more plot holes

You know what, the ‘suddenly, there’s 5 more Winter Soldiers’ subplot

has gotten a lot of flack, and I don’t disagree that it could and should have been handled a lot better, but even as it is, I really really like what it says, or rather, confirms about Bucky.

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givenchy & gold, part i (m.)

;pairing — jungkook/reader

;warnings — sex | implied exhibitionism | mild dom/sub tones | if u’ve got a praise kink then ur gonna love this | mentions of daddy kinks | instances of spanking 

;summary — you’re the supervisor of the clothing department with a lot of useless lingerie knowledge, jungkook is the jewelry department’s defiant hot boy who flirts in wristwatch brands. basically an upscale retail au, but with lots of implied under-the-counter sex. and when an opportunity presents itself to fuck each other in the boss’s office after hours, you’re both too hot for each other to say no.

;word count — 20k im so sorry

part i | part ii

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i know i’m in the minority on this site, but i’m actually happy about the disney remakes

I think s4 didn’t work because they abruptly shifted the morality of their fictional universe right at the climax. We are repeatedly shown how disturbing and distressing Sherlock finds the death of innocents.

Then all through s4, the show keeps telling us that both Sherlock and John have been formed by the influence of these murderesses. Apparently John is a good man because he strives to rise to Mary’s standards? I mean he’s only known her two years and she shot his best friend in the chest but okay. And Sherlock was formed by the influence of a five year old girl whom he has no conscious memory of. Of course the audience rejects that! It isn’t in keeping with what the show has already shown us! John was a good man before he ever laid eyes on Mary Morstan or Sherlock Holmes for that matter. And Eurus. Well. Just. No. They confessed that they didn’t even have the idea for her until after they’d written s3, so uh. Her influence was not apparent, even after her existence was revealed.

But what’s more important than plot holes is character holes! John and Sherlock accept and acknowledge the supposed influence of these cold blooded murderers? They aren’t repelled and disgusted by disregard for human life? Since when? Is it just because these people are women? How insulting!

You can’t just move your moral goalposts at the last second because you’ve written yourself into a corner! That’s cheating! It’s cheap and pathetic, and it doesn’t work.

Our Final PLL Endgame Suspects

We’re 4 weeks away until the 2 hour series finale event of Pretty Little Liars, and with the episodes zooming past us finally after so many years, we will finally find out who A.D. is. We finally have gathered our top final 2 suspects for who we think is A.D. It’s been hard to choose which suspect we think they are going with, it might be neither, we could be completely wrong but these are the two theories/suspects we have nearing the very end.

#1-Spencer’s Twin (Another Drake)

I honestly think this is where they are going, Spencer having a twin and that twin being A.D./Uber A. Idk how to feel about this, a part of me is not thrilled about this but apart of me absolutely would love this type of storyline. I guess it would depend on how many times we’ve seen the twin. The Wren & Spencer scene from 715 has not been explained, the cast has said we’ve short of seen A.D. before, and Brendan Robinson said when he first heard A.D.’s identity he was short of confused. Was it because it was the name Alex Drake? Or is it the name Avery Drake? Could A.D. stand for someone’s initials? Maybe a twin? Idk but I think this is where they are going. Why would Mary work for A.D.? Unless A.D. was her daughter. As the episodes near the series finale, we get more and more positive Spencer does in fact have a twin. 

  • Pros: Troian is such an amazing actresses she could no doubt do an amazing performance as Spencer’s twin. A Spencer twin reveal would probably have the biggest impact (Aside from a main character or love interest) on the fanbase. The Spencer twin storyline has alot of promise to be great provided the writer’s do it in a good enough way. Please no plot holes. 
  • Cons: We seriously don’t need another secret child. We had Jason revealed to be Peter’s son in S2, Charlotte and Mary Drake (Jessica’s twin) during S6, then Spencer being revealed to be Mary’s child during S7, going down this storyline would be too much in many ways. In order for the twin reveal to be a pass with us, we must of seen the twin multiple times and not just a few times this season but during past seasons as well. 

#2-Melissa Hastings 

Earlier, we were almost certain A.D. would be Melissa, it made and still makes perfect sense imo for her to be the final “A”. I want it to be her because she fits everything together, the clues lead back towards her, and there’s so many unexplained storylines/questions with her. For example how much she lies, working on Mona’s army, and so on. She has to be involved somehow, and imo I would prefer her as A.D. over the Spencer twin. A.D. could stand for something else. Regardless Melissa connects alot of dots from the past and her reveal would be fitting.

  • Cons: Melissa has yet to appear this season, the last time we saw her was during 6B for 2 episodes right? As a result, her reveal would feel a bit disappointing and anti-climatic, then again we only saw CeCe for 2 episodes during S5 and she turned out to be “Big A” during 610, so you never know. Also, we’re not sure if Torrey had enough time to film the scenes that would probably be needed for Uber A. Another downside is we haven’t seemed to get any Melissa clues recently, if we missed some let us know! 
  • Pros: A.D. being Melissa in our opinion would be very satisfying, the fanbase might be mixed but there’s alot of unexplained shadiness surrounding her character. Her heavily implied connection to CeCe, how she was apparently “Blackmailed” by Wilden despite the female voice telling the male voice what to do (Hmmmm), and many other moments. She makes the most logical sense imo. Would she be our personal pick for “A” if we were writing the show? Maybe not but as of now, she has the best chance imo of connecting the dots the way many fans would want them to be connected. She also seems to have a strong enough motive to target the girls.

So those are our overall thoughts, if we had to personally pick the two we would pick Melissa, she seems to be the one that could piece it all together and she’s a character we’ve known since the Pilot. However, we think A.D. will probably end up being Spencer’s twin, we’re not sure how to feel about this but the writers could make it work out and we might warm up to it provided they do it in the correct way. Again these are just our personal opinions, we would love for “A” to be a character such as Ezra or Caleb but that’s probably not going to happen. We might be completely wrong A.D. might be neither of these two suspects/theories we talked about in this post. We’ll just have to see how the reveal goes, despite who it is, hopefully we’re able to find some positives in it, because we have really lost hope in this show. 

Tell us your thoughts!


Just a bunch of things that I’ve noticed and questions that I have

  1. In ch7, when grandpa de Sade is explaining history to Noé, he lists what has changed after Babel but there’s a pause before he says vampires, (which I found odd even back then) “Minerals that shone blue… and inhuman beings with red eyes” (ch7p4) So according to him, Babel created vampires. BUT. In ch15 an unspecified narrator says: “Inhuman beings, whose origins are thought to lie in Babel,…” (ch15p1) Are they, or aren’t they?
  2. Remember when Noé said that Vanitas’s “blood smelled very good” (ch12p16). Could that have anything to do with what Moreau did to him?
  3. The person we see at the end of ch15 seems to have gone to rescue the other child, for whatever reason, and (our) Vanitas made the decision to… tag along.
  4. Roland said about Vanitas “So the stories about the vampires using your power were true” (ch15p6) ??? What power.
  5. The stone in Roland’s weapon(s) looks like astermite (ch15p22)
  6. Is ‘Vanitas’ the VotBM’s true name? If what we’ve been told is the truth, I understand that vampires began using fake names only after the BoV was created (they wouldn’t have a reason to before). So, logically, ‘Vanitas’ would be the VotBM’s true name.
  7. Isn’t Luca technically the ideal candidate to take over the role of King if the Queen dies?
  8. The medicine that Jeanne takes could have been created by Ruthven (we know that he conducts experiments on vampires (curse-bearers).
  9. In ch7 when the vampires saw the mark of possession on Vanitas, how did they know that it’s from the VotBM? I understand that they possibly feel that it was made by a very powerful vampire. But it is possible to know exactly which vampire created that mark? Also considering that none of the vampires at the ball have ever seen the VotBM. They don’t even believe in the existence of the vampire! (In conclusion - Vanitas is bullshitting everyone again?) If the mark is blue as is shown on the cover of volume 3, then that would explain it.
  10. Johann said that Ruthven’s bourreau was in Paris. We know it’s not Jeanne (in ch3p42, Luca to Jeanne “You’re not a bourreau anymore! You’re my chevalier, remember…!?”)  so who is it? (could it be Domi? She was there around the same time)


Another timeline plot hole? Or a clue?

One answer that we did get out of 7x12 is that Melissa supposedly didn’t know that Spencer was adopted. However, Melissa is supposed to be 7 years older than Spencer. She would have noticed that Veronica wasn’t pregnant and then all the sudden she had a baby sister, right? Spencer even says to Veronica that only she and Peter “could appreciate the bitter irony” of her being checked into Radley, where she was born. But Melissa is smart. I find it hard to believe that she never put it together. 

I know they’ve mentioned the DiLaurentis family left Rosewood and then came back But when exactly was this? We’ve been told conflicting times.

  • In 2x20, Peter says he got Jessica pregnant with Jason. But then the DiLaurentis family moves to Georgia to raise Jason and Peter marries Veronica. According to him, they do not move back until Spencer is five. Consider Jason is 7ish years older than Spencer, this is supposed to be 12 years later.
  • But in 7x11, Veronica says to Spencer “Jessica knocked on the door, I hadn’t said five words to her since Jason was born. And there she was, like any neighbor, come to borrow a lawnmower or a husband.”
  • This implies that Jessica was their neighbor at the time. But she’s supposed to be living in Georgia!  
  • This is when Veronica learns Jessica has a twin sister in Radley. “Apparently, your father was in a restaurant when Jessica walked in or who he thought was Jessica.” So did Peter think Jessica was just ‘visiting’ Rosewood? And why keep Mary in Rosewood, where the Hastings live, if Jessica and family is living in Georgia? Was Peter still having an affair with Jessica regularly or was this time a “slip”?

How does Charlotte fit into this timeline? In 6x04, Jason asks why tf no one in Rosewood ever mentioned that they had another sibling. Kenneth says verbatim: “Nobody knew him. We moved here after Charles was admitted. Your mother wanted to be close to him.”

  • Charlotte was admitted to Radley at age 7, after burning baby Ali in the bathtub. That would put the DiLaurentis family moving to Rosewood when Ali and Spencer were just babies.
  • So according to Kenneth, they didn’t even move to Rosewood until Jason was nearly 6 and Spencer was just a baby–what? How?
  • We know for a fact that they had to have been in Rosewood when Jason and Spencer were conceived considering they both came from Peter having an affair with Jessica/Mary. In 2x20, Peter even said Jessica & Kenneth had an apartment nearby during his and Jessica’s affair and that’s how Jason came to be.
More plot holes have occurred to me, so buckle up.

1. If Mycroft was in charge of the asylum and didn’t have any clue that it was compromised, why the frick did they have to break in?

2. Sherlock woke up in that random room with all the pictures on the wall, right? Well, John woke up in the well. Just think about that. He was unconscious in two feet of water for how long? And he didn’t drown?

3. So, let me get this straight: Moriarty knew 5 years in advance that he would try to make Sherlock commit suicide, fail and end up killing himself instead, and then be gone for “Holmes killing Holmes” thing he was expecting to happen? Moriarty knew he would fail and die? THEN WHY DID HE DO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE?

I know I’ve gotten older than the intended demographic, but I feel like good shojo manga is really hard to find now.