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Do You Believe in Magic? - PBB 2015

Title: Do You Believe in Magic?

Genre: Harry Potter AU

Warnings: Mentions of anxiety I Alcohol

Summary: Dan and Phil have been friends since Primary school, but once they turn eleven things take a sudden change. Turns out there’s more to Phil and his family than Dan had always thought. Can their friendship survive during Phil’s years in Hogwarts? And what is Dan going to do about his developing feelings?

Author: phancywork

Beta: @twotimesawesome 

Artist: @bluer-scarf​ - link to the art here: [x]

Word Count: 14200+

A/N: I’ve been wanting to write this story for ages and when the 2015 Phandom Big Bang rolled around, I knew that it had to be now or never. I hope you have as much fun reading this fic as I had writing it.

Special shoutout to @galaxyphan ​for being the nicest and most patient mod ever and to @twotimesawesome​ for being the most dedicated beta I could have hoped for. And please check out the art for this fic because @bluer-scarf did such an amazing job!

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Fooled / Liam Dunbar + Theo Raeken

Request-  Could you do a Theo/Liam imagine where Liam doesn’t like Y/N cause she’s kinda clumsy and embarrasses herself in front of everyone and so on. But Theo really takes interest in her (to get to the pack) and after she finds out she is really sad because she liked Theo a lot. Liam suddenly feels bad for Y/N and you can decide if she wants Theo (does countless things to get back to him or smth.) or Liam? Maybe Liam also gets jealous idk

A/N- I hope you like this mi amor ♡ I hope this is what you wanted! I’m sorry this is longer than usual (and my imagines are always super long, so yikes. Sorry.) There were just a lot of components to this story and I wanted it to come together nicely :) Please don’t hesitate to message me if you want me to tweak anything; I’d be more than happy to fix it if necessary.


The hot sun was beaming down on the small town of Beacon Hills; the radiating warmth welcome by all who had grown tired of the seemingly never ending rain.

Since the peaceful weather was somewhat rare, Scott Mccall’s pack took advantage by having lunch at the outdoor lunch tables that lined the front of the school.

They were currently sitting together in front of the school entrance, waiting for the presence of their final pack member, Y/N. While she was unconditionally sweet and extremely intelligent, she lacked punctuality and could easily be labeled as a klutz. The majority of the pack was more than used to her clumsiness and no longer blinked when she stumbled or accidentally caused a scene in public by tripping on thin air. All except for Liam.

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