more of that scene with kyle

Finally managed to sit down to get some art done!

Tried doing a simple background with this one, and how to compose it so that the character doesn’t get drowned in the noise of it. Also some new colouring techniques that are slightly different from what I usually do. Will try to do more like this in the future, since the background makes the whole thing a little more interesting and cohesive. It’s almost like it’s a scene. :P

Tools used:
- Wacom Cintiq 12WX
- Photoshop CC
- Kyle Webster brushes


Elphaba “move i’m non-binary” Thropp

Rewriting Wicked: Wickedly Queer (2/?)

This isn’t even about “shipping wars,” it’s about how movies shouldn’t fucking make abuse look acceptable. Kyle Ron tried to kill Rey and her friends, actually killed her father figure, strapped her down and tortured her, and is part of an organization that’s a clear allegory to nazism. Tell me in what world would that would be a healthy relationship, even if he gets ~redeemed.~

Then some of you Reylos are so fucking nasty you felt the need to compare the torture scene with another more intense one to say “SEE, look what Kyle could have been doing to her! Clearly she could have had it so much worse” and I shouldn’t even have to explain how abusive that sounds. Literally the same argument as “at least he doesn’t beat you” and coming up with the most wild excuses as to why he’s not a ~real~ abuser.

If you ship it in the abstract I’m still weary of you but if you straight up want Reylo to happen onscreen it’s like ???? What the fuck is wrong with you?? That is not the message a widely anticipated and immeasurably influential movie should put out


Fantastic Four Annual #19 inked by Joe Sinnott
Avengers Annual #14 inked by Kyle Baker

In 1985, John Byrne pencilled two annuals that were released in the same month. While Roger Stern wrote the Avengers story and Byrne wrote the FF story, the two storylines converged in a truly unique crossover that uses the same breakdowns for both stories, albeit with different letterers, colorists, and most notably, inkers.

One may be hard-pressed to find two inkers with more contrasting styles: Joe Sinnott, one of Marvel’s all-time greats who gave a gorgeous polish to Kirby’s FF, provides classic, crisp, and clean lines; while then-newcomer Kyle Baker brings more texture and expression to his faces.

When I these books came out, I remember laying the two books open to the same pages, examining how much an inker contributes to the process.

In retrospect, it reminds me of this page from Comics Scene magazine in which they showed how four different inkers can affect the same pencils (by Mike Zeck).

I don’t normally like doing this but… I really love(d) this scene. This was the third take. I remember it was a tandem day (shooting 2 episodes at once— finishing one and starting another), and we had wrapped this scene after the second take. They were rushing everyone out so the other unit could start, but I didn’t feel right. I felt like i did a good job but, i felt like i could do more. I asked Tunde (Olatunde Osunsamni: Director, who was being pressured to wrap it up), if I could do it again, told him I felt like i could do more. He said, ”Alright, let’s do it then.” And this happened. The scene turned a completely different direction than I planned. I mean, I thought i was gonna be angry the whole time… then this happened. and for that i love it. Ivana Milicevic is a beauty to work with. 🙇🏼‍♀️❤️✨

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Please oh please do more catwoman and Robin art. I love the cuteness between Damian and her! Would love to see more!

sORRY THIS IS LONG, there’s scenes missing bc i didn’t want to make it even longer, but u can probably infer dami can’t resist a cute animal and selina loves playing w/ batsy and his kids… isis is from btas, but i think they would bond over their love of animals, catmama to the rescue when a lone bird is on patrol

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I just need sum kyman rn, after watching that new ep..

‘s okay man, just imagine that kyle’s annoyed af that all cartman talks about is his relationship with heidi haha

like instead of being an annoyance by ripping on kyle, cartman’s just being an annoyance, period.

and well, cartman’s not teasing him anymore. cuz whenever cartman talks shit about him, he replies with a taunt of his own and he’ll get a teasing response in return. 

but now whenever he refutes cartman’s complaints about heidi, cartman just yells at him about how he doesnt know what it’s like to be in a relationship and that’s laaame.

so if he wants that banter back he’s gotta break that relationship up 👀

i feel like this line was what linked the episode to the idea of kyle wanting that back-and-forth between him and cartman back

what if that’s what he wanted all along? for cartman to call him a dirty jew?

idk. my personal kyman speculations are under the cut if anyone wants to know

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Green Lantern Corps Vol. 2 #20  - Aka. the one where Guy and Kyle move to Oa to open a bar together

OK, I’m getting nervous about some of the spoilers I’m seeing so I’m just going to blather obliviously about Gotham aesthetics some more. I’m only just starting to appreciate how completely it’s applied to individual characters, too - people belonging to and existing in different genres that are reflected in their costumes and speech patterns and the way their scenes play out.  Harvey and Jim live in an overlap between film noir and gritty 70s cop show; Oswald is somewhere between a George Raft Prohibition gangster movie and a lurid Gothic melodrama; Barbara’s a slinky amalgam of film noir femme fatale tropes, Tabitha’s a quick-thinking 80s biker/action/revenge movie heroine; Ed is a perfect Alfred Hitchcock psychodrama anti-hero; Bruce and Alfred are true to the stately modern-day Dickens aspects of the Batman origin, with Selina as the Dodger spy/guide character who wakes Bruce up to street realities.  And this carries through into everything they wear, their body language, the way they talk - Harvey or Jim can speak out of their NYPD Blue world to call someone a son of a bitch, but then you have Oswald and his grandiose ‘how dare you even think’ diction, Barbara and 'it’s Gotham, baby!’, Bruce’s painful formality, and Ed in his 1950s sweaters who’ll cheerfully murder you but still can’t bring himself to swear properly ('oh crud’).

It’s like each one of them is the star of a separate show in a separate genre - a particularly culture-savvy take on ‘every villain thinks they’re the hero of their own story’ - and the Gotham-ness of it all is what happens when these stories crash into each other like cinematic freight trains.  No wonder it’s such delirious mayhem.

I freaking LOVED the new south park episode “Doubling Down”!

it’s so nice to see the team finally getting a good balance between serialization and episodic plot!

also hoooly freaking shit I was in absolute joy when Cartman just started yelling Kahl over and over and the Cat’s don’t dance reference dropped!! Kyle’s evil laugh was awesome too lol.

I feel so bad for Heidi but I am so just so impressed with the portrayal of an abusive relationship in this show and why people fall for this shit. it was brilliant! it is also sad and frustrating that she has to be caught between Eric and Kyle’s new battle royal now but that is sorta the point and I’m looking forward to see more of that!! freaking missed seeing them do their thing.

Speaking of which whoa did that bit with Eric shoving Kyle onto the lockers feel painful! like excellent job of whoever worked on this scene conveying the force of it. Kyle not being intimadated by it and punching Cartman square in the face was a fucking fantastic response!!!

Anyone who thought Kyle is a victim to Cartman and not the absolutely no-nonsense tough and brilliant boy he is, better rethink that arguement is all I’m saying >:3

Just loved it.

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Could you write a one-shot with pre-death Kyle Spencer with the line "Guys like you don't even look at girls like me" with shy!reader please? Thank you so much!!

(This was more of a prompt than a one-shot)

“Leave me alone, Kyle!” You call behind you as you leave the library, walking down the steps as quick as you can. You don’t want to cause a scene and you really don’t like that everyone is watching you as you walk away from Kyle Spencer, but you have no other choice. You just want to go back to your accommodation. 

“Why won’t you just go out with me? What’s stopping you?” You stop on the pavement because you know he’s just going to keep following you if you don’t and at least this way he’s in front of you and the two of you aren’t yelling at each other. People are less inclined to stare when you don’t yell and it makes you more comfortable when they don’t stare. You hat being the centre of attention.

“Guys like you don’t even look at girls like me”


“I’m not a party girl, Kyle…i’m just a shy book worm…”

“I want to go on a date with you. I’m looking at you right now aren’t I?”


“Just…think about it?” You nod before walking away. He’s right. He noticed you. But part of you is terrified that it’s all some elaborate joke and that’s honestly the last thing you want right now.

Is Tweek a Homosexual? An Analysis on Tweek’s Sexuality

After spending months discussing these topic in either fragments or in private chats, I decided to make one huge post that makes it clear where I stand on whether or not Tweek is gay and why I feel that way. If it seems as if I’m putting way to much effort into this one post, that’s because this is a subject that, as I mentioned already, I find myself returning to repeatedly so I want to get everything out there in one go. 

The short answer: Yes, Tweek is probably gay.

Bebe’s  Boobs Destroy Society

Surprise. It actually wasn’t Tweek x Craig that kicked this topic off. The episode that many people reference when explaining why they firmly believe Tweek is gay actually aired 14 years ago! Tweek’s sexuality came into question among observant viewers after the season 6 episode “Bebe’s Boobs Destroy Society” aired. I’ve made a post joking about Tweek’s noticeable disinterest in Bebe throughout that episode. (Shameless plug to a past post)

Besides the two scenes mentioned in that post, there are two more that stand out.

  • When Cartman showers Bebe in praise in the above scene, Stan and Kyle agree to what he is saying and that Bebe should be invited into the group. Tweek, on the other hand, says nothing. 
  • Despite being there to invite Bebe to throw rocks at vehicles, Tweek does not show up later on to do so. 

The amount of inconsistency he shows in his behavior towards Bebe that NO OTHER BOY SHOWS (ESPECIALLY with how he had a delayed reaction at one point) in this episode strongly implies he was playing into a herd mentality. I can look over one scene as an animation error. But FOUR different scenes?

Also, if his disinterest had been any more blatant, it is unlikely he would have gotten by without being questioned by the other boys, putting the writers into a position where they might have felt obligated to address the issue in an upcoming episode since Tweek was a main character at the time. This is just some speculation on my part, but maybe they did intend to return to the subject had Tweek remained in the spotlight for longer than he did?

More on Tweek and his Lack of Interest in Girls

Bebe and her boobs aside, Tweek doesn’t seem to care much for girls in general. As of season 20, Tweek is the only boy never confirmed to have had a girlfriend or romantic interactions with at least one girl in general. The only time Tweek expresses “interest” in a girl was when Clyde showed him a photoshopped picture of Lisa in “The Hobbit”. But, similar to the situation he was in with Bebe, if Tweek had responded in any other way than he did after Clyde directly addressed him (obviously fishing for compliments), his sexuality would have been called into question by the other students since Lisa’s photo was edited to be the perfect example of conventional attractiveness. Lisa herself would have most likely made damn sure to out him as gay if he had not feigned interest considering how narcissistic and defensive the picture had made her. And she was RIGHT THERE when Clyde showed Tweek the picture. Him not acting impressed with the subject of the photo actually being there in person would have came across as insulting to both Clyde and Lisa.

Most closeted homosexuals would have done the same as Tweek to avoid potential problems. Here’s something else to consider about this scene. Tweek does not actually directly call Lisa attractive. He just calls Clyde lucky. While the others directly comment on Lisa’s appearance. Jimmy even goes as far as saying he’d have sex with her. 

Speaking of not calling girls attractive, later on in that same episode, the boys go through the edited pictures of their female classmates.

While the other boys each have something to say about which girl they think is the hottest, Tweek, just like he did in the diner when Cartman, Kyle and Stan were praising Bebe, stands there saying absolutely nothing. Again, no male character besides Tweek has shown so little attraction to girls throughout the series. 

Tweek and Boys

Okay. So there is plenty suggesting Tweek doesn’t like girls. But that doesn’t automatically mean he cares for boys much either. Asexuality is a thing. 

While I could reference him commenting on Mr. Mackey’s ass (Sexual Harassment Panda) and being one of the people up front to see what is obviously Randy dancing around in a dress  (”#HappyHolograms”), let’s skip the side stuff and dive straight into the episode that gave us the first official gay relationship among the kids: “Tweek x Craig”. 

First off, Tweek doesn’t deny the specific accusation of being gay nearly as much as Craig. In fact, we never see him denying the accusations at all until Craig jumps in on the accusations as well (”But we’re not (gay)! At least I’M not!”). 

I believe these two scenes best sum of Tweek’s sexuality crisis. In the first scene, he doesn’t bother denying being gay until prompted to by Craig. Until that point, he had an expression of uncertainty. As if he was in deep thought. The most likely reason? Upon his sexuality finally being directly questioned by others (through attempts to hook him up with the boy considered the most attractive by the girls no less!), he’s either:

  • Connecting the dots and realizing he actually IS gay
  • Already well aware that he is gay and trying to decide on which coarse of action he should take now that he’s being forced out of the closet

Considering the emotional maturity combined with the low self-esteem Tweek showed in this episode, I think the second option is the most likely one. He was most likely a closeted homosexual. 

The second picture further shows Tweek is not really opposed to being with someone of the same sex by having two male dolls set up in a kissing position set off to the side. 

Before I move on to the later half of the episode, I would like to point out that Cupid Me skipped over Tweek. Assuming he’s Cartman’s imagination, this means Cartman might have already kinda picked up Tweek’s not straight. If Cupid Me isn’t just part of his imagination…do I really need to say what the implications of the homosexual personification of love not feeling that Tweek needs an arrow are?

I find the dialogue of this scene to be pretty telling. Tweek most likely tapped into his real emotions to pull this scene off so well. Those emotions being his frustration with Craig ASSUMING he knows what Tweek wants and making the decision to try and ruin any potential romantic development. Craig handled this situation REALLY badly to say the least and came off as insensitive to what Tweek may have wanted by putting his own feelings first and assuming Tweek shared those feelings. He didn’t realize how inconsiderate he was being. Tweek, being a nervous wreck with low self esteem, couldn’t find the nerve to directly object to what he was doing and repressed his own feelings. He bubbled up those feelings only for them to come pouring out in this scene as REALLY good acting which, along with Craig’s earlier support, gave him a huge boost in self esteem. 

Later on, with a new found confidence, Tweek was able to be honest about his feelings and tell Craig how much he and his support meant to him. Only to be rejected, something that clearly hurt him. 

Eventually Craig changes his mind and they get together. And while there is a lot of subjective in the analysis for this episode. This look of complete admiration could not be described as anything else.

Tweek, objectively speaking, has shown, by far, the least interest in girls of the male students. Not Cartman. DEFINITELY not Butters. TWEEK. The ONLY character he has pursued is MALE

Tweek is most likely the source of homosexual representation among the students.

I just discovered something sad...

Well the fan service of creek sure knows how to distract us from reality. But there’s something I suddenly noticed about Craig and those guys…… Isn’t it weird as soon as episode six is over we see no sign of Clyde and Token around Tweek and Craig? I know it seems like a coincidence at first…

So let’s look at before.

Before Token had no trouble sitting next to Craig but look at his reaction to the thought of Craig being gay.

Now we all remember that Token isn’t really one to approve of gay guys especially in his group.

And we all have it burned to our memories to how Tweek x Craig ended.

But again look at Token’s reaction. Not only is he shock but it also looks like signs of disapproval.

Now lets go strait to episode 7 and look at who is sitting where.

Isn’t that a little strange how Token and Clyde are scattered AWAY from Tweek and Craig? But again we can write this off as a coincidence

But what about when all the boys were playing ninja with Kenny and Token?

Clyde and Token are here but where’s Tweek and Craig? Usually when the boys get together to play, it’s usually a must have for Craig to be part of the fun. Maybe Token intentionally didn’t invite the two.

I mean we all remember his reaction when he heard Cartman calling ninjas gay

He was immediately offended. Now again the writers could of just decided not to write Tweek and Craig in because they just had a big episode.

But there is more to this and this is where the fan service is distracting.

Remember this scene? Well don’t you find it strange that Tweek and Craig are no where near Token and Clyde?

I mean they’re way over hear behind Butters!

I found that very odd, so maybe that hint wasn’t that they’re ads (duh) but maybe it was a hint to Craig and those guys relationship right now.

Cause when the fight starts between Stan and Kyle it suddenly zooms to Craig and Tweek

But not long after it also zooms to Clyde and Token who are egging on the fight from the other side.

So now the last evidence to Craig and those guys shattered relationship.

Now look you’re immediately drawn to Craig and Tweek holding hands but then you don’t realize that the once best friends don’t pay any mind to each other not a glance or even a wave.

So if you’re still not convinced.  Here’s this.

Now why would Trey and Matt put extra effort to make that gap between Craig and Token? I mean everyone else including Stan and Kyle (who had a rough fight not to long ago) are at a some-what close distance. While Craig and Token have extra space.

So what exactly happened between Token and Craig? Because it seems like they’re the ones fighting while Tweek naturally take his boyfriend’s side while Clyde sticks with Token.

So maybe this will lead to an interesting episode next year. We won’t know for sure in till than.

Either way it’s sad to see our other favorite group of boys separated because Token is homophobic.


In which we have the Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner, who previously picked a fight with Jason over the fact that being a GL obviously prepared him more thoroughly for Cosmic Nonsense than being a Robin ever could, suggesting that they split up because Jason is so annoying obviously, and then at the first sign of a scary homeless man vampire, decides to go running back to Jason. 

And does so.