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When the Night Meets the Ocean. {ACOTAR oneshot}

Based off a prompt requested by @lorydavidova : the Inner Circle on vacation. I loved writing this! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this sweet prompt! :) short, sweet, simple, and full of love.

The Summer Court had hidden beauties that Rhysand even found himself surprised by after all his years in Prythian.
He sat on top of a rock, looking out at the series of waterfalls that fell into the ocean.
“You seem distracted.”
Rhys embraced the joy that consumed his soul as his eyes found those of his mate. Her long hair was down in long, loose waves, thanks to the salt water. “Just watching you all.”
Feyre perched herself on the rock behind his, and pulled him back so that his back rested in between her legs. When she didn’t say anything, he continued, “You have to take in these moments. You have to memorize them, lock them away in a special place. When war comes again, these are the memories that will help you stay sane.”
Feyre rested her chin on the top of his head, and the two of them breathed in the love being displayed around them.
Nesta was snuggled closely in Cassian’s arms, sitting just beneath a gentle waterfall, the water hitting their toes. She was blushing furiously at whatever he was whispering in her ear.
Rhysand was happy Cassian found someone who was worthy of him. Cass had a good heart, and a lot of love to give. At first, the High Lord was not sure why he would fall for Nesta. But as time went on, and Rhysand saw the two of them together, he found his answer.
They were two opposites, two different halves of the same being. They needed one another to feel whole, they needed one another to heal.
Rhysand watched his Commander spread his wings and wrap them around his love, kissing her softly as they disappeared from sight.
Azriel had Elain on his back, her arms wrapped around his neck as he swam them through the clear, blue water. They were laughing about something, and Rhysand felt a pang of joy at the emotion on the Shadowsinger.
He felt the same for Elain, as Az played a large role at helping her heal from her trauma. While Cassian and Nesta were two halves of the same whole, Azriel and Elain found love because they were so similar that they understood one another perfectly, without having to say anything at all.
The Seer threw her head back and shook with laughter, causing Az to smile with his lips in the water as his arms continued to push them forward through the small waves.
Amren was sprawled out on a towel between Varian and Mor, bathing in the warmth of the sun. She had a small smile on her lips at something Mor was saying, and Varian looked as if he wanted to be anywhere else but in middle of that conversation.
Rhys could make out the tiniest tint of pink spread across his high cheekbones.
“It’s a beautiful view,” Feyre breathed in his ear, taking in the salty air and the clear, blue horizon, “but it doesn’t compare to Velaris.”
Rhysand chuckled. “Nothing compares to the City of Starlight.”
“Don’t tell Tarquin,” Feyre laughed, breathlessly. “We just got him to like us again.”
Just as Rhysand was about to reply, Cassian called his name.
He was climbing up a wall of rocks, nearing the top of the cliff. “Join us!”
Azriel was there in a heartbeat, Elain and Nesta close behind.
“Couldn’t you just fly to the top?” Feyre chimed, giving her mate a quick kiss before joining the others.
“Sometimes it’s fun to do it the hard way, my Lady,” Cassian winked, wiggling his eyebrows. “Mor, you scared?”
Less than a heartbeat later, she was storming towards the base of the ledge. She climbed to the top in seconds, and instantly had Cassian in a headlock.
“You look good like that, Cass,” Azriel laughed, before throwing Elain over his shoulder and jumping into the blue abyss.
Elain screamed, and burst into a fit of giggles, forcing a grin to spread across Rhysand’s lips. Elain’s laugh was contagious.
“Mor!” Amren yelled, rising into sitting position. “Throw him in!”
“Don’t you want to join?” Cassian called to her.
Amren scoffed. “No.”
“Come on, Amren. Let your hair down!”
“I don’t want to lose my spot.” She gestured around her. “I have a perfect view of watching Mor kick your ass. Throw him in!”
“Do it! Do it!” Azriel chanted once his head popped out of the water. The others joined in, and Rhysand had a good feeling Cassian didn’t put up much of a fight as Mor pushed him off the edge.
Flipping all the way down, he caught himself just before hitting the water, and flew himself back up to the top where he grabbed Morrigan’s hands, pulled her out over the ocean, and let go.
She cursed his name as she fell, and hit the waves with a splash.
Nesta thought it was funny until he went back and did the same thing to her, except he kissed her passionately just before he let go, and hollered, “I love you!”, just before she hit the water.
“Come jump with me, my beautiful High Lord!” Feyre waved him over.
Cassian pretended to gag. “Save that talk for the bedroom, Feyre.”
With a roll of his eyes, the High Lord of the Night Court climbed up the side of the cliff, grabbed his mate’s hand, and jumped into the ocean off the coast of Adriata.

“3 Weeks”

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TW // Smut, profanity

“Sexual-Frustration. Noun. (countable and uncountable, plural sexual frustrations) A state of agitation felt by an individual whose sexual satisfaction is considerably less than desired”

3 weeks. It had been 3 weeks since he last touched her. It’s not intentional, he’s just been so busy he’s barely noticed and to be fair neither had she but her body had.

For the first week she was fine, content with his fleeting lips on her forehead as he rushed out the door are the tired kisses he gave when he got home late. She was okay with only feeling his hands on the small of her back as he reached over her for his razor as she brushed her teeth. She was fine. The second week was manageable, yes his fleeting lips left her flustered and his tired kisses left her wanting more and sure when his hand brushed over the small of her back it left goosebumps in it’s wake but she could ignore it. She was fine. So why tonight, on the 3 week mark, is she so temperamental? Why has she been short with him all day and why couldn’t she focus on anything at work?

She’d been home from work for about an hour when he walked through the bedroom door. He’s mad at her, she yelled at him this morning for reasons he was unaware of. She’d dodged his phone calls all day and ignored his attempts at finding out what was wrong. Yet he still notices her staring at him when he walks into the room, can see her sat on the bed with her now closed book and her bottom lip between her teeth as her eyes follow him around the room, he can feel her watching him and that’s when it clicks. 

He turns and walks to her like a predator who’s found his victim, his hands pulled her clothes off slowly and then parted her thighs as she watched him with wide eyes. He’s not touching her, not how she needs him to, not where she needs him to. He’s leaning over her with that goddamn smirk on his face as his fingers lightly trace her inner thigh.

“Saw yeh staring. This what’s got you so frustrated? Pretty girl missed my hands on her huh?” 

She can’t respond, she doesn’t need to. He knows her answer, can feel her answer.

“Missed y’too, missed how your body reacts to me like the earth does to lightning. Missed how you arch into me, as needful of me as I am of you. Missed this.

She still doesn’t answer, it’s as though his touch leaves her speechless. Her body is too busy welcoming the feeling of his hands on her skin to reply, too busy forming goosebumps to form words.

“S’my pretty girl not gonna talk to me? She not even gonna moan for me?”

He’s asking for it now, almost teasingly, he can see what he’s doing to her yet he still wants to hear it. He wants to hear her.

“Harry I…”

“What baby? Can’t please you if I don’t know what you want”

And she’s trying, trying to tell him what she needs, trying to ask for more but she just can’t. She’s overwhelmed, he hasn’t touched her for weeks and it’s too much yet not enough all at once.

“H please

“Please what poppet?”

He’s making her beg for it. It’s like he’s punishing her, for being moody with him, for not just asking him to touch her, for making him work it out for himself.

“Please touch me, need you to touch me”

“But I am touching you gorgeous”

She almost sobs, she’s so desperate and he’s toying with her. A moan escaped her as his hands moved to her pubic bone. It was all too slow. The moan was more dissatisfaction than the opposite but still it evokes a teasing glint in his eye.

“Am I close sweetheart? M’I close to where you want me?”

All she can do is nod, he’s so close but he’s not there.

“What about here? is this better?”

His hand is flat against her mound and his thumb is rubbing softly just above the top of her clit. Her eyes are wide and watery as she silently pleads with him to give her what she’s so desperate for.

“Oh no, that’s not what you want is it sweets? No, you want me here”

His thumb finally touches her nerves and it has her gasping like it the first time she’s breathed since she saw him walk into the bedroom. He’s barely done anything but yet she’s arching her back and gripping his arm and he’s enthralled with it, with her, he’s only rubbing her in slow circles and she’s writhing.


“What was that my love?”

He’s not teasing her anymore, not trying to make her beg, he was just so wrapped up in watching her squirm that he couldn’t comprehend what she was asking for.

“Please H, need more”

“My sweet girl wants more huh? Wants me to make her cum?”

She’s breathless, the rasp in his voice driving her insane. All she can do is say “please” like that and his name are all that’s in her vocabulary right now. Her please makes him smile, she’s completely as his mercy and he loves it. He slips his fore and middle finger into her while his thumb presses steady circles into her clit and she’s whimpering and to him it sounds like heaven. He knows her body like he knows his own name, he knows what makes her tick, so when his fingers touch the most sensitive spots inside of her and she lets out a cry he just smiles, her body is his and he knows how to use it. She can feel her stomach tightening and her heart beat in her throat.

“So close”

“Yeah? Is my pretty girl going to cum for me? Gonna let me watch you break?”

Her eyes are squeezed shut as she nods, he can see tears threatening to spill and he’s proud. His fingers stop moving and instead they press on her softest spot, the spot that makes her scream. The pressure there coupled with his thumb on her clit is too much, she’s hypersensitive and he’s using it against her. Both of her hands grip his wrist as she lets out a sob, his head snaps up in worry just to be stunned with the image of his girl completely wrecked because of him and he swears it’s the most beautiful sight he’s ever seen. His free hand moves to cup one side of her face as his thumb brushes away her stray tears, something so innocent compared to what his other thumb is doing to her.

“That’s it sweetheart, cum for me, that’s my good girl”

His lips are on her cheek as she cums, her hands leave his wrist to grip his shirt tightly in her fist. Her body is stiff and her eyes are shut, tears are still streaming down her face but she’s silent. He’s watching her completely fall apart and he can’t believe he’s gone 3 weeks without seeing this, why was he depriving himself of such a beautiful sight? She’s shuddering as she comes down, her eyes still closed but the death grip she had on his shirt slowly being released as he lays her back against the bed.

“Are you okay my love?”

A shaky breath leaves her as she nods and opens her eyes to look him

“I’ve missed you”

It’s a quiet confession that he would’ve missed had he not been solely focused on her. It makes his heart ache. How he could ever leave this perfect girl, his perfect girl, without his touch for so long is beyond him and he’s making a promise to himself to never leave her without him for that long again, never going to deprive himself of her again. 


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This was supposed to be really cute, but it just turned really weird in the end…I had less than five hours of sleep. Honestly, I wanted to draw more Baseball player!Yoosung bc of @pwoo so blame/thank her for this mess LMAO.

Okay but.

Have you ever considered…Nick Valentine and his relationship with children?

That he had been in Diamond City for so many years that he’s probably seen the citizens grow from little ones, into adults and then starting families with children of their own?

That he probably always smiles to himself when he hears the news of another member of Diamond City giving birth to a new bundle of joy, and knowing that even though the world is dangerous – that they now have a new little star to light their way in the darkness. (And later going to introduce himself to them and the happy parents, because babies always seem fascinated by his glowing eyes, and he loves their bubbling)

Or that Nick more than likely goes out of his way to learn the names of the children of Diamond City, and does his best to become a mentor to them and answer any and all questions that they have for him – because the children were never afraid of what he was – and are always overjoyed when “Cool Detective Nick” gives them extra attention when he’s not on a case.

“Why do ya smoke, Mista Valentine?”
“Cus it helps this ol’ noggin of mine feel relaxed, kid.”
“Can I smoke too?”
“Aw, I don’t think so, pal. You don’t wanna wind up a dusty old mess like me, do ya?”

Think about Nick bringing one of the kids from the School House in with him to his office after their classes, and Ellie rolling her eyes playfully.

“Another one? Nick, really?” She would say with a sweet giggle, and Nick would ruffle the kid’s head and lean down to their height to place his hat upon their head.

“Nah, but you don’t get it, Ellie,” He would say in response to her. “This here is my lucky partner for the day.”

Now, think about Nick picking the squealing, smiling kid up over his shoulders, and carrying them out to the market place. Telling them that he needs their help, and relying on their wits and detective skills to discover just what happened to Takahashi‘s last batch of Power Noodles.

“Great job, partner! Without’cha the city would’ve been starving tonight! How, how’bout we get a bowl or two to celebrate our detective work, huh?”

Think about Nick turning fiercely protective whenever one of them are bothered by rude people on the Upper Stands, calling them “urchins” or “snot nosed brats”, or someone from the outside that had the gall to try and injure them to prove that it isn’t all fun and games, and “This is what happens to kids out here in the real world.”

Think about Nick placing a hand on the kid’s shoulder and retorting with wisecracks of his own to get the rude person to back down, or worse…standing in front of them, shielding them from the raiders and firing a warning shot, before picking up the kid and tucking them safe under his neck as they travel back home together; telling them that it will be okay.

Just…Nick Valentine and kids, okay.

Because, even though the world is a post apocalyptic hell… Nick is going to do all that he’s able to make sure that the children around him are taken care of, and above all safe, even when they’re parents aren’t able to.

And if all he can do is buy one of the kids a round of noodles, or play detective with them, or watch over them when they’re scared and crying and keep them safe from the close-minded of the city, and the outside world…by goodness, he’s going to do that.

Because he knows what it’s like to be lost in world that is too big and too terrifying for one person to take in on their own. And he knows that to overcome that fear – you need to have hope. You need to have joy, and you need to have a childhood.

And Nick is going to do all he can to make sure that the kids out in the Commonwealth get just that, even if it’s from a weathered old Synth Detective like himself.s


Unprodigal Daughter | an Ophelia Mayer fanmix

01. I can get a little drunk, I get into all the don'ts, but on good days I am charming as fuck / 02. some days I try hard to watch my mouth, to say the right things, but the wrong just slip right out / 03. everybody’s doing it so why the hell should I / 04. so come back when I’m good and old, I got drinks to drink, and men to hold, I got good things to do with my life / 05. I had disengaged to avoid being totaled, I would run away and say good riddance, soon enough, I had grown disgusted by your small-minded ceiling, imagine myself bolting had not been difficult / 06. who was the genius that brought me to life? well you’re such a hypocrite, to think me so unwise, I’m just trying to see the world through my own eyes / 07. I was used to standing in the shadow of a damaged heart, learning all I know now, losing all I did, I never used to feel like I’d be standing so far ahead / 08. I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo, what the hell am I doing here? I don’t belong here / 09. everybody’s hurting, there’s nothing more human than that, see the pieces of heart’s missing, but watch how the light fills the cracks

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We all know the Captain goes down with the ship, I’m just the engineer!
Rock the Cradle - 3x18

Perfect - A Remus Lupin Imagine

A/N: This was mostly written as a personal / cathartic piece. I considered keeping this private, but then I realized someone else out there might need this as badly as I did. This is by far the most emotionally taxing piece I have ever written. The content is heavy and I cried while writing it, so be careful if you choose to read on. Please do not read if you are triggered by self-hate, (self) body-shaming, or similar themes. I would hate to upset anyone else…if you ever need to talk, I’m here.

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She trudged down the stairs, praying that her book would be right where she left it. She had little patience for side quests today. Thankfully, there it sat. On the table she’d been sitting at hours prior. Still opened to the page she’d been memorizing on Draught of Living Death. 

Hustling toward it, she scooped it up into her arms and turned to head back up to her room. Incredibly eager to fall into her bed and ignore everything for a while. Perhaps forever.

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  • she ain’t shy about her feelings for you
  • but she isn’t way too over-the-top flirty either
  • you see, yubin here is an Experienced Gay
  • you’re getting closer for a while and then she just plainly says to you at some point, “hey, i like you. do you like me? wanna go out some time?”
  • and then just like that, bam!
  • girlfriends
  • top
  • dates are usually pretty casual
  • you usually go out to a cafe or a movie or go bowling or whatever
  • y’know casual date stuff
  • but there are also the occasional special nights
  • they’re reserved for your anniversary or birthday or something
  • she’ll take you out somewhere super nice but she won’t tell you where until you get there and you know to get all dolled up and everything
  • and the special nights never disappoint
  • she’s the big spoon
  • she likes to hold you reeeaal close
  • sometimes if she wakes up in the middle of the night and you’re still asleep she’ll just lean over and give you a fluffy kiss on your shoulder or the crook of your neck and then try to fall back asleep
  • ot6 knows you’re dating
  • they all think you’re pretty cool, although sunye has only heard about you from over the phone
  • sometimes she comes up from behind and wraps her arms around your waist and it’s all soft and fluffy at first
  • but then she gets a little bit memey and kills that by saying something like
  • “….hi”
  • right in your ear too
  • chilling and listening to your favorite bands
  • low key gf looks
  • makeout sessions
  • sometimes you might get caught up looking at how gorgeous she is
  • and she’ll be like “???”
  • and you can either a) gawk for a couple more seconds and snap out of your trance like a dork and say like “oh, um, nothing”
  • and she’ll be like “huh. okay whatever” and continue what she’s doing
  • or b) if you’re not a fckin nerd like me you might just say “i was thinking about how you look stunning right now”
  • and she’ll give you a little smirk
  • girlfriend!yubin is probably more fit for someone mature and experienced
  • but no matter what experience you’ve had, if she loves you, she loves you and you’re the luckiest gay in the world

Cal Lightman: You’re a terrible liar.
Dr. Gillian Foster: Normal people think that’s a good thing.

I Am An Alpha Ch 11: Breakfast

“Do they really have to go?” I actually whine with my hands latched around Jungkook’s.

“Don’t push our luck Soo-ya,” Yoongi says sternly before my mates have the chance to, he is also able to pry my hands away from the younger gently.

Jungkook is pouting but he nods, “He’s right, we are lucky we even get to see you.”

I’m about to snap back with some comment about how no one is in charge of me but snap my mouth closed when I catch the warning look Namjoon is sending me to keep my mouth closed. I nibble softly on my lip as I tuck my hands behind me and look around with wide innocent eyes as if I wasn’t about to go alpha on their asses.

“I’ll lead the way out, we will see you again tomorrow?” Namjoon glances to my mates to make sure it’s still possible.

“Tomorrow,” Kris confirms.

“Goodbye,” I wave to them as they go and like yesterday I feel strange watching them go out the back door.

Jin stops in the doorway and gives me a small smirk, “I’ll bring your things tomorrow, you must be missing your things.”

“I guess,” I cock my head in confusion, I’ve never been a materialistic person so there aren’t many things I feel attached to. It clicks in my mind a moment after making me grin in return, “I really am.”

He bows his head before closing the door behind him and leaving me with my mates. I turn around, giving them an awkward smile I don’t really know where to go from here. Luckily my stomach decides for me as it growls loud enough for everyone to hear.

Kris chuckles, “Hungry little wolf?”

I nod bashfully.

“Did you hear that Kyungsoo? Your mate is hungry, aren’t you going to cook for her?” Chen wraps his arm around the round eyed boy. Kyungsoo glares at the other, he gives me a brief glance before looking away.

“It’s alright,” I answer quickly, “I can find something myself, no need to bother him.”

Kris chuckles as he comes a puts his arm around my shoulders and kisses the top of my head, “We are not going to make you find something, we are going to have a big breakfast to welcome you to your new home.”

“While they are cooking though,” Yixing comes to stand on my other side, “I promised you a bath and some fresh clothes.”

“I thought we got to come too,” The younger boys whine, earning a glare from their hyung.

I smile, “Of course you can come along! The more the merrier!” Yixing is pouting but he doesn’t say anything else as he leads me upstairs with Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Chen trailing behind us. Like yesterday Yixing turns on the water for me before escorting himself and the others out of the room so I can climb in and they can transform. This time though there are lots of bubbles in the tub. I watch completely amazed as they grow with the water. When the water is high enough I climb in the tub and giggle as I’m swallowed up by the bubbles. “Hyungs!” I call once I’m situated. The door opens and six wolves trot in, Sehun and Jongin being the two late comers. Chanyeol rushes straight up to the tubs edge and licks my cheek making me smile.

“Hello to you too,” I greet happily as I reach out to stroke his head.

Baekhyun runs forward and jumps in the water with me causing it to spill out on the floor. Yixing is right there teeth bared, ready to tear the younger boy a part but stops when I start laughing uncontrollably. I can’t hold it in at the sight of the soaking wet pink wolf looking at me with big scared eyes.

“This is what I’m talking about!” I giggle gleefully. “It’s no fun taking a bath by yourself, right Baekhyun hyung?”

The wolf gives me a grin as he nods his head.

“Now if only the tub was a bit bigger than everyone could jump in,” I pout.

The size doesn’t stop Chanyeol from joining us in the water with a massive wolf grin. The other wolves scurry closer eager to join us making me laugh.

“I’m not going to clean this up.”


“Where are the others?” Kris questions when Yixing and I step into the delicious smelling kitchen. I try to hide my smile by looking in any other direction.

“They made a massive mess so they have to clean it up,” Yixing huffs still furious about the mess of fur and water in his bathroom.

I chuckle and take the man’s hand in both of mine, “I’m sorry Hyung, I take responsibility. They got a bit too excited and jumped in the water with me.”

Yixing shakes his head, “They are grown wolves and should be able to control themselves.”

“You sometimes slip up on that too, you know.”


Minseok answers as he stands up from one of the stools at the island, “When anyone else comes near our little wolf you get a bit aggressive which is very out of character for you.” He comes closer, smirking when the younger visibly tenses, “You can’t keep her to yourself you know. I would like to get to know our mate as well. I’m sure the younger boys feel the same, not to mention that the head alpha hasn’t been able to mark her yet.”

“We aren’t talking about things like that yet,” Kris suddenly takes over the conversation, authority dripping in his voice, his eyes fixated on the oldest.

“My bad,” Minseok chuckles as he continues towards me, not even giving Yixing a glance.

“Any particular reason why?” Luhan wonders from the island.

Kris sighs, “I would like her to get used to being around us before we do something like that.”

Minseok hums in understanding before placing his hands on my shoulders and steering me around the island to be closer to not just Kris but also Kyungsoo who is focused on the food cooking in front of him. Kris watches confused, the other four watch with the same expression; Minseok stops places me only inches away from the other before commanding, “Be warmer.”

I bite my lip, in my chest heart wants to stop as embarrassment wraps around me. Am I that awkward? That cold? “I’m sorry,” I choke out hanging my head low.

“Not you love,” The man quickly corrects, sliding his arms around my shoulders to pull me into a back hug. “I’m talking to the head Alpha who seems to have a constant poker face on. You are doing great love,” He coos the last words before placing a soft kiss on my cheek.

“I wouldn’t look so poker faced if everyone stopped touching her and gave me a chance to get closer with her.” The head alpha snaps with such poison I find myself stepping back deeper into Minseok’s embrace. But the older won’t let me get any farther away, instead he pushes me closer.

“She’s closer, now stop with that sour look, you are going to scare her,” Minseok reaches his arms out and grabs Kris’s hands. He brings Kris’s large hands to my hips. Mine were curled up at my chest, unsure of where to put them. Everyone continues to watch as Minseok moves to my hands and places my little fists on Kris’s chest. The oldest stays with his front pressed against my back, chin resting on my shoulder, making sure I can’t back away. Kris is staring down at me, our height difference very much apparent in this position. “Is this close enough?”

“Are you okay with this?” Kris’s gaze softens as he looks at me.

I nod shyly.

“You can move away now Hyung,” Kris nudges the other’s hips away but he pulls himself right back.

“I think I’m making her more comfortable,” He chuckles, “Right sweet girl?”

I’m so thankful my blush isn’t showing right now but embarrassment still coils in my throat leaving nodding as my only option.

“See! She’s so happy she can’t even speak!” Minseok pushes me further into Kris’s embrace, tightly sandwiching me in between their tone chests in a warm hug. I hide my face in Kris’s chest, knowing my cheeks are red enough to be seen even with my tan skin. Minseok chuckles before tucking his face in the crook of my neck. “You smell delicious.”

The three of us are brought out of our moment by the sound of snapping wood a few feet away. Kyungsoo is watching us with nothing but rage and jealousy, the broken wooden spoon is now on the floor, whatever he is cooking is done cooking but he couldn’t care less. There is thick tension in the air, the three seem to be having a silent battle, but I’m confused. I thought that Kyungsoo didn’t like me.

Minseok chuckles, “Someone’s jealous.”

Kyungsoo lets out a growl from deep in his chest.

The growing intensity of the situation and, I’m guessing, my reaction of burrowing myself in his chest, force the head alpha to stop the on coming fight with a snarl of his own. “Kyungsoo.”

The large eyed boy looks to his head alpha, anger still in his eyes, “What?”

Kris rolls at the younger’s hostility, “If you are jealous just say so instead of acting like a child. Would you like to hold her?”

Minseok doesn’t wait for a response before lifting me out of Kris’s arms by the waist and carrying over to Kyungsoo. Like before the oldest stops a few inches from the other, his hands grab Kyungsoo by the arm, dragging him away form the stove and signaling Kris to take care of the food. I’m staring down at my feet while this whole thing is going on, horrified of the angry look Kyungsoo will be giving me. But suddenly Minseok is pushed away from me. Kyungsoo has me tight in his arms, one wraps securely around my waist, his other hand is tucked in the hair at the base of my head, forcing my face into the crook of his neck to breath him in. He doesn’t need to force me at all though to be honest, I’ve wanted to inhale his chocolate like scent since I first saw him.

My hands wrap around to his back, I fist the back of his shirt, pulling him even closer. For a minute I forget that everyone is watching us, it’s just him and I right now. His sweet scent starts to consume my mind, awakening my omega, making my whole body begin to tingle, and I find myself wanting more.

“What the hell!” A younger wolf snarls. I try to jump away from Kyungsoo, my body now burning with humiliation. I just got too excited from his scent, I need to get away from him right now and hide.

“Sehun, you need to calm down right now,” Minseok seethes from only a few inches away now, once again sandwiching me in between him and Kyungsoo. His hands are on my shoulders despite Kyungsoo’s obvious distaste of the action. “This is nothing to be embarrassed about love, it’s completely okay.”

“He’s just jealous he wasn’t involved,” Kris chirps in as he pats my head.

“How about we all stop touching her for a minute?” Suho suggests, “Give her a minute to breath.”

The three around me sigh but slowly start to pull away, I let the two closest to me slip away but I capture Kris’s hand on my head, “This is enough space to breath, I don’t need any more.”

Staring down at my feet I just hear Kris chuckle and say softly, “Okay little wolf, would you like to sit next to me at the table?”

“Please?” I peek up at him.

“Of course!” He wraps his arms around my shoulders and leads me through the rest of the kitchen to the dining room with a group of wolves shuffling behind us only until Kris yells at them. “You guys help with the food!”

As head Alpha Kris sits at the head of the table, he sits me on his left, Minseok comes in a moment later with a plate of pickled radish in his hands and take the other spot next to me. “I hope you are hungry.”

I nod eagerly, “I really am, it’s a lot harder not eating with so much food around.”

“I’ve been wondering about that,” Luhan appears in the seat across from me, adding another plate to the table, followed by Suho. “Did you have to live off the land or did you go into town for things?”

“We survive mostly off small animals during the winter, we eat more fruits and vegetables during the warmer months when we can find them.”

“Have you ever gone into the city?”

I shake my head, “I’ve only ever been in a small town in the north that we stopped in a couple times a couple decades ago. We stayed at a hotel there that a friend of ours owns.”

“What about your education?” Suho questions, concern obvious on his face, “You seem completely fine when it comes to speech but how is your reading and writing?”

“I’m probably a little better than you would expect from someone who has never been in an actual school. Namjoon is really smart so he taught us a bit after we got out and added Jungkook since he was so young at the time we wanted him to have a better education than any of us had.” By now everyone is at the table that is completely filled with delicious looking food. The smells have my mouth watering, “This looks amazing!” I say excitedly scanning all the food, a few different kinds of meat, lots of vegetables, and a bowl of rice for each person. “Did Kyungsoo hyung make this?” I look to the large eyed man who just nods. “Thank you so much!”

“Show your gratitude by eating a lot,” He responds with a stern voice, “You are too thin.”

“I will!” I look to Kris for permission to eat, he nods with a smile, allowing me to be the first to dig in. As I thought the food is absolutely delicious, it has been far too long since I’ve had two home cooked meals in a row.

“After she eats a little more,” Kris says suddenly, glaring daggers down the table. I glance up and down the table confused with my mouth full of food. Kris chuckles as he brushes a grain of rice off my chin, “the want to ask you more questions but I said to wait until you’ve eaten more, you look like you were starving. I’m sorry, I’ve had you in my care for less than twenty four hours and you’ve already been in a fight, got hurt, ran outside into the freezing cold multiple times, and let you starve. You must think we are horrible mates.”

I wave his worry away as I quickly swallow my food, “You are wonderful mates! I’ve already eaten more in the time I’ve spent with you than I have this whole week. When it comes to the fighting that was all me, I got myself into it, that happens. I’m sorry I attacked your friend, it won’t happen again.”

“Don’t worry about any of that right now, you have no reason to apologize, Taemin was being an idiot,” Minseok places his hand on my back.

“What kind of questions do you guys want to ask me?” I wonder setting my chopsticks and spoon down.

“No,” Kyungsoo glares at me, “Eat first.”

I smile at him, “What questions do you have for me Hyung?”

“I have a question!” Chanyeol raises his hand eagerly. “Since you were raised as an alpha surrounded by strong alphas how did you handle your heat?”