more practice with this here tablet

Okay, so, a couple of people recently have asked for advice on digital lineart, so I just filmed me lining this recent phanart of Phil (sped up 4X). The drawing software is Fire Alpaca, and the tablet is a Wacom Intuos Draw. 

Here are some basic tips: 

*** Make really big swooping strokes, and overlap the strokes/objects/lines - and then AFTER, erase the lines you don’t want to see. This is instead of just trying to meet lines up with the ends of other ends to close boundaries, and will ensure that overall, your lines look a lot smoother. 

*** Try drawing the lines multiple times - play around with different curves and arcs - not only will this give you more practice, which is never a bad thing, but it will make everything flow better. As you can see in the video, with some lines I drew them several times before settling on the final one. 

*** Use the transform tools in the software! The program comes with a lot of really useful tools that you can use to easily manipulate your lineart - resize, flip horizontally or vertically, move around, etc. It’s usually better to just re-draw it, to get more practice, but simply transforming the lines can be really efficient and save you a lot of time :) 

*** Flip the canvas to make errors more obvious - this is good to do at ANY stage in your art. You can do this traditionally by holding your art up to a mirror, or flipping it over and shining a light through it. Trust me, it works!! It basically tricks your brain into seeing everything for the first time. Flip back and forth a few times, making small adjustments along the way, until you’re happy with it. 

*** PRACTICE A LOT. Seriously. I’ve been drawing with a tablet for over 10 years, and I still have a LONG WAY TO GO. Getting good at ANY skill takes a lot of patience, practice, revisions, and more practice. The rewards are sooo worth it though!! Keep going :D 

I MISS MY TABLET but I couldn’t not doodle this when it came to mind, apologies for the slightly blurry quality 3

Remembered reading he is one to train, though idk if he’s ticklish, I doubt anyone has the guts to try it out like 99% of the time. Either way: Trust no one not even your gf who is helping you train weights, especially that actually.

Angelo belongs to @cafe-cardamari | @tamarinfrog

Orca belongs to @splatdash


A guy at fighter practice tonight lent me a lovingly hand-made tablet-weaving loom. I am so overjoyed. I’ve never actually seen one this big in person before, and here he was, handing it to me. (more like pushing it down the table at me - it really is very big)

I guess he was so happy about my wide-eyed enthusiasm over his tablet weaving last week, that he 100% meant it when he said “I’ll let you borrow the first loom I made!! it’s a monster! You can weave like 10 yards on it!!” (I mean there’s always a chance of people just saying something like that to be nice, but nah, he really did bring his monster loom the very next week, just in case I showed up)

I love this hobby so much, the people have been real fantastic.

I’m going to weave a sweet, historically accurate belt. *___* ON THIS MONSTER LOOM.

The Right Opportunity

Written for @thefitzsimmonsnetwork​‘s Fanfiction Friday Challenge - For Science (Week 2). 

Prompt - “How could this happen?


Jemma’s brow furrowed as she pulled off the back panel of Bashful in her attempt to identify the cause of the day’s unfortunate incident. Fitz usually handled the dwarfs by himself with Jemma hovering a few inches away to make any adjustments along the way. But today, Fitz stood back with his arms crossed as he watched his partner warily. He knew she wouldn’t find anything out of order, but he didn’t want her to figure that out too quickly, hoping he could continue with his charade until she grew tired and let it go.

Calling the incident unfortunate was a bit of an understatement, considering the entire faculty of the Science and Technology division was in attendance for the apprenticeship presentations. Once the students were told about the chance to work under the likes of Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, Jemma focused much of her time discussing Fitz’s application and the project he would present to the judging panel, saying he wouldn’t want to miss out on an opportunity like this.

At this point in their studies, the dwarfs were pure prototypes, but with Jemma’s constant encouragement and countless late night brainstorming sessions, they were able to get them to a working condition suitable for an impressive demonstration. Jemma radiated confidence, believing the judges would be overly impressed by Fitz’s creation. But Fitz didn’t share these feelings. He knew his invention and overall intelligence were above average compared to others at the Academy, but he didn’t know exactly what the judges were looking for, and more importantly, he didn’t know how he would get on in a high tech lab all by himself without his best friend by his side.

On the day of his demonstration, Fitz walked to the stage and shakily introduced himself before quickly jumping into his presentation. All was well at first – the dwarfs demonstrated their ability to scan the vicinity for textures, matter density, and radiation, the footage projected on a large screen behind him. That was until Bashful decided to go about its own course and flew into the auditorium, nearly missing the judging table by a few inches before crashing to the ground many rows up. 

The silence that filled the space was deafening as Fitz hurried to retrieve the malfunctioning drone, muttering frantic apologies to the observers in the room. Fitz knew Jemma was somewhere in the dark auditorium quietly cheering him on – well, until his presentation came to a shocking halt – but he didn’t seek her out until they were free from onlookers, knowing she would likely be upset.

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anonymous asked:

I'm relatively new to digital drawing and I was wondering how do you get the lines to look so clean and darkened lol

It usually comes down to making a line in a single stroke. If you don’t get it at first try you can undo your move and try making another stroke. ( personally I don’t see a shame in that )

(CTRL+Z for the first undo and CTRL+ALT+Z for further undos in PhotoShop)

Sometimes it takes a lot of undo-redos…. The more you get comfortable with your drawing tablet, the easier it will be for you to draw the lines the way you want. Please don’t get discouraged!! Practice makes perfect!

What is more, Photoshop (as well as PaintTool SAI) has the option to rotate your canvas in real time. Works great for the horizontal lines!

In PS - just hold R. In SAI you can assign the Rotate button when you double-click on the icon here:

PaintTool SAI has one feature that PS doesn’t and that’s the line stabilizer.

Even when drawing the line slowly, the program smooths it out!  

I only covered the basics, but I hope it helps you Nonie! And…

Truth be told, sometimes, the perfect looking lineart is simply the result of re-sizing the image… :V

( As for ‘darkened’ I’m not sure what you meant… sorry… ‘-’ )

[I cleaned up a notebook doodle of Jackie and then I started to color it in to practice using my tablet…and then I got bored of coloring, so here, here is a doodle from someone learning to draw.  My boy’s missing half his nose.  Not the whole nose, just half.  His face is actually more fucked up because this is old.  The raw, scabby part now extends across more of the lower half of his face and he’s got like a little phantom of the opera mask’s worth of mostly smooth skin left.]

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I’m getting the hang of it but I really do need more practice XD


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clockworkstars  asked:

Hey! I just wanted to say that your art is amazing and I would LOVEEEEE TO BE ABLE TO DRAW LIKE YOU!!!!! Do you have any tips to give to someone who's drawings look like a three year olds?! Seriously though you're so good!!! <333

hello! thank you so much! well i have a bunch of tips that’s gotten to where i am today so here we go 

1) everyone starts off really shit 

(2010) vs (2015) 

as you can see, the first ones are hideous, i had no sense of anatomy, i never referenced anything and it was just really ugly. 5 years of drawing has made it look less hideous :)

2) Get really obsessed with a series. the more passionate you are, the better. Copy as much as you can.

^ look at that. this was in the same sketchbook i drew in the first picture, in 2010. Just by copying, it was miles better than whatever the first pic was, simply because i had reference. 

3) Learn from yo reference. fill up at least 7 sketchbooks. stalk your favourite artists. watch their livestreams, learn from their tutorials.

See an artwork you like? Or a screenshot of an anime/manga/cartoon/tvshow you really like? Copy it! Is it shit? Copy it again! There will be a noticeable improvement as you realize where you went wrong in your first attempt.

However if you’re copying artworks, don’t publish them online and claim them as your own. Copying only serves as a teaching device, so don’t plagiarize. 

A good way to start is to learn from kelpls’s tutorials. Try copy everything you see. heres some more tutorials  

artists/mangaka that have influenced me/good to learn from

Johannathemad/ old xian/ amano akira/ Alicexz/seventypercentethanol, andatsea, yuumeikino hinoki / miyukiko (more artists)

4) When you're good enough, invest in a tablet. Get your favourite artist’s brush settings and photoshop brushes and experiment! 

When you’re ready to make the $300 dive, invest in a tablet. After that, buy/download Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop CS6 (or whatever art program, but SAI is the easiest for beginners). Start learning digital art after you have had a solid art foundation from all the sketchbook practice. 

5) Draw with persistence, hard work, and passion. Get people to critique your work, put your pride aside and actually listen to them, then fix your mistakes. How good you are at art is gauged by how well you can find mistakes in your work, and successfully correct them. Don’t give up.

If you want to get good at something, you have to keep doing it and not give up. People are always telling me that they would love to learn how to draw like me, but then stop because they tried drawing something and haven’t seen results yet- ‘why doesn’t my artwork look like yours even though I’ve been drawing for a solid 5 minutes? I don’t get it! It’s too hard! *never touches a pencil again*’ Not a single person who asked me how to draw actually properly meant it, and no one was willing to put in the effort required. I only got here from years and years of drawing every day, it’s not an overnight thing. This applies to all things in life as well, just saying you want to be good at something is just lip service- just go do it! 

Believe me when i say anyone can become good at art. The only difference is who is willing to spend the time and who isn’t. Even people without artistic talent, they can become great too- the word ‘talent’ is just an excuse to not even try. Talent doesn’t get you a long way if you give up, people who work hard will surpass them when they stop. 

The more passionate and devoted you are, the faster you’ll learn, and the better you’ll get. Be open minded to a range of styles whether it be realism or cartoony, learn them all! 

Hope I helped! x 



an-empire-of-lokis-nuggets  asked:

First, you are by far the greatest artist I've ever seen. I love your art, especially your Kylo Ren art (It's just so perfect) and I'm really envious! I always wonder how you do digital art and how you started? Which program do you use and how do you draw so realistic? How is it possible to draw hair so realistic? I'm kind of new and wanted to start drawing. Do you do tutorials? Because I (and I bet others too) have so many questions about drawing and how to live up to your talent! - xoxo V.

Hello there,

Well, let me firstly say Thank you very much for your kind words.
I don’t have any formal tutorials on line at all but here’s a little step by step for painting hair since you asked. I knocked it up this morning so please forgive the sloppy haste.

1 - Form. Thinking of hair in terms of large block shapes instead of strand by strand is the most important thing to remember when you’re approaching painting it. Block out what you want the overall shape to be before you lay down an ounce of detail.

2 - Depth. Once the initial shape is down, start sectioning off smaller chunky forms with some darker values. Typically under the ears/neck and parting but this will of course all be depending on the light source.

3 - Highlights. Next add some highlights. Again, keep the mark making large, bold and chunky. Try to keep the value restrained at this stage. Hair is silky but it’s not typically got a high gloss, white shine under natural light.

4 - Definition. Now you can add your strands … but don’t go too mad! It can be tempting to try and paint every single last one but if you look at the old masters, they achieved a beautiful, realistic finish with one simple master stroke. Less is more!
Try and use opposing directions with the strokes here as well as following the flow you’ve made, it gives the hair a more natural feeling (split ends etc) and enhances any movement you want to add. I also soften the harder edges of the silhouette with an airbrush for a more natural feel. You can add smaller strands around here too. 

Hope that helps in some way. Like I say I know it’s a bit slap dash but it should give some indication to my process. I should also mention that this is just the way I work and not THE way to work. Many people have their own methods of reaching the same end goal. 
To answer a few of your questions  I use Adobe Photoshop CC and a Wacom Tablet. I have improved my realism by drawing from life as much as possible for practice. I really would recommend that to anyone who wants to bring realism into their work. Also if you can get hold of a copy of Imaginative Realism by James Gurney - buy it, It’s a real no-brainer of a purchase.

I also support any portraiture with direct references too, so for the Kylo pieces, I would have 3 or 4 images open of Adam/Kylo in PS whilst I paint to inform the likeness.

- Phewy, that was a long post!


“mymrpuffin said to patynotchan:
Your fan art is amazing! But how do you make it? I know literally next to nothing about digital art, and I was hoping that maybe you could set me in the right direction! Thanks!”

Hi mymrpuffin ! so, now I don’t have time to make a video or something. I’ll try to explain what I do with some .psd I have here. I don’t know how to explain stuff, but I hope it helps a little.

First, I think digital is like traditional art. This has the disadvantage of being more hard to control the line on tablet. (maybe it gets better with practice), but you will have access to all kinds of brush and colors, and y have the God Control + Z.

Most of my drawings I do directly on Wacom, but some are things I’ve done in my sketchbook and found it fun to do digitally, like the image 1 and 2. (bc I scribble a lot and it i can to correct errors on layers) (I take photos with the phone, but I believe a scanner should be better). And digitally like the image 3 and 4.

I think the media or way that you draw do not matter ; ; the problem is learning to draw what y want, I keep searching for it..

The tools do not matter, everything is cool: Clip Studio Paint, Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop, Fire Alpaca (it is free).

On Clip Studio I use these brush

About tablet, get a Wacom! any model is ok! believe me, I already had another brand, and it was not a good experience.

Try to enter the digital, you will have a lot of fun!


More practice on the new tablet. After seeing @wiishu‘s first video I wanted to try something about jack and her that worked well together and separately. This ended up being the result of that! Wiishu isn’t just Jack’s girlfriend, she’s also a fantastic artist with her own great ideas and fantastic style. Jack isn’t just Wiishu’s boyfriend, he’s a clever comedian that makes millions of people smile everyday and his own charming style. They’re both also really great people. I’m excited to see what they’ll each do from here out!  

Also, my partner and I are in the same kinda boat where she’s a voice actress and I’m an artist but lmao not that im self inserting again whaaaaat

@therealjacksepticeye @wiishu

The Program

PiP Round 8, Day 2 (Inspired by PiP Round 2: Alternate Universes, Day 7: What If)

 Summary: He mentored her to victory, but it didn’t end there. Now, she’s under his wing again and it will take far more to protect the girl he loves outside the arena than it ever did inside. Panem AU, canon-divergence.

 Rating: T for the prologue, but the story will be rated M for explicit sexual situations, language, and implied non-sensual and underage sex.

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Alfred looked at the brown water warily. “It is not from the healer, Alfred. It is only a tea.” Ivan said. He held out the cup and Alfred took it, frowning at the taste.

I really hope it’s ok that i just quoted this scene

Look! I’m working on a thing (gosh it’s been ages since the last time i tried to produce any sort of art with my tablet although i should really practice…)

Some notes on this:
1. this is more like a preview (though i’m not sure whether i’ll be able to colour this but i definitly will try to clean the lines) than a finished picture
2. Yes i started shipping RusAme bc i stumbled upon “The chosen end” while searching for Historical Hetalia FFs (though i honestly skipped some parts and only read the footnotes bc i just don’t like nsfw stuff)
3. Shortly after i “stumbled” across “Here and Now” a really really good FF written by IridulcentDays and after i binge-read the story i moved on to read her other RusAme FFs bc i really like her portrayal of them and their relation
4. This depicts a scene from “The Magicians Husband” (-> quote at the beginning)

As i mentioned this is more like a preview for @iridulcentdays than a finished thing so i’ll (hopefully) post a better version as soon as possible (but it’s wednesday which means there is going to be an update on Here and Now and i just really really want to show my appreciation for the FFs and since i’m not sure how long this is going to take i just wanted to post this as a sort of preview to “shorten” the time until i’m done)

Finnick: Ha! Yer so skinny Ter-bear! Ya gotta start eating more if ya ever wanna be more than a twig~

Terry: Sh-Shut up you twit.

I wanted to practice some anatomy so here take some mostly-naked fan man and tablet guy lmao i like to think finnick and terry lost some kind of bet to melody and this is their ‘punishment’ hehe you just know melody is somewhere just waiting to take blackmail photos~