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You might struggle with auditory processing if…

- Your catchphrase is “what?”

- You ask someone to repeat their question then finish processing and respond halfway through they’re finished repeating it.

- You somewhat processed what someone said but your brain won’t take it.

- You mishear what people say wildly wrong. Like, wildly wrong. Then you process it and it makes wayyyy more sense than whatever you thought someone originally said.

- “Wait, what?”

- Default face is a perplexed, confused look.

- You have to deal with rude people who refuse to repeat themselves and act exasperated at the suggestion, than proceed to get angry when you won’t respond to them and/or remember what they just said.

- You can hear a car door open down the street but you can’t hear someone talking to you in the same room.

- Talking is weird.

- You’re constantly seen as a bad listener (which, maybe isn’t that far from the truth- but they assume you’re not trying), unfocused (which I tend to be, but it’s unrelated), and so on. Nobody stops to consider that maybe you have processing issues.

- You were tested for hearing issues as a kid because you didn’t respond to people or talk much, but every test came back negative and your parents were told you have perfect hearing.

- The idea of talking to two people at once is terrifying beyond imagining.

- Responding to something someone said ages ago, even with a different conversation still going, the topic has moved on, and everyone forgot about it.

- “Huh?!”

warm, calm afternoon

what she says: im fine 

what she means: its just. why is young justice getting a season 3 when teen titans arguably had more critical acclaim and a larger following and also teen titans season 5 ended very abiguously and we still dont know what happened to terra or slade and FURTHERMORE teen titans had wayyyy more of a diverse cast and more mature plotlines that would gain a large dedicated fandom now and also we never got to see raven and beast boy get together when they were my first ship ever and also what the FUCK was teen titans go and why did that happen


We don’t know what will happen but we’ll always be BIGBANG - GD

You’ve been through a lot since your debut but came out stronger each time. You’ve made names for yourselves individually but nothing can beat how amazing you are as a group of five. VIPs will stand by you until whenever so let’s go for another ten years ❤️

MBTI Types as Valentine’s Day Gift-Givers

Author’s Note: OMGG NATIONAL CHOCOLATE AND MOVIES DAYYY YYAY!! … With my friends I mean looolol … I’m single AF  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

ISFJ - After hours of pinterest, finally finishes the cutest DIY gift in the universe and makes you dinner at home even though they actually only got 3 hours of sleep last night and all ISFJs need at least 8-10 hours of sleep for normal functioning so should they really be operating a stove??? Food ends up being worthy of 3 Michelin stars
INFJ - Alternates between “wow this is actually a pretty good gift idea!” and “omg omg omg what if you don’t like it! It’s going to be the end of the worldddd no no no no noooooooooooooooo” *slowly sinking to the ground just at the thought of this*
ISFP - Receives wayyyy more affection/fan mail/love letters than normal on this day but only you get a beautiful handcrafted art thingy that was birthed while ISFP was frolicking in the woods being one with nature and petting all the woodland animals
INFP - Awwww INFPs are like little golden retrievers! Just wants to cuddle with you and make you happy with their gift! May start crying if even the slightest facial movement indicates that you’re not satisfied with their precious gift.  It might be a flower crown.  You have been warned.
INTJ - Most likely to not subscribe to a materialistic holiday like Valentine’s Day where couples lavish each other with off-putting levels of affection.  Unlikely to get you a gift unless prompted at least 1 week in advance.  Please allow 24 hours for INTJ to process your request for a Valentine’s Day gift.
ENTJ - Second most likely (wow they’re actually not 1st in something?!?! are you slipping ENTJ?) to not subscribe to the idea of Valentine’s Day.  Still takes you out to dinner and performs their role as your significant other, but manages to find a way to keep dinner and your gift under a tight budget. Bravo ENTJ ;)
ISTJ - Third most likely to not subscribe to the concept of Valentine’s Day, but since they are expected to get you a present, they will get you something useful! After many hours of contemplation, ISTJ may tell you that they love you on this day because their Tradition and Duty textbook recommended them to do so.
ISTP - Sarcastic AF Valentine’s Card Award Winner of the Year (3 years in a row).  Also gets you 10 salsa dancing lessons but you both know that you cuties will only be attending 4/10 of them because you’ll spend the other 5 weeks attending acting lessons that ISTP accidentally doublebooked
INTP - Has always known that there was something called Valentine’s Day but has never tried to participate in this satanic ritual.  In preparation for Valentine’s Day, please make sure to update the following apps on your INTP: Social Decision-Making OS, Gift-Giving Analysis Software, and Affection-Showing v3.98.
ESFJ - Gives Valentine’s to many of their friends but gives a very special gift to only you! Enjoys PDA and will give you absolutely no personal space on this day.  CAUTION: Your ESFJ will shower you with copious amounts of gifts and affection … be sure to wear a scuba suit so you don’t drown in their endless love.
ENFJ - Will make you feel like the most special person on the planet on Valentine’s Day <3 Will also get you a very cute homemade Valentine’s Day gift that will make you want to unravel more emotional wounds in their presence (which is the best gift for an ENFJ anyway)

ESFP - Gives you the gift of A PARTYYYYY! Valentine’s Day isn’t just celebrated with your special someone, but also with 20 other people who also brought their special someones too.  May end in an orgy.  May end in an rave.  Or maybe you get 27 hours of Valentine’s Day because you flew east to west and gained 3 extra hours (?!?!?)

ENFP - Buys a ton of gifts for you but struggles to decide which one to actually give to you! Decides to stagger the gifts.  One for Valentine’s Day.  One for Christmas.   One for your bday .. oh crap .. after Valentine’s Day they forgot where they stashed all the gifts and only finds them again 3 years later.  What a nice surprise! ^^
ESTJ - Perfectly replicates the Valentine’s Day that both of you had last year plus a planned networking party at 4 p.m. just for the fun of it.  ESTJ leaves with 7 new Linkedin contacts and a phone number of a recruiter.  This same time next year, ESTJ will be making $20,000 more than last year at their new job.  
ESTP - Meets up with you to go scuba diving/ziplining/rock climbing but spends at least half of the time making out with you which leads to the both of you getting kicked out .. you spend the rest of your Valentine’s day alternating between having sex, shopping, and clubbing (occasionally having sex at the club or shopping mall) ;) ;) ;)
ENTP - Doesn’t make concrete plans with you prior to Valentine’s Day. Instead, takes you on a spontaneous trip to Europe that they literally just decided to do.  Forgets to schedule a return flight because ENTP is having too much fun spending time with you in a foreign country.

yuri on ice sexuality/relationship headcannons no one asked for:
  • viktor has dated men and women, but has been wayyyy more interested in men for the past few years. like 99% into guys, 1% women. 
  • he used to feel comfortable identifying as bi, but hasn’t for a while and just doesn’t really label his sexuality as anything at this point? like he feels like he’s gay, but he doesn’t know if he can really call himself that because he definitely has been attracted to women in the past and sometimes still is. 
  • yuuri kind of just ignores his sexuality for a while because his top priority was skating + he wasn’t interested in anyone though high school. sure, he had a few wet dreams about viktor, but viktor was confusingly beautiful and yuuri could easily convince himself it was because viktor looked so pretty with long hair and delicate features that it wasn’t actually because yuuri was gay, just that he had a singular focus on skating and viktor was his idol and ridiculously pretty. 
  • oh yeah, i also like to think viktor has questioned rigid gender norms at some point and felt more genderfluid as a teen. i think he feels comfortable identifying as male at this point, but he definitely questioned it for a while. but back to yuuri. 
  • yuuri doesn’t really put two-and-two together until he’s in college. 
  • he has a slightly Big Gay Crisis his first year of college. 
  • it’s not that it doesn’t make sense to him that he’s attracted to men, but he gets kind of down about it for a while because he’s already a pretty detached person who struggles to let people get close to him and he’s not one to put himself out there and it seems like he’d have to do that to an even great extent to actually meet someone with being gay so he just kind of figures he’ll be alone. 
  • phichit is the only person yuuri comes out to. 
  • he only does because they decide to try drinking one night and he gets tipsy enough to just want to tell someone so he asks phichit about if he’s ever liked a guy… 
  • and phichit is like “oh yeah, i like everyone :D.” because phichit is pan and just a giant ray of sunshine and yuuri feels so much less alone and so much more relieved when he tells phichit he’s gay. 
  • phichit tells yuuri he’s not going to end up alone and for some reason yuuri kind of wants to believe him. 
  • yuuri’s first kiss is also with phichit. phichit asks him if he wants to try kissing to see if he definitely likes guys (drunk logic is soooo sound) and they do. it’s super weird, but not because phichit is a guy. just becuase phichit is phichit. 
  • and then yuuri goes back to ignoring his sexuality because SKATING.
  • and then viktor shows up in person and he’s like OH SHIT HELLO AGAIN GAY FEELINGS
  • viktor has had a fair number of flings and maybe one or two longer lasting relationships. the fact that viktor has dated men is basically Russia’s worst kept secret? no one specifically addresses it, but they KNOW. 
  • and even though viktor has had a few substantial relationships, they didn’t really leave much of an impact? sure he was sad when they ended, but he wasn’t heartbroken. he missed certain people sometimes or having someone to hold or hold him, but it’s not really tied to anyone specifically. 
  • and viktor is also now just like ?? hi yes, i would like to spend my life with you, yuuri, i hope that’s ok, i’m moving into the hot springs now.  
  • it’s very new and weird for him. 
  • good thing yuuri is just as in love with him. 
  • ok that’s all for right now plz look at this picture for hours:

Note to self: transition out of sugaring and focus more fully on escorting. SDs have their benefits but generally expect sooo much from babies at a relatively cheap price. For example, this dude is paying me $1,200/month for one meet per week. That’s on the lower end but he’s pleasant and I like the sex, so whatever. When making plans for tomorrow I suggested a time window that gave us roughly 2.5 hours - he said this wasn’t enough and wants to reschedule for when we’re not “pressed for time”. Wtf. Not to mention 2k/month SDs wanting regular sleepovers and unpaid weekend trips, idk who they think they are but it’s such a time sink. Escorting is wayyyy more lucrative and the clients never expect anything more than their allotted time slot. They’re much less entitled overall, more reliable (in my experience), and easier to deal with. Not to mention the fact that they don’t want to text 24/7. One of my SDs got pissy at me yesterday and sent a “???” text when I didn’t reply to him within ~literally~ four minutes. Is clearly hard for them to imagine we have lives outside of catering to them whereas clients seem to maintain the mutual understanding that we’re both busy people with separate interests. Rant over. 


Anyway, moving past all the transphobic anons I’ve recieved (and unforuntely that have stretched all the way to  the amazing @siancore and other loved members of the richonne fandom)  I present you some pictures from my convention last weekend! I only went as Carl on Sunday, but I found wayyyy more pictures of me as him in the tags than of any of my other weekend costumes. It was, as always, so much fun. I love being Carl.

A friend of mine wanted to feature me for a class assignment at the Art Institute of Phoenix, so I put together a quick speedpaint! Ill be uploading the video as soon as I have it edited and finished. 

This drawing is wayyyy more messy than I usually let myself go, but I was in a rush and thought the sketchiness of it would fit Junkrat.

anonymous asked:

ok, a black/blue cat with blue eyes describes wayyyy more warrior cats than it should tbh,,,, give me more calicos please. and cats with green eyes

i knowwww honestly calicos, bicolor tabbies & torbies should be the most common in WC

maybe this is an unpopular opinion but if a cis girl wants to get top surgery or bind bc itll make her more happy abt her body then i think we should totally support her? theres not really a downside to that. like.. if cis people start doing it, itll become wayyyy more accessible. it’s not like theres only 11 top surgeries to give out a year and the cis people will Steal Those

and like i agree that cis people shouldnt take specifically trans resources like free binders etc but theres Literally no downside to a cis person buying a gc2b binder or something

Clone Prefrence: They Realize They Have Feelings for You

Requested by: @maryenette

He gets wayyyy more humorous with you once he’s realized his feelings. The second he knows he likes you he wants to make you smile as much as possible so he lays on the wit

He’s kinda known for a while but he hasn’t wanted to admit it to himself yet. He’s been protective of you in the past but now it kinda clicks for him that there’s a reason why. It’s a bit of a big epiphany moment for him

He’s definitely like “DAMNIT” when he realizes. He often feels inadequate and uncomfortable around you because he is a clone and wants to be someone you’ve be proud to be with. He definitely tries to be bolder and stronger around you.

Wolffe would kind of act a bit defeated because he knew this would happen. You’re exactly the type of person he would love and he knew it was only a matter of time before he fell for you.

Request anything you’d like to see! My ask box is open!