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Fun fact about women’s health that I’d literally never heard of until it affected me:

Endometriosis can spread and grow on more than just your uterus. It can create bands of scar tissue that glue your internal organs together. Which means you could have horrible, shooting, stabbing, cramping pain in places like, say, your liver or lower abdomen near your appendix, and you can spend thousands of dollars on ER visits only to be given some morphine and told you’re perfectly healthy.

Endometriosis does not show up on any imagery. So you can get a dozen or more CT scans in a 3 year span (increasing your risk of cancer with each one), and be told there’s nothing wrong with you.

I am now going on 6 months of countless doctor visits, pain medication, visits to the ER, and tests, before I’ve found a doctor who actually listens to my concerns. I have surgery in two weeks to remove the webs of scar tissue, but they’ll likely grow back. I’ll be dealing with this pain for the rest of my life, or until I can convince a doctor I’m in enough pain to justify a hysterectomy.

Anyway I was always skeptical about doctors not knowing recognizing or caring about women’s health issues, until I’ve lived in this hell for several years. And if you fee like there’s something seriously wrong with your health please continue to pursue answers rather Thsn getting discouraged and living with pain.

Anyway tldr endometriosis is a fucking bitch and all uterus owners should know the signs and symptoms so they can avoid this headache before it gets as bad as mine is


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