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Ronan said, “I’m always straight.”
Adam replied, “Oh, man, that’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told.”

(The Raven Boys)

A+ observation Adam.

JUST ACCLIMATING MYSELF TO FEATURES so that I can draw them some more in the future. <3 Ronan gets more little head studies because I like…drew the big Adam and was like alright got that on the first try OK no more attempts necessary haha. 

Baby ravens are ugly little shits.

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RWBY Art Challenge Day 7: A Parent.

This is an AU where nobody dies, but bad role models still exist. 

This is very late, but I started it before I had some stuff come up and just wanted to finish it! I may have missed the last 7 or so days, but I guess my guilt resulted in 4 parents for the price of 1, so that’s something at least!

I actually started coming up with so many ideas for comics I can do featuring the RWBY moms, so hopefully you’ll be seeing lots more comics with them soon!

Till next time! ヽ( ・∀・)ノ ☆*:・゚

I really don’t know why is there to much hate in any ships I know you hate it, but at least let me ship them, they are not real so they can be with everyone If you agree with me, please share with everyone :3 Make the world shine with ships!

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some things we’ll get from the trc tv show that no one’s mentioned yet
  • how to pronounce “Gansey” 
  • how to pronounce “Czerny”
  • the Gray Man
  • the beech tree in Blue’s yard
  • Adam’s trial
    • Ronan and Gansey running from Aglionby to the court house
  • Helen Gansey
  • Blue’s music taste
  • The Vancouver Crowd
  • Gansey’s boat shoes
  • that one scene where Noah tells Blue what to say to his mother at his funeral
  • Noah’s funeral
  • Ronan’s music taste
  • Maura and Blue’s relationship
  • The cave in trk with all the bone animals and other oddities
  • Blue being a complete bad*ss and shutting down misogynists
  • Nino’s
  • Blue’s fashion
  • Gansey’s fashion
  • Gansey attempting to pronounce certain Latin words/phrases and Ronan being like “Yeah, okay, so here’s what they really said…”
  • Adam’s internal struggle with his sexuality after kissing Ronan
  • Adam’s smile
  • Adam’s laugh
  • Adam being happy
  • Noah’s smudginess

“she was decidedly uncomfortable with the switchblade. although she very much liked the idea of it …

blue sargent, desperado;

blue sargent, superhero;

blue sargent, badass

… she suspected that the only thing she would cut the first time she opened it was herself.”