… guys

I may be imagining this but… I think this is Dominique.

At first I was like, nah, but notice how ‘Louis’s’ mole thing has been oh-so-conveniently hidden???

EDIT: It also seems out of character for Louis idk

EDIT2: If the above is true, then this scene is after Louis died. (obviously)

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Imagine Liz keeping that onsie from that baby Luke pic and putting junior in it when he stays with her and andy for the weekend and sending Luke a pic because they are the spitting image of one another. Why do I hurt myself lol this I need to stop.

That is soooo cute oh my gosh except junior would be nearly drowning in it because he’s just so little !! And they’d take a comparison picture to send to Luke and at first he’s like ‘why did they fish that old photo out?’ and you have to say ‘Luke…that’s junior…your own son’ and Luke is all :D I’m so here for the doting grandparents and these headcanon blurbs about the lil hemmings10 universe ✨

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Last movie you saw: Literally minutes ago, I watched “We’re No Angels,” which featured Robert De Niro and Sean Penn (did you know what they looked like when they were young?!?!??!)

Last song you listened to: “Bring Me Close” by Mindy Gledhill. It makes me feel really peaceful but also want to cry ahah T^T

Last show you watched: ..?? um, “The Chew”? I think? It’s a cooking show..

Last book you read: T_T I looked over “These Books Are Made For Stalking” by Lisi Harrison…..why….this was…this was a mistake of my youth lol

Last thing you ate: Cheetos :D

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: Probably in one of those recreation centers with tons of bouncy trampolines but also plenty of soft fluffy mats to land on. I’ve never been, but it would be cool:)

Where would you time travel to: back….to the future!!

First thing you would do with lottery money: buy a pizza maybe? Ahaha, not very ambitious, but hey, there’s time..

Fictional character you would hang out with for a day: Baz from Rainbow Rowell’s “Carry On” because I seriously wanna know if he’s as much of a vampire!yoongi au in real-life as he is in the novel (which is amazing btw, pls read it–actually, pls read anything Rainbow Rowell writes, she is a gem). Also, he seems like a pretty cool guy.

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