more self criticism

hey, remember when lars:
  • obviously had social anxiety issues and desperately wanted the cool kids to accept him and to fit in
  • didn’t exactly get along on the best of terms with steven, but still wasn’t a complete asshole to him (was visibly apologetic when he made steven angry for insulting his mom, smiled and returned the chest high-five steven gave him)
  • was, as a kid in the flashback in horror club, shown as kind towards ronaldo and accidentally, not on purpose, tore his picture apart due to his major self-esteem issues
  • actually attempted to credit steven for saving the cool kids from rose’s moss despite the fact that he could have taken all the credit due to his desire to be accepted and thought of highly by the cool kids
  • was shown having hidden talents, such as cooking
  • got genuinely concerned over spilling coffee on garnet in the episode future vision and asked if she was okay

had a jerkish, standoffish personality but obviously had many self-esteem related issues underneath it all that could have potentially been fleshed out and allow him to grow to become a wiser, well-rounded character and realize that it’s okay to be yourself? i miss that lars

the signs when stressed

(check moon)

aries: angry; snaps at anything with a pulse

taurus: creative block; quietly frustrated

gemini: becomes forgetful; can’t concentrate

cancer: withdraws; needs quiet time with family or close friends

leo: uses confidence to cover vulnerability; low-key has the least self-esteem

virgo: becomes even more self-critical than usual; barely speaks

libra: uses friends as a distraction; most likely to use retail therapy

scorpio: withdraws; glares when you interrupt their brooding

sagittarius: panics; literally escapes and takes a holiday as soon as possible

capricorn: low-key freaking out; orders people around more than usual

aquarius: won’t acknowledge they’re struggling; uses literally any distraction

pisces: escapes into a daydream world; low-key panic attacks

There is no shame in taking criticism. This is wisdom that I will use to improve my craft.
—  Affirmation of the day.
Please Be Kind To Your Fanfic Writers

Today on the fic I published on AO3, in addition to the usual disclaimer I put at the top of all my fics for, you know, legal-ish reasons, I added something else: Please be kind and tip your fanfic writers in the form of comments and/or kudos.

If you’ve been following along on my blog at all, especially my “on the continued subject of constructive criticism” tag, you’ll know that there are a lot of fic writers in our fandom who are unhappy because of, saddened by, discouraged by, and even want to quit writing because of the lack of feedback they often receive on fics they publish. I’ve struggled with a similar lack of feedback, and I know how absolutely awful it feels.

So I wanted to add that simple reminder to my fics because, much like with delivery drivers, where some restaurants (in the US, at least) will print reminders on receipts to tip delivery drivers, since they’re paid below minimum wage, sometimes readers need be reminded that what we do as fic writers is hard and often very thankless work, and asking that you take a few seconds to give some feedback doesn’t seem like too extreme a request.

Now, this request is obviously easier done on AO3. It takes next to nothing to kudos, and barely much more to leave a quick comment. Tumblr is much harder, because tumblr is not designed to be a fanfic publishing platform, and I realize that. Liking a fic on tumblr puts it in your likes, which some people don’t want. Same with reblogging – I may love a fic, but I don’t really want it on my blog. And I’m not asking that you do so. I do, however, ask that you consider, if you don’t want to like or reblog a fic, maybe popping into a fic author’s ask box and leaving them a quick message (anonymously or otherwise) telling them what you thought of their fic (complimentary or critically). This isn’t a one-time thing, there’s no reward if you do, but just think of how nice it would be to the people who write fics for no money and just for your entertainment.

Most of the writers I know on tumblr, especially the ones who struggle because of a lack of feedback, would be more excited than I can possibly explain here to receive a couple of asks from people saying something as simple as that they enjoyed their fic. And given the hours we fic writers often spend on fics, that seems like not too bad a repayment to me. 

So please, be kind to your fanfic writers. It’s a symbiotic relationship between writers and readers, and we need you to let us know that sometimes, you need us and you appreciate what we’ve put forward.

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Do intj's have feelings? Y'all seem pretty evil to me

Well anon hatred, disgust and anger are all feelings related to making a person evil so by saying that you just answered your own question.

Originally posted by badlands-dustyhands

On a more serious note, and even though it has been said a thousand times before, INTJs do have feelings. In fact, INTJs have a lot of feelings. The thing is that we have no idea how to manage then and when a minor incovenience comes around, the whole system shuts down. There are only two modes then: 

  • Ignore the feeling by working towards a solution to the problem that caused it.
  • Completely inmersing in it and forgetting about any other option apart from feeling that way until something bigger happens that distracts you from it.

I’ve seen INFPs, who are supposed to be the overemotional, crybabies of the MBTI, manage their feelings in a more logical, self-critical way than most INTJs. So in short, INTJs do have feelings like every human, but they are more likely to repress them until they become an urgent matter to deal with. In addition, and even though I don’t like the whole “INTJs are rational and logical” stereotype, I have to admit INTJs tend to have different priorities when dealing with things, so perhaps what would offend one type won’t affect the INTJ as they are focused on a different thing, and viceversa. This results in the INTJ sometimes ignoring feelings of discomfort, excitement or fear because they are not up on their “priorities right now” list, and in the wrong assumption that INTJs simply do not have feelings.


Get used to it

A Troy Otto smut Imagine

Because I got so many requests for Troy I figured it’s finally time to sit down and write some!
Warning: smut

Love Selina


Originally posted by clexa-evlrgl

Of course Maddison and the rest of the Clarks wasn’t happy about her hanging around with Troy, but she couldn’t help it. He acted so different around her and when he had captured her weeks ago  together with her “family” he had never aimed to harm her in any kind of way. Maddison was afraid he could hurt her regardless of that but even she must have noticed the way she looked at the tall man and finally had asked her smiling: “It’s really serious between you two then?” And she had nodded. She was had over heels on love with Troy Otto. A man who had tried to kill the only family she had left in this broken and chaotic world. But she didn’t care. It felt too go when she was with him. Too real. Everything she had ever dreamed of…

And what he did to her…inside and out of his bedroom. Giving her one orgasm after another. Using his fingers…using his lips…using his tongue. He was driving her crazy. He revealed a side of her she had no idea existed.

She had been nervous at first…afraid she wouldn’t be able to satisfy him in the way he needed it. But he had shown her how he liked it, what she had to do, how to use her hands, how to move her head, where to touch him. Her looking up to him with an innocent look while he was inside her mouth had never failed to drive him over the edge before and yet he wanted more.

Troy had never forced her to do anything she didn’t want to do but she was able to feel that he grew more and more impatient.

Right now Y/N was laying on Troy’s bed in his small bedroom, or rather she was laying on him.

Troy was reading in his notebook while her chin rested on his naked chest and her fingers drew small circles up to his neck and back to his nipples.

She was wearing his favourite set of dark blue underwear -the only nice pair she had left- and had put on the button-down shirt he had been wearing the entire day. The young woman caught herself from time to time how she pulled the open sleeves over her hands and took his sent in from them. The masculine scent of his paired with a slight bit of sweat and his very own peerless flavour. She got drunk on it.

He had picked her up from her work on one of the fields and as soon as they had entered the bedroom he had given her a soft, playful smack, telling her to take her clothes of before they made laid down.

She placed a sweet kiss on his chest and tasted his skin while she watched him reading. His blue eyes moving from side to side, his eyebrows narrowed in concentration and his lips slightly opened. Without hesitation she reached out with one hand and let her fingers roam over the soft stubbles on his cheeks.

She took her hand back and turned her head to the side to rest her left ear on his chest. At the sound of his steady heartbeat she closed her eyes and felt how her heart joined his rhythm after a while.

He had changed her. She was more confident and at the same time more self-critical. She felt desirable and yet not attractive enough. He made her feel special and extraordinary. There was a Y/N Y/L/N before and one after meeting Troy Otto.

She felt his crotch against her core through his jeans and the fabric of her panties. And just the knowledge of her being so close to him made her centre vibrate and she pushed her legs closer together to make it stop.

She was ashamed to admit it but since she had met him she had been aroused for every single hour of each day. Of course she had tried to get off by herself but her fingers had lost all of their charm against what Troy was able to do.

And she was sure he’d be able to do much more if she let him… Why was she so afraid? And what was she afraid of? He had never hurt her before…

When she was laying alone in her bed at night all she was able to think about was him inside of her. What it would be like? How it would feel? Was it as good as everyone was saying?

She wanted to be close to him. Closer than she had been to anyone ever before!

And before she could drop her decision again she crawled upwards and slipped her head through his arms which were holding the notebook.

Troy didn’t seem surprized as she gently rubbed her nose against his, their lips almost touching. “You’re relaxed enough, love?”, he asked smirking before his teeth started nibbling at her lower lip. “Hm”, she whimpered against his lips before he captured hers hungrily. Y/N moaned against his warm tongue and squeaked when his hands cupped her bum cheeks, pushing her closer against him. Her body tensed and the heat inside of her started aching.

“Troy”, she panted. “Yes?”, he eyed her questioning. “Sleep with me.” “What?” “Have sex with me, Troy.” “Here? Now?”, he looked around surprized and she softly grabbed for his chin and turned his head back towards her: “Here. Now.”

She didn’t need scented candles or other frills. No special surroundings. No important day or hour. She needed him. She wanted him.

A smile formed on his lips and he quickly turned them around, their lips already moving against each other again. He started to unbutton the shirt she was wearing and kissed every inch of skin he revealed, leaving her as nothing but a moaning and whimpering mess.

She removed her bra herself so it was easy for him to just grab her breats and massage them with the exact pressure she needed. His thumbs rubbed over her nipples in fast movements so she bit her lower lip to hold back the screams that wanted to escape her.

Way to slowly he removed her panties and licked over her legs while doing so. He loved the picture she provided and knew he was stone-hard in his pants, the small space inside his jeans becoming more and more painful. But she had finally decided to give herself to him fully. This was about her. Not him.

He moved over her body again and buried his face in her core. An excited whimper left her lips when his hot breath hit her right where she needed him. He licked over her folds before he pushed his tongue so far inside of her wet centre his nose was rubbing over her sensitive clit.

It was too good to be true. Like everything else this man was giving to her.

When he was sure she was ready he moved up to her and captured her lips in a hot kiss. She could taste herself on his lips and although she wanted to pleasure him in the same way she was sure she’d explode if he let her wait much longer.

She opened his jeans and pushed it over his hips along with his shorts. This was all going so fast. Was faster than she had expected and at the same time it wasn’t fast enough.

He watched her closely while rubbed his tip over her core and just the feeling of him down there made her moan out his name. “Troy…”

“Hm?” “I…I…”, she stuttered and clenched his shoulders with his arms. She needed to feel him, to steady her. “Be gentle…” He smirked and captured her lips again as he slowly pushed inside of her. She screamed silently against his lips because of the pressure, her muscles tensed and she squeezed her eyes shut. He gave her time to adjust to his size until the pain had turned into pleasure and she had kissed him back hungrily. “Gentle enough?”

She had never felt anything comparable to this. Troy deep inside of her. Y/N felt full, like she was made just for him. This was right where she was supposed to be and nowhere else. She heat up again and her breath hitched. Her heart stopped for the blink of an eye when she opened her eyes again and looked up to Troy who made her feel like the most special person in the world.

“Troy”, she exhaled and released the breath she hadn’t realized she had been holding. As a respond he started to finally move a little inside of her which caught her up between pain and lust.

“You’re so tight, Y/N”, the man moaned against the crook of her neck: “Fuck…”

His words made her thoughts dizzy and she clutched his strong shoulders even harder.

He started a steady rhythm and pulled out almost completely before sliding into her again. Their bodies were covered in sweat and his thumb rubbed over her clit relentlessly.

Y/N felt too much. This was the only way to describe it. She couldn’t deal with her senses and thoughts anymore the only thing she was able to do was to whimper his name over and over again as he got her closer to the end with every thrust.

His breath was shallow and he wanted to scream out just because how happy he felt. With this girl underneath him, he had to be the luckiest man on the entire planet.

He could feel her walls clench around him and told her to hold on a little longer before he grabbed for one of her legs which he moved over his shoulder.

He hit her deeper and deeper and without the chance of resisting much longer pleasure like she had never known it before rolled over her.

Her walls tightening around him even more send him over the edge as well and he came with a low growl inside of her. She felt his warmth filling her up and whined silently.

He pulled out of her and rolled over the her side. “This was…fuck…” She grinned. Unable to reply anything Y/N nodded and relished the feeling of his hands gently brushing through her hair before he kissed her innocently.

It took a while until her breath had steadied. She looked at him dreamy with a smile on her lips. “Thank you”, she whispered and started to caress his neck with her fingertips. Every single body part still sensitive. “Thank you?” “Yes…for making this so good”, she admitted and hid her face in his chest. Rubbing her lips against the salty skin. “You…uh…”, she stuttered nervously: “I…this has been the first time for me…”

Although he had suspected it, it felt weird to actually hear it. This girl had given herself to him like she never had to anyone. He had been the first man to see her like this. And this thought alone already got him excited for the next round.

“I guessed so…” “Oh…” “So…uh…you liked it? Was it okay for you?”, when suddenly another thought popped up in his head: “Did I hurt you?” Maybe he had been too rough with her for the first time?

“I’m fine, really”, she giggled: “It was amazing! …I didn’t expect you to be this big…” “You better get used to it, love”, he smirked: “You are addictive!” “And so are you”, with these words she sealed their lips again and moaned into the kiss when he roamed his hands over her breasts again, making his cock twitch in anticipation.

Top 10 ENTP Representations

@maplequeen15 asks:  Which character would you say is the biggest and most accurate representation of an ENTP?

I couldn’t pick just one so I am doing a top 10 starting from 10. Many will probably disagree the order of the characters and some of the characters chosen to make the top 10. Others will reblog complaing: Interesting, but I don’t agree with some of these. But boo them. Just enjoy.

10. Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)

Originally posted by infinitepossibilitiesofficial

Some may wonder why Damon made the list, especially since he is usually mistyped as ESTP. If he is mistyped so much, he can’t be an obvious ENTP. Well he is and he is such a great representation because he isn’t sciencey nor does he seem academic which many find to be a tenant of NT types (or The Rationals as some circles call them). His Ne needs to be mentally stimulated and he is always looking at the many possibilities. His Ne makes him a dreamer at heart, but his Ti makes him skeptical and cynical. We get an ENTP who is acting out crying for attention in Damon. He used to look at the world to see what it offered him and didn’t need to look inward. 

But Elena makes him reflect on his life and his choices. He has always been a true romantic at heart like many ENTPs are, but his life of being second best, of being labeled his whole vampire life has led him to fear his deepest desires. Si stability and something unconditional or someone in his life. He makes the list because he is a perfect, a PERFECT representation of the ENTP who hates being controlled or manipulated. 

9. Jack Skellington (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Originally posted by b-witched

Jack Skellington is a classic ENTP idea man. He gets bored of the repetition of Halloween and needs something that mentally interests him, but more importantly is looking for a challenge, his Ti. Christmas fascinates his Ne, but he tries to use his Ti logic to understand it, something that is more a “feeling” than a system to deconstruct. You watch an ENTP trying to understand something that needs other functions to really explain. But no one else explained it so you see an ENTP deconstruct the rituals of Christmas and re-imagine them. His inferior Si wants to find something unconditional and he thinks Christmas will be that thing, but it was really his Ne pushing him for more new ideas.

Something we see here with him  is the ENTP tertiary Fe and inferior Si working together. He truly wants to force new cultural rituals to his people. It really is the Ne-Ti trying to work with the Fe-Si. Just fantastically awkward. Which puts him at number 9 on the list.

8. Hiro Hamada (Big Hero 6)

Originally posted by honeylemonspowerpurse

Like many ENTPs he has the Ne-Ti ups and downs. His Ne makes him an idealist, an innovator, and a person who wants to shape the future. It can make him very optimistic, but his Ne makes him easily bored. So when his Ne is engaged he is high on life, on his idea. He works in spurts. But his Ti makes him skeptical and more importantly self-critical as it is focused inward. That mixed with his Ne distracibility are the reasons he needed Tadashi to point him in the right direction. 

This also comes from the fact that as an ENTP Hiro looks outward wondering what the world can offer him, what the world owes him. His journey as a character is using his Ti more for self reflection and working with his Fe to see how he can contribute to humanity. This ENTP journey of finding what he can offer the world is what places him at number 8.

7. Chandler Bing (Friends)

Originally posted by princesconsuela

No one ever disagrees on this character being an ENTP. His constant babbling combined with social awkwardness makes him a prime ENTP example. His Ne makes him unable to NOT talk, his Ti makes him skeptical and appear emotionless to other types, and he uses his Fe with his humor to push people away from seeing the real him, of really looking at him. This Ne-Fe deflective observational humor and sarcasm are mechanisms this ENTP uses to not reflect on himself, unlike Hiro Hamada. 

Chandler Bing makes number 7 on this list because of his iconic ENTP humor but most of all for his 10 season journey of overcoming his fear of his inferior Si function. Chandler always had a fear of settling down, of commitment, etc. It felt like it pinned him down and he wasn’t connected with himself, his feelings, etc. There are so many times his Si takes over negatively and he uses not just humor to evade situations that make him uncomfortable but he leaves the woman he loves, Monica in certain situations. The more he wants to cling on, the more his functions fight each other and he pushes what he wants away, a life with Monica away. By the end we see him not lose his quirky self, but become less afraid and use his Si in a healthy way.

6. Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones)

Originally posted by gameofthronesdaily

Tyrion, the Game of Thrones fan favorite. Of course, he made the list. His Ne-Ti makes him always want a mental challenge and makes it so he isn’t easily fooled in a universe that everyone is fooled. His Ne makes him wish for a better life, but his Ti makes him skeptical of the naive. The classic hesitant ENTP dreamer. 

What puts him on this list though links back to something discussed with Damon Salvatore (no. 10): expectations. As an ENTP he is able to read a room and people, but he isn’t naturally able or more not naturally comfortable with reflecting typical social norms in response to these readings. But his stature and treatment from his family has left him able to navigate people’s expectations quite well. But even then when people put expectations on him, his ENTP ego pops up and he acts less rationally and contained than usual. This puts him at number 6, because of the subtlety of this part of his character as an ENTP. 

5. Rick (Rick & Morty)

Originally posted by l-l-lickmyballs

This ENTP is number 5 because they combine the mad scientist trope with the dark existential philosophy of many ENTPs. He is constantly searching for more and is critical of all systems. He shows the ENTP wanting more from life, but through Ne-Ti analyzing, he dashes his own dreams. Unable to find and cope with his Si he spirals into his dark disposition. Morty is the one thing keeping him going. Rick is a great one to check out if you want some ENTP dramedy, chaos, and madness in your life.

4. Cat Grant (Supergirl)

Originally posted by thekeyunderthemat

Cat Grant is such an inspiring female ENTP, there was no way she wasn’t making the list. She shows that Ne idealism and Ti skepticism I have been talking about. Her Ne-Ti wants to find the truth for the sake of truth and her Fe makes her feel it is her social obligation to tell the people the truth through the media outlet that is her empire.

She also shows how ENTPs are great at reading other people and situations, but not themselves. Their inferior Si makes them almost afraid to face themselves and their Ti makes it harder for them to talk to people in caring, socially acceptable ways. Cat Grant is the epitome of this. It is hard for ENTPs to be truly open and on Supergirl we get to watch Cat Grant become open with others in a realistic amount of time without losing her powerful demeanor She is also a great example of how not all ENTPs are procrastinators who don’t get things done. When ENTPs find their place, their passion, and follow it there is nothing they can’t do. Cat Grant found her idea or dream, and she never stops chasing it. 

She also shows that although she doesn’t show love and admiration in the usual Feeling type way, ENTPs are full of love and respect for others. You just have to peel back the shields they put up. They aren’t all evil and can be the best advocates for the underdogs.

3. Lily Frankenstein (Penny Dreadful)

Originally posted by lilyfrankenstein

If you haven’t been caught up on Penny Dreadful or plan on watching it in the future, be warned that this will spoil many things.

Like every character on Penny Dreadful Lily is a complicated character. In her previous life as Brona Croft circumstances left her functions to not be utilized. She was used and abused by the patriarchy. But we saw hints at it underneath her outside factors in her inferior Si. She wasn’t able to fully let Ethan Chandler in during their relationship. 

When she is reborn as Lily we see her embrace the strengths of not only her new found self and immortality, but of her functions. She becomes a matriarchal visionary. Her Ne-Ti makes her a great analyst and her tertiary Fe makes it of social constructs and systems. She deconstructs the patriarchal Victorian society and hopes to tear it down. Like all these ENTPs she is searching for that unconditional bit of life and she hopes female mastery of society will be that unconditional thing. Her observational skills and Fe manipulation also made her the perfect woman to fool Victor Frankenstein. No duh she makes number 3 on this list.

2. Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who)

Originally posted by zanaphea

The tenth doctor can’t stop running to see what the universe has to offer and yes he is logical like all the Doctors. (Don’t need to be a T for that.) What puts him at number 2 is how his Ti and Si effect his overall self. His Ti makes him almost arrogant in how he defies the rules of the universe. His Ti makes him see every situation as subjective and although he uses logic it is particular to every situation he is in. It can make him cold sometimes, but this coldness comes from his Fe caring. But the order makes it hard for him to really express himself on that emotional level. 

It is like many of these ENTPs, his Si journey is what puts him on the list. His Si wants him to find his place, something stable despite all his running around the universe. But when he not only loses his world, his people, he loses his love, Rose, and his Best Friend, Donna. He has no unconditional thing tethering him and he breaks down becoming incredibly emotional. The thing that leads people to mistype him as ENFP. But his break down, his emotional break comes specifically because he is an ENTP. His Fe makes him want to help everyone and he becomes arrogant and misses the little things that matter, because he was so focused on his Ne, the big picture. It is just heartbreaking, which puts him at number two.

1. Jeff Winger (Community)

Originally posted by beeroyalty

No one should really be shocked that Winger is number one on this list once they think about it. He is such an ENTP in everything he does. His Ne-Ti lets him wing it through life without having to do much work. Once he is in community college and he isn’t able to skate on his dominant function like he used to, he has to finally consult his Ti. Before he would skip to his Fe, talk his way out of any situation by pointing out the systematic flaws, or any flaws in the other person’s stance and he could get away with anything. But at college and with the study group they don’t let him get away with this looping dysfunctional behavior. 

He has to reflect more and his Ti still makes him seem cold, but it is him getting in touch with his Si like so many other ENTPs, on and off this list, that makes him the feeling, sentimental, glue to the group Winger we come to love. Making him number one on the list. 

Seriously, check out the episode when it is his first day as a Law Professor. Nothing screams ENTP like him in that episode

Side Note: If I went to redo this, I don’t know where but The Joker from DC would be on this list.

Other Top 10s: ISTP | INTJ | ISFJ

Character Development Questions: Hard Mode

For Sawyer, because my OC daughter needs some development.


  • Does your character have siblings or family members in their age group? Which ones are they closest with?

Sawyer is an only child, and doesn’t have any cousins at all that she can think of. In fact on the day to day, she typically would hang out with elder women many years her senior.

  • What is/was your character’s relationship with their mother like?

Sawyer’s mother is more or less out of the picture. It’s from this woman that Sawyer inherits her artistic talent. She travels. And I mean she’s a globe trotter. Sawyer has no ties with her. And if someone were to ask, Sawyer most likely would leave out the fact that she has a mother at all.

It’s not out of spite, nor resentment. (at least that’s her argument)

  • What is/was your character’s relationship with their father like?

Sawyers dad… is a case. He keeps Sawyer busy with things he thinks will interest her. Say she admits that she went out taking pictures with her polaroid over dinner one evening. Two weeks later, Sawyer finds herself with photography classes she needs to attend every Tuesday. 

He monitors her progress, but ultimately doesn’t show a personal interest. The man isn’t controlling, if anything he is neglectful. He puts a lot of faith in his ability to keep track of his daughters activities. Wrongfully so. Because he hardly knows anything she does.

(she hates the stuffy manor her dad lives in. when she can manage it, which is most of the time, she sleeps in the poolhouse. she’s got a mini fridge and a portable stove and a good stash of clothes so she’s happy there. he has no knowledge of this.)

You can’t call Sawyer rebellious. But she has absolutely no qualms about bending the rules her dad sets her. Mr Duckdown tries to fill the role of “parent” only to keep up appearances. He dreams of being quite high up on the social ladder, and owns a popular country club.

  • Has your character ever witnessed something that fundamentally changed them? If so, does anyone else know?

Sawyer had been in attendance of many gatherings at the country club her dad owns. Lots of snotty brats clinging to their mothers sides and complaining. Mr Duckdown took pride that he didn’t have to worry about any complaints from his quiet daughter.

But before she’d taken up the habit of escaping gatherings like that, she’d had to stay late into the night; when wealthy club members would get a little too involved with their wine and the conversation. Nothing ever scary, nor fundamentally out of the ordinary happened. But watching composed and clean socialites gabble and guffaw and more or less become a gaggle of overgrown sensitive toddlers had opened her eyes to what so many respected members of society truly were: self-imposed charlatans. 

Sawyer sort of lost her respect for adults after so many an evening like that. Part of why she doesn’t really care about her dads expectations and lives her best life, even if she doesn’t ever outright disobey him. (she’s gone behind his back though)

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What do you think about thia big stellium in virgo? (I mean for transits)

It is a mass reconstruction of “everything so far” and anxious overwhelm as a result of receiving a new perspective on our experiences & whatever we’ve built up until now. Virgo is the point in the Zodiac when we take a step back and realize a new version of the truth, a more rational and self-critical perspective. The amount of energy congregating in this sign, at the end of a season, means that we can no longer ignore the issue, and we need to optimize our conditions because we have been focusing on personal gratification or accumulation while neglecting personal progress. The progress begins by reflecting on the flaws & mistakes. Heading into Libra season this week means that this stellium is particularly focused on rectifying our role in our lives & others’ before we move forward in our situations or relationships. I also feel a “purging” happening. In the process of this improvement and reflection, we’re flushing out all the things we don’t need and the things that don’t contribute to the aforementioned progress.


Quote Swap (Emma Swan, Once Upon a Time): You want people to look at you differently? Make them. You want to change things, you’re gonna have to go out there and change them yourself.

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Hello M, what should I do about feelings of insecurity? I'm currently a first year in a graduate program. I'm constantly bombarded with ill thoughts that lend themselves to Imposter Syndrome ( e.g. "You aren't smart enough" and "You suck") . What should I do to quiet the voices?

You don’t listen to them.

I know that my replies to these asks are usually short and quite harsh, but I have genuinely thought about this since I read it the ask, and it isn’t any more difficult than that. There is no great secret. Some people are more prone to self-criticism and insecurity. If you are, you carry on anyway. You do your work, you exercise, you meditate. You reframe reality in a way that helps you succeed. Every day. You must do this every day. The work does not end.

Truscum will literally defend a transphobic cis person who’s coming at a trans person just bc the cis person shares their ideology of what trans is and the trans person who’s getting attacked doesn’t. Even if the trans person who’s facing the transphobia experience dysphoria themselves, so they’re a “real” trans person by the truscum’s standards. Like I really wish were more self critical when it comes to stuff like that.

Colours meme: Dark yellow for Inferiority Complex

(Yellow is one of the brightest and happiest color, stimulates our mental faculties; it activates the left or analytical brain, and makes people more mentally analytical and self critical of both themselves and others. For these reasons, any dark shade in it can actually indicate an inclination toward depression and melancholy, lack of love and low self-worth. Dark yellow relates also to the constant complainer and the cynic.)

The signs as my Taurus friend understands them
  • Aries: really mad? or is that the Greek god...of war right? anger. it sounds like "airy" so maybe like. chaotic neutral.
  • Taurus: hahaha that's me! sad. um very tough and opinionated. good at supporting people, bad at change. wants to be alone a lot.
  • Gemini: everyone hates them I dunno why?? extroverted with a secret side. probably difficult to relate to, or tell when they're being serious or how they're feeling (maybe they don't even know).
  • Cancer: hmm crabs. crabs are a thing I relate to them for some reason. chill and emotional probably. good music taste! named for an unfortunate cellular anomaly.
  • Leo: GIANT ASSHOLES. as far as I know. um probably also a lil emotional but definitely concerned with how other feel about them. does brave/stupid things to gain acceptance or maybe just because. really nice and sweet underneath, but maybe a little selfish with how they use it.
  • Virgo: ooh I like these name. lively and pleasant but maybe like too lively to the point where like it's exhausting for other people. in tune with nature and other people and the world in general. present.
  • Libra: oh this is a weird one. probably romantic not in the love sense but in the grandiose fantastical sense. very aesthetic. has a very particular view on life and themselves. dramatic af but also kind.
  • Scorpio: I KNOW ONE. scathingly sarcastic to cover up emotions. fiercely protective and cares aLOT. appreciates displays of affection and knowing they're right. literally does not give a fuck what people think and puts their business out there. but also saves parts of themselves for specific people they're very close to.
  • Sagittarius: literally I just think of Bumi from avatar the last airbender. strong and probably a little annoying sometimes. definitely a good friend to have around. probably psyched about constellations? secretly a wood elf.
  • Capricorn: another weird one. internalizes everything people say to them negatively, partly because drama is their water. but when in a good headspace can accomplish really great things and have internal peace. get this: tells CORNy jokes! get it? because capriCORN? ah, I'm hilarious.
  • Aquarius: oooh probably sweet and bubbly! needs lots of attention, doesnt always know how to go about getting it. really into singing and/or maybe dancing, something creative and performance related. looks exactly like mermaid man from spongebob.
  • Pisces: SMOL PRECIOUS HUMAN BEAN. emotions level 100, defense level 25, humor level 2 or 1000 depending on who you're talking to. lots of feels but not in the same way as other people - more self aware and critical. pushes self to do great things, can get burned out, gives the image of togetherness and confidence. secretly worried about many things. great at listening.