more of my shitty pics

Since I leave in vacation soon, I was thinking it was finally time to put my posters and stuffs in my room after 1 year bcs I was too lazy lol

I didn’t have enough thumbtacks though xD so I’ll do the rest when I’ll come back but

I did at least my fav corner =v=

Oh and I found the perfect sport for this one >v<



not supposed to wear minidresses to jury duty, i found out. also this is some real up-at-6am tired cunt stuff right here

He lifted his head and beamed brightly at Eli. “You can count on me!” he chirped…before realizing just how cheesy that sounded.

Eli’s lips grazed Lyste’s warm cheek in a soft kiss. “I know I can, darlin’.”

The Welcome Wagon: Chapter 3 by @white-rainbowff

Oh these two ;v;! I love my sweet bois very much! Eli and Lyste just having a tender moment is my everything!

📦🤠…….just wait. I have so much to offer. Hahahaha…..thank you ;v; <3!

I know it’s late but shh~ it still counts.

Happy 18th* Birthday to my fave, Tendou Satori!  

*I know he’s 18 but is HQ!! actually set in a specific year or will he just be 18 forever? Just curious.


I had some free time now that school is over and done with so I made keychains!!!!

I plan on selling them over the summer before I head to college 😁 Let me know if you would buy some so l can get them ready for ya!!

These are just originals, the ones you will receive will be transparent double sided acrylic keychains!!

(Click the pics for more details y'all I took some shitty pics lmao)
Jikook Internet Friends AU 14


Where Jimin has a bad day

Anon I hope you liked it because I can’t angst tbh I feel more proud of my silly part. Low quality pics and shitty edits RISE. I put Jimin as being the one who’s more sad about it bc he’s just so smol he must be so cuddly and clingy. I also have a feel this contains a lot of grammar mistakes :D SUCH SPAM OF PICS :) As always if you have some request, you want to ask or say anything, go ahead! //posts irregularly 5ever

Sorry for the small mistakes and I hope you like it!