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at this point, anyone not into power rangers should definitely blacklist it because i’m not holding back anymore and this blog is now Real Power Rangers Trash.

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I have a problem, I have a weird discomfort when I see trans! Headcannons of any character. Like, I'd never force them to change their HCs or anything, and if I don't like smth I'll just keep scrolling, but as a trans guy I just makes me sad and uncomfortable and I'm not sure why? and sometimes I feel like people glorify having dysphoria when it feels like actual hell and idk man I just wanted to know if anyone shared my view

i actually have a friend who feels the same way as u! and im sure there are more ppl who do as well :0 if u want i can tag posts w trans hcs so u can blacklist them

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I don't know why some people try so hard to push the soft bottom sub princess namjoon narrative, lol. I just saw a namjin fic like that; the description was something like "seokjin doesn't get the way army views namjoon" and one of the tags was "kudos if you agree". Like yeah I agree that many fans stereotype him too much as some real hard daddy dom but how is making him an extreme opposite of that any more accurate?

THIS !!!!

ppl get mad at me when I say I’m not about sub namjoon bc like im “stereotyping him” or I “don’t understand him” ((ME OF ALL PPL LMAO)) but honestly they’re the ones who have it all confused

1) alert, not everyone is into power play !!

2) namjoon is a dominant personality. does that mean he’s a whole “dom” ?? no. it just means that namjoon naturally takes lead… that’s why… he’s …. leader…

3) the belief that the dom is more masculine is inherently heteronormative. namjoon is 100% a dominant personality… who also has a soft side for everything cute, is incredibly thoughtful and kind, and is super shy and adorable. dominance and hypermasculinity are not as correlated at hets think.

so i straight up cringe when I read “princess namjoon” or “super subby namjoon” or even “baby boy namjoon” bc honestly… unless it’s bc his partner specifically requested it, namjoon is much more likely to take lead. i don’t see him as someone into power play. the hets have taken over gay fanfiction n made it heteronormative by adding in power play um nope

nct as ppl on the first day of school:
  • Taeil: *is half an hour late. even though school already starts an hour late on the first day*
  • Hansol: Honestly I lost all motivation the second i saw this building again
  • Johnny: I was living in the basement all summer
  • Yuta: *walks while grabbing the butt of the person next to him*
  • Kun: this clock isn't showing the correct time, I feel betrayed
  • Doyoung: this is the fourth floor so please don't try to jump out of the windows for fun
  • Ten: *doesn't take sunglasses off all day*
  • Jaehyun: but doesn't everyone speak english?
  • Winwin: it's only the first day and i already have no clue what's going on
  • Mark: it's already easter in six weeks. no wait i meant christmas. no, halloween, that's what i meant. no wait i actually don't remember what happens in six weeks but it's something!
  • Renjun: *already making studying plans*
  • Jeno: I was just hanging out with my cats most of the time
  • Haechan: i think we should get another week off bc it's too hot and i don't look good when i'm sweating so much
  • Jaemin: *yells about something every five minutes*
  • Chenle: *chews gum the whole day*
  • Jisung: my mom told me to bring more to drink why didn't i listen to her

The fact that ppl can say “14 years isn’t long at all for gems! They live forever! Pearl has every right to still grieve over rose” (which is true) and then in the same breath say “god lapis needs to forgive peridot! She didn’t MEAN to keep lapis prisoner on her ship! That was like a year ago, get over it” is honestly baffling and almost enraging to me

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Five things you’ll find in my bag
1. Chapstick
2. Lipstick
3. Spare ear buds
4. Spare charger
5. Wallet

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom
1. Clothes
2. Makeup
3. Books
4. Nail Polish
5. Drawings

Five things I’ve always wanted to do
1. Make a comic
2. Have a crush
3. Go to south korea
4. Speak Korean with confidence
5. Have more then one guy friend

Five things that make me feel happy
1. Making ppl laugh
2. Drawing
3. Comfortable silence
4. Ice cream
5. Cuddles c:

Five things I’m currently into
1. EDM music
2. Beef jerky lmao
3. Natural makeup
4. Ankle bracelets
5. fried eggs

Five things on my to-do list
1. Study piano
2. Pass driver’s test
3. Pack for Atlanta
4. Buy friend B-Day present
5. Make time for meeting friend + piano lessons + Korean lessons + volunteer work (save me I’m going to die)

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mountainkinq’s follow spree !! 

    recently i went and unfollowed a toon of inactive blogs and now my dash is p dead so i’m looking for some blogs 2 follow! please reblog if u are into the following: 

  • tolkien 
  • vikings
  • game of thrones
  • tv shows/movies/marvel/harry potter
  • aesthetics/architecture/b&w
  • literature/mythology
  • music/photography/nature

you must have a tagging system, and i will check out every blog that reblogs this post (: you do not have to make ur own stuff but that is a added bonus!! like are counted as bookmarks and im not gonna look at those who do- i would appreciate if my mutuals could reblog and help me spread the word!! 

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Where the fuck do you live? I haven't met a single blatantly transphobic person in my lifetime except a few elderly folk who's opinions really don't bother me. If you're in a place with that many transphobic people to make you think all cis folk are transphobic, I'm very sorry, but you should fucking move. Sincerely, a transguy.

you realize transphobia isnt limited to offline behavior right? and that transphobia can manifest in such a way that ppl dont even realize they have transphobic microaggressions right? if you want to see what im getting at with transphobia being more than just an offline affair, take a loot at

also, ‘sincerely a transgy,’ seems kinda cispicious to me

🌸dream casts🌸

I haven’t done this in forever~ I think I’m going to alter it just a little and for the most part, cast you as characters from books. I’ll probably not be able to keep it going but I’m at least going to try and avoid typical characters to make it a little more interesting 🌸🌼🌸🌼🌸

  • mbf the architect
  • reblog this post
  • send me a link to your selfie tag/instagram/basically send to me to a picture of yourself
  • blacklist fancasts for ts if you don’t wanna see

that’s all folks💕 I’m going to shower but send them in and I’ll start answering right after!🌱🌱

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I really appreciate how considerate you are with tagging things, because a lot of horror/paranormal bloggers don't do that, or make fun of it. Thanks for making your awesome content enjoyable for everyone!

its no problem, i wish more people did.. like it takes so little effort to make your content accessible to a larger range of people? i just dont get why so many ppl wont even bother when asked 

but yea i try to cover all the basics (common triggers/fears) without being asked, but also you guys can ask me to tag anything. even if its a ‘weird’ trigger or something u just dont want to see, dont hesitate to ask and ill tag it for you