more practice with this here tablet

Okay, so, a couple of people recently have asked for advice on digital lineart, so I just filmed me lining this recent phanart of Phil (sped up 4X). The drawing software is Fire Alpaca, and the tablet is a Wacom Intuos Draw. 

Here are some basic tips: 

*** Make really big swooping strokes, and overlap the strokes/objects/lines - and then AFTER, erase the lines you don’t want to see. This is instead of just trying to meet lines up with the ends of other ends to close boundaries, and will ensure that overall, your lines look a lot smoother. 

*** Try drawing the lines multiple times - play around with different curves and arcs - not only will this give you more practice, which is never a bad thing, but it will make everything flow better. As you can see in the video, with some lines I drew them several times before settling on the final one. 

*** Use the transform tools in the software! The program comes with a lot of really useful tools that you can use to easily manipulate your lineart - resize, flip horizontally or vertically, move around, etc. It’s usually better to just re-draw it, to get more practice, but simply transforming the lines can be really efficient and save you a lot of time :) 

*** Flip the canvas to make errors more obvious - this is good to do at ANY stage in your art. You can do this traditionally by holding your art up to a mirror, or flipping it over and shining a light through it. Trust me, it works!! It basically tricks your brain into seeing everything for the first time. Flip back and forth a few times, making small adjustments along the way, until you’re happy with it. 

*** PRACTICE A LOT. Seriously. I’ve been drawing with a tablet for over 10 years, and I still have a LONG WAY TO GO. Getting good at ANY skill takes a lot of patience, practice, revisions, and more practice. The rewards are sooo worth it though!! Keep going :D 

Chill Out

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“Dude, you so need to chill out,” you say, chucking the ball at the wall of the boat and snatching it out of the air before it even comes close to the shaggy Asian behind you.

Kevin just gives you a glare (that still manages to look attractive) and hugs the tablet to his chest. “You’re the one that needs to chill out,” he hisses. “You’re bouncing off the walls, practically!”

“That’s because the only daylight I’ve seen has been out the window of this gringy boat.”

“Stop eating so much sugar!”

“Let me go out!”

“I don’t want you to be here any more than you do!” he yells. “You’re just the reminder that I’m a walking target!”

“There’s no guarantee you’re gonna die,” you roll your eyes. “I’m just backup in case you do.” Just looking at the squiggly writing on the ‘Angel Tablet’, as your boatmate calls it, makes you feel ill. You can’t understand how he can translate it but, according to those jackass hunters, you’ll gain the ability when Kevin snuffs it.

In response, he pulls the curtain around his small space and huffs. You can hear him plugging his earphones into his laptop.

Your hand’s hardly touched the boat door when he’s pulling his sheet back and snapping at you, “Don’t. Even. Think about it.”

You groan, flopping your head back in disappointment. “Dude! Just let me take a jog or something!”

“The next prophets have all been tagged by Crowley,” he just says. “No way.”

You’ve had it with this skinny Asian dude and his ‘prophet of the Lord’ bullcrap talk.

“I’m an atheist!” you explode. “I don’t believe in any… any of this!” You wrench open the door and sprint outside.

In your haste, you’d forgotten your shoes, but when you hear the slap of feet behind you, undoubtedly belonging to that wanker Kevin, you start to sprint away, a laugh bubbling from your chest.

“Y/n, stop being a baby!” he yells. “This isn’t funny!” You can hear the laughter in his voice, though.

You’re sure you’re a funny sight—a short girl with uncombed hair, socks but no shoes, running away from a taller Asian guy dressed in a similar hoodie yelling profanities at you. No one stops your small procession, though, and for the first time in a while you’re finally feeling winded. This is a different kind of winded than doing some jumping jacks or pushups. This is honest-to-whoever, actually-running winded.

“Okay,” you wheeze, skidding to a stop in a grassy park. You can still barely see the boat in the distance but you covered an impressive amount of ground for a girl who’s been holed up for forever.

Kevin catches up to you quickly, also wheezing, and he doesn’t stop in time. He barrels right into you (maybe that was his plan, though) and the two of you topple over onto the grass.

“Dude, you sank the ship you’re working on to kill the captain,” you groan as he clutches at his stomach (you’d elbowed him with annoyance). The fresh air is bringing a flush to your cheeks. Just now you see how pale the two of you had gotten. “You have to admit this is more fun than sitting in that old boat and doing nothing, though.”

“Maybe this… could happen again,” he says hesitantly. The low timbre of his voice makes your knees weak and just now you’re noticing how you two are a tangled jumble of limbs and how on earth does the boy smell like mint; you’re pretty sure you smell like sweat and chocolate—


Kevin’s voice breaks through your thoughts like a flashlight through the fog.

“Why don’t you like me?” you ask bluntly.

From the moment you’d arrived with the jackass brothers who have an abnormal amount of sexual tension between them for people who claim to be ‘brothers’, the boy had glared at you and seemingly just resented you.

“What are you talking about?”

“You know exactly what I’m talking about,” you snap, extracting yourself from the tangle. “You’ve hated me for no reason since I’ve arrived and I’ve done absolutely nothing to you!”

“Wait—what?” you hear him splutter behind you but you’re marching away, angry at your treacherous heart that’s screaming at you to kiss him while your head says that he’s an asshole who doesn’t have time for anyone but himself.

When you arrive at the boat, you slam the door behind you but it doesn’t shut fully—the shitty Asian’s caught it.

“Wait, y/n!” he grabs your arm and you whirl around, stumbling over your feet, and somehow the two of you are falling backwards onto your bed which is much bigger than Kevin’s.

And then suddenly your lips are on his lips.

And neither of you are pulling away.

And it’s just going on, and on, and on, and on.

Kevin breaks the kiss to stare at you, half-lidded. Somehow you’re straddling him even though it feels like you’ve only been kissing for two hours and half a second.

“Was I that much of a jackass?” he asks lowly.

Heat pools in your stomach. “Yeah,” you admit, wiggling your hips for a bit of friction.

Kevin’s hand clamps down on your waist. “Stop.” His voice is tight and angry. “Just—don’t.”

You stare at him in surprise. That’s the voice he uses when the two of you are bickering (though you’d always considered it your form of flirting).

“I don’t want to—you know,” he says, voice apologetic. “Not unless you do.”

“Wanna hear a secret?” you ask shyly. “This isn’t my first time. It’s my second.” It’s not like you’re a slut or anything, you’re far from it. The first time had been with your boyfriend of three years and friend of six. You hadn’t expected him to move three months later, but these things can hardly be helped.

You see a variety of emotions pass Kevin’s face and immediately you flush. “I’m sorry.” You slide off his lap. “I mean, I’ve only done it once but if you want a virgin that’s all right, I mean, I hope you don’t think I’m a slut now—”

He lets out a sigh of relief. “Thank God. I have absolutely no idea what to do except from pornos and—”

“Oh, is that why the translating is taking so long?” you tease as he grabs your wrist and slowly pulls you back in between his legs. The slight bulge presses against your thigh.

“No, mostly because I can’t stop staring at your tight ass,” Kevin says softly and then the two of you are smashing your faces together and to anyone else it might seem messy, animal-like even, but to the both of you it’s heaven.

Then somehow you’ve changed positions so that you’re on the bed now but missing your pants and Kevin’s on his knees between them, doing something with his mouth that’s just sinly.

“Oh my God Kev,” you groan as his tongue dips into your folds, arousal making you throb with need.

“I know,” he whispers and the rumble makes you fall backwards onto the bed, fingers digging deep into his silky hair.

He starts to suck on your clit as two fingers plunge inside you, curling and making your back arch. You’re practically vibrating now with need and when you squint your eyes you can see that Kevin’s hands are slowly jacking himself off as he sticks his tongue deep inside you and just sucks.


“Well, no wonder it’s been taking so long for you to translate the damn tablet if this is what you two’ve been doing all this time.”

“Sam! Dean?” Kevin sits straight upright as do you and immediately sits inbetween your legs so they can’t see you undressed (the perfect gentleman).

“Welll, we were bringing you barbecue but it looks like you’re right in the middle of eating,” the shorter one speaks up.

“Dean!” the taller one elbows him.

“Well, enjoy your meal, Kev,” ‘Dean’ says with a suggestive eyebrow tilt and they two of them duck out of the boat quickly.

You look at the boy in your lap. “Well, that was such a moodkiller. What kind of barbecue’d they get?”

I know it’s shitty but there you go!!! happy late bday Killua!!! <3

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Last year for my birthday I got a drawing tablet for my laptop. I really like digital art and want to do more myself but I've really struggled with learning to use the tablet and drawing with it. I feel as if my work loses quality when I try to work digitally and end up frustrated with myself. I was curious if you've had any experience similar to this and how to help with it. I know my message was long so thank you for reading it.Also really love your art (couldn't send this without adding that)

Oh my gosh, I definitely have! I feel you so strongly there, trust me - I honestly failed at digital art a LOT before I started getting into it?

At first it was the fact that my first tablet was too big! It was this large clunky thing that didn’t fit on my lap right (too big to even rest on the table) so my lines were way too shaky. As the fool I was, I blamed the program (photoshop) rather than the tablet and my inexperience. 

I’m a bad example because I basically quit digital art and refused to do it for a years? As in I refused to pick up a tablet at all. But then I saw cool speedpaints online and then tried again, this time with a smaller tablet and paint tool sai. Pen pressure didn’t work, and I was frustrated how my art looked really bad compared to the amazing artists I saw. 

I guess the way I started to cope was by posting my art, even if it wasn’t that great - I was getting into fandoms then, and I found that people liked my stuff even if I didn’t think it was so great? Even just excited about the ideas rather than the ‘quality’, if that makes sense? It helped me gain confidence, and I think that’s more important! Being okay with your stuff not being of the ‘best quality’ all the time! 

You can only get better with practice and it takes a while! You get used to things like layers and masks and features of the program, as well as how your tablet works and stuff. And then, while my lines were still shaky, they were cleaner and I got better at coloring and all that stuff! I also continued with traditional art at the same time - you don’t have to stick to only one medium! 

This is more of my recent works here, after I got photoshop! I think I refined things and became more purposeful with color and stuff - photoshop is still quite daunting, but it’s so much less scary than when I jumped in the deep end all those years before!

In short, make sure your tablet is the right size for you, find a program that clicks with you, and just try to get enjoyment out of art, because it motivates you to practice and then you automatically improve! I’m still not satisfied with how my art looks - I see so many mistakes and inadequacies in it, but I have to remember that I’m still improving and learning and it’s gotten a lot better than when I first started out! 

Your ask actually helped me do that, and I feel better myself, haha! I hope any of this was helpful to you (it turned into a ramble about myself oops!) I wish you all the best of luck and hope you continue doing digital art! 

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Hi :3 I followed you for a while but never told you how much I LOVE your art~ It was time! I am in love with your style, both as a fan and as a young artist and wanted to ask: how did it change over time? What influenced it? Did you actively worked for it or was it more "spontaneous" (dunno if I explained myself well). Everyone tells me my style is kinda Disney-ish, but I'm not sure if I'm happy with it and want to keep it that way, and something near your style would be true #goals to achieve

Thank you very much!!! I luckily have many of my drawings from when I was very young so you can judge by yourself! I think my style has changed a whole lot but there are still things that have remained over time c: I tend to take elements from the things, sometimes on purpose and sometimes it just happens :p that’s kinda normal imo and you can see similar stuff from ppl that enjoy things like JoJo, hq!!, SU, or broarder things like horror manga, sport manga, american comics, Disney

I drew even before this and won a PSX on a drawing contest in 2001 yo but I have nothing from then bc I only drew for school. Anyway, these are from back in 2004 and I drew SO MUCH then! I was for once having fun in school so I was always super hyped drawing that I grew huge biceps (not a joke). Shaman King and Hunter x were my shit. Occasionally drew Dragon Ball stuff

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hey guys so I thought you deserve an update on why i’m neglecting this blog (more than usual hah) nowadays so here! 1. i moved to Hamburg 2 months ago for (at least) a year and while I bought my tablet with me, doing digital art on my shitty laptop is much less enjoyable than at home. On the other hand I got into watercolors and I’ve been spending a lot of time (and money ughh) on practicing it and my gosh is it relaxing….so I’ve been content to just explore the city and try to paint something nice every week. 2.being on tumblr became less fun and more of a source of annoyance so i’ve been trying to spend less time engaging in it and it is suprisingly easy and i miss it much less than i anticipated. I’ll still draw fanart and post it here tho because i love you all and i love reading your nice messages and comments ahhhh…but maybe it is really time to migrate to other platforms like twitter or instagram…i’ll let you guys know when i created an account! So!! that’s about it, I think i’ve never been this happy as I am now, I love Hamburg and I love the family I live with and my new friends and if any of you are ever near the city just hit me up!! take care and i’ll be back with new drawings soon♥

A guy at fighter practice tonight lent me a lovingly hand-made tablet-weaving loom. I am so overjoyed. I’ve never actually seen one this big in person before, and here he was, handing it to me. (more like pushing it down the table at me - it really is very big)

I guess he was so happy about my wide-eyed enthusiasm over his tablet weaving last week, that he 100% meant it when he said “I’ll let you borrow the first loom I made!! it’s a monster! You can weave like 10 yards on it!!” (I mean there’s always a chance of people just saying something like that to be nice, but nah, he really did bring his monster loom the very next week, just in case I showed up)

I love this hobby so much, the people have been real fantastic.

I’m going to weave a sweet, historically accurate belt. *___* ON THIS MONSTER LOOM.

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Sorry I wasn't clear enough.. I meant by lining and coloring, hopefully that makes more sense? My lines never really follow the sketches smoothly enough, and shading is a mystery to me lol

Anon, sorry it took me so long to respond! I wanted to put together something at least marginally helpful, so it took a little time. Disclaimer: I draw for fun and didn’t go to art school, so be prepared to take anything I wrote here under the cut heavily salted. (Also: see previous thoughts on art advice which totally applies to this post, too.)

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Digital art Clover? That’s weird.

Full disclosure, I’ve been running this blog almost entirely from my phone, because, well… it’s all I have. I’m telling you this because I’ve had an art app on my phone this entire time, but I never used it simply because I’m much more comfortable drawing on paper. Also because drawing good digital art on a tiny phone screen is pretty difficult, even with a stylus. And yet, here we are.

So! I think I wanna try doing some more digital art on my phone! It’s gonna take some practice, but if all goes well I might just totally switch the blog over to digital! My plan from the start was to hand draw my stuff until I saved up to get a laptop and a drawing tablet, but… realistically, that’s a long looong way off.

Oh, and in case anyone was curious, the app I use is called MediBang Paint! In my opinion, it’s the best art app out there, and its totally free!

So let me know if you wanna see more digital Clover! Oh, and don’t worry, if I do more phone drawings it won’t look like this, I promise. This was just a little test sketch I did in like five minutes. I swear my actual stuff will be much neater.


Happily Ever After 2/?

Oliver and Felicity return to Starling City after their honeymoon and spend time with loved ones, including a tiny one!

Thanks so so much for all your likes and comments on the last chapter! I am beyond flattered. I really hope you enjoy this chapter as well.

Thanks so much to @almondblossomme for proofing!  You can find this and the previous chapter on AO3.

                               2. Practice, Practice, Practice

“Can we stay here forever?” Felicity sighed. She was laying on a lounge chair listening to the ocean waves lap on shore with a tablet in her hand.

“If you want. I intend to make your dreams come true Ms. Smoak Queen.” He leaned over and kissed her from his own chair.

“I’m going to remember that the next time it strikes me that I want a pony.” She smiled. They had been in Bali for almost a week and it had been perfect. They only had one more day before they were to head home and Felicity had mixed feelings. On the one hand, she couldn’t wait to see her friends and her Mom. On the other, she liked living in her own private heaven with Oliver, no one or no jobs to interrupt them.

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I'm relatively new to digital drawing and I was wondering how do you get the lines to look so clean and darkened lol

It usually comes down to making a line in a single stroke. If you don’t get it at first try you can undo your move and try making another stroke. ( personally I don’t see a shame in that )

(CTRL+Z for the first undo and CTRL+ALT+Z for further undos in PhotoShop)

Sometimes it takes a lot of undo-redos…. The more you get comfortable with your drawing tablet, the easier it will be for you to draw the lines the way you want. Please don’t get discouraged!! Practice makes perfect!

What is more, Photoshop (as well as PaintTool SAI) has the option to rotate your canvas in real time. Works great for the horizontal lines!

In PS - just hold R. In SAI you can assign the Rotate button when you double-click on the icon here:

PaintTool SAI has one feature that PS doesn’t and that’s the line stabilizer.

Even when drawing the line slowly, the program smooths it out!  

I only covered the basics, but I hope it helps you Nonie! And…

Truth be told, sometimes, the perfect looking lineart is simply the result of re-sizing the image… :V

( As for ‘darkened’ I’m not sure what you meant… sorry… ‘-’ )

First practice attempt at actual digital art. Did this using IbisPaint (it’s free) on my phone.  Posting so I can look back on improvements over time.

Traced a phone wallpaper photo, then coloured by hand.  I know it’s not much, but for a first practice attempt I’m pretty pleased with it.  It’s not great, but it’s practice and I learned a LOT. Like use a bigger fecking reference image in future. I need a graphics tablet. This is so much easier than traditional art.  More fun too.

The Right Opportunity

Written for @thefitzsimmonsnetwork​‘s Fanfiction Friday Challenge - For Science (Week 2). 

Prompt - “How could this happen?


Jemma’s brow furrowed as she pulled off the back panel of Bashful in her attempt to identify the cause of the day’s unfortunate incident. Fitz usually handled the dwarfs by himself with Jemma hovering a few inches away to make any adjustments along the way. But today, Fitz stood back with his arms crossed as he watched his partner warily. He knew she wouldn’t find anything out of order, but he didn’t want her to figure that out too quickly, hoping he could continue with his charade until she grew tired and let it go.

Calling the incident unfortunate was a bit of an understatement, considering the entire faculty of the Science and Technology division was in attendance for the apprenticeship presentations. Once the students were told about the chance to work under the likes of Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, Jemma focused much of her time discussing Fitz’s application and the project he would present to the judging panel, saying he wouldn’t want to miss out on an opportunity like this.

At this point in their studies, the dwarfs were pure prototypes, but with Jemma’s constant encouragement and countless late night brainstorming sessions, they were able to get them to a working condition suitable for an impressive demonstration. Jemma radiated confidence, believing the judges would be overly impressed by Fitz’s creation. But Fitz didn’t share these feelings. He knew his invention and overall intelligence were above average compared to others at the Academy, but he didn’t know exactly what the judges were looking for, and more importantly, he didn’t know how he would get on in a high tech lab all by himself without his best friend by his side.

On the day of his demonstration, Fitz walked to the stage and shakily introduced himself before quickly jumping into his presentation. All was well at first – the dwarfs demonstrated their ability to scan the vicinity for textures, matter density, and radiation, the footage projected on a large screen behind him. That was until Bashful decided to go about its own course and flew into the auditorium, nearly missing the judging table by a few inches before crashing to the ground many rows up. 

The silence that filled the space was deafening as Fitz hurried to retrieve the malfunctioning drone, muttering frantic apologies to the observers in the room. Fitz knew Jemma was somewhere in the dark auditorium quietly cheering him on – well, until his presentation came to a shocking halt – but he didn’t seek her out until they were free from onlookers, knowing she would likely be upset.

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Hey there, so it’s that spooky time of year again. I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback from the few commissions I did and I decided to re-open them with a change to pricing. (Mind you, the prices aren’t as low but rather a steady flat rate.)



Since it’s Halloween time, I decided to do Halloween themed commissions. Your OCS, favorite SHIPS, or anything scary / spoopy related. All in a fanfic or an original story. 


Flat rate is $1.00 per 100 words. NSFW is $2.00 per scene. 


However long length of fanfic or original story. The limit of words is 10,000, so nothing over that. Any plot you like – from horror / romance / Smut. Anything goes to fit whatever you want to read!


The top fandoms I will most likely write for are TOKYO GHOUL / ATTACK ON TITAN / MIRACULOUS LADYBUG / KUROSHITSUJI (BLACK BUTLER / PLUS MORE. If you suggest any other fandoms that aren’t listed, I will do research and write it for you! 


DO: Practically anything that you can think of! DONTs: No underage smut


Contact me here: or DM me on tumblr!