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Dragon’s Crown
Manufacturer: Vertex
Number of Parts: 29, not including base.
Custom base, anklet, base extras.
Tamiya Acrylics, Alclad II Metallics, Jaquard Pearl Pigments. Base materials in WIP Album.

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Commission finished a few days ago Customer requested iridescent clear wings, darkened hair tips to match original artworks, worn tavern tabletop base to match original artworks, gold and swarovski crystal anklet. Used Interference Violet pearl pigment on wings, painting the veins transparent white, to contrast with the gradient on the wings. Yellow-green pearl pigment on dress, and Micropearl on hair.

Poison vial created with resin and fluorescent green paint, added natural saltwater pearl strand, individually colored gems in varying colors and sizes, brass key. The base was pretty easy on this kit, and the weathering was fun.  I originally used the provided decals, but they were bad and ruined.  My printed decals didn’t fair any better, and cracked terribly, so I ended up handpainting the eyes and eyebrows over them.

Please enjoy my thirteenth GK, Tiki.


Got some great shots back from a friend of a friend! You can almost see the whole thing, minus my killer shoes. But hopefully tomorrow at the shoot I’m doing I’ll get actual full body’s. c: 

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Costume made and modeled by me, pictures by Ollie Oberg