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shybiviolet  asked:

Hello! I just wanted to say you are amazing and I'm sorry things are hard and I know what it's like to just need some distraction. Do you have a favourite book? Do you prefer rain or snow? Pancakes, waffles or french toast? Are there any words you just love the sound of? What sound helps you relax the most? And if there's anything I can do for you please let me know!

Book: The series of Origin, Vitro, and Kalahari by Jessica Khoury.
I love rain more!
French toast!
Petrichor, formula, and crisp.
The sound of birds is lovely!
-Mod Hooper🐡❤️
Thank you for being so caring! You are all wonderful humans.

The streets were overflowing, people running in and out of shops in a frenzy, some doubled over in pain and yet there he was, standing like the lost little boy he had always been. Was this what his new life had become? A town filled with lunatics, frantically searching the area, he hoped to find the road that’d lead back home to Margo’s house, but instead he collided into a pole and fell back against the slippery streets, eyes now settled on the sky as he remained frozen in place. “Maybe if I don’t move, no one will notice me,” he murmured under his breath to himself, nose scrunching in disgust as he picked up on the lingering scent that wasn’t anything like the much more pleasurable petrichor.