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Sometimes my favorite things about your posts are the comments they get because I die. Like I feel like everyone saves up their tumblr comments and when you posts they're like ITS TIME TO LET IT ALL OUT!!! It makes my day. Sorry. Haha.

lmaooo omggg i knowwww.. it’s honestly my fav part of posting too now. like all of you guys are so amazing and i can stress it enough how happy it makes me feel when i come on here and see ppl care about the crap i post even if its just me rambling. like ;-;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.. sometimes i get really overwhelmed and Barb has to hold my hand with me because its like omggggg???? everyone is so funny and supportive and attentive. i’ll read a comment and know that whoever it was from was really paying attention from like months ago and it makes me szdkfjhsdkjf wanna cry. 

but plssss i really love the comment section so much and i’m happy i stopped doing the mass reply thing cause it didn’t feel genuine to me and then it’s like i’m responding days and weeks later. with the comments it’s at least in real time and like a big ass group chat ;-;;;;;

“You know the two of us are just young gods
And we’ll be flying through the streets with the people underneath”

fitzsimmons  → elementals au


The Bernstein Family knows how to apply Gigantic Pressure by slamming their opponents toward Heaven’s Gate.


3 am activities: layering the anthology and gfys scans of those headshots of dale & kerry to see how much they vary

first row are static images of the halfway point between the gfys and anthology scans

second row are gifs sliding from the gfys to anthology scans to give a better idea of the difference between the two


The Royal Siblings Instagrams

Just a little something fun I made in my free time. I don’t know if this has been done yet, but I wanted to give it a try on some of my favorite cartoon children. See if you can tell what episodes are referenced in each post!

40s-queen replied to your photoset: More coloring fun. Used watercolor pencils which…


there is!! I was given it as a gift, but to be honest, there are only about 10% of the pages that I’m planning on doing. There are a lot of minor characters/boring scenes (some not even in the show) that just aren’t interesting enough to work on. 

I would LOVE for them to do another book for s2—the Paris setting would make for a MUCH more colorful set of images!


Felicity Smoak + looking at Oliver Queen


The Printer’s Only Son 

For all its promises of enlightened monarchy, the Bourbon restoration  offers no more liberty than might be expected of any despot. Freedom of the presses is no more protected than the freedom of the men that run them– which is hardly going to stop the heir to the Enjolras impremerie from doing all he can to secure both for his country.  All hands to work!