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You know what, the ‘suddenly, there’s 5 more Winter Soldiers’ subplot

has gotten a lot of flack, and I don’t disagree that it could and should have been handled a lot better, but even as it is, I really really like what it says, or rather, confirms about Bucky.

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Unless there’s closure. Me everyday for the rest of my life: how the fuck did Sherlock, a man who can tell your life story at a glance, not notice that there was no glass, not immediately recognize a grenade, but most importantly not know about the sister like my guy you went to your childhood home for Christmas and we all saw you go surely there were anecdotes or family pictures that Mycroft couldn’t have removed since their parents weren’t in on the ‘oh yeah we should totally make sherlock think this imaginary dog died and forget about his Jigsaw-Sadako love child of a sister’ plan.

like many other fandom fic writers, I’m spending time today trying to wrap my head around how season two changes things…….or doesn’t. We got a lot of interesting new material yesterday; not all of it I agree with; but it’s canon? A couple other writers on tumblr have already responded with similar thoughts to mine, and I really strongly agree: I’m not one to disregard that, either. It’s a challenge to work around.

I’m not sure how this affects things, yet. Most of what I fling into fandom is AU in one aspect or another (AU series, obviously; to say nothing of Smol Shiro), but I do like to keep these grounded as much in canon/paralleling canon as much as possible. And this is…season two is so tightly wound, in terms of plot. Where do you fit things in? Season One was way more episodic, and a bit looser. Season Two drove us forwards practically from episode three, connecting and connecting and connecting. I haven’t done a full rewatch yet, so I could be wrong, but the Slots for Adventure Opportunities in Season Two are definitely smaller than in Season One. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just…a challenge.

This…I said yesterday this made my brain hurt? 

My brain still hurts.

Guess who found a plot hole?

So I was rereading the chapters of Killing Stalking to avoid the pain of reading Chapter 17 spoilers–I tell myself every week I’m not going to read them and I do anyways. 

And I noticed something odd in chapter 1. Remember when Yoobum is figuring out the codes and the cops almost catch him? Remember the excuse they made as to why they were doing patrols?

Well here it is:

There were illegal trespassers in the area. 

Illegal trespassers in an abandoned neighborhood that couldn’t hear Yoobum screaming for help but somehow managed to make a report to the cops about the problems in the area. Strange, isn’t it?

Cops typically ignore places that are abandoned even if they are filled with vagabonds unless the place intends to be renovated. Yet, that hardly seems to be the case or else there would be construction. 

So this is one of the first plot holes I’ve ever catch so I’m very proud and i hope no one takes it away from me or if you, please do it kindly.

the infuriating thing is that the tinhatting makes more and more sense but i don’t want to get my hopes up again because it could well just be making more and more sense the more and more glaring plot holes we find because tfp was just so shockingly awful that anything would make more sense by comparison

Hairstyle swap!
Which one wore it better?

teen wolf au
  • suddenly, someone jumps out of the shadows and punches theo in the jaw
  • isaac lahey: *dramatically turns to stiles* a pack without scott isn't a pack worth being in
PLL finale predictions...
  • Group sesh at the brew or the radley
  • Some kind of reminiscent scene looking at the church with a wide shot to sad music (It’ll be either Alison, Spencer or Hanna in that scene)
  • Slow mo walking
  • Jason Dilaurentis stocking up on DNA testing kits (can never be too careful)
  • Ezra being at Aria’s wedding, but only to watch her and Spencer get married (#Sparia4Life)
  • A fricken cliffhanger
  • More plot holes
  • A group of 4 girls getting a text from -B 
  • An entire fandom crying cause we’re all still so fuckingfdhs confused and we’ll never get answers
  • (The only time that Marlene King’s twitter feed will be salvation)
  • Then getting angry that she couldn’t have answered it in the show
  • Then we all cry and delete our tumblrs 
  • Then join back up and suggest a group rewatch
  • Re-live the past seven years of pain thanks to this fucking awful but stupidly brilliant tv show
  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: why didn't Captain America: Civil War acknowledge in the narrative how sketchy and suspicious it was for the Avengers to be informed of the Sokovia Accords only three days before they were to be signed? Why didn't any of the characters point out that they were being expected to sign an agreement they were being given no time to read or review? For that matter, why was it never acknowledged that irrespective of his guilt or innocence, Bucky's civil rights were violated when he was refused access to legal counsel, a breach of due process which would probably make any conviction for any crime invalid in a court of law. Why did

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One more season is all I need too. I mean, of course I want more but this show is so close to the 100 episode milestone that it would be so sad if it doesn't reach that.

exaaaactly. and we need to clean up some more plot holes

Yep missed it!

I’ll be perfectly honest, Predacons Rising left a lot of things to be desired and even more plot holes, like what happened to Starscream or even that spider-bitch Arachnid. 

The fact is that when Megatron makes his “dramatic” leave in the film, Optimus moves his servo towards Megatron as he flies away in the form of a gesture that   I can only assosciate with “Stop”.

But then he takes his servo down in defeat, perhaps understanding that his silent plea won’t be answered.

This could also be linked to the fact that Megatron was aware that Optimus had placed the Allspark into the matrix and his spark while Megatron was being used as Unicron’s puppet and Optimus somehow knew he knew. This was the last time Optimus saw Megatron, who was originally somewhat of a mentor and close friend to him. 

He didn’t get a chance to say goodbye…

So, I just finished the final season of Hemlock Grove...

and all I can say is Thank fucking God it’s over. I wanted to claw out my own fucking eyeballs just to make it stop.

I mean, this show has always had its flaws, but THIS season!? It’s like they gave up. No horror. No suspense. No atmosphere. Boring. Meandering. Nonsensical. More plot holes than a wedge of Swiss cheese. And most infuriating of all… they unnecessarily destroyed the central friendship between Roman and Peter and proceeded to kill off EVERYONE for the sake of finality. It was such a slap in the face to people who have followed this show, and its core relationship, from the beginning.

The writers wasted any potential this show ever had of being a dark, weird and interesting drama and turned it into a muddled, frustrating mess.

It was truly, completely fucking awful and I cannot wait to move on and forget this show ever fucking existed.

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No, you have literally no idea how vegeta has attained god power. The only thing we know is that the results are the same. Vegeta's blue functions like goku's so it's the same. Bue hair is literally just using god + ss at the same time, as goku explained. So not using ss with the good power would be red. So it's more of a plot hole that would have just the blue haired form only and not red.

We know he learned to harness it from Whis. We also know that SSB is using SSJ to access god ki. We also know that it was very clearly explained that the red god form was absorbed into Goku, that it made him far stronger than he was afterward, now even able to challenge Beerus as a regular SSJ (when SSJ3 had been nothing to him before). So no, it’s not “more a plot hole” not to have it.

We also know he was only able to attain that via a ritual. So unless Vegeta somehow teleported Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Goku, and Pan to Whis’ realm to perform that ritual again, assuming it even can be performed again, he never had it and learned to use god ki via a different means, and even if he DID somehow get it, it would have been absorbed into his person as well.

so rn I’m working on coming up with a fic that is an alt ending for homestuck (more Davekat, less plot holes, etc) so can you guys all send me your theories on how homestuck should have ended, things the story missed out, plot holes, scenes it should have included

it would really help me figure out what I want to do


I know it’s like not even a thing anymore if Alison is A, like it wouldn’t make sense, but…What if Alison was A this whole time? Or at least evil? Like, this whole time, she’s still the same old sociopathic, manipulative Alison DiLaurentis. I would not object to that tbh. Because of the otrocities that were seasons 5 and 6, there would be some more plot holes, but overall, I would be satisfied.