more self criticism

the signs when stressed

(check moon)

aries: angry; snaps at anything with a pulse

taurus: creative block; quietly frustrated

gemini: becomes forgetful; can’t concentrate

cancer: withdraws; needs quiet time with family or close friends

leo: uses confidence to cover vulnerability; low-key has the least self-esteem

virgo: becomes even more self-critical than usual; barely speaks

libra: uses friends as a distraction; most likely to use retail therapy

scorpio: withdraws; glares when you interrupt their brooding

sagittarius: panics; literally escapes and takes a holiday as soon as possible

capricorn: low-key freaking out; orders people around more than usual

aquarius: won’t acknowledge they’re struggling; uses literally any distraction

pisces: escapes into a daydream world; low-key panic attacks

hey, remember when lars:
  • obviously had social anxiety issues and desperately wanted the cool kids to accept him and to fit in
  • didn’t exactly get along on the best of terms with steven, but still wasn’t a complete asshole to him (was visibly apologetic when he made steven angry for insulting his mom, smiled and returned the chest high-five steven gave him)
  • was, as a kid in the flashback in horror club, shown as kind towards ronaldo and accidentally, not on purpose, tore his picture apart due to his major self-esteem issues
  • actually attempted to credit steven for saving the cool kids from rose’s moss despite the fact that he could have taken all the credit due to his desire to be accepted and thought of highly by the cool kids
  • was shown having hidden talents, such as cooking
  • got genuinely concerned over spilling coffee on garnet in the episode future vision and asked if she was okay

had a jerkish, standoffish personality but obviously had many self-esteem related issues underneath it all that could have potentially been fleshed out and allow him to grow to become a wiser, well-rounded character and realize that it’s okay to be yourself? i miss that lars

A virgo sun manifests its energy outwardly. These people want to be the sign: clever, selfless, righteous, mature (etc.), but tend to fall short and struggle with consistency. For instance, their house might be a mess although they value cleanliness. They are more critical of others and focused on preaching and setting an example, feeling unsatisfied/stressed when people don’t raise to their expectations.

A virgo moon manifests its energy inwardly. These people need to be the sign in order to feel happy. They naturally exhibit the typical traits of a virgo; being tidy, attentive, selfless, servile (etc.) is what originally makes them. They are more self-critical and focused on following their own example, unsatisfied/stressed when they don’t reach the standards they set for themselves.

Both are perfectionist, analytical, sensitive, might have artistic interests although they are naturally drawn to science, are preoccupied with health and appreciate nature, children and pets. They are both dualistic, portraying “the virgin” (the image of someone somewhat hard to reach, composed, delicate, graceful maybe elegant or rafined - i. e. these people rarely swear) while, behind closed doors, they can be quite the opposite (in the sense that they might be might indulge in bad thoughts or dirty fantasies and will do whatever it takes to please a partner).

So I was thinking, Adrien and Chat have fairly different personalities, right? Chat is outgoing and flirtatious while Adrien is more serious and even self-critical. This difference is probably due to the fact that, when he is Chat, he has a mask on. Anonymity. No one, not his father, not his fans, is judging him, and that must be liberating.

So, what happens if someday he and Marinette found out each others’ secret identities? I see all these AUs and fanarts about Adrien becoming flirtatious to Marinette in school (which are amazing of course), BUT… I think it might be the opposite. What if Chat suddenly started to behave more like Adrien? What if suddenly he is less confident with his advances, no longer flirts, and even becomes distant to her? Now that Marinette/Ladybug knows who he actually is, do you think that his insecurities as Adrien, that he normally leaves behind when he is Chat, would take over? Something to think about… >_<

tldr: this love “square” will be the death of me

Blue Lives Matter people are just fascists, though. Let’s be honest about that. Ultimately, they think cops should be able to do whatever the fuck they want and everyone else has to be submissive, quiet and obey.

Like, um, guys, that’s sick, corrupt and absolute fascism.

You are all probably too dumb and/or brainwashed to realize it, but yeah, it’s fascism. A toilet brush probably has more self-awareness and critical-thinking ability, to be honest.

I’d call you nothing but lame George Orwell supporting characters, but honestly, every character Orwell wrote was always interesting and three-dimensional. 

You aren’t, frankly.