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A Few More Minutes - Jimin Imagine

dedicated to @helvonasche because why not <3

Jimin opened his eyes as soon as the morning sun light made its way into the peaceful room, he squinted his eyes as he woke up from his deep slumber, he looked around the messy room, clothes were on the floor and the rose petals he placed on the bed the night before, where on the floor as well, he smiled when he noticed an arm wrapped around him and a head pressing slightly on the crook of his neck.

He looked down to see your naked body covered by the bed sheets, your head on his chest, your beautiful hair messy all over the pillow and his arm, your beautiful face pressed against his pectoral, your beautiful eyes closed and your pretty lips, the one he loved to kiss, were closed, you looked like an angel, like a princess that needed to be awoken by her prince charming, he would say it was the knight in shinny armor that needed to rescue the princess not a simple prince, and she would say that she didn’t need saving, that she didn’t need a knight to save her from the horrible dragon, that she could save herself, she just needed her prince charming to love her and support her.

Jimin smiled at the memory, the two of you on the old couch at the apartment he used to share with his best friends, the two of you wrapped by two or three blankets because the damn heater wasn’t working in that old apartment, he remembered how your eyes sparkled when you told him about your favorite Disney movies, how you said you loved sleeping beauty because your grandmother would repeat you the story every time she had you seated on her lap, and how you also loved Mulan and Pocahontas because little girls needed to watch those movies to believe they weren’t just pretty things princes had to rescue.

That’s what he loved the most about you, how you looked beautiful and frail on the outside but you were a strong woman on the inside, with opinions about everything and anything, he loved how smart you were and how kind, how you always wanted everyone around smiling even when you were in pain, how you put others first but you also had self love and respect, you were the perfect woman in his eyes, but you would tell him that nobody is perfect not even herself and that he needed to appreciate everyone even with the smallest imperfections.

But what he loved the most was that you taught him how to love, you taught him to see the beautiful things in everything around him, and you taught him that he should smile to everyone because he didn’t know who he was going to make happy with his beautiful smile.

Jimin didn’t know what he would do without you in his life.

So he pulled your body closer to him, he kissed the top of your head smelling your beautiful scent, he cherished those moments, where everything was calm, where he didn’t need to be elsewhere but your arms, where everything was calm and he could enjoy your presence without people bothering him.

He didn’t know how long he had been awake, thinking about the wonderful times you two spent together, but after a while he felt your body moving and he looked down to see your sleepy face looking up to him, he smiled at you and kissed your head “good morning sleeping beauty” you smiled and got up to kiss his cheek, his heart warming at the gesture “good morning” you said in your soft morning voice, you smiled up to him as he started playing with your hair, “how long have you been awake?” you asked after a long silence, he smiled and shrugged.

“just a few minutes” he sighed as he closed his eyes, so he could enjoy these few minutes of peace with you in his arms.


{8/?} *:・゚✧ social media au where yoongi is an insta famous model and aspiring singer taehyung is the guy in his class who has a big ass crush on him. 


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77+92 Nine/Ten x Rose (bonus points for not established relationship) :)

Hello anon!! I’m sorry, I only did one of them this time. I hope you still like it anyway <3

642 words, Ten x Rose, inspired by the iconic “beautiful boy” scene in Fear Her

#92 -  “Trust me, cuddles are a natural remedy.”

“Rose… do you… do you really have to have that thing with you?” the Doctor asked, eyeing the cat she cradled lovingly in her arms with evident disdain. At his look, the cat only purred louder, generously nuzzling its head into Rose’s cheek. The Doctor scowled.

Rose giggled and lifted her arm to scratch behind the kitten’s ear. She was a peaceful and beautiful sight to behold, lying in bed, her hair sprawled around her like a wild, golden halo. But it was a sight undoubtedly marred by their (rather unwelcome!) guest.

“It’s not a thing, Doctor. It’s a cat. And super cute one at that,” Rose said, voice rising in pitch as the cat affectionately headbutted her. She gave it a kiss, and the Doctor kept glowering.

“But you’re sick! Who knows what sort of microscopic, human-plaguing viruses it could be caring. We don’t know where that thing’s been!”

If her gaze wasn’t so focused on the cat, Rose would’ve graced the Doctor with a roll of her eyes. “Oh, stuff it, yeah? It’s fine and I’m not sick; just got a few sniffles. This little sweetheart’s doing me a favor,” she smiled. “Trust me, cuddles are a natural remedy.”

The Doctor huffed, mumbling, “That’s not a medically sound diagnosis…”

“Doctor,” Rose laughed, finally sparing him a glance. “You’re being ridiculous. If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought you were jealous.”

She was messing with him, he knew it, but like an idiot he took the bait anyway. “I’m not being ridiculous!” he cried, “I’m just saying! If you’re so dead set on it, there’s—there’s safer, better things out there you could be cuddling instead. Like—”

“Like what?”

Rose was definitely looking at him now. After trying all night, ever since that cat came stalking in, he’s finally got her attention. He absentmindedly adjusted his tie, suddenly feeling caught.

“Like… a stuffed animal, or a pillow, or… or…”

“Or a Time Lord?” she teased.

He gulped, Adam’s apple bobbing. “I—well—that wouldn’t have been my first suggestion, but… Ah… Maybe…?”

The Doctor tugged at his ear, trying to keep the hope from seeping into his eyes. But, oh, judging by the look on her face she definitely saw it. She grinned.

“Maybe, hmm?” Rose sat up, gently easing the still-purring cat off of her. She set it down daintily upon the floor and let it tiptoe its way away before scooting over, clearing up some extra space on the bed. “You got me. Sounds interesting,” she said.

“It does?”

She pat the empty space beside her and cast him a meaningful look. “Yeah. So why don’t we give it a try?”

“A try,” he echoed, but he didn’t move, thoughts frozen on the impossibility of what she was offering. He’s been aching to hold Rose Tyler in his arms—properly hold, not just a seconds-long hug—for as long as he could remember. And now…

It took another pat on the mattress before he snapped out of it. Walking over, he shucked off his suit jacket and kicked off his trainers, lifting the covers and easing himself underneath them. His legs brushing delightfully against hers, Rose gestured for him to lie down before turning around and lying down herself. They scooted closer together, his chest meeting her back, and he reflexively wrapped his arms around her. She held his arms in place with her own and used one hand to intertwine their fingers together. With a sigh, she settled into him.

It took the Doctor a second for him to find his breath again. “How’s this?” he whispered.

She hummed contentedly. “Perfect.”

“Better than the cat?” he asked, unable to resist.

Rose chuckled, “Yes, Doctor. Better than the cat.”

He beamed, finally satisfied and just a little bit smug. “Good!”

The Doctor could feel her mirth in the way her body shook.

Doing something other than sketches? No, I refuse. A contemplative Kak just for fun!


Agust D is a popular rapper in the underground world who has just released his first album, Pinkett, taking his first step into the mainstream music industry. Jimin is his diehard fanboy who dyes his hair pink after the album and catches other fans’ attention. People start speculating when Agust D also dyes his hair pink… 13/?

Lulu: Poppy! *grabs her by the arm* I gotcha!!!

Poppy: Oh, hey Lulu. What’s going on?

Lulu: We haven’t gone out together in WEEKS. We’re doing something together whether you like it or not!

Poppy: U-uh, sure. Where are we going?

Lulu: There’s a fair in town! We should go! I’m going, Veigar, Tristana, Teemo–

Poppy: I don’t feel so good. Maybe next time? *pulls away and starts walking off*

Lulu: But Poppy… *pouts*

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How dare you ask to hide my beauty by being like the regular anonym... I mean I followed your blog for total assimilation and cute art of one of the cute starters, ironically I have one grass fire and water for cute starters

Not sure about that total assimilation thing but thanks? I don’t have much more to add… 

Originally posted by yoshis

One can’t understand pure beauty until they fully grasp the ugliness that plagues all humanity.

I’ll leave it at that, :3 thanks for the kind words.

Just darkness…

Nothing really around, expect for the sounds of atoms and particles sealing themselves back together.

Her mind wandered the scene, screeching out in agony though could never be heard. Through the pain, an even more unsettling feeling occupied whatever iotas made up her reasoning.

What would happen to her friends? To Arthur? To Lewis? To Mystery? What were they going to do without her? Did they think this was all their fault? She had herself to blame, not conducting enough research or even trying to get off her ass to find out just what was going on. 

This could have been avoided, this didn’t have to happen!

God, why was she so weak?! Helpless to something as stupid as a spellbook?! She easily let it overtake her body, consume her life force, and now look. Now she’s….dead.

She left her team down….again.

She still isn’t strong.

A light….accompanied by a strange, clicking sound of machinery screeching and steaming. It shrieked louder, stepping up in pitch with every blow and rattling whatever sense Vivi had in this strange void. If only she could manifest some kind of strength.

That’s when something hit her hard on the back, causing her large scars and even the larger handprint outline to ache.

More darkness greeted her, but this felt much different. Much warmer and more familiar, despite her blurry eyesight making it near impossible to distinguish where she landed. Her whole body ached, but she felt something pleasant cascade through the beating of her veins, muscles, and organs then slowly ascend and dissipate into the air.

Was she back? Where was she?



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