more practice with this here tablet


More practice on the new tablet. After seeing @wiishu‘s first video I wanted to try something about jack and her that worked well together and separately. This ended up being the result of that! Wiishu isn’t just Jack’s girlfriend, she’s also a fantastic artist with her own great ideas and fantastic style. Jack isn’t just Wiishu’s boyfriend, he’s a clever comedian that makes millions of people smile everyday and his own charming style. They’re both also really great people. I’m excited to see what they’ll each do from here out!  

Also, my partner and I are in the same kinda boat where she’s a voice actress and I’m an artist but lmao not that im self inserting again whaaaaat

@therealjacksepticeye @wiishu

I need more sketch and character consistency practice, so here’s a bunch of sketches of cop bun as a lifeguard! Each one took me about one hour to execute.Still nowhere near good enough, and they’re not very consistent either… but then again, it is kind of hard to be mindful of such considerations when it’s 3 in the morning and you’re almost falling asleep using the tablet as a pillow, I guess.

There will be more incoming tomorrow, but in the meanwhile, is there any of these that you’d particularly like for me to finish?

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*Gaspp* HOW HAVE I NOT COME HERE YET THIS IS SO GOOD!! *Looks at the drawings* MEH GAWD THOSES ARE GOOD I CANT DRAW GOOD WITH A MOUSE ;W; *More pages* AHHH THE SHADING THE LIGHTING! ITS SO GOOD! By that i just came here and i love your work! stay yourself and have a great life! :3

Oh! Goodness thanks! Though I don’t draw with a mouse! (people who can are seriously legendary.) 

I draw with a tablet PJ! Meaning I can draw right on the screen! ^^ But gosh still thank you! Though I know you will be able to easily surpass my stuff with practice! I believe you can do it! ^^

And gosh - have a good life too Anon!

I really need to practice my facial expressions more, since I’ve never really done it before ;-;

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I'm relatively new to digital drawing and I was wondering how do you get the lines to look so clean and darkened lol

It usually comes down to making a line in a single stroke. If you don’t get it at first try you can undo your move and try making another stroke. ( personally I don’t see a shame in that )

(CTRL+Z for the first undo and CTRL+ALT+Z for further undos in PhotoShop)

Sometimes it takes a lot of undo-redos…. The more you get comfortable with your drawing tablet, the easier it will be for you to draw the lines the way you want. Please don’t get discouraged!! Practice makes perfect!

What is more, Photoshop (as well as PaintTool SAI) has the option to rotate your canvas in real time. Works great for the horizontal lines!

In PS - just hold R. In SAI you can assign the Rotate button when you double-click on the icon here:

PaintTool SAI has one feature that PS doesn’t and that’s the line stabilizer.

Even when drawing the line slowly, the program smooths it out!  

I only covered the basics, but I hope it helps you Nonie! And…

Truth be told, sometimes, the perfect looking lineart is simply the result of re-sizing the image… :V

( As for ‘darkened’ I’m not sure what you meant… sorry… ‘-’ )


“mymrpuffin said to patynotchan:
Your fan art is amazing! But how do you make it? I know literally next to nothing about digital art, and I was hoping that maybe you could set me in the right direction! Thanks!”

Hi mymrpuffin ! so, now I don’t have time to make a video or something. I’ll try to explain what I do with some .psd I have here. I don’t know how to explain stuff, but I hope it helps a little.

First, I think digital is like traditional art. This has the disadvantage of being more hard to control the line on tablet. (maybe it gets better with practice), but you will have access to all kinds of brush and colors, and y have the God Control + Z.

Most of my drawings I do directly on Wacom, but some are things I’ve done in my sketchbook and found it fun to do digitally, like the image 1 and 2. (bc I scribble a lot and it i can to correct errors on layers) (I take photos with the phone, but I believe a scanner should be better). And digitally like the image 3 and 4.

I think the media or way that you draw do not matter ; ; the problem is learning to draw what y want, I keep searching for it..

The tools do not matter, everything is cool: Clip Studio Paint, Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop, Fire Alpaca (it is free).

On Clip Studio I use these brush

About tablet, get a Wacom! any model is ok! believe me, I already had another brand, and it was not a good experience.

Try to enter the digital, you will have a lot of fun!

Art updates?!

So I’ve been doing a lot of traditional artwork since my tablet died on me. Been practice with alcohol base markers (some Prismacolor and knock off versions of Copic Markers. ) And it’s been fun to experience new methods of art. So I might finally start posting more of that. I’ll eventually buy another tablet most likely this month. But until then I’m gonna try to be more active on here again. I really want to become a better artist after not being motivated for like a year. 

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((OOC: OKAY, completely unrelated to the koopalings, I have a temporary tablet working for me right now! Snail is letting me borrow their old tablet till I get a new one: as it turned out it WASN’T the drivers causing the issues, like it had been for a lot of people, but the tablet’s pooped out. >:0! So I might, after I finally finish the commission I have, open them back up to start a fund for a new tablet. qvq

So, for practice, I started drawin’ squids for a super secret project I’m doing. eve Which is not actually a secret, it’s right here. Or at least the blog is. The content remains a secret.

More koopz to come in the near future, however!))

A few years ago I bought Manga Studio along with a graphic tablet, but in the end, I never used the program that often. I thought I could give it another try and I have to say, some things are pretty weird, but drawing lines is pretty neat! Here’s a little test and practice sheet. :3 I should use it more often for my lines. The line correction makes it so fast and easy. o_O And some of the screen tones are also pretty nice. Ok, too much text, I’ll stop it now. 


I’m getting the hang of it but I really do need more practice XD


Anyway, I wouldn’t be here without all of your support, let alone getting 200 followers. So, THANK YOUUUU ALL for all those likes, those reblogs and those kind messages *tears*

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so uh

I finally tried out SAI and my cintiq tablet for the first time?? I have absolutely no actual art style yet and literally all I can do right now is use the pencil and eraser (plus I saved some tips from here and there on tumblr), but both of them turned out better than expected my first attempts with a new program I guess!

I’m definitely not going to use that Amy lineart as the actual reference, I need a lot more practice before I start producing finished art ahah

I wanted to practice drawing with my tablet and finishing a piece within 2 days. Still on a DA:I kick, elves have been on the brain lately. So I ended up painting someone else’s Lavellan, which was actually a really fun challenge. I get to practice and thank fellow artists for their awesome contributions to the fandoms I love. Win-win!

I recently discovered @aicosu and long story short, I’m definitely a fan going forward! Sheila – Here’s your Ellana from a certain special modern AU :-) Thanks for everything you create and share. Your posts make my dash a more fun and inspiring place to be.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Alfred looked at the brown water warily. “It is not from the healer, Alfred. It is only a tea.” Ivan said. He held out the cup and Alfred took it, frowning at the taste.

I really hope it’s ok that i just quoted this scene

Look! I’m working on a thing (gosh it’s been ages since the last time i tried to produce any sort of art with my tablet although i should really practice…)

Some notes on this:
1. this is more like a preview (though i’m not sure whether i’ll be able to colour this but i definitly will try to clean the lines) than a finished picture
2. Yes i started shipping RusAme bc i stumbled upon “The chosen end” while searching for Historical Hetalia FFs (though i honestly skipped some parts and only read the footnotes bc i just don’t like nsfw stuff)
3. Shortly after i “stumbled” across “Here and Now” a really really good FF written by IridulcentDays and after i binge-read the story i moved on to read her other RusAme FFs bc i really like her portrayal of them and their relation
4. This depicts a scene from “The Magicians Husband” (-> quote at the beginning)

As i mentioned this is more like a preview for @iridulcentdays than a finished thing so i’ll (hopefully) post a better version as soon as possible (but it’s wednesday which means there is going to be an update on Here and Now and i just really really want to show my appreciation for the FFs and since i’m not sure how long this is going to take i just wanted to post this as a sort of preview to “shorten” the time until i’m done)

Finnick: Ha! Yer so skinny Ter-bear! Ya gotta start eating more if ya ever wanna be more than a twig~

Terry: Sh-Shut up you twit.

I wanted to practice some anatomy so here take some mostly-naked fan man and tablet guy lmao i like to think finnick and terry lost some kind of bet to melody and this is their ‘punishment’ hehe you just know melody is somewhere just waiting to take blackmail photos~

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Asexual Steve finally accepting his orientation now that he can name it.

“Sam!” Steve’s scrolling feverishly through his tablet. Words are hitting him at a thousand miles an hour, bouncing around his brain and echoing on impact. His heart is swelling. “Sam, get in here please!”

Sam, practically smelling of sleep because Steve it is the middle of the damn night, slides in with smoke on his heels. “What is it? What’s going on?” Sam’s never been a light sleeper, and has only gotten more accustomed to midnight calls since Steve moved in. Though there is usually a national emergency waiting for him outside, not a sheepish looking super soldier sitting on the sofa, blushing but unscathed.

Steve feels guilty sure, but too jumpy to keep it on his face. He’s on his feet in front of Sam in a second; pointing to the screen he thrusts between them. “I need you to verify something for me. This site, it’s real right? It’s not one of those gag sites that everyone can edit but nobody checks on?”

His mouth is running faster than even Steve can, but Sam gets the idea. He gives the website the once over, and with an eyebrow raised, nods. “No, it’s legit. But man, why are you so excited about this?”

Steve clutches the tablet to his chest so hard it’s liable to break, but Stark has guaranteed its’ durability for just such an occasion. He sinks back into the couch, relief like he’s never imagined rippling down his back. “I just-“

He thought he was broken. Since the very first time he touched another person in bed, and all the sparks and fireworks that were supposed to explode died before they even hit the air. It was like some essential switch inside him was never turned on, a glitch in the assembly line.

He swore up and down that he’d find someone eventually who could do it for him. Steve climbed into more beds than he cared to count, hoping that this time would make the difference. But this time followed last time and always preceded next time, and it never worked. He had to accept that he was alone, and it was going to stay that way.  

But just like that, this magnificent website full of glorious people showed him a world like he had only dreamed of. Stories from people all across the world that all sounded something like his were rattling around inside him, giving him hope that radiated in his fingertips.  

“I just never thought there were other people who were like me.”

 Sam, understanding dawning on his face, sits down next to him, with an arm around Steve’s broad and shaking shoulders. “Pal, trust me, there’s no one out there like you. But you sure as Hell aren’t alone.”

Steve looks at him, eyes on the verge of watering. “And it’s normal right? This many people out there, it’s just something that happens. There’s nothing wrong with it.”

Sam pulls Steve closer, hand tightening on his shoulder, smile on his lips. “Normal as the day is long. You’re perfect. You’re all perfect.”

Steve reads everything he can find, heart lightening with each new story and definition. Sam provides context as needed but mostly sits quietly, watching Steve smile and laugh and sigh. They stay there until the sun comes up, and Steve feels better than he has in ages. 

I think one thing people with a lot of experience with something are hesitant to do is return to basics. I was considering this last night after deciding to learn to write left handed, and it occurred to me that my only brush stroke control practice these days is when drawing comics.

I’m not saying drawing comics isn’t good drawing practice. It absolutely is, but I’ve never really gone back to basics to teach myself to draw or write on a tablet.

So here’s a prototype practice sheet. The idea is to save a copy of it and try to ink the lines as closely as possible. This can be done while zoomed in, zoomed out, whatever. The point is getting a consistent handle on making all of these lines with a tablet.

I’ve already done my practice for today, and it’s clear I needed something like this. I may make more practice sheets in the future. I kinda want to make one specifically for stroke variance practice, but one step at a time.