more reasons why im cosplaying him

anonymous asked:

howdy uh im a big fan and i plan on finishing my gyro cosplay :0 have any tips on the hat and goggles?

(( Hhh thank you

But uh, I…actually have no idea how to tackle his hat…That’s really the main reason why I haven’t cosplayed him yet ;;;

For the goggles, though…I would probably find a pair of goggles with a similar shape as a base and pop out the actual lenses. Use the lenses as a template and cut out the shape from craft foam, then use a ruler to cut the slits. The attach the craft foam to the goggles and paint the whole thing the color it needs to be.

Though I’m by no means an expert and there’s probably an easier way to go about it ;;

Does anyone else have any advice? ))