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what's up with ava's demon if you don't mind me asking? It seemed like a neat comic

 oh, it wasn’t so much the comic itself as it was the creator and the fandom.there’s been a bunch of problems within the fandom, but here’s the main reason i totally abandoned it.

so michelle czajkowski, the creator, drew this picture:

it caused a bit of controversy among the fandom; some people were questioning why maggie was drawn with her nips clearly visible, as she is 15 years old in the comic and such a detail seems pretty unnecessary to go out of your way and add.

anywayy so instead of maybe, you know, responding to these people and explaining why she drew her like this, michelle responded to them by drawing this.

…so of COURSE, the people who were originally concerned  were then even more upset, the picture is very clearly depicting maggie in a sexual manner, which is a very uncool thing because she is 15 and a minor..not to mention, the people who were uncomfortable are minors as well.

but then after a lot of people got upset, michelle had decided that the best way out would be to reassure everyone that maggie is aged up to 19 here! even though she looks exactly as she does in the comic!

then she also tried to make it seem as though it was a sexism thing that people didn’t believe her that maggie was 19. but the thing is, gil is ACTUALLY 19 in the comic? while maggie was literally only aged up to 19 so she could justify sexualizing a 15 year old. (and if this really was the case, i think the easy solution would’ve been to just, you know, not have minors in your comic if it’s going to include sexual material?)

anyway, that’s the main reason that I left, especially after seeing how much of the fandom had defended her on this. please inform me if i’ve got information wrong, but this is what i had seen. feel free to think whatever you want from this.


Okay okay so I was tagged by precious cinnamon bun callionope for a selfie thing and honestly I don’t take selfies because I get bored and start making gross faces and sticking out my tongue and it all is just bad so this was about 10 minutes before I got ready for work. 

recalcitrantredhead asked:

But if Ivan did confess to liking you, would you share those feelings?

Yao: I honestly have no idea. It’s not a situation I’ve ever thought about. Could I like Ivan that way? And if… if I did, how would I know? He’s… important to me… but… …Either way, I don’t think this is relevant. It will never happen.

it’s 2:30am; everyone’s asleep, post self-indulgent art

I was tagged by Punk-mikasa. More people should tag me for stuff. I love being tagged. I read over the questions already, it’s going to be hard to answer some of them. Okay, here I go:

What’s your zodiac sign and what stereotypical quality that goes with it do you display the most prominently?

Well, I’m a Cancer, so…..Uhmmm *looks it up* okay, I am not that emotional, I don’t usually show my emotions much, unless I trust or want to be around that person. I don’t know this stuff. I’m getting my answer from google. Most prominent quality of a Cancer… Um… Procrastination??

   What anime character do you identify with the most?

Oh my, I don’t know, there’s so many. I can identify with both Yuu and Mikaela from Seraph of the End, they both want to protect their loved ones. I can also identify with Eren from Attack on titan because I am determined but I can’t relate to much else, I guess. Then there’s Both Light and L from Death Note, I’d love to fix the world, like Light (just maybe not in the same manner….) and I am smart and can deduce things like L (and Light, I suppose..) I’m going to stop there, but there are SO MANY MORE!

First anime? How well does it rank among the rest that you’ve seen?

Inuyasha! It ranks about a 7 on a 1-10 scale. 

What’s on the top of the list?

Oh my, that’s a long list there. It’s either Death Note, Seraph of the End, Attack on titan, or Fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood.

Do you watch any other shows that aren’t amines? If so, what are they?

I do. Sherlock, CSI, Law and Order (mostly SVU…) … I think that covers it…

An anime that you want to live in? Why?

HOW CAN YOU EXPECT ME TO PICK ONE!?! CRUEL! Fullmetal alchemist? Maybe, it’d be fun to be an alchemist? Perhaps, But there are so many I want to live in JUST to do mean stuff to characters I dislike and hug the ones I do like.

What anime character do you wish you were more like? Why?

 Mikaela Hyakuya from Seraph of the End.(I know, I identify with him, too.) He goes out of his way to save Yuu, STOP HERE IF YOU DON’T WANT SPOILERS he, as a human, was lying there dieing and Yuu was trying to help him but he said no run away and pushed Yuu towards the door. He, as a vampire, got stabbed in the chest twice by Yuu, once just to stop berserk Yuu from killing a human. OKAY IT’S SAFE NOW.

Sorry about that, I couldn’t answer why without the spoilers. But yeah, Mikaela, for his devotion to Yuu, kinda, I guess.

What’s a weird ability of yours? 

Uhh…. Being able to answer a lot of trivia questions really quickly?

What’s your favorite genre of anime?

Everything that isn’t sexual or sexualized.

Pet peeves?

People coming in and messing up my god damn bedroom. If you come in my fucking room, you don’t just randomly move my art around. No touching my sketch books without asking. I live with idiots.

Where/what type of place do you want to live in?

This is a tricky one, since my house burned down, my immediate family and I have been living with my grandparents in a suburban-ish area, but once we rebuild the house I’m going to be living in a rural area. (In case anyone wants to know, it was an electrical problem, a thermostat on something didn’t shut off and it started the fire. It was a total loss. It’s okay, though, it’s been since January.)

I would tag people but I’m such a noob I can’t figure it out. I’m sorry, don’t hate me!