more of that scene with kyle

The Parts of the Gotham Fandom

(Some people are in Multiple parts)

Classic Batman Fans: They don’t like Nygmobblepot or some of the other parts that stray from the cannon story. More critical when watching.

Nygmobblepot shippers: They love the new content. They live off of Nygma and Penguin. Many are currently in denial or distress. This is where the most emotional trauma and tears occur.

The Jerome Cult: Now they are just freakin’ crazy. They can quote all of his scenes and has seen his episodes multiple times. To them, even frankin-Jerome is the sexiest thing on the show. Nicknames for Jerome here include, dad/ daddy, son, or puddin’

The Zsases : They love Zsas. Every time he comes on the screen is a blessing. Seriously we need more of him. Also he is perfect in every single way possible.

Fetus-Bats Gang: The reason they watch is all for Brucie and his gang. They love seeing him and comparing him to Batman. The most popular ship here is Selina and Bruce.

GCPD Officers: Jim Gordon makes the show for them. Whether they ship him with Lee, Vale, Bullock, Penguin, or Barbara, they are all united under the cinnamon roll that is Jim.

Sirens: Babs and Tabs. They love the woman power and pure ferocity is the Gotham sirens in Gotham. 

Young Justice season 3 wishlist

* More Tim Drake scenes pls
* Wally West comes back
* Bluepulse to become canon
* Timkon scenes/interactions (all I have is that nod)
* Jason Todd resurrection
* Tim Drake centric episode
* More Black Canary (I still think this is the best version of her)
* Supergirl
* More Lanterns (cough Hal cough Kyle cough)
* More Tim Drake scenes
* No Damian Wayne (but I know they will)
* Harper Row and Cullen Row
* Lesser known heroes such as Obsidian
* Cass and Steph as Batgirl and Spoiler
* Babs as Oracle
* Darkseid doing some serious shit


Green Lantern Corps Vol. 2 #20  - Aka. the one where Guy and Kyle move to Oa to open a bar together

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Damon Fizzy

Pierce The Veil

This Wild Life


Dakota Wint



Never Shout Never

As It Is




All Time Low

Breathe Carolina

Christian Novelli

Or any other bands/youtubers that fit this “scene” if you will

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03/08/2017 - Today is my birthday and here is the birthday art @artsybarnes drew for me! Thank you, Fox! ❤️

This depicts one of my favorite little moments from Evan’s time on AHS. It comes from the tattoo parlor scene in ‘Coven’. Kyle’s frat bro makes a comment about his mother, and there’s this quiet flash of vulnerability before he covers it with his dimpled grin. I really would’ve liked to have seen his character explored more. What other secrets did he have to hide his whole life?

whitchess1113  asked:

Mother I love Oculus!!! 2 questions 1 is this supposed to mostly focus on the creek? Because I was kinda more focused one the style and Kyeek (that pillow fight scene was adorable) 2 you're gonna print this story? Cuz that'd be awesome

Oculus isn’t a creek fanfiction. Nothin that goes on between Craig and Tweek is romantic. There actually aren’t any pairings in oculus besides tiny hints of Twyle here and there. (Stan and Kyle didn’t have any romantic connections, either)

And yes I am ! I’m printing myself a hard copy first to be sure everything’s just as it should be. Then I’ll be printing two more books to be given away! The details for the giveaway will surface in a few weeks, after I’ve reviewed my copy.

I’m glad you like it ;U;


In The Hobbit the only kids that don’t comment on Lisa Berger’s hotness or congratulates Clyde for being her boyfriend are Cartman ( “I saw that picture of her you put on the Internet.” to Butters, no more) and Kyle.

My bet is he is not seen at all because he wouldn’t objectify girls, that they excluded him because his reaction has no place in this scene since he does not think of girls the way the other boys do.

Conclussion? Kyle is a romantic ♡

to be honest i really hope wb doesnt remake hals origin story like instead idk maybe flashback to a few of his struggles (as long as its not the bullshit making carol look like satan for breaking up with him kind of flashbacks bc im done with those). 

In fact i dont even want him to be the main focus. Like i really really want him to be the background first earth lantern that hasnt gone back to earth since getting his ring (which is why barry “has no friends” and fucks around on oa and helps out in the plot a bit and maybe gets a little cool action scene that lasts for a few seconds. If they do this and give him his personality right and nice moments with his lantern bros then his role is perfect there done. Its not that hard and we finally get more attention on John Guy and Kyle who so desperately need it.

Like maybe for the 2020 glc movie they should go over guy and johns origin and they become lanterns at the same time. When they arrive on Oa everyone thinks Hal is going to train him but really he’s just there to chill and you barely see him during this time.

its not that hard but im afraid wb will try and make him the main character or mess him up completely (or both *shivers*)


I just HAD to do this, was gonna say this to @confessions-in-south-park​ but I might as well share it here, when I was 10 years old, I used to be friggin OBSESSED with Kenny. I never saw this episode during the year 2000 which was a bummer and we no longer had Sky no more afterward so we had to settle with reruns on Channel 4, too bad I never saw this one. But THIS scene would have made my life complete at just 11-12 hahaa.

First off, what makes this really interesting is the key the tune of Con Te Partiro is actually pitched up from it’s G to a B Major or A Minor(?). I should know because I’ve experimented with the audio to the actual song myself and it’s just as charming and beautiful to listen to. But go try it on Audacity, otherwise I’d have to make a video on what I did. :P

Also, Matt Stone and Trey Parker really know their opera. This is from the episode Quintuplets 2000. Kenny is known here for having a “beautiful singing voice”…because singing when muffled works right? xD

Deleted scenes from S14e4 You have 0 friends.





Original Kyle vs replacement Kyle.

I’m wondering why they thought it was that necessary after having fully animated both scenes that sad desperate Kyle needed to be instead of angry Kyle?

I’d love to be tell it was cus it was more fitting to his character, the Kyle that crumbles when he knows he is not fitting in (In South Park is gay he gets murderous and in The List he almost burns down the school)

Was it that? did someone in that writers room had this into account or they simply thought it was funnier?

(to see the deleted scenes)
Reset Room - Legs (InsanityRule) - Gotham (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Additional Tags: mental health, Mental Illness, research and science, Fight Scenes, more tags to come, switching POV between Bruce and Ed, Panic Attacks, PTSD, Hallucinations
Series: Part 9 of A Modicum of Humanity Makes Everything Harder

Bruce has returned to Gotham, and following his recovery he and his team is putting all of their energies towards finding Strange and stopping his plan, but Ed and Oswald are struggling to handle some of the fallout Ed’s pointedly ignoring following his rescue from Strange, Jim Gordon is discovering some less glamorous parts about his new position, and no one is ready to handle the surprises coming their way.

what we all need in season 2

– more saphael
– sizzyyyy
– clizzy moments
– lydia and alec becoming brotp af
– some lucelyn cute moments
– maia roberts & jordan kyle
– magnus saying ‘i think of myself as a freewheeling bisexual’
– more max lightwood
– claceeee
– magnus and raphael scenes
– brother zaccaria
– jimon funny moments


“Does this mean we have to start fighting?”

This is one of my favorite film moments of all time. 

Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle realize that the one person they’ve reached out to is actually their enemy. They don’t act out, they don’t immediately lose their feelings for each other- instead she cries and he pulls her closer. And they don’t want to fight each other.

It’s tragic and epic and so human