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in a span of just a few hours, Adele canceled her concert on us, my phone dropped and cracked, and we drove a total of over 500 miles in 3 days. all in all these first world problems don’t matter because nature wins. and as the nature of things go, life is going to be ok. Follow snapchat and Instagram for more of our road trip and life endeavors - @mattbruening

Shaggy’s Log, Day 1: Weather rough, but windshield wiper still holding out. So far, so good.

Shaggy’s Log, Day 2: Morale low. Windshield wiper disappeared by magic. Now, only the flat, gray rectangle in front of me keeps me company. 

Shaggy’s Log, Day 3: Mysterious gray rectangle gone. Windshield wiper has returned, but looks suspiciously like a dog’s tail. Morale high.

Carl the Animator: “This is fun!”

Ted the Animator: “This is terrible. I think we’re lost.”

Carl the Animator: “We’re not lost, and there’s cool stuff everywhere!”

Ted the Animator: “Hanna-Barbera’s not paying us to sightsee, Carl, this is a business trip. We need to find the convention center, ASAP.”



Ted the Animator: “Focus, Carl, focus! …Also, no, he’s just sitting in the driver’s lap.”

Carl the Animator: “Don’t you tell that pug what he can and can’t drive.”

Ted the Animator: “Look, let’s just pull over at that market and check the map, ok?”

*2 minutes later*

Ted the Animator: “Hmm… looks like we’re still on the outskirts of town. I think if we go east, we can–”

Carl the Animator: “This place has stupid pumpkins.”

Ted the Animator: “I… what?”

Carl the Animator: “Look at them, those aren’t pumpkins! They’re trying to sell counterfeit pumpkins, just like a Scooby-Doo villain would!”

Ted the Animator: “…those are called cooking pumpkins, Carl. They’re a real thing.”

Carl the Animator: “Then why aren’t they round and orange? That’s just false advertising.”

Ted the Animator: “Whatever you say, Carl.”

*27 minutes of driving later*

Ted the Animator: “…we’re definitely lost.”

Carl the Animator: “We’re not that lost.”

Ted the Animator: “Carl, forgive my directness, but… WE’RE ON TOP OF A FREAKIN’ MOUNTAIN.”

Carl the Animator: “Yeah, but it’s a pretty one, and you can’t be that lost if you like where you are.”

Ted the Animator: “That doesn’t… ugh, forget it. I think that speck in the distance might be a highway.”

*27 minutes of driving later*

Ted the Animator: “Ok, I think we might be getting clo-”

Carl the Animator: “WOOLLY WORM FESTIVAL!!!”

Ted the Animator: “…what?”

Carl the Animator: “I don’t know what it is, but we NEED to go.”

Ted the Animator: “…I see a few problems with this.”

Carl the Animator: “Oh, come on!”

Ted the Animator: “First, we’ll be in trouble with Hanna-Barbera if we don’t find the animation convention.”

Carl the Animator: “Humph.”

Ted the Animator: “Second, we don’t know where ‘downtown Banner Elk’ is, and it doesn’t even sound like a real place.”

Carl the Animator: “Double humph.”

Ted the Animator: “Third, anything called the ‘39th Annual Woolly Worm Festival,’ complete with a picture of a worm with shoes and a beret, scares me.”

Carl the Animator: “Triple humph.”

Ted the Animator: “Fourth… it ended more than 3 weeks in the past.

Carl the Animator: “You’re no fun, Ted. No fun at all.”

Ted the Animator: “Sorry for not having a time machine, Carl.”


All the hugs you need.

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  4. Making a Dog Yawn
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For that one cracky hilariously over the top Y!!!OI Road Trip AU featuring our four favourite Russians plus Yakov plus Lilia, thrown together via a wacky series of events after the GPF/ any of the skating competitions. Just the 6 of them and one car and one road trip across Europe/ N America for whatever reason.

(And for whatever reason Yuuri is unable to tag along so they get Pining!Victor together with StillPining!Georgi.)

Sterek road trip AU 

After graduating from college Stiles and Derek, best friends who both wish they were something more, road trip from California where they went to school, to New York City, where they both have jobs lined up.

They take the long way across the country, stopping at all the cheesy roadside attractions along the way.  Every time they stop Derek sends a post card and Stiles buys a little trinket and writes a note to go with it.

By the time they make it to New York Stiles hands Derek a backpack full of little souvenir and notes about his feelings for him and Stiles has a mailbox full of postcards from Derek telling him about his feelings for him.

They spend their first 2 days in New York locked in Stiles’ bedroom.  

On their next cross country road trip they hold hands and make out at the same cheesy roadside attractions that they stopped at on their first trip.


Here’s the first overall video from our big road trip. More to come :-)

you’ve heard of allurivan

now get ready for


@mizulekitten this one’s for you

keith doesn’t really care that someone  in his family is galra. his teammates have done a wonderful job reassuring him that he’s just as human as they are and that they still adore the fuck out of him. even lance bursts into his room one day and loudly declares that galra blood or no, their rivalry must continue. “don’t want them to think we’re getting soft on each other” he adds quietly. keith definitely gets emotional and lance tries to fist bump him, but keith just hugs him and tells him yeah i know i hate you too lance. 


kolivan however thinks that keith should learn at least something about his ancestry. so he initiates galra 101 in addition to the advanced combat training he’s been putting keith through. (everyone except allura and coran are lowkey mad at hunk because he suggested that all the paladins could benefit from learning more specialized combat, and so they’ve all been roped into learning along with keith. lance complains the whole time and pidge plots murder, but they can’t deny the results, which is mostly hunk’s glorious arms bulging everywhere, all the time. bless.) so keith is learning about galra culture, what it’s SUPPOSED to be like before everyone went crazy. 

keith is sitting next to kolivan, rapt and enthralled as he goes on and on about some holiday or something. kolivan is talking with his hands, gesticulating grandly and describing, in as best detail as he can, what the festival for their chief deity is like. and keith has this small smile on his face, leaning his chin on his fist as he absorbs it all, enjoying the way kolivan’s voice flutters up and down when he gets particularly enthusiastic about something.

and kolivan is kind of overwhelmed by teaching someone who isn’t a stoic, traumatized galra. this is a human, such a young one, who has seen war and death but is still so full of hope. hope that zarkon can be defeated, hope that the black paladin will be found. hope that the galra can reclaim their lost lives and civilization. hope for peace. he’s never dealt with a soldier like this before, and every time he looks at this - boy? kid? young man? paladin??? - he just kind of needs to reboot. 

of course, they’re not having these tender educational moments away from the prying eyes of their comrades and castleshipmates. nuup this is all happening right in the commons, or in the kitchen, or in the halls as they walk. sometimes in the bridge. 

allura stumbles across them one day in the observatory. she can be as quiet as her mice when she wants to be, so she holds fast to the shadows and listens to them talk. it’s not about the galra though. it’s about them, and about her. how kolivan sees that she’s working hard to overcome her hatred of all galra, and focusing that hatred on the empire instead of the race. how excellent she is at setting up training regiments and fixing the training droids, and figuring out specific training routines for each paladin. she watched keith’s eyes light up, watched as he leaned closer to kolivan and gestured with his hands, listened as he spoke of how worried he was about her when their small ship burst into flames in deep space, of how she grasped his hands and allowed him to hold her close. she didn’t need protecting, he said, but he thought that sometimes she wanted to be. 

kolivan asks if keith has feelings for allura. 

“of course. it’s hard not to. you do too,” he answers, a gentle observation. 

“i’m a soldier, a warrior. not a robot,” kolivan says with a lil chuckle. because he’s not stupid enough to deny his emotions around the people who have the best chance at destroying zarkon and the empire. “there’s also this” and he just leans over and smooc h e s the boy. 

keith is like BLINK BLINK WOT. i know we like each other but we also just literally said we also love allura i think at least one of us should be happy. and kolivan is just chuckling heartily tbh. his shoulders are shaking and he just leans in and asks if he has to explain polyamory to keith. 

he’s right, allura thinks. polygamous relationships weren’t uncommon by any means in altean culture. she smirks. clever galra. 

she knows she doesn’t stand a chance against these two.

so she approaches them in that moment, and neither of them look surprised. 

Taurus & Scorpio

1. Made the first move: Taurus
2. The big spoon: Taurus
3. The little spoon: Scorpio
4. The cuddler: Taurus
5. Cries during movies: Scorpio
6. More affectionate: Scorpio
7. Their favorite non-sexual activity: Sunset walks on the beach
8. More nervous to meet the parents: Scorpio
9. More protective/jealous: Both
10. Sneaks into the shower with the other in the mornings: Taurus
11. Initiates sexy times the most: Scorpio
12. Fuck or make love: Fuck
13. Behind the wheel more often during road trips: Taurus
14. Gives the silent treatment when they’re mad at each other: Scorpio
15. Reaches for the other’s hand first: Taurus
16. Whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear at inappropriate times:
17. Comes up with cheesy pick-up lines: Taurus

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