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do you have any victuuri model au?

Hi! I found a few here that I think you’ll enjoy!

Fashion/Model AU

Kings in Couture by slightlied, Teen, 15k (WIP)
A devil wears prada au in which victor is the editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine, yuuri’s his new secretary, and instead of talking about his feelings, victor just sends him on a bunch of errands. I LOVE THIS FIC!!!!!!

Icicles Melt in Summer by Shadow_sensei, Teen, 7.6k (WIP)
But more to the point, Victor Nikiforov, model for the Agape shoe and accessory line and face of Stammi Vicino Menswear, is sitting in one of his chairs.

Comfort Food by youaremarvelous, Mature, 20k (WIP)
Viktor is a wildly popular male model who is in crisis over aging out of the industry. He runs into Yuuri, an international university student struggling to make friends in the big city, and decides to make him his pet project. Unfortunately, matchmaking isn’t as easy as he thought it would be—especially when he starts developing complicated feelings for his client. So cute!!

urgent need of gravity by RennieOnIceCream (Hitsugi_Zirkus), Teen, 45k (WIP)
AU in which Yuuri is a make-up artist working in a small salon when he’s suddenly invited to work for big time fashion brand Stammi Vicino right alongside its top male model, Viktor Nikiforov, and love isn’t all glitter and perfectly-winged eyeliner. Thumbs up!

Rule of Thirds by genuivity, Gen, 2.3k
Victor sent the camera a smirk, taunting, seductive, come and get me, and it hit Yuuri like a punch in the face. He clicked the camera a few more times than necessary, partly to hide his own blush but mostly because he was so caught off guard. THIS IS SO CUTE

Koi no Yokan by moimiles, Teen, 35k (WIP)
Yuuri is a somewhat known designer who dropped everything after a disastrous show. Almost a year later, he starts casting models for his new collection and world famous model Victor Nikiforov shows up, wanting to be a part of the show regardless of how much he gets paid. LOVE!

Beauty in Everything by wecarryoninmindpalaces, Gen, 5.8k (WIP)
Fashion photographer Yuuri Katsuki wakes up to find five fantastical stories from living sex symbol Victor Nikiforov confessing his love. Cute 5+1 fic!

“Eros”, inspired by Yuri Katsuki by prettypetitpanda, Mature, 1.2k (WIP)
Victor Nikiforov, world renowned model and designer, meets a drunk Yuri Katsuki at a party and is inspired by his charms (and his ass). Yuri has no memory of this and is very confused why his idol suddenly showed up at his front door. Highly recommend!

Lessons in Love by rinsled05, Teen, 14k (WIP)
Viktor is a fashion designer who owns a luxury lingerie store and is in a creative rut. Yuuri is a graduate with a business degree and desperately eager to prove himself. Yuri can’t understand how the hell the two fell for each other. (Phichit totally gets it, though.) SO GOOD OMG

Just Remember by YuujinA, Teen, 3.7k
Yuri is a freelance photographer hired for a private photo taking session with the Russian model he’s been crushing on for ages. Great one shot!

The Return of the Little Piggy by SASS_QUEEN, Mature, 4.4k (WIP)
Once there was a boy named Katsuki Yuuri, who was shy, loved to make clothes, had adorable smiles and was fatter than the usual average human being. Now years later, there is now a man only known as Y.K. Fashion tyrant, multimillionaire, professional cold-stare giver. REALLY good so far!

X-Men Preferences: Discovering Your Hobbies

Fandom: X-Men

Warning(s): just one word 😇😇😇

A/N: I should really work with other fandoms too but for some reason I just can’t get enough of my X-Men boys soo yeah…Perhaps another time! I am so tired today, but hopefully I’ll be able to get some work done. I hope you liked it! (currently working on some requests on Charles and Hank) 😊

Charles: At first, Charles liked to admire you as you took care of your plants. He couldn’t help but gaze at you, how perfect you looked surrounded by all that greenery. You treated them all with so much love and care that it was a precious image to behold. Soon enough, you got him to join in too as a way to rewind from all the things he had in his mind.

Erik:  When he found out about your love for solving puzzles, he was shocked to say the least. He wouldn’t stop teasing you, “And I thought I was the old one in this relationship.” or “So you hide an 80-year-old inside you. Good to know.” You bugged him so much about actually giving a try that he finally gave in, but let’s just say Erik is not one for things requiring patience. 

Hank: That giant furball has two left feet so when he walked in on you dancing ballet so gracefully, he just froze on the spot. Ever since, he won’t stop grinning like an idiot every time you even put on your pointe shoes because according to him; “You…um…You look even more beautiful when you’re dancing and I didn’t even think that was…ahem…possible.”

Alex: Summers is all about sports and when he found out about your skills when it came to playing volleyball, he loved the idea immediately. It’s pretty much become a habit for the two of you to play together at least once a week. (Spoiler alert, it’s more like you playing and him losing because he’s constantly just staring at you because “Damn, you’re so hot in those shorts. Please wear them everyday.”)

Warren: Coming from a rich family, Angel learnt how to play the piano from a very young age but now he simply hates the idea, probably because in his mind it’s connected to so many unpleasant memories. But when you play your guitar, you are so passionate about it that he can’t help but be taken away.

Kurt: Your little blueberry was ecstatic to discover your love for finger painting and you didn’t even have to ask him before he joined in and you both looked like toddlers covered in paint. Your masterpieces always end up looking like a bomb of colors has exploded on them and they are so bad but you made them together and that’s enough to make you want to hang them everywhere.

Okay but I want more than just Susan and Lucy to be trendsetters in Narnia.

Imagine Edmund and Peter finding out that the humans before them used to wear hose and robes that look like dresses and weird, pointed, felt shoes. So they decide that if they’re going to have to wear medieval clothing they might as well wear doublets and loose shirts and breeches and boots.

And when the men of other kingdoms see the Pevensie boys’ new style of clothing, they all begin wearing breeches and doubles and boots (except for Calormen, they remain with their distinct style). And the men could not be any happier. The new style is more breathable and practical. They can wear thicker breeches and doublets while hunting and during the winter. During the summer it became acceptable for men to forget the doublets all-together and just wear the shirts with breeches.

And because the Pevensie boys (specifically Peter) aren’t afraid to experiment, they begin to wear slashed sleeves on their doublets like the slashed sleeves on their sisters’ gowns. They’ll wear lighter and brighter colors than just mud brown and dark blues and greens. They’ll wear purples and oranges and reds and even pinks (although not entirely pink because Edmund believes it makes him look washed out which is why he prefers purples).

The men of other kingdoms go crazy for the new styles and copy the Kings of Narnia. The courts begin to look cheerier and jollier with the men’s new style.

The one thing that most nobles from the other kingdoms couldn’t follow behind wholeheartedly were the lack of jewels (or, rather, lessening of them). Peter and Edmund just could not handle having to wear their crowns, signet rings, and chains of royal status along with about a dozen rings on their fingers, several more chains around their necks, and jewel-encrusted doublets. They entirely made away with jewel-encrusted doublets, wore only their signet rings on their fingers, and decided that even the royal chains were too much to handle.

The lack of jewels was one trend that most nobles decided not to follow. However, there were some that were relieved that they could now breathe more easily without the precious gemstones weighing them down.

I just love the idea of Peter and Edmund becoming unintentional trendsetters alongside their sisters.

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Since everyone seems to be talking about Dally... can I please have some random dally hc's? Please Roni? 💚🙌🏻

-He always wears his shoes on indoors, so they’re no point in asking him to take them off
-One time while he was really drunk, he scared the shit out of Steve because he started talking about joining the army, but luckily didn’t remember any of it in the morning 
-Until he met the gang, he had no clue that families actually sat down together for dinners 
-He has a lucky horse shoe that he always has with him and he swears by it
-If he stays outside for more than an hour during the summer, he burns like a motherfucker
-Refuses to wear a jacket during the winter
-No one in the gang has ever seen Dally sick,,,, like ever ???

Sunflowers and A Milk Mustache

Summary: For the Simon Says Summer Smut Week! Inspired by the prompt Sunflower (and the wonderful Simon, handsome man that he is).

Word Count:  4699

Warnings: Foul Language, Sexual Imagery and Language, Pregnancy, Outright Smut, Lactation Kink (that’s a thing right)

Author’s Note: Sorry this ain’t actually during smut week but better late than never right? Anyway, this is a little funny to me, but who knows. To each their own.

It was too hot when Lizzy woke up, a combination of the hot and humid summer weather and the fact that she was currently 7 months pregnant. Sleeping with Simon, too, made Lizzy more than a little warm. He was a very hot-blooded man who loved to cuddle her. At first Lizzy loved to snuggle, but as she got further along in her pregnancy, she became more and more uncomfortable. The ache in her back was chronic at this point, and wearing shoes was an impossibility given how swollen her ankles have become. Normally, though, Lizzy could put up with embarrassing leaking breasts and the kicks from her little hellion and the rampant libido because she had squirreled herself away in hers and Simon’s shared room.

Being a Savior – and Lizzy used to be one, too – Simon got to live on one of the nicer, upper floors and had extra points, too, just for being Negan’s most trusted lieutenant and right-hand man. Unfortunately, stairs have become Lizzy’s nemesis as she couldn’t see her feet past her baby bump anymore. In her 4th month, she had a small accident where she took a tumble down the stairs, but thankfully the baby was fine and so was Lizzy, despite her bruised ego. From that incident came a dramatic spike in Simon’s protectiveness, however, so Lizzy rarely left their room anymore.

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