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It’s My Birthday After All (M) // Im Jaebum

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Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Summary: It’s Jaebum’s birthday, so you decide to make him his favourite food - with the promise of more ‘birthday presents’ after. Jaebum comes home; and you’re the only thing on his mind.

Please note that this scenario is rated M for MATURE as it contains scenes of a sexual nature.

Authors note: This was originally a request but I decided to incorporate it to suit today - which is Jaebum’s birthday! So in light of that, I hope you all enjoy this scenario with our sexy best leader - Im Jaebum~ ^^

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little even used to get very impatient during christmas time. he’d pull on his mother’s hand, ask her “why isn’t it christmas day yet?” with a pout and his mom would smile and gently stroke his head and say “because christmas is later this month, sweetheart. santa needs just a little more time to get all the presents ready. just be patient, christmas will come sooner than you think, okay?” and he’d let out an exaggerated sigh before saying “okay” 

now even doesn’t believe in santa and to him, christmas is mainly that time of the year when he gets to see all his relatives reunited. but when he’s at the mall with isak and they’re shopping for last minute presents and he hears a child say “mom, why isn’t it christmas day yet?” he turns around and sees the child with his mom who has her hands on her hips, a smile and a slightly tired look on her face. so even walks up to them and when he mouths “can i say something?”, the mother has a hesitant look on her face but she still says “okay?” 

so even kneels in front of the kid and says “hey buddy” and the kid has his arms crossed, his chin up. he’s sulking. “you know, christmas is not today because santa needs just a little more time to get all the presents ready. if he would’ve come last night, i don’t think your present would’ve been ready! so just be a little patient, christmas will come sooner than you think, okay?” and the child hesitates for a second, but then he sighs and says “okay” 

and even smiles at him and at his mom, gets up and waves them goodbye, and then he walks to isak who witnessed what just happened, an endeared smile on his face. and he holds even’s hand as they walk back home and asks “sooo, do you think that kid will be able to wait just a little more?” and even laughs a little, says “i mean, he’ll have to. but yeah, i think he’ll manage” and then he adds “personally, i’m just glad i don’t have to wait to do this” before he turns his head, plants a kiss on isak’s cheek 

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2p FACE with s/o who won't go to sleep unless they go to bed with them.

2p!France/Francois Bonnefoy- Begrudgingly he will stay over at your place sometimes but it’s easier if you just come over. It means he doesn’t have to pack clothes, smoke outside and shit. Plus then he can do more of what he pleases. But you still get hat you want/need.  

2p!America/Allen Jones- No problem there! You can alternate whose place you stay at, that’s fine. It might even get him to clean his a little more often since it should be presentable when you come over. It’s nice having someone want so badly to curl up and sleep with you. 

2p!Canada/Matthew Williams- Well…if that’s really, really what you want…he can do it sometimes, but not every night. After all he does like to have some breathing room sometimes. But most nights it’s fine to stay over and be close to one another.  

2p!England/Oliver Kirkland- Yes! that would be great! It’s like having a long sleepover! And he can always make sure you get a great breakfast, have a decent start to the day! On top of all those bonuses he gets to sleep with you every night! How didn’t he think of doing this first…

Scribble-Doodle: My History, My Past

Look, ma, no angst! Post mid-season finale Malec ficlet. Alec has a present for Magnus…

“I’ve got something for you,” Alec announces when he enters Magnus’ loft. He looks a little smug and a little cheeky and very, very pleased with himself.

Magnus immediately perks up. “Did you get me a present?” he asks teasingly.

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let's talk Zionism

I’ve seen an awful lot of posts going around lately condemning Zionists and even condemning particular people for being Zionists.

At best, this stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of what Zionism entails. At worst, this stems from outright antisemitism.

Israel has done bad things, and it’s perfectly okay to note this and speak out against the wrongs that any institution or country has perpetrated. Of course it is.

But Zionism is merely the idea that Jews have the right to have a homeland and be protected. With thousands of years of bloody persecution and oppression behind us, hatred and violence in the present, and the promise of more to come in the future, of course Zionism took root. Zionism has been and continues to be an image of hope to many Jews.

Zionists are not Israel, Zionism is not the idea that Israel should be able to do whatever it wants without consequences. Zionists can be openly critical of the modern state of Israel and still be Zionists.

When you condemn Zionism, what we hear is that Jews do not have the right to live without oppression, that Jews cannot be trusted to make decisions for their own good, that the plans Jews make must ultimately be nefarious in nature.

Being a Zionist is not the determining factor of whether any particular person is a terrible person or not.

Help Me Afford Top Surgery

This is a link to a scarf I made. I am trying out Etsy for the first time and there will be more products to come! 

This would made a great Christmas present for a loved one! 

All proceeds will be going toward my top surgery, anything helps! Thank you :)

**Will ship within the US**

i think what i’m most afraid of when coming out to someone is that they’ll diminish being ace

that being naive and inexperienced will be taken as “you’re just not ready for sex yet - give yourself some more time”

that being scared of sex will be taken as “are you a victim?” (no joke i was asked by someone if i was a csa victim, and i’m not)

that being ace is either wrong or impossible, and that i’m being weak or close-minded for figuring myself out

that somehow i haven’t met someone’s criteria to be ace

birthday present one of two for @everythingelsegoesherethen <3

“Dean. This is ridiculous. Can’t we go inside?”

“Soon, Cas. This is a winter tradition. First snowfall of the year? And the bunker’s so perfect for this. Just look around you. The only thing that’s broken this snow all around us is our footprints over here. It’s just screaming out for it.”

It’s a few days before Christmas, and Dean knows he sounds cheesy, but they didn’t have any snow at the bunker last year and he’s wanted Cas to experience this for a long time, if he’s honest. It’s something he and Sam always used to do as kids, but recently Sam’s been shaking his head and rolling his eyes when Dean’s suggested it, so he’s stopped bringing it up. Cas, though. Cas is like a child in how excited he is whenever Dean suggests doing anything intrinsically human. As much as he usually has absolutely no idea why anybody would do any of the things Dean suggests, he always complies with Dean’s instructions, usually with that adorably squinty look on his face that Dean never tires of seeing.

“So I just lie down? Right here?” Cas checks.

“Yeah, and then you move your arms and legs around a bit to make the wings and the… robe thingy, or whatever it is angels wear in all the paintings.” Dean shrugs, pointing to his own example a few feet away to demonstrate, still brushing snow off the sides of his jacket.

Cas does as he’s told, lying down in a wide, open space, giving himself plenty of room to spread out. Far more room than he needs, in fact, Dean can’t help but notice. He stares up at Dean, his eyes wide and questioning. “Is this right?”

“You don’t even have to move. You’re already a snow angel.” Dean laughs at his own joke, staring down at Cas with a fond expression on his face. They’re the only two people around for miles and he doesn’t have to pretend anything. He can admit how much he loves Cas and how beautiful he looks lying there in the snow because what’s the worst that’s going to happen? Nobody will know; nobody can get to them.

But Cas does move, of course. He mimics Dean’s actions, and he waves his arms and legs from side to side, the motions awkward because they don’t come naturally to him and he still doesn’t know exactly what he’s doing. But the effect is good; a twin to Dean’s own snow angel, almost exactly the same size. To an outside observer, they might have been made by the same person.

“That’s perfect,” Dean grins in encouragement, looking down at Cas and offering a hand to help him up.

Cas takes it but he stops in a sitting position, dropping Dean’s hand and glancing around him at what he’s done. The back of his hair and trench coat is wet from the snow and Dean can’t wait to get him into a warm robe and a heated bunker and cuddle him on the couch until he’s warm again.

But Cas shakes his head. “No. It’s not right. It doesn’t look like an angel at all.”

“Well, yeah, I know that, Cas. It’s something kids do. Kids who’ve never seen a real angel, I expect. What are you gonna do, draw a trench coat and a tie in the imprint?”

“No, that’s not what I mean,” Cas says slowly, turning something over in his mind, like he can’t decide whether or not to say what he’s thinking.

“It’s cold, Cas. This was fun, but now we should go inside and get some hot chocolate.”

Cas ignores him. He lies back down, screws up his face and he concentrates hard on something, and Dean is just about to ask what’s up when there’s a pop followed by a loud rustle, like large objects skating against the snow–

–and that’s exactly what it is, because when Dean looks down at the ground again, Cas is still there, just the same as he ever was, a snow angel lying in the imprint of his snow angel - but to either side of him there are a pair of huge black wings; nothing like the shadows that Cas had projected against the wall the day they’d met, these are real and tangible and making a dent in the snow, and they never seem to stay still, and as Dean watches the feathers continue to flutter, reflecting the light from the sun and causing a faint rainbow of colors to dance across them.

Dean knew, theoretically, that Cas had some kind of wings hidden away, and he’d even tried his best to picture them on occasion, but he never thought he’d get the chance to actually see them. Not like this.

He kneels down in the snow and tentatively reaches out a hand. Cas watches him and doesn’t say or do anything to stop him, so Dean lets himself lightly place the hand on top of a wing, stroking ever so gently down the feathers.

Cas’ eyes close under the touch. The feathers are soft but the expression on Cas’ face is softer, his breath hitching a tiny bit at the first contact of Dean’s fingers but then relaxing into it, breathing evening out, nothing more than soft sighs as Dean continues to work, running his fingers almost reverently through the feathers, trying so hard to be gentle because everything about them looks so delicate.

Dean’s not sure how long he sits there trying to memorize the feel of Cas’ wings underneath his fingers, but eventually he stops because he’s shivering and he can’t quite keep control of his hands and he’s worried about hurting Cas. So he climbs to his feet, his body stiff from the cold, and he helps Cas up, not quite knowing how to do that now that he has to take the wings into account, but Cas just neatly folds them up behind himself, completely naturally, so that he can take Dean’s hand as they walk.

Dean can’t help staring, sneaking the occasional glimpse at Cas’ back along the way, because he’s not sure he’ll ever tire of the sight.


“It’s lucky nobody else ever comes this way. I think that would be pretty hard to explain.”

Dean’s not cold anymore. He’s still outside, sitting on a ledge that used to be a brick wall or something but is now just part of the endless landscape of snow, one of Cas’ wings - his wings - curled around Dean, all the way around his back and his front with the tip tucked into his waist, feathers fluttering against him when he moves, their sides pressed together so that Dean is surrounded by Cas in every way. The second wing is draped across Cas’ own lap so they’re both warm, both cocooned in a warm blanket of feathers, protecting them from the elements and from anything else that may come along.

It starts to snow again, ever so lightly, just the finest mist of snowflakes fluttering down onto the pair of them. Dean watches the snow fall onto Cas’ wings; tiny droplets of white standing out against the deep black expanse of feathers.

He’s heard before that every snowflake is unique, and the thought crosses his mind that maybe the same is true of Cas’ feathers. Maybe he could study every single one of them, staring at each in turn and feeling them between his fingers, and never find two that are exactly alike.

He makes a mental note to test his theory sometime.

Dean remembers his mom telling him, every night before he went to bed, that angels are watching over him. But it was never really a great source of comfort to imagine some faceless angel that Dean couldn’t see and couldn’t touch, too far away to actually protect him if it came down to it. It didn’t help him feel any less alone.

But right now, Dean thought, as he closed his eyes and burrowed his head into Cas’ shoulder, smiling softly and trying to decide whether or not to take a brief nap out here - yeah, he can be very sure that this angel is definitely watching over him.


Kamen Rider ExAid Brave Special
Kamen Rider Ouja: Holy shit Asakura Takeshi is back!

I saw a little teaser for this special and seeing a rider from my favorite Kamen Rider series ever (Ryuki) return after 15 years was just…I HAVE TO SEE THIS!

So after dropping Ex-Aid following episode 3 I picked it back up and have been following it. It’s an odd series for sure, but it isn’t too bad…I’m just waiting for something major to happen.

That aside, this special featured a revived evil Kamen Rider squad (Dark Kiva, Taiga/Tiger, Sasword and Beast) with the physical return of the demented Asakura Takeshi/Ouja.

Watching this guy get in people’s faces and beat people to death. 15 years has not slowed him down.

Totally wanted him to win.

Most amazing thing is the special ended with the reveal of Foundation X. I think those guys have been absent since OOO or Fourze. They’re an arc villain that has existed in the movies of several Kamen Rider series going back to W.

Order is: W, OOO, Fourze, Wizard, Gaim, Drive, Ghost, Ex-Aid, so they’ve been around for a while.

I’m stoked to see what evil plans they’re cooking up and I hope they stick around.

Please stop judging people for calling Pidge “she”.

“But I use he/they because I think of Pidge as a trans boy/nonbinary.”

Okay. You are free to do that. But this interpretation makes me personally, as a nonbinary person, feel uncomfortable for a few reasons:

Pidge outright says, “I am a girl.” At no point does she ever indicate that she actually wants to be seen as a boy, or anything but a girl. When she “comes out” (and yes, I agree the scene is presented as a coming out, more on that later), the others take that opportunity to validate her declaration. Coran even says, “We were supposed to think you were a boy?” Which is a deeply upsetting line if the intent were for her to be a trans boy. In the same vein, “I don’t have to be a man to ‘man up’,” would be a horrific thing to write if Pidge were a trans boy. If Pidge were nonbinary or a trans boy, everyone saying, “Yeah, duh, you don’t pass at all and we totally knew the whole time,” is… really, really awful.

Additionally, for Pidge to say “I am a girl,” and for her friends to switch to “they” instead of “she” without asking her first feels like misgendering. Unless Pidge specifically requests alternative pronouns, there’s no reason for anyone to disregard her identity like that.

“Regardless of canon, I want to think of Pidge as trans! If you use ‘she’ you’re saying she’s cis.”

You know who else uses “she/her” a lot of the time? Trans women! I would never argue that trans girl Pidge is the only correct interpretation which everyone should adhere to, but it’s totally bizarre to me that everyone seems to have forgotten that trans women… exist! I personally feel that her “coming out” scene works a lot better when I think of her as trans. Also, there are plenty of nonbinary people of various identifications who use “she/her”. Pronouns are not always indicative of how someone views a character.

“Only cis people use ‘she’ for Pidge. It’s transphobic not to have any trans headcanons.”

You are 100%, demonstrably incorrect. Nine times out of ten, trans headcanons trigger my dysphoria. I am not alone in this. I can’t comfortably participate in a lot of fandom activities because of this. You know exactly nothing about a person’s politics or how they identify based on how many cartoon headcanons they have. Headcanons are a personal thing. They are important to some people. They are not important to everyone, because not everyone reacts to canon the same way. You have the right not to interact with any person or fanwork you wish, but these judgments are false, harmful, and lead to fighting and harassment. It’s alienating as hell. Be considerate.

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OHH if I just could give this MV 10 million more views as a BOM birthday present T-T March 24 is coming soon

So here I´m am rewatching 2NE1 & BOM Mv´s , but it´s so hard to listen & watch their last song/mv 😭😭😭😭

Bom I hope from the botton of my soul and heart that you make a comeback and get all the love you deserve… r.r do you have a boyfriend alread?? idk… but Im suspicious ♥

I don’t trust anybody’s nostalgia but my own. Nostalgia is a product of dissatisfaction and rage. It’s a settling of grievances between the present and the past. The more powerful the nostalgia, the closer you come to violence. War is the form nostalgia takes when men are hard-pressed to say something good about their country.
—  White Noise, Don DeLillo.