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Sketches I’ve been meaning to post, mostly Mini but also some Ohm and Veronica from Heathers! 

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Look, I think it’s great we got to see Alec being comfortable and confident of his sexuality and his relationship with Magnus. I think it’s great Magnus got to see it.

But once again it was an episode centered on Alec’s feelings.

It does not make up for 2x7. And the way that “first time” scene played out. It doesn’t make up for shoving Magnus’ feelings aside. It doesn’t.

I love malec so much. And Magnus means everything to me as a proud bisexual character. And I know he means even more to fans of color because we never see Asian men depicted this way.

Shadowhunters was doing a pretty great job with them. But we’ve reached the tipping point here. And the next episode I feel will show their true colors. Because they have to start showing Magnus’ feelings about this relationship. They have to show his agency. They have to. And not in snippets in a bar saying he hopes Alec is someone special.

So please, enjoy 2x8 for what it was. We got some good scenes. But don’t tell people it erases the damage done by 2x7. It doesn’t. That damage was done. Now we need to see how much worse or better it gets.

Team Commerce !! coming in BLASTING their own theme
(future-boombox not pictured) 

(pose based p much off this <3)

  • Jughead: *rages about closing of the drive-in*
  • Veronica & Kevin: *try to reason with him*
  • Jughead: *keeps raging*
  • Betty: *says one thing*
  • Jughead: *swoons*