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I’m Ten from Thailand! I like exercising, extreme sports, and travelling! I like cute pets too, and sweet desserts. I especially love chocolate cake. However, I’ve been thinking of my health lately and only eat a bit. Because I want to do singing, rap, dancing, and acting, I am practicing really hard now! I will become the best artist! Fighting!


Peter Capaldi being an absolute cinnamon roll and thanking each individual person involved with his happy birthday video! (x)

Thank you to everybody in the world who was kind enough to think about me and send me best wishes on my birthday! Unfortunately,  I can’t get around everybody, and say thank you personally because otherwise there’d be no time left to make Doctor Who, which is what we’re in the middle of doing at the moment. But in the meantime…

i think one of the reasons that i like cal so much is that he has ambitions and goals and dreams outside of mare


how to be a very cute little duckling as performed by kim namjoon

Takumi be catching a guy for me on Valentine’s Day (Single Awareness Day) cuz I can’t do it by myself :’)

@dreamofanime89 your Pineapple bae is MINE Ψ(`∀´#)ノ 

Who was your first 5 stars in Fire Emblem Heroes? ^^ 


Magnus’ thumb caressing Alec’s hand. *sigh* :3

blindiemac  asked:

So I've been thinking about the retirement au a lot today (work has been slow...) and I was thinking. Yuuri strikes me as the kind of man not to talk about his accomplishments, but he will gush about his friends. Like, "My friend Phichit just won Gold at the Four Continents!" "Chris was so good at the European Championships!" "My unofficial son Yurio just won at Worlds!" things like that. I imagine him talking about these things, but like his friends don't know he really knows these (cont.)

(Cont.) people. Like they think the beautiful, untouchable, hot Yuri Katsuki-Nikiforov is just like a massive fanboy for figure skating (which, true he is, but he’s also been known as Japan’s Ace so…) and think it is just a cute little character quirk that makes him even more adorable. After all, his friends are not into skating so they have no idea who these people are. They do however know Yuuri is gay (or at least bi) because he regularly refers to this guy Viktor as his husband (apparently he’s some big shot figure skater that Yuuri has the cutest little (massive) crush on, can you even believe how cute this guy is?). But Yuuri isn’t really married because he would wear a ring on his left finger if he was, like come on. It all comes to a head like it does in your retirement au by Yuuri being recognized by fans, with some added hilarity of “I talk about my figure skating friends all the time?" 

"We thought you were just a really big fan!" 

"I talk about my husband all the time?" 

"Yeah and Jenny talks about her rock star "wife” all the time too!“ 

"wait, you’re not really married?" 

Bc of course Yuuri would not find it weird to be married to a rock star. He married Viktor Nikiforov after all. (fin.) 



And completely and utterly plausible omg. Because that is literally exactly the kind of language we use here on tumblr XDD Even I call my favs as my sons or daughters, or how I call JJ as the king of my heart.

Wowow, okay, so the only plot hole in this au has been filled, we finally have a good explanation for why Yuuri’s friends don’t know he’s married!!! This is totally canon…in my headcanon XD

But then also can you imagine when his friends do finally find out that the person Yuuri has been calling his husband all this time is actually his husband, they insist on getting to meet him.

Except maybe that week Skate America is going on or whatever.

So all these famous skaters are in the US, and Otabek’s competing too. And Yura wants to spend some time with the bff, so Yuuri and Viktor decide to have a house party after the competition is over.

And Yuuri’s college friends are invited over.

And they get there, and they just kinda stare around at everyone like OAO

Because they’re all lowkey terrified and highkey intimidated because???? This party is basically a who’s who of the figure skating world??? Their little Yuuri knows and is comfortable with so many celebrities? Their little Yuuri IS a celebrity!!!!! This is more famous people than they’d ever thought they’d meet in one place!!!

But before the night is over, they’ve loosened up and gotten to know the skaters. Chris is probably missing his pants. Yuuri has a bottle or two of champagne in him (nevermind the fact that those two bottles probably cost more than any of his friends make in a month). And you know Phichit has told a very attentive crowd the full story of how Viktor and Yuuri met, in detail. Never mind the fact that Phichit wasn’t even at that banquet in the first place, and he himself had gotten the story, heavily embellished, from Chris.

  • raphael: simon isn't comfortable labeling our relationship yet. he's been staying with me while we're on tour and he's safe, I assure you. but we tell everyone our relationship is strictly business, you understand
  • elaine: I won't say a thing
  • simon: mom I need to tell you something about who I am and where I've been
  • elaine: I already know :)
  • raphael: business matters...
  • simon: *grinning at raphael and cracking jokes*
  • elaine: (oh yes that) raphael you should have dinner with us to discuss simon's career
  • raphael: *so flattered that she approves*
  • simon: ?????
  • raphael: *flirty* I'll see you soon simon
  • elaine: *watches her son watching raphael leave* well he wasn't lying
  • also elaine to simon: your, um, business manager is nice
  • simon: *heartbroken face* he's not. he's mean, he sucks
  • elaine: oh honey :')
  • ...
  • elaine later on: *frantically calling her sons bf* I know what you said about the business thing but idc if he knows that I know and he'll probably listen to you better - just pls help he's biting a rat
because baby byun wants to share (' ㅅ ')

baby byun has chewing gum

does sehun want one???

sehun-ah, one for you!

umin hyung, do you want one?

one for security hyung #1

i’ll give you one too security hyung #2 because baekhyun must be fair