more people need to watch this show lol

NaruHina was poorly developed in the manga.

You know whats funny? I used to Debate with NaruHina fans before Naruto ended, and 99% of them were all convinced that Naruto loves Hinata. Specially when she saved him from Pain. Now, flash forward to the end of the manga, and it’s 100% proven that Naruto never had any feelings for her throughout the manga. This means that all those NaruHina fans claiming that “NH had a lot of development” were absolutely wrong.

NaruHina never happened in the manga. Manga ended and Naruto wasn’t interested in her. Kishi had to make a movie for Naruto to fall in love with her. This alone proves that NH shouldn’t of happened. If you have to make a movie to develop a pairing, you know you’re doing something wrong. Kishi had 700 chapters to develop NH but he couldn’t. Because it doesn’t fit into the story. It doesn’t make sense.

I’d also like to note that Naruto: The last wasn’t 100% Kishi’s work. Kishi supervised it and helped, but he didn’t make it completely. And the only reason he says it’s canon, is so people will watch it. Regardless if he agrees with the movie or not. 

Kishi and SP needed to make a movie with a 2 year time skip from the ending of the manga. They needed to change Naruto’s character so it fits with Hinata. They even changed Hinata a little to resemble Sakura. 

Flash forward to Boruto, and Naruto looks like he’s hating his life. I’ve never seen Naruto more depressed than when he became Hokage. Lol. They completely and utterly destroyed this show. 

In the end of the day, it’s all about the money. With NH and SS, they make much more money because they can have each of their kids on the same team and create another series to bring in more money.


Lucy | 15 | Gay 🌈🏳🌈🏳
• I’m looking for friends or even something more, because I need more gay people in my life.
• I love everything about music and theatre❤🎵
• I also watch a lot of gay TV shows 🎥
• Space is my home (especially at nights lol)🌠
• Please talk to me, I love talking to people.

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Maybe Wally is supposed to be protecting Iris and gets attacked by Savitar (and Iris gets taken?).

OMGGGGGGG I DIDN’T THINK OF THAT NOOOOOOOO. That would explain why Wally is so upset - aside from being in pain.

“Realizing how to use his powers because of Iris” OMG!!! I love that. Like when Iris touched his chest and he realized he had powers. Like when westallen kissed and he ran so fast that he ran back in time. Now we could have another one to add to our parallel gifsets. And more proof of Iris being his lightning rod/anchor

I need to see this scene now!

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What is your fave underrated thing? Anything, movie, game, book, whatever you feel other people need to know about.

Penn Zero lol I introduce people to it whenever I get the chance and it always warms my heart when they really dig it and watch episodes on their own without me. I really hope season 2 brings in more viewers because the show really deserves it. I also love Mina and the Count and Making Fiends which are two cartoons that were short-lived but full of heart that keeps them in my own heart year after year.

I also really like the black and white movie Paper Moon, but I can’t find my DVD of it, augh. It’s been forever since I watched it last, and I used to watch it all the time, especially when I was sick. I really need to replace it though, I miss it dearly. 


This took me five minutes to make.

Why is that a big deal? Because in five minutes I managed to find the above homophobic comments (and at least twenty more).

The first thing that annoys me the most is when people say ‘my kids can’t watch this show now’. I’m sorry, what? Your child is watching this show, and that’s perfectly fine so long as the sex is heterosexual? And the violence? Well who cares about that let’s slit peoples throats and throw knives at people, but sex between two people of the same sex? God forbid! If anyone reading this feels that what these people are saying is correct and justified, don’t have kids. Please.

And no, their names shouldn’t be blurred out, why should they? They lost that privilege when they decided to comment such disgusting things.

As for the ‘Clarke is bi, so make it more even, needs more men lol look at me I’m intelligent clearly’ comment. Clarke has had sex with one male, one female, are we watching the same show? Besides last time I checked, bisexual people don’t typically go “OH I HAD A MAN TODAY, THAT MEANS WOMAN TOMORROW LOL HAHA ROFL LMAO.”

Get your heads out of the gutter, because the only thing these commenters are good for are keeping up ratings so we get more of the *gasp* LESBIAN SCENES.

And if one more person calls Clarke ‘Clark’ again heads are gonna roll. And children can watch the heads rolling because violence is great and fine.

That is all.

11 questions tag

1. Always post the rules
2. Answer the question given by the person who tagged you
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I was tagged by @amazingtardis42

1) Films or TV shows?

tv shows

2) What animal are you most like?

Kangaroo, I’m tall and can fight when I need to and I’m never without a pocket

3) Sweet or salty?


4) What are you most afraid of?

watching the people I love die. (or daddy long legs if that’s a bit too grim lol)

5) Where do you live?

North east England on the coast of the North Sea

6) Where would you want to live?

Same town but a nicer house with a garden (and not have to rent any more)

7) If you could would you travel to the future or the past and where exactly? 

I’d go to the future to see if the human race ever learns to not be shitty to each other

8) Who is your favourite writer? 

Terry Pratchett

9) If you could live in any fictional world which one would you choose?

It’d have to be a world where Borrowers are real

10) Do you work or are you still in school? 

Work, I left school many moons ago

11) How was your day today? ^^

not too bad, I only got screamed at once (retail is fucking horrible)

my questions

1. if you could change one thing about your current life what would it be?

2. who did you last say “I love you” to?

3. What Hogwarts house are you in?

4. What was your favourite movie as a child?

5. Who is your favourite non published author?

6. Do you have any pets?

7. When was the last time you ate a vegetable?

8. What is your favourite dessert?

9. Do you make a list to go food shopping?

10. are you a hugger?

11. Song that you can never resist dancing to?













3rd ARMY Interview ~ [TRANS/J-Hope]

Q1: Your position in BTS?
A1: I am the bridge between the hyung line and the maknae line.

Q2: If you were going to change/reset your stage name?
A2: J Young.

Q3: What I think are BTS’ strengths and weaknesses?
A3: Strength = The members are all very passionate about music. We cherish           each other and are all very lucky.
      Weakness = “Right now, we still don’t know what is our weakness” - that           itself is our weakness, right? I’m not boasting but we are always changing           and growing while finding our weaknesses. 

Q4: A side of me that fans don’t know?
A4: I’m very serious…haha

Q5: Are there any habits that you have or things you say often?
A5: Eeeyaa ~~~ Waaaa ~~~~~ these have become my reaction habits. High five, thumbs up, and so on. 

Q6: A weakness that completely destroys me?
A6: If my family members are unhealthy, I’ll be defeated. If I’m without ARMYs, I’ll be defeated. If BTS disappears, I’ll be defeated. If any of these happen, I won’t be able to go on.

Q7: The word that you searched recently on portal sites and why?
A7: I read quite a lot of social or economic news lately since I want to know “ah, so this is the current situation in society.”

Q8: Your phone wallpaper right now is?
A8: A full-body shot of J-Hope fashion. 

Q9: A product that you’ve recently purchased and why?
A9: I’ve recently become interested in organizing and arranging things so I bought a display shelf.

Q10: Are there any new resolutions now that you’ve become 23 years old?
A10: For Me - I want to think more thoroughly about everything. Rather than               making a decision right away, I want to think more before making that                 decision. 
        For BTS - To carefully think and act since we need to be professional and           mature with more and more people watching us. 

Q11: Is there a promise you want to make sure that you keep for ARMYs?
A11: We will always continually convey our heartfelt emotions through our music.

Q12: Is there something you’re curious about and want to ask ARMYs?
A12: What is BTS to you guys?


Rap Monster / Jin / Suga / Jimin / V / Jungkook

Top 3 Things Tag Meme

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Relationship status: Taken - since 5 years now gosh x.x

Favourite colour: red :) and black (I love the combination)

Lipstick or chapstick: nothing.. I’m not girly enough for such a shit xD

Last song I listened to:  E Nomine - Die Schwarzen Reiter

Last movie I watched: Vaiana/Moana

Top three tv shows:
1. Bones
2. Game of Thrones
3. South Park

Top three characters: (oh fuck what?! This is hard…)
Cor Leonis
2. Nyx Ulric
3. Titus Drautos

(I really would like to add Gladio, Balthier, Auron etc.. but.. only 3.. it’s terrible xD)

Top three ships:
1. Balthier X Fran
2. Ignis X Aranea
3. Yuna X Tidus

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Unpopular opinion: Any PR adaptation of Go-Busters should not be connected to RPM

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

i agree but let’s be real it would never happen anyway. this fandom loves to live in their heads where power rangers cares about continuity but the show has literally never given a damn about it. even back when it was a continuous show from mmpr to space it didnt really care. and they’re definitely not gonna create a sequel to a season that negative two people watched while it aired eight years ago.

that said, the fandom can have their fun coming up with fanfics or whatever. i don’t think a sequel series is a bad idea in and of itself, i just know saban would never bother lol. plus, rpm is a fine season as a standalone imo. a season that needs a sequel is spd… give me more space policy academy drama please. you could do anything with c-squad, d-squad, etc. it’s literally built for sequels. or tbh any of the academy seasons - ninja storm, jungle fury… i love them.

Interview with Tominaga Yoshihiro (producer) and Asano Naoyuki (character designer) from Osomatsu Roku Nensei.

I was looking through my half-finished translations and I found this from the Roku Nensei/ Sixth Graders magazine. No idea if anyone’s translated this before or not. The first few questions are asked by the sextuplets while the rest are just general. At the end are some comments from Asano on the origin and features of the sextuplets design.

Asano Naoyuki – Animator. Was involved in character design, animation direction and the story boarding, direction and animation direction of the opening for the TV anime Osomatsu-San.

Tominaga Yoshihiro – Born in 1978 in Miyagi Prefecture. Joined Sunrise as a production assistant in 2001. Currently a producer at Studio Pierrot after working for Manglobe. Works include Yona of the Dawn (2014), etc.

Todomatsu: Erm, which of us do you think you are the most similar to?

Asano: I lean towards Choromatsu, perhaps. Like I don’t really need any friends. Well, I try not to show that kind of darkness on the outside though. Tominaga is Osomatsu! The way he stays calm even in a tricky situation and says it’s probably alright has kind of an Osomatsu feeling.

Tominaga: Hehe, well, it’s part of my job. Inside I’m panicking. How I get carried away when I drink alcohol is probably similar to Osomatsu.

Ichimatsu: When making the anime….did you feel…..pressure or anything like that?

Asano: You know how the ending changed after the New Year? When I was making that, everyone around me was expecting a lot, so I was under pressure. I didn’t know what I’d do if they said the first one was better. I thought about changing my name if I failed.

Tominaga: Nothing much was expected from us to begin with, or rather, we were told that anime with cute character designs doesn’t sell, so I didn’t feel any pressure in particular. It was an environment where we could pursue what we liked, without sensing any obstacles.

Asano: And as a result of pursuing that, it became popular, so we were like “In your face!”

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The 100 S4E13
  • First minute of the show and they’ve reminded me why I love the Blake siblings. I needed that
  • Octavia is far more self-aware than I expected
  • Nooo she didn’t get to hear his I love you! They didn’t say good-bye!
  • I’m going to watch that hug again
  • Don’t BE a commander- oh wait Indra’s got this
  • The girl under the floor may be the only one who could keep them all from going insane in the bunker. With what her brother taught her
  • Raven’s got no time for shock she has to save everyone (again)
  • Monty! Oh no what if he loses his hands?
  • CLARKE’S LEARNED HER LESSONBellamy just touched her face. And Clarke is practically blushing
  • What even was that??? It. I. My smile hurts
  • Can they spacewalk in?
  • You’re not alone Raven! OK time to inspire Bellamy
  • Secret badass. Accurate. Very accurate
  • Don’t leave him. Ugh knew it. But John Murphy will survive
  • Knew it! Spacewalking
  • I know separating will be bad
  • Warpaint. That’s a bad sign. Bet she’s going after Clarke. Then Bellamy will kill her
  • Murphy got a hug! A delinquent hug!
  • Symbolic forgiveness between Grounders and Sky People
  • Dammit. They have “no choice.” I hate when that’s true more than when it isn’t
  • I’m really just so excited for space again
  • Grounders like wtf floating haha. Did anyone warn them about zero g?
  • If Clarke falls as the finale cliffhanger I swear to god
  • Oh Bellamy
  • Wait this means Clarke won’t know they got in! Because the screen didn’t work! Aaaaaaangst
  • Abby’s vision
  • Emori is the one person Murphy will give his life for
  • Surviving together is very literal right now, sharing air
  • If Bellamy is in an airtight suit they need to get his suit off! Oh Echo thank you (…I just said that)
  • So now Bellamy and Clarke don’t know if the other is alive. I’m fine
  • 6 years and 7 days? Lol so 5 years was wrong
  • Why the red hair again?
  • Clarke talks to Bellamy every day. It kept her sane
  • We. She said we tried digging them out. Who?
  • I see you
  • She found a nightblood? So not insane from isolation. That’s good
  • I forgot for a minute The 100 doesn't​ do heartwarming endings. They do tense cliffhangers
  • Space baddies yay
  • Is the prisoner transport why Raven didn’t figure out a way to communicate by that point? 

KINDA SHORT CASPAR APPRECIATION POST (based on the “Caspar Lee Pranks With Joe Sugg” video)

1) “Just wanted to show you that Mom’s here and she’s looking beautiful.”

I just really love how much love Caspar has for his mom??? He is the kind of guy who would let his mom to kiss him in front of his friends and not brush her off and stuff. And he sounded too genuine when he called her beautiful, nearly breathless. And I think that’s beautiful. He’s beautiful.

2) “Hopefully they know who we are…”

Caspar is the kind of guy who may say things like “Haha, shut up. I’m famous.” and shit like that, but he doesn’t actually think he is, y'know? He does know that there are way too many people who doesn’t know of his existance, just like any other normal person out there, and doesn’t think so highly of himself at all. I, personally am glad that those people knew him because man, I hate seeing Jaspar awkward. I get uncomfortable too 😂.

3)“I would get that tattooed on me.”

I like how Caspar just enjoys complimenting people and strangers even. I mean like, if you’ve watched lots of his videos, you’ll realise that he just really likes making people happy. Sometimes it worries me though, that he wants to keep people happy too much that he doesn’t want to show his sadness. But I don’t know him personally, so yeah. Hope his friends are always there for him, really do. Like his mom said, he needs someone to take care of him. Perhaps a certain someone who calls him his “Fragile Little Bean Pole” ;)

I finally watched the Run MV, and I have to say that I think everyone is over analyzing it. Not because I don’t think it could have a deeper meaning, I actually think most of the theories are pretty cool. I just feel like the meaning they are trying to convey is a lot more straightforward than people think. The video simply represents growing up. None of the members died, only their youth. It shows them being young and immature and crazy, but then it shows them being sad and alone and all of their memories are disappearing. The video perfectly represents what it feels like to grow up. Like Bangtan have explained many times though, it’s not exactly a bad thing, it’s more bittersweet. It’s just part of life. As you grow up you go through many changes and you lose part of yourself in the process. 

A lot of people are saying how the video and the album shows that the boys have really matured. I’m not saying that they haven’t, because they’ve obviously gained a lot more experience and knowledge. But I think this album shows that they’re just as confused, lost and lonely as other people at this stage in their life - but they’re going to make the most of it and never give up! 

Ziam and Larry

The reason for this was because Zayn and Liam look so happy with their girlfriends. Especially Liam and Sophia. I mean sure, I didn’t really like Sophia at first but after seeing all of their loving photos I was just like, Sophiam is the cutest damn thing ever. 

I mean look, she’s also obviously friends with Niall. 

She looks at him with so much love and the also the other way around. 

He looks so happy whispering to her. 

She’s also a very private person. From what I’ve noticed, she has both twitter and instagram accounts, but their both private. If she were to be a “beard” would she be this private? no. Since it simply would not work with the public eye. The boys also would not have tried to help Liam cover it up when he first announced that he had a girlfriend on live television at the 1D THIS IS US premiere. 

Zerrie too are a very adorable couple. 

I mean look at the two, their kiss is obviously not fake and the recent one really shows their chemistry. 

At first yeah, when I saw other people say it was fake I leaned towards it. Little Mix and One Direction are under the same management and Little Mix may have needed more publicity. 

Except after watching countless interviews and seeing so many pictures I just couldn’t believe that it was a PR stunt. Also, although they might show off their relationship a bit more, they at least look happy. (AND they’re closing their eyes when they kiss lol) 

Maybe it was a PR stunt in the beginning i don’t know, but right now I’m sure it isn’t. We also do not get that many HQ photos of them nowadays. 

 Look at that smile…awee :) 

She also looks so pumped when she’s at a 1D concert. Unlike someone *COUGH* 

Now…onto Elounor. 
The reason I started believing in Larry was because of the horrible chemistry between Eleanor and Louis. Every freaking time they’re together, Louis literally looks like he wants to cry or get away from there. She’s also always on her phone and the Tomlinson family can sometimes be a little too enthusiastic about her sometimes. Like seriously, you do not name your hamsters after your sons girlfriend. That is borderline creepy. Also making her your maid of honor when you have like four daughters that are capable of walking down the aisle? That is so rude. If I was one of the sisters I would kill. 

This is her and him in a personal photo. Shouldn’t he look happier? I mean Elounor fans always say that they look sad because of the paps.. 

Or this. He looks happy, but they can’t even hold hands right? 

Or this…when HARRY was right there. They both look awkward as fuck. 

And the hug…in an airport where paps aren’t allowed in…? 

Look at her instagram too. 

It’s literally all Louis and her. Personally, I do not think that people usually post THIS many photos on their instagram like…with their boyfriend. I mean I understand one or two, but almost having your whole instagram containing your boyfriend? She should seriously add more friend photos. 

Even Louis’s instragram is dedicated to him and his girlfriend. It’s quite funny actually. 

Also why is it that Eleanor is ever ONLY friends with Liam’s girlfriends? Why has she barely been photographer with Perrie? Maybe because Zayn doesn’t support this whole Elounor thing while Liam just wants to listen to management? 

I’m not really sure, but to me Elounor looks like total bs. Larry look much much much happier together. (Well atleast in their fetus years) 

Eleanor also still does not look that friendly with the rest of the boys…they’ve been together basically since 1d started? 

Thats all xx 

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have you heard that Jason did a podcast tonight? blarkers are taking it as confirmation that blarke is endgame. what are your thoughts? personally i think it's just sad that Jason has to do this to placate them.

I actually really loved the podcast and thought Jason handled himself pretty well considering everything. :D I fully believe that what he was very consistent with what he has been saying all along: Bellamy and Clarke have a great partnership. They are friends that have formed an amazing friendship that helped them save their people. They are changing the narrative so that the be|larke ship name refers to ‘partnership’ and not ‘relationship’. 

They do work well together. Jason made a point to say he understands why he sees people romantically shipping them. But, this is also seen in friendships that never become romantic. Will it ever become romantic? who knows. I don’t think it will because I think this show will not want to fall into that ‘trope’ of the male and female lead ending up together or becoming romantic. I think this show is revolutionary and I have faith that they will give us the representation of a m/f platonic friendship. This friendship has has lasted and overcome immense trials and tribulations. They got through these rough times due to their deep seeded friendship and not due to romance, and being ‘blinded’ by romantic love. Isn’t that a better story? a more memorable one? I honestly think that is such a powerful message, and a much needed one. Men and woman can be just friends and there be no romance. You can love, trust, and respect someone without it ever having romantic undertones. 

He added the ‘yet’ to keep the storyline open and not put a definitive in his answers. If someone typed up a transcript of the entire thing, you will see that he was alluding to Bellamy and Clarke having a wonderful friendship. Him saying that they are the head and the heart, does not mean that they will be endgame. It just means that they work together well as a unit. Remember, in the 100 universe, there is a constant war between a head and a heart…the ying yang does not always pan out. Clarke is the head and Bellamy is the heart. The heart can actually stop and the brain can still survive till a new heart it found. A heart is replaceable… a brain is not. If we are keeping with this head/heart analogy. So, don’t take this line as “Be|larke are soulmates and they need each other in order to survive..etc…etc…” Clarke obviously can make better decisions on her own then Bellamy can. She is a leader…he is a warrior. A warrior will never fully understand the weight of responsibility that a leader will have. Who will understand it? another leader. Another leader like Lexa. 

And people constantly freaking out about Clexa, Lexa surviving, and endgame stuff. STOP. Jason is a show runner who will say what needs to be said in vague ways to calm people down or to get them to keep watching. If he gives more attention to a certain character or ship it doesn’t mean one thing or another. Stop over analyzing everything….and that is saying something coming from me…lol. chill peeps. ;) 

Babe let me help with this the loo being canceled confusion. 

Things supporting the rumor about S4 being last:

  • The person who made that tweet also spoiled that Octavia will die in S4 and the loo writers reacted immediately on instagram trying to deny it by posting a bunch of pictures of Marie forcefully smiling and looking like she could rip Jaundice apart. I believe since then other sources confirmed it too, can’t be 100% sure? That guys has clearly heard something. It’s just strong rumors still.
  • Hypable - CW’s ass kisser - wrote an article to dismiss the rumor not even 24 hours after. (don’t read you’ll lose brain cells; here’s the summary of it “The SHOW is not getting cancelled, BUT HERE ARE THE REASONS WHY IT SHOULDN’T BE CANCELLED PLEASE WATCH IT ON NETFLIX”) It’s one of the highlighted articles. Pretty sure that website was been bought to try to fix CW’s reputation after that shitty article about how diverse and good representation the loo has. THAT’S FISHY.

  • Co-Executive Producer of CW’s#The100 tweeted "Seeing as how we’re currently MAKING the show, I’m confident that we have, indeed, not been canceled.“ also less than 24 hours since the rumor was posted. The rumor was about S5 not S4, which makes be believe that he either can’t read properly or even S4 is in trouble lol

  • People have reasons to think something must be going on if they are on such a strong defensive about a RUMOR.
  • There has not really been any promotion for the loo S4 despite other mid season shows being promoted (I’m going to need to research this but I believe it’s true) - it’s already considered a mutilated horse corpse and not even worth boosting?
  • Most of the GA lost interest because of the terrible S3B and won’t watch S5.
  • If Octavia truly dies they lose even more viewers that watch for her only.
  • They lost the most vocal fandoms (Clexakru and Linctavias) they had - there’s only 8 blorkers left to create buzz for S4/5.
  • The media only drags the loo even months later (there was this amazing article not long ago dragging the loo through the mud yet again), no positive reviews from anyone relevant and not even from smaller publications beside hypable.
  • Advertisers (was it 8? can’t remember the number) dropped. Possibly more were on the fence about dropping it.
  • Hulu broke their deal with the CW => lesser online viewing aka the only strong point of the loo. (they’ve broke the deal because only arrow and the flash brought traffic and it was not worth it, BUT I like to believe all our emails and chats with Hulu about the loo helped them make the decision to not associate with such bad publicity)
  • S3 is not on Netflix yet (update: seems it’s going to be added in November).
  • Ratings are low.
  • The WB survey.
  • The CW having too many shows and needing to cancel some.

Things that could mean the loo gets an S5:

  • Rotty sucks Pedowitz’s dick even more.
  • There are shows with worse ratings than the loo which got renewed. (though none is a PR disaster without a fanbase).
  • Ratings possible going higher because of chip baiting - unlikely but some people are gullible.
  • ??? never underestimate a straight white man’s ego

It’s a rumor. Things can change for the better or worse until the network’s announcement of renewed shows. That’s all.

Isn't it possible that Ray and Felicity never do date?

Disha  submitted: So I read this tweet by MG and he said “Who says Oliver will have a reason to be jealous?” Also I remembered, even before this tweet that Ray was described as a potential love interest. And I know everyone (including me) had thought that Felicity will date Ray, possibly fall in love and realize that the love she feels for Oliver can never compete with what she feels for anyone else and it will bring her back to him BUT what if none of that happens? What if they do get close (Ray and Felicity), maybe she sees the possibility of them being together but we all know that her character is quiet perceptive, so maybe she understands that there is no future there, she sees there is potential but not the big kind of potential. Yes he could still rival Oliver, professionally and personally, and that is what we see on screen and so does Oliver and that pushes him to find his true identity. He sees she has better options, he tries to push her away but he can’t bear it anymore and just embarks on his journey to be both OQ and GA.

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