more people need to watch this show lol

NaruHina was poorly developed in the manga.

You know whats funny? I used to Debate with NaruHina fans before Naruto ended, and 99% of them were all convinced that Naruto loves Hinata. Specially when she saved him from Pain. Now, flash forward to the end of the manga, and it’s 100% proven that Naruto never had any feelings for her throughout the manga. This means that all those NaruHina fans claiming that “NH had a lot of development” were absolutely wrong.

NaruHina never happened in the manga. Manga ended and Naruto wasn’t interested in her. Kishi had to make a movie for Naruto to fall in love with her. This alone proves that NH shouldn’t of happened. If you have to make a movie to develop a pairing, you know you’re doing something wrong. Kishi had 700 chapters to develop NH but he couldn’t. Because it doesn’t fit into the story. It doesn’t make sense.

I’d also like to note that Naruto: The last wasn’t 100% Kishi’s work. Kishi supervised it and helped, but he didn’t make it completely. And the only reason he says it’s canon, is so people will watch it. Regardless if he agrees with the movie or not. 

Kishi and SP needed to make a movie with a 2 year time skip from the ending of the manga. They needed to change Naruto’s character so it fits with Hinata. They even changed Hinata a little to resemble Sakura. 

Flash forward to Boruto, and Naruto looks like he’s hating his life. I’ve never seen Naruto more depressed than when he became Hokage. Lol. They completely and utterly destroyed this show. 

In the end of the day, it’s all about the money. With NH and SS, they make much more money because they can have each of their kids on the same team and create another series to bring in more money.

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What did Matt drag fandom about? I'm so out of the loop sometime lol

ah okay, so basically matt responded to a lot of general negativity in the fandom, in what i think is a very measured way of responding to people who essentially enjoying shitting on the thing that he (and his cast/crew-mates) work very hard to create - not even saying that they shouldn’t be critical, but that they should just try to be a little respectful. which i agree

(im not, and im pretty sure matt’s not, talking about people who bring up valid concerns but people who circlejerk about minor things til they’re blue in the face but for some reason keep watching the show lol)

he said, “everyone was very supportive and enthusiastic and i appreciate that. and those who are not are those who have – generally seem to be prone to outrage, are often people – sometimes i look – people who are…um, very angry, and i think we all sort of sometimes need to take a step back, review what it is we’re upset about, and try to come to a more understanding actual position, you know, where we view other people as presumed equals and then we go from there.”

i just hope people might take the hint lol

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I wonder how many people started into sterek via fics and not the show? Because I watched the first two seasons when it was on air but I got bored with it I guess, I was really into supernatural at the time and I needed more sense in a show lol. But like a year or more ago I started reading sterek fics and damn I love sterek. But I don't know shit about anyone else after s2.

More people than you’d think! I keep hearing stories of people who watched the show because of Sterek or joined the Sterek fandom and have never even bothered to watch the show. TW reached some people, sure, but Sterek and the Sterek fandom reached 10 times more. I’m really fucking proud of that! This is why we’re eternal, because we exist by ourselves and we matter by ourselves and all we need is Sterek and the idea of Sterek and this ship is going to live on as long as there are people who believe in it.

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You know what? I’m gonna make a poll! Now I’m curious!


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Genuinely, why do people obsess over wonderbat when the shit isn't even a memorable pairing like Batcat and Wondertrev is? It's ridiculous. A lot of people keep claim that Ben and Gal have more chemistry when I'm pretty sure she had more interviews & chemistry together with Chris. DCEU better not recreate the whole wonderbat thing from the cartoons. I mean legit, wonderbat is the biggest reason I refuse to watch the show lol. We briefly had wondertrev in JLU but that died down quickly...

I don’t know anything about the cartoons, but I do agree with you that Wonderbat isn’t at all iconic like Wondertrev or Batcat or even Clois. The pairing would be completely born out of “lead male needs to get with only woman in main cast” and that’s so heteronormative and insulting to Wonder Woman’s character

If they want Wonder Woman to get with someone, they can fulfill Gal’s wish and get Halle Berry to play her love interest. Or another woman to play her love interest. If they want her to stick with dating men, CHRIS PINE IS RIGHT THERE AND THE PEOPLE CRYING WHILE WALKING OUT OF WONDER WOMAN CAN FINALLY DRY THEIR EYES


Lucy | 15 | Gay 🌈🏳🌈🏳
• I’m looking for friends or even something more, because I need more gay people in my life.
• I love everything about music and theatre❤🎵
• I also watch a lot of gay TV shows 🎥
• Space is my home (especially at nights lol)🌠
• Please talk to me, I love talking to people.

Tumblr: @taylaw13 or
Twitter: @LucyPokorna11
Snapchat: lucy.taylaw
Instagram: lucy_taylaw13

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Kla/nce voice: Your vlog was so on point??? So much better than that "official content"!! Honestly, I'm dying here laughing, reading the comments. Its so, so good to see how many people actually care for Canon La/nce. How many people actually watch the show, cause ya know, it was not about L/angst or K/eith, so it's trash. Also, "Keith's vlog had more development" ya miss me with that one suzan

Keith is an established emo and people think he had “character development” just because he was emoing all over the camera then they expected the other characters to act the same even though it would be out of character lol.

People need to stop harping on the “langst” that was one episode and it was resolved IN that episode. Of the characters Lance seems like he probably has the least issues people need to chill out on trying to make him horribly sad and insecure, Lance is a cheery happy boi that enjoys the simple things in life.

I’m just bracing myself for all of the “fix it” fanart that’s gonna come out of this vlog that will basically be the script I wrote. :|

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I think that Clarence it's an underrated show (and maybe people overlook it because of how ugly the main character is, lol). It's basically "Hey Arnold!" but with a more modern-time setting, and somewhat more reallistic.

Interesting. I think maybe I’ll give it a chance when I need something new to watch.

3rd ARMY Interview ~ [TRANS/J-Hope]

Q1: Your position in BTS?
A1: I am the bridge between the hyung line and the maknae line.

Q2: If you were going to change/reset your stage name?
A2: J Young.

Q3: What I think are BTS’ strengths and weaknesses?
A3: Strength = The members are all very passionate about music. We cherish           each other and are all very lucky.
      Weakness = “Right now, we still don’t know what is our weakness” - that           itself is our weakness, right? I’m not boasting but we are always changing           and growing while finding our weaknesses. 

Q4: A side of me that fans don’t know?
A4: I’m very serious…haha

Q5: Are there any habits that you have or things you say often?
A5: Eeeyaa ~~~ Waaaa ~~~~~ these have become my reaction habits. High five, thumbs up, and so on. 

Q6: A weakness that completely destroys me?
A6: If my family members are unhealthy, I’ll be defeated. If I’m without ARMYs, I’ll be defeated. If BTS disappears, I’ll be defeated. If any of these happen, I won’t be able to go on.

Q7: The word that you searched recently on portal sites and why?
A7: I read quite a lot of social or economic news lately since I want to know “ah, so this is the current situation in society.”

Q8: Your phone wallpaper right now is?
A8: A full-body shot of J-Hope fashion. 

Q9: A product that you’ve recently purchased and why?
A9: I’ve recently become interested in organizing and arranging things so I bought a display shelf.

Q10: Are there any new resolutions now that you’ve become 23 years old?
A10: For Me - I want to think more thoroughly about everything. Rather than               making a decision right away, I want to think more before making that                 decision. 
        For BTS - To carefully think and act since we need to be professional and           mature with more and more people watching us. 

Q11: Is there a promise you want to make sure that you keep for ARMYs?
A11: We will always continually convey our heartfelt emotions through our music.

Q12: Is there something you’re curious about and want to ask ARMYs?
A12: What is BTS to you guys?


Rap Monster / Jin / Suga / Jimin / V / Jungkook

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Maybe Wally is supposed to be protecting Iris and gets attacked by Savitar (and Iris gets taken?).

OMGGGGGGG I DIDN’T THINK OF THAT NOOOOOOOO. That would explain why Wally is so upset - aside from being in pain.

“Realizing how to use his powers because of Iris” OMG!!! I love that. Like when Iris touched his chest and he realized he had powers. Like when westallen kissed and he ran so fast that he ran back in time. Now we could have another one to add to our parallel gifsets. And more proof of Iris being his lightning rod/anchor

I need to see this scene now!

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someone said something about an alpha boy band, but imagine and omega one, too. they're like low-key rivals and are always teasing each other and all the fans ship them and have practically pulled a superwholock by becoming one big fandom. and the bands fighting/teasing each other on twitter just for fun. the alpha group would sometimes get weirdly protective/jealous when seeing the omega's talking to other alphas at awards shows... ok i need to stop.

I honestly don’t know anything about the superwholock fandom because they are just too much for me and I don’t watch supernatural or doctor who any more. 

That’s cute though the thought of them teasing at one another. That would for sure gain a bigger fanbase for both bands. Lol. I can see people shipping their favorite pairs and stuff. I can see a lot of bad that comes with it unfortunately like hate tweets and stuff like that when the band members go off and find their true mates and stuff. 


This took me five minutes to make.

Why is that a big deal? Because in five minutes I managed to find the above homophobic comments (and at least twenty more).

The first thing that annoys me the most is when people say ‘my kids can’t watch this show now’. I’m sorry, what? Your child is watching this show, and that’s perfectly fine so long as the sex is heterosexual? And the violence? Well who cares about that let’s slit peoples throats and throw knives at people, but sex between two people of the same sex? God forbid! If anyone reading this feels that what these people are saying is correct and justified, don’t have kids. Please.

And no, their names shouldn’t be blurred out, why should they? They lost that privilege when they decided to comment such disgusting things.

As for the ‘Clarke is bi, so make it more even, needs more men lol look at me I’m intelligent clearly’ comment. Clarke has had sex with one male, one female, are we watching the same show? Besides last time I checked, bisexual people don’t typically go “OH I HAD A MAN TODAY, THAT MEANS WOMAN TOMORROW LOL HAHA ROFL LMAO.”

Get your heads out of the gutter, because the only thing these commenters are good for are keeping up ratings so we get more of the *gasp* LESBIAN SCENES.

And if one more person calls Clarke ‘Clark’ again heads are gonna roll. And children can watch the heads rolling because violence is great and fine.

That is all.

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Hephaestus, Mermaid, and Heracles for the greek asks :)

Hephaestus: When is your birthday?

July 31! The end of summer, beginning of cramming for school and catching up on various things I should have done earlier but oh well, here I am anyways.

Mermaid: Last tv show you finished?

Gosh, hold on, I need to actually think of this?? I don’t watch a lot of TV and shows anymore because I just lack the attention span most of the time buuuuuut. It was probably the last Voltron season, sadly enough. Not very proud of that :/

Heracles: Have you ever had a dream come true?

Actually, yes!!! I daydream and come up with a lot of scenarios I know will most likely not happen, and the BMC Revival in New Jersey was no exception. However, I got to go and even got my red hoodie signed by the entire cast, as did my old phone case!! I was head over heels when the actor for Michael, Ryan Wood, signed the little Michael charm I got at a convention. That weekend was one of the best in my entire lives!!!

Thank you for asking!!!!!

Get to know me

I was tagged by @un1-ch4n thank you💕

Relationship status: single but I have my cat and that’s all I need

Favourite colour: dark blue, or pretty much every other dark color

Lipstick or Chapstick?: Chapstick casue during winter my lips are constantly dry

Last song: Red Velvet - Peek-A-Boo I love this song sm

Last movie: I rewatched train to Busan on Halloween

Top 3 shows: the office, the middle, Bobs burgers lol I barely watch tv tbh

Fav bands and bias in each :

Blackpink - Jennie

Red velvet - Seulgi

Ikon - Bobby

Day6 - Sungjin

Got7 - JB

Wanna one - Seongwu

there’s more but those are absolute faves

9 people I would like to get to know: oh man I don’t think I’ll find 9 tbh but I’ll tag @aflaxtonjaegerbomb @jistruction @whyamisofreakingawesome cause I don’t know anyone else on here lol


Thank you, @every-body-duck​ for tagging me to do this and listing me as one of your faves, you’re the sweetest. ❣ I still can’t grasp at the thought that something like that could happen lol anyways, I thought this would be fun to do, We need more of these! You’re the bomb for actually creating one! Tags are at the end xox❣

Find the original questions here! 

When did you start watching Impractical Jokers?

Back in April (2017) but I had seen bits at pieces of the show before I dove in head first.

Do any of your friends watch IJ? Are they as obsessed as you?

I know of people who like the show like and just know it, even some of my family but no where even close to my obsession lol

On a scale of 1-10, how obsessed are you?

Idk Like low balling it, probably 6000

Who’s your favourite Joker?

Salvatore Edward Anthony Vulcano

Why is he your favourite?

I don’t know why, because honestly I feel like if we knew each other in rl we’d probably fight just on having different opinion about certain things but I also feel like I act entirely too much like him and sometimes I just feel it spiritually 

Do you have a crush on any of them? If so, who and why?

I have a love for Sal and Brian, I just feel a lot of things Lmao

What’s your favourite Punishment?

Oh man, okay there’s so many that I love but I think I have to go with the Captain Fat Belly punishment only because it’s one of the only punishments that made me cry real tears and had me almost throw up from laughing so hard, Joe just knows how to work it.  But I do really also love the flatfoot the pirate punishment cause Sal and that accent had me s w o o n i n g.

Least favourite Punishment?

When they made Sal pee his pants, i literally refuse to ever watch that punishment after I watched it the first time. I also hated when Sal had to rub peoples feet, I almost gagged, and just a general time when anyone Pukes is a big fuck no for me so there’s at least three or four other times when I’m just like nahhh but other than that I can usually tolerate a punishment 

How and when did you discover the show?

I knew about the show before I started watching cause my dad and brothers would watch it sometimes. I remember the very first thing I ever saw was when Q was on the massage table asking for “earl” LMAO my brothers thought it was the funniest thing and they really wanted me to watch it.

What did you think of the show when you first watched it?

Mini Story time😂: So, this is kinda long only because, there was a time when I refused to watch the show because when my brothers had first described it to me, they told me it was a hidden camera show so immediately my mind thought of something like punk’d or whatever stupid shit they do on MTV and what not and I was like ‘oh hell no, I’m not watching that stupid shit…’ only I didn’t realize that the show wasn’t that at all. So one afternoon I was watching it with my brother (only because he was watching it) and I just remember thinking how funny it was and I decided to start binge watching it on that day. It’s a shame I can’t remember the actual day, I never do with stuff like this.  

Why do you like the show?

It’s four grown men, walking around this earth acting like complete idiots for laughs, that hooks me right there… but seriously, I like a good laugh, I’m someone who laughs a lot and I appreciate people who can make me laugh because a lot of the times it’s something that I need. Especially now, when life is super stressful and you don’t really know what you’re doing with your life or what’s going to happen, it’s nice to be able to just sit down and forget all that even for just 30 minutes. I’m a firm believer of you know the people you know or the things you know for a certain reason ( I won’t go into the whole thing cause it’s crazy, anyways), I know it’s kinda corny but I could have started watching this show at any point, but I feel like I only became aware of it once I needed it and because of it, I get to run this blog, and meet new people, and have all the feels over 4 dudes that have become a big part of my life which is pretty cool to me, idk. 

Do you ship any of the Jokers?

Not for real, real but I gotta stand by my crack ship, VulQuinn ❣

Do you follow any of them on Twitter?

Yes, I follow all 4… who am I, Sal? (Sometimes I think yes)

Which one of the Jokers would you like to meet?

Sal ❣

Have you ever been to one of their live shows?

No, not yet. Butttt, I am going to see them live in January! I’m going to be so close to Sal like a mere tens of feet, I could die.

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🎇You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, but I always find it interesting to hear other peoples answers 🎇

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It seems to bother every one but I really don't mind that they show the specials first and then in the episodes they go back and show more details. Its clearly for ratings/ad money, many people watch just the specials as opposed to the whole show and they need to show it while its current news I love seeing anything duggar so I really don't mind they show the prep after they air the special I will admit sometimes I wonder why i watch as the episodes can be terribly boring!! But I am addicted lol

I just get annoyed when they keep reshowing stuff. Like in the second wedding episodes, there is hardly any new content. Maybe 15 minutes out of 60. So I just get even more bored watching the show. Also, why would we want to see 40 minutes of Joy whining about a dress, when we have already seen what she chose? It is a little redundant imo. 😄 (Annie)

Interview with Tominaga Yoshihiro (producer) and Asano Naoyuki (character designer) from Osomatsu Roku Nensei.

I was looking through my half-finished translations and I found this from the Roku Nensei/ Sixth Graders magazine. No idea if anyone’s translated this before or not. The first few questions are asked by the sextuplets while the rest are just general. At the end are some comments from Asano on the origin and features of the sextuplets design.

Asano Naoyuki – Animator. Was involved in character design, animation direction and the story boarding, direction and animation direction of the opening for the TV anime Osomatsu-San.

Tominaga Yoshihiro – Born in 1978 in Miyagi Prefecture. Joined Sunrise as a production assistant in 2001. Currently a producer at Studio Pierrot after working for Manglobe. Works include Yona of the Dawn (2014), etc.

Todomatsu: Erm, which of us do you think you are the most similar to?

Asano: I lean towards Choromatsu, perhaps. Like I don’t really need any friends. Well, I try not to show that kind of darkness on the outside though. Tominaga is Osomatsu! The way he stays calm even in a tricky situation and says it’s probably alright has kind of an Osomatsu feeling.

Tominaga: Hehe, well, it’s part of my job. Inside I’m panicking. How I get carried away when I drink alcohol is probably similar to Osomatsu.

Ichimatsu: When making the anime….did you feel…..pressure or anything like that?

Asano: You know how the ending changed after the New Year? When I was making that, everyone around me was expecting a lot, so I was under pressure. I didn’t know what I’d do if they said the first one was better. I thought about changing my name if I failed.

Tominaga: Nothing much was expected from us to begin with, or rather, we were told that anime with cute character designs doesn’t sell, so I didn’t feel any pressure in particular. It was an environment where we could pursue what we liked, without sensing any obstacles.

Asano: And as a result of pursuing that, it became popular, so we were like “In your face!”

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KINDA SHORT CASPAR APPRECIATION POST (based on the “Caspar Lee Pranks With Joe Sugg” video)

1) “Just wanted to show you that Mom’s here and she’s looking beautiful.”

I just really love how much love Caspar has for his mom??? He is the kind of guy who would let his mom to kiss him in front of his friends and not brush her off and stuff. And he sounded too genuine when he called her beautiful, nearly breathless. And I think that’s beautiful. He’s beautiful.

2) “Hopefully they know who we are…”

Caspar is the kind of guy who may say things like “Haha, shut up. I’m famous.” and shit like that, but he doesn’t actually think he is, y'know? He does know that there are way too many people who doesn’t know of his existance, just like any other normal person out there, and doesn’t think so highly of himself at all. I, personally am glad that those people knew him because man, I hate seeing Jaspar awkward. I get uncomfortable too 😂.

3)“I would get that tattooed on me.”

I like how Caspar just enjoys complimenting people and strangers even. I mean like, if you’ve watched lots of his videos, you’ll realise that he just really likes making people happy. Sometimes it worries me though, that he wants to keep people happy too much that he doesn’t want to show his sadness. But I don’t know him personally, so yeah. Hope his friends are always there for him, really do. Like his mom said, he needs someone to take care of him. Perhaps a certain someone who calls him his “Fragile Little Bean Pole” ;)