Which one is he?” he asks. 

“Probably the pork cutlet bowl,” replies Viktor. He swipes right, intrigued.

“Ooh, Viktor Nikiforov is on Tinder?”

Yuuri purses his lips, looking at the selfies. They’re all recent ones from Instagram. “Could be fake,” he points out.

“There’s only one way to know,” replies Phichit, grinning.

Yuuri swipes right, intrigued.

It’s a match! the app announces, and Viktor wants to immediately fire off a message to Yuuri, asking him which one of the two men in the picture he is. But that might come off as rude, so he decides to go about it a little more sneakily. 

i notice you’re a skater, and you’re nearby. want to grab coffee sometime? and bring your friend! - vn

There. That should do it. 

He gets a message a couple minutes later. That sounds good, is the response. We’ll both be there. Time and place?

i’m only in town for a couple more days. i don’t know detroit very well. you guys can pick. - vn

How about Astro Coffee this Wednesday at noon?

Viktor smiles. perfect - vn

Yuuri’s not nervous at all. 

(That’s a lie. He’s grabbing coffee with Viktor Nikiforov. Or at least, who he hopes is really Viktor and not some serial killer catfishing as him.)

At least Phichit will be coming along. Which is fair, since he set things up. Though it is a little strange that Viktor had asked for both of them. Maybe he was more interested in Phichit.

But that’s strange. Phichit had his own profile. Heck, he’s going through it right now, for shits and giggles as they wait in line to place their order.

“Yuuri?” he hears, and turns towards the door, and oh. 

Oh no.

It really is Viktor Nikiforov. And he’s beaming like he’s made of pure, unadulterated sunshine. 

Viktor watches a young man in blue-rimmed glasses with a shock of dark hair turn at the call of his name, and his heart leaps into his throat, because oh.

Oh no.

It really is the guy in the cat-eared beanie, and he’s even cuter in person.

Samhain Tip

Idk know if this applies to a lot of people, but I’m sure some of you will relate. I don’t like the idea of contacting my ancestors. Mainly because my family is super ignorant and don’t accept me in America 2017, and I’d hate to know how their great great great grandparents would feel about me if they grew up in 19th century Pakistan. I’m sure they were good people and all but I don’t think they would appreciate me or my lifestyle or me contacting them.

What I like doing is contacting the spirits of those who no longer have anyone in this world to contact them. These spirits could be forgotten, but they also could just be like really chill and want to know more about selfie sticks it depends.

Of course, exercise caution when speaking to any spirits. Use your head.


Ok. So. Wooow. Ok. So I was walking in Oslo’s botanical garden, which is the LAST PLACE I thought I would meet a Skam actor, and I was about to enter a new room in a greenhouse and a guy let me pass in front of him (because our paths were about to cross). I instinctively raised my head and BAM direct eye contact with Tarjei!!! I think I froze for a second but then I just gave him a big smile and he smiled back and I just kept on walking.

I was just full of adrenaline & I kinda panicked & didn’t want to bother him so that’s why I didn’t talk to him or anything. When I arrived in the next greenhouse room, my girlfriend who was walking in front of me just turned slowly and was like “O.M.G. Was that HIM???“ xD We decided to continue walking in the park and to not go to him, at least for the moment.

Later, we saw him again, and turns out he was alone with a girl. So I don’t know if it was a date or a friend, but just in case, it really didn’t seem like a good moment to go to him & bother them. So we just walked in the park some more and then headed back to our hotel :)

So no long talks, No cute selfies. But I got a smile & I have no regrets because what felt right in the moment was to not bother him. And I was lucky enough to meet him, even briefly, so I’m just really happy about that <3

Skam fans often talk about how frequent it is to meet actors in Oslo, but as I took the decision to not look for them (at Tarjei’s school, or Henrik’s workplace, etc.) to respect their privacy, I really wasn’t expecting anything. And yet here I am! :D

Oh and also? Tarjei is really tall, I knew it but I was surprised xD

Why is Guang Hong Ji x Phichit a rare pair.

I mean Guang Hong has a flippin crush on Phichit. It is on the official website.

“He yearns for his friend Phichit a little”


They are two of the cutest characters and they seemed to get along in the Cup of China and they hung out a lot.

“In the result he often uploads his selfie pictures on SNS”

Do I have to talk about this selfie alone together. I bet they do this all the time. 

I don’t know. I can see Guang Hong talking to Leo about Phichit 24/7 and Leo being like “I know Guang Hong I was there I saw it”. Leo is the best wingman. Fight me.

Feel free to add more cute things about them because I will never shut up with this ship and the lack of content makes me super sad.

this might be cliché bc i sort of based this PLOT idea off of gossip girl, the bling ring, and the song ‘children of the bad revolution’ by lana del rey; but i want a bunch “bad” rich kids who run in a their tight-knit pack and all come from wealthy families, but their families all came into their money different ways and all handle it very differently. like one family married into their wealth, while others have been rich their whole lives, where one has to work for it, but they all are still very loyal to everyone in their little group but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t hella angst !! because they party all the time and all of their relationships are probably blurring at the edges because who is really just friends ?? and who are really lovers on the low ?? i need them taking selfies and updating their instagram feeds and then maybe doing designer drugs and linking arms and strutting down the streets of nyc probably in their nicest outfits !! and fights over stupid stuff that isn’t going to matter in three days and coming out on the other side a little bit more fucked up than you started but hey, that’s life !! and as long as they feel free at the end of the day and still have their trust funds, what else is there to complain about ?? e v e r y t h i n g, it turns out. bonus points if it’s a multi-muse group bc i want sibling ships/romantic ships/frenemies !!

What makes us dog people

- we see a dog very far away “is that Eddie?” but if it was your friend you would probably pass them without noticing

- we remember people by their dogs

- dog trainers don’t usually even know each other well but spend more time with each other than with their friends

- random person with the same breed of a dog is suddenly chatting up with you and scheduling training or meeting plans for Saturday like it was completely normal to stop a person and invite them to somewhere together

- “oh i know them” of someone you have never actually met

- probably could have endless conversation about their dog and past dogs, their training plans and future plans

- SHE WAS SO AMAZING TODAY!!! *attach 5 pictures from various angles of your dog doing nothing after like ten minutes of kinda average training session*

- i have to leave early because my dogs are alone

- remember their dogs birthday but doesn’t remember their parents

- probably knows cute petnames/kennel name to their friends dog put have no idea what your friend’s Surname or middle name is

- i’m tight on money so i can not go *while you pay for expensive dog food, supplies and training for them each month more and more and are planning on getting a new puppy next year*

- have more leashes and collars than dogs (also remembers which puppy collar they got and where for their first dog like it was couple weeks ago)

- probably still favor the first training gear they got even if it was too old to use already (bitesleeve, a ball, tracking gear…)

- folders of dog photos and couple selfies you should probably delete because your computer is full

- probably gets answered to any dog problems but if you had any other problem no one would bother to reply

- leaves long replies about their dogs to random conversations on internet but does not give much effort to not dog related conversations on facebook or other social media

- dogs eat better food than you

Dating Brandon Arreaga would include:

Ok so B is my main man in the band so here I go giving myself the worst feels

  • he’d give in to watching chick flicks just for you and end up actually loving the movie
  • helping you as best as he can to accomplish your goals
  • maybe even being more excited about said goals than you
  • screenshotting his selfies on snapchat and ig because the boy looks too fine
  • texting them to him
  • you: ????? how are you gonna be this rude
  • you’d have a fresh new bomb music library
  • kisses on your cheeks and forehead 😭
  • playfully serenading to you but lowkey meaning every word
  • feeling SO LOVED
  • surprising him with a pup bc you know how soft he gets around them :’)
  • you’d literally be watching him breathe and ask “brandon what can’t you do”
  • telling him to wear blue contacts from now and then becAUSE OMG
  • being literal children
  • feeling so untalented next to him (TBH)
  • singing you to sleep
  • forgetting every single problem you have bc yes his voice has this impact
  • lowkey being intimidated by him bc he is so confident and talented and basically a complete human??
  • him teaching you how to play instruments
  • and how to dance
  • you’d be annoying him with lame jokes about texas

Check out my masterlist for the other boys :)

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? i just thought of harry and louis being out??? being papped doing normal coupley things like going shopping or at the airport or whatever?? them holding hands??? sappy selfies with long captions and i love you’s??? their families ribbing them for being gross but also being Fond™ because they’re allowed to do that now???? walking the red carpet together, giving interviews and being so proud about who theyre with??? bonus points for the one not being interviewed smiling Their smile in the background ahahsuhjfghkdjkf. i mean,,,, shout outs to “my husband/boyfriend/partner” during award shows?? no more stunts, no more Drama and uhhh not to cause alarm but this might happen within the next year or so?? after so long??????? i can’t… believe i literally have to go lie down for 78 + 9 years now

5 Tips on Making Friends

I think that people don’t realize how much they hurt other people by not including them. One of my best friends just told me that he feels like there is something terribly wrong with him that no one will share and thats why all his friends and him grow apart. He is one of the best people I know and to have him feeling this way breaks my heart. I don’t understand why many young people can’t see that little things they do have such great impact on people. So I thought I’d share some ways to NOT do this to people.

1. Don’t post pictures of large gatherings of friends online. In fact, don’t even post selfies with one friend if you can help it. Those other people you know will feel hurt and left out, even if they say they’re fine. How would you feel if you were always picked second?

2. Try to get to know everyone. Yes, everyone. There is at least one person out there who feels like an outsider who wants in more than anything. Talk to them. You know who they are, they aren’t hard to spot. They will be the one who is sitting alone, or not speaking up in conversations. Include them. It will mean the world to them, I promise.

3. Use people’s names. Everyone likes hearing their name in a sentence where it wasn’t necessary. It’s just a little reassurance that you even know it, and it makes people feel happy to hear their name because they’ll feel more like friends and more part of the conversation. Don’t do it too much, but do it.

4. Take selfies with everyone. I don’t know about you but it always feels good to have someone I’m acquainted with but not complete friends with ask to take a selfie with me. It’s like they’re saying that they want to document your face with their face. It’s nice.

5. Don’t just use small talk. Now that you’ve made the effort to make contact with everyone, you don’t want the conversation to just flicker out. The easiest way to create actual conversation is to ask for stories rather than just questions that only need one word answers. Try to aim for the unexpected and don’t just repeat questions the other person has asked. Keep it interesting. Ask about things that you already know you both like and then ask about things you might have in common. Questions like “How’d you get into that?” and “Why?” can help extend short answers and questions like “What did you do today?” and “Whats the best and worst thing that happened today?” may help avoid the common “How are you?” and “Hows your day been?" 

I also enjoy asking "What was the good, bad, and ugly of your day?” because it makes the person think and creates a good five minute conversation and can often lead to others.

Now that you have learned to include others, do it. You may just find that you should have included them a long time ago. It’s hard to join tight webs of friends (for example theatre departments, sports teams, or classrooms of people who already know each other) so don’t let anyone be an outsider. Everyone needs a friend. You can also use these tips and use them to become closer to people so that you won’t be the lonely one. Good luck.

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Okay, I gotta put in an ask for the cons reacting to their s/o taking a selfie with them, it's just too cute! Much love, Peachy! 💕💕💕

Much love to you too!! 

Knockout TFP

He’s always ready for a selfie, and is more than happy to pretty himself up for as many as you’d like. There have been times when he’s asked to take one with you first because he had done a particularly good job with his finish, or because you had done something noticeably different with yourself and he liked how it looked 

Breakdown TFP

He thinks it’s a bit silly, but also fun. He enjoys taking selfies with you, other vehicons, Knockout, even Soundwave on one occasion. He really enjoys taking them with you though 

Starscream TFP

He would scoff, saying there was no way he’d put his work down for something so ridiculous. He’d get mad if you took one anyway without him being ready, but it would make him more willing to actually pose in the future 

Airachnid TFP

She has no bad angles and is always ready to take a selfie with you. She likes to pick the really nice ones and hang them up in her ship (if she still had her ship that is) 

Soundwave TFP

He looks the same in almost every photo, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to take them with you. If you hold the camera up and say ‘smile!’ right before taking the photo, he’ll display a little smiley emoji on his facescreen 

Megatron TFP

He wouldn’t want to take a selfie with you, he thinks it’s ridiculous. But if you nagged him enough within long periods of time, he would let you do it 

Shockwave TFP

If you worded your request very carefully and really thought your request through, he might agree to it. Otherwise you could just a take a selfie with him while he was working and he wouldn’t mind at all 


I just got back from the Royal Oak clipping. show with The Flaming Lips and I wanted to share my experience! This show was amazing. Despite having only a small handful of fans in the crowd, Daveed kept up high energy the entire time and just rolled with it. We were right by the stage and he saw me rapping all the lyrics and smiled all big and stuff. Afterwards we made room for people to get closer and see the headliners and we noticed that Jonathan was at the merch booth so we stopped by to say hi and he was such a sweetheart. Bill wound up popping in soon after and he got a picture of the custom vest I made. He also like, shook our hands and was like “Hi, Im Bill” and asked for our names and it was adorable. I got them both to sign my clppng album and I gave them their glitter necklaces I made for them before we decided to watch more of the show. A few songs later Daveed showed up to the merch booth and I dragged my friend there lol. I gave him his necklace and when I told him it was Jefferson inspired he laughed so hard. We told him how we got into clipping. becaue of Hamilton but we stayed for clipping. too. He made a comment about seeing us turning up in the front row as well lol. I also asked if he could take our selfie for me because “youre super fucking tall” and he laughed at that and I’m so blessed to have caused so much of such a good thing to come from his mouth. He sounded really hoarse though and when I suggested he drink some tea he said he had to fly to L.A. tonight night to shoot and episode of Blackish as Johan and then fly out to Chicago right after 😓 but Daveed was so sweet and we told him how much of an inspiration he is and how much we love him and his face was so good. So we went back to watch more of the show and when we decided to leave I got a selfie with Jonathan and I waved at Daveed and he waved back with the biggest adorable smile. My friend remembered to ask for a hug so he gave us both hugs and it was amazing. I also was like “make sure you get your rest and drink water” lmao. Moral of the story they were all such sweethearts and I’m so glad to have met them and to show my support because they really deserve it. Jonathan said that this show was the best theyd been received out of all of them in the tour so far so Im glad we couldve helped with that.

LOVE the vest!

Phichit’s Eyeliner

The eyeliner Phichit wore in Episode 10, wings and all, caught my attention and it’s just so amazing and better than anything I’ll ever be able to do

I believe this beautiful frame had the purpose of showing off his flawless eyeliner help me this is too beautiful

But just imagine this:

- Little Phichit sees a beauty magazine cover of a woman with flawless eyeliner and boy is he captivated

- Little Phichit asking his parents if he could have such flawless eyeliner too

- His mother puts on eyeliner with the little wings for him

- He’s just so excited and keeps looking at himself in the mirror

- He takes nearly two hundred pictures of himself on his dad’s phone and his parents are just sighing over how cute he is

- His dad never deletes the photos

- He refuses to remove it even when it’s time for bed

- Little Phichit upset because his parents refuse to let him wear eyeliner to school

- Fast forward a few years and Phichit, having watched so many eyeliner tutorials, steals his mother’s eyeliner and decides to try it for himself

- He pokes it into his eye by accident the first time and he got a little scared

But he never gives up on anything and he tries again a few hours later after nervously watching about a thousand more videos, this time with success

- Phichit tries out different ones to find a type that suits him, from plain black pencil eyeliners to glittery golden liquid ones, and he secretly loves sparkly ones the best

- Soon Phichit begins wearing eyeliner whenever he can, he thinks it makes him feel beautiful and that’s just beautiful

- Phichit don’t care about the haters, he knows they’re just jealous of how beautiful he looks

- Phichit decides to make an eyeliner youtube tutorial for his fans and it goes viral within the first day

- Beautiful supportive fans encourage him to make more tutorials and he does, showing his fans how he does his makeup and everyone goes crazy (come on don’t tell me you wouldn’t)

- Phichit’s beauty channel becomes one of the most popular and even other beauty gurus admire his skill

- Phichit teaches Guang Hong to put on eyeliner and they take so many selfies together (LOOK AT THEIR SELFIE IN EPISODE 10 BOTH OF THEM LOOK LIKE THEY HAVE EYELINER ON)

- He encourages any boys out there who like makeup to not be ashamed of wearing makeup in public and he’s just so inspirational

It’s just such a beautiful thought

BONUS: Phichit cringing at Georgi’s overly dramatic eyeshadow from the sidelines

DOUBLE BONUS: Phichit applying his own makeup before competitions to calm his nerves because he’s just that good at it