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I've been appreciating the increase in long-form answers and the increase in 'punching back' at the more rude and insistent question marks. Just thought I'd throw that out there

The longer answers are a side-effect of me being with my daughter at Vid Con where I have a lot more sitting around time.

The rest is just me being ornery. : )

Pidge is rude when frustrated and insensitive when frustrated/nervous.

Hunk is rude when suspicious and insensitive when nervous.

Keith is rude when provoked and insensitive when forced to choose between logic and emotion.

Lance is rude when jealous and unlikely to be insensitive.

Shiro is rude when really frustrated and also unlikely to be insensitive.

One of my students this week is autistic and has a personal caregiver with him. After class, she took me aside and said, “I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that Little Johnny is… special.” She pronounced it with italics. “I’m sorry for his acting out, please be patient with him.”

Lady… Little Johnny is no problem. He stands off to the side and makes bad kids jokes and talks about ringworm in uncomfortable detail, but he’s interested and sincere and is obviously getting something out of being at camp. I’d rather explain directions to him six times in different ways than deal with Little Mikey, who’s kind of cruel and seems determined to make sure that no one else is able to enjoy themselves if he doesn’t get his way. Please help me with Little Mikey.

I would get on my knees for Tae

Hoseok | Jimin | Namjoon | Jungkook | Yoongi | Jin


Jimin goes hard

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Keith: Me had a bonding moment! I cradled you in my arms!

Lance: Nope don’t remember, didn’t happen!

Keith, internally:

The fastest way to stabilize your patient that won’t stop coding... make them a DNR. Works every time.

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