more people should tag stuff

I was tagged by jojonghwans. Thanks! I love you~~~~ LOL

01. Name - Tiana. lol my friends call me mama or titty. LOL

02. Where are you from? - California

03. Favorite color? - Black or Red…. yea. lol

04. Write something in caps - HAHAHHAHAA LOL (my life lol)

05. Favorite band/artist - Ummm kpop-wise, I don’t really have a favorite lol I love too many group, it’s ridiculous. umm I really love Chris Brown. lol hate me if you want but he’s been my love since I was 7 lol and I like most his music lol I also really love John Legend and Trey Songz. okay Im done lol

06. Favorite number? - 6, 12, 13, 17, 21 lol mostly 6 lol idk

07. Favorite drink? - THAI TEA! you do not understand my love for thai tea. Im addicted. even my parents said I have a problem… lol fuck

08. Tag eight people you want to get to know better - Okay ummm ill put some but anyone can do this and just tag me saying I tagged you lol okay. angel-seulbi megane–sama voodoo-and-a-pinch-of-exo omgcalypso yea. maybe I should tag more.. oh whale