more of sirius and harry but some jily too

L/J: Sirius and Harry

dreamsandscience answered your questionJILY OCTOBER

Sirius’s first time alone babysitting Harry.

“Thank you,” Lily breathes, pulling Sirius down for a hug. She holds him for a quick moment, squeezes him too tightly, and releases him. “Thank you,” she says again, like she’s never meant anything as much as she means those two words, like him offering to babysit so she and James can get out of the house for a while means the entire world to her. Sirius is afraid that she’s going to cry.

“I’m not going to cry,” she says, wiping carefully underneath her eyes. She takes a deep breath and smooths out her dress, tucks her hair behind her ear. “We’ll be back in four hours, give or take. You know how James is. But I don’t want to be away from Harry for too long, so maybe three hours? Anyway, you have Remus’s telephone number on the end table. Call him if you have any questions. You can send a Patronus to us, if you need—or to McGonagall, or Dumbledore—everybody knows where we’ll be; I’ve sent them all owls—”

“Lily. Stop.” Sirius puts his hands on her face. “It’s four hours. What could go wrong?”

Her eyes widen. James, coming down the stairs, cradling a gurgling Harry to his chest, says, “Well, this is bound to go swimmingly now.”

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