more of a fan of him than her tbh

author’s note// ahhhh these are so much fun so here’s another one!! i actually adore these and thanks so much @johnsonxstilinski for the request you are the also shawn is super hot and stuff lol


  • so you’re married in this case!! 
  • he would probably cry when you told him you were pregnant, cause you had been trying for months, and it seemed like a lost cause
  • like you had just checked for the heck of it, knowing it would probably negative, but when it was positive, you sprinted to the recording room 
  • he picked you up and spun you around, not holding on too tightly cause he was scared to hurt a baby that barely existed yet 
  • you made him wait the three months before telling anyone
  • he complained about it literally every single day oh my lORD he wanted to tell people so badly!
  • but the second those three months were up,he told all of his friends within an hour, and his parents, and his grandparents, posted about it on all his social media, and even told some people he hadn’t talked to in years
  • he was more excited about this baby than you were tbh 
  • he said he would cancel his tour, but you told him to do that just while you were pregnant was unnecessary
  • “my wife is pregnant, I need to be there for her”
  • “How about I just come with you?”
  • It was as simple as that, Shawn was excited. 
  • In the earlier stages it was easy to just go to all the show, takes pictures for the fans at meet and greets, since now you were married they understood you were always gonna be around, they liked you now
  • a lot of times they congratulated you on the pregnancy it was cute wtf
  • but later, it got a lil harder, and a lot of times you just kinda hung out in the tour bus or the hotel
  • but it wasn’t bad when he was around.
  • whatever you wanted and where ever you wanted to go, you went
  • even indian food
  • shawn hated indian food
  • he always made sure you were one hundred percent happy, because if you’re happy then the baby is happy
  • overall he’s the sweetest lil bean in the world and does everything and more to make you happy swEET jESus i want a boyfriend
internalized misogyny within fandom

I’ve been seeing alot of hate against lea lately and I thought I’d mention why it’s been bothering me lately. First of all Henrik is not Even. So if he wants to post pictures of his girlfriend he very well can. You cannot control him. I don’t care what kind of ideas you’ve projected on him but he is an adult and if he wants to express his affections for her publicly then he can. That’s just how it is. 

“well when you’re in public you open yourself up to criticism” yes that is absolutely true. the more open you are online the more unwanted opinions you subject yourself to however this does not excuse the level of vitriol that many skam fans feel they can leave on lea’s posts. No one deserves to have their appearance critiqued so harshly or have their friends deal with judgement as well. No one deserves to be accused of using their significant other. 

Lea posting a picture of her and her boyfriend at 21:21, an important custom to many fans, probably pissed off alot of people but why? 21:21 is supposed to represent the things you love, things you are grateful for, things that make you happy. So why am I seeing so much hate from skam fans? Have you considered that maybe she’s happy? That they both are? I know many of you guys like to thirst over Henrik, and I do too, but you shouldn’t hate on someone else just because they’re dating them. That’s pathetic. And also misogynistic which leads me to my next point:

Unchecked misogyny within fandom. Many of the fandom is composed of straight girls. Or at least girls who like men. Attraction to men, especially good looking supposedly kind men, isn’t the problem. The problem lies with cracking jokes at the girlfriend’s expense. Judging her for superficial reasons and hating on her. Many fandoms do this to the girlfriends of the men they support, and the skam fandom is unfortunately no different. It’s strange to me though, considering how many of you claim to care about feminism and women’s rights but yet hate on a woman who posted a picture.  Do you realize how insane that is? It’s a picture. Lea, from my knowledge at least, hasn’t said or done anything too “problematic” but yet you hate on her over a picture. But you excuse men’s actions for much less. I strongly encourage you to reflect on yourself and question why you are willing to demonize women for no real reason but excuse men for actually being problematic. (I am of course talking about adam being antiblack and yousef being ableist but that is a different topic for another time) But yeah, I’ve seen more pointless hate thrown her way than men who actually perpetuate inequality. And that’s a problem.

“her post ruined her chances of her boyfriends’ gullruten chances” I’m sure they will live. I’m sure Henrik won’t be too pressed if he doesn’t win the awards tbh. He has friends, some supportive fans, a loving mom and girlfriend. I’m sure he’ll still be alright with or without the award. But it’s nice that you try to hold that over his head. No one asked you to “campaign” or vote excessively. Henrik said if you think him and Tarjei deserved to win you could vote, but you don’t have to. And maybe you shouldn’t if you’re going to be so negative. 

“I don’t mind them being together but don’t try dragging the fandom that got you here in the first place” Okay……first of all Henrik didn’t get success from the fandom. He got it from Julie Andem. And he earned his spot in the cast okay? He got the part of Even by being an exceptional actor. How toxic do you have to be to say something like that? This is getting ridiculous.

tldr: if you really don’t like lea or her dating henrik then don’t follow her on instagram. and don’t engage with her. don’t claim to care about feminism and “supporting women” if you’re going to throw all of that ideology under the bus just because you’re lowkey jealous that she’s dating him. 

H E A D C A N O N S ; Changkyun

Alright so, first post, yayyy. I actually have a story in the works, but I figured I’d post some stuff to fill in the blank space since I’m not sure when I’ll finish. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Disclaimer: This is all personal opinion and not actual fact

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I haven't read the comics but I've read from other metas that in the comics Aang was obsessed with these fan clubs? And he was kind of ignoring Katara's presence and not really appreciating her or something? Is this like how it happened cause that's not very nice of Aang, Katara is always there for him and it's not cool for him to be treating her this way, tbh I can't even remember when Aang thanked Katara for everything she's done for him more than once, smh Zuko would've never done this..

Yeah, that is pretty much what happened. Katara and Aang meet some kids who started an Aang fan club. The girls are fawning over Aang and Katara is jealous.

He spends the day hanging out with them and basking in all the attention, while Katara sulks in the corner. 

Katara is upset at the end at how he just ignored her.

Thankfully, she realizes what a horrible person she was at the end. When Katara is jealous, she is presented as petty and selfish and she is made to be ashamed of herself.

When Aang is jealous, he is portrayed as entirely justified.

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I really want KittiB to diss blacknut :/ why is she taking legal action when she can just release an amazing diss track like she's fucking rapper???? There is SO MUCH YOU CAN DISS ABOUT BLACKNUT it would be so glorious to see her tear him to shreds. Disappointed with her tbh its such a lame move is this why female rappers aren't respected even one ounce in South Korea

Ummm no? Female rappers aren’t respected because people are sexist?

She could diss him. But again, this didn’t happen to anyone but her. So I cant really tell her as a woman how to feel that this happened to her. Everybody reacts differently to different things. She’s probably hella embarrased and some more stuff. And let’s be honest, Black Nut is probably friends with more people than her not to mention his nasty ass fans (cause let’s be honest, a large portion of his fans are just as nasty as he is.) she probably doesn’t wanna deal with the back and forth and the name calling and more harrassment because you know that’s how it goes when you’re a woman (or perhaps you don’t. I’m assuming this could be a dude anon)

Like I said earlier, I would have my boys pull up on him (or do it myself because that’s just how I personally handle things lol) fuck a diss if you ain’t gonna do shit about it. Because let’s be honest, nowadays rappers (from every country) make a lot of threats but would never follow through which is inherently not hip-hip imo. (her and her boys probably can’t really do that because they are so successful right now they really can’t afford any charges lol.) But regrdless I can’t really tell her what to do and how to feel, it’s not my place. And it didn’t happen to me. It’s easy for me to sit here and say “oh she should do this” but it didn’t happen to me so of course I can say that.

I personally think that it’s really new and maybe she’ll reconsider but I think everyone agrees that something needs to happen to him. And I personaly think a diss isn’t enough to set Black Nut straight. It’s just words, it’s clear by the way he acts words will never set his ass straight. Again, I think he needs an asswhooping more than suing but if she thinks he needs suing then that’s her.

fan-season three

So now that season two is out there, I’d like to write down my thoughts, and also explain what I plan to explore in my attempt at season three from a fan’s perspective/my shipping preferences. 

Overall, I liked season 2. I thought there was too much Keith (who, while a great character, overshadowed everyone else with some pretty unfair screentime, especially in regards to Hunk and Lance) and not enough of the great relationships from season 1 (like Klance, Shallura, Pidge & Shiro, etc.) were properly continued throughout the season. But I liked the plot, worldbuilding, alien worlds, and that mock-snow fight they had, and the MALL EPISODE, and the ending of the season (surprisingly). 

So, here’s what I hope to talk about in my fan-season three/mash of predictions/headcanons, etc:

  • Lance. He was severely sidelined, I felt, in season two, so in my fan-season three I’ll be touching a lot on his insecurities and his relationships within the Paladin team, with Keith as well (since I do ship it and wanted more of it). Character arc.
  • Hunk. Because he got such a great arc in s1, the main thing that bothered me in season two was not seeing him progress further, and that 99% of his scenes were about food. He is an engineer, and brilliant, and kind of goofy, and more than a foodie/chef!! More terrible puns, please. and more of him and Shay, him and Lance’s friendship, and him and Pidge. Maybe some scenes with him and Allura too.
  • Allura. Kicked ass in the finale, but I really wanted to see a greater character arc this season, and with I’m planning in my fan season―which includes her becoming the pilot of the Black Lion―I really do hope to achieve it. Screentime she deserves, tbh. Expanding on her possible powers similar to Haggar’s as well.
  • Klance as a mutually beneficial relationship w/ less bickering and more support.
  • Pidge’s family. Expect angst and a reunion. For something that was so important in season, I’m surprised it wasn’t talked about more in season two.
  • Keith’s family and his mother. Headcanons galore.
  • Shiro is not dead. I will explain all, but that’s all I’m saying for now.
  • Shallura. Holy shit, where do I begin? There was so much potential―namely Allura sacrificing herself for Shiro―that was never really touched upon, however I did love their brief argument in 2x03 and hope to expand on those themes. 
  • Haggar. I was already interested in her, but now with the changing political culture following Zarkon’s fall and knowing that she is actually Altean that interest has increased 10-fold. Backstory and continuing arc, I’m pumped.
  • Keith and Allura will remain completely platonic. Fight me.
  • Prince Lotor. New villain with a boatload of new possibilities. Can’t wait to turn the tide.
  • And much, much more hopefully

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Hi! Maddie, you mentioned that you know Max from a fandom originally. I'm curious to know which fandom? (it's fine if you don't want to share 😄)

lol, is this you Max? We’ve just talked about how he’s been having a hard time not to fanboy over our mutual fandom on this blog and I told him to just send an anon ask so he can get it out hahahahahhaa because tbh he’s much more of an active fan in that department than I’ve been these last few months.

But yeah, we share a love for Michael Emerson. I think Max is much more into Person of Interest, whereas I am a LOST fan through and through (but I love POI as well).

@Max, your time has come, I hope I didn’t steal your thunder lol


EDIT: I love him sooooo much! 😍

(Also Maddie says she’s not as into him any more but he’s still her icon ;)


Edit edit: still into him a lot just not in a fangirly mode :-P

Edit edit edit: If he ever does another project for TV then we’ll see about that! :P


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Hi! Can I steal your head canon about Klaus/Caroline? You said you don't consider 5x11 canon, will you watch TO if Caroline permanently crosses over?

lol…steal it away.

To answer your question however. No. I would not/will not watch TO if Caroline permanently crosses over.

You see the problem -for me at least and many other fans tbh- was never Klaroline (no matter how many stans and even the writers tried to make it seem). I didn’t decide to not watch the Originals because of Klaroline.

You see I was firstly a Klaus fan/stan. Long before Klaroline was even an issue. When Klaus entered the show most of the audience hated him and I was like “ARE YOU FREAKING CRAZY? HE IS AMAZING! HE THE ONLY THING I WANT TO SEE FROM TVD NOW! HE IS THE PERFECT VILLAIN, HE IS A GREAT ACTOR, THE ROLE IS THE ONLY THING THAT MANAGES TO KEEP ME IN TVD”

After season 1 TVD went into a strange orbit for me and it was Elijah that intrigued me enough to make me stay a while longer and then it was Klaus that kept me in. Not Klaroline. KLAUS.

I wanted to see the Originals. I was an Original fan. I wanted a show about them. I wanted them to have more time. I was weirdly intrigued by Elijah, adored Rebekah, screamed and died for Kol, enjoyed Finn, respected Esther and all her matriarch power she emitted, wanted to see more of Mikael and his authority, and I was always and forever devoted to one of the most complicated and interesting villains/characters I has encountered which was no other than Klaus.

Most of the Klaroline fans love Caroline first. I like Caroline, I consider her to be a beautiful character but she had not won me over in all the ways she had done with others. I was never dying to see her in my screen, I was rooting for her more than other characters and I smiled with her and she is one of my favorites in the show but in TVD I was attracted by other characters and stories more. I really liked Damon in season one for example (and in season one only). I was an obsessed Katherine fan. But most of all I was AN ORIGINAL FAN. Tbh one of the reasons I got so deep into Klaroline (aside from the ship’s potential and the chemistry that was there) was because that ship challenged Klaus as a character. Made his character work in more ways than before. Made him far more interesting as an individual because it showed more sides of him without turning him OOC. Caroline was not there to sooth his man pain and she challenged him in ways that made him evolve organically (love that word lol) It showed more aspects of his character and Klaus became even more interesting because of the way he acted and reacted towards his own twisting ways of falling for a woman that had more psychological power than him while he was already a mastermind at playing mentally, physically and emotionally with others. Caroline challenged him in his own game and became a mirror of his weakest and strongest points. We saw the man without losing the vampire AND most importantly the villain. And without him turning OOC (which in the one and only thing I cannot stand especially to the characters I love…I swear I am going batshit crazy when that happens!)

When TO was announced I was worried because season 4 was a freaking mess and because I have stopped trusting Plec a long time ago but none the less I wanted to see the Originals. I wanted a show based on them. I wanted to see them in their own element. I wanted Klaus in my screen not as a secondary character but as the main one with endless minutes and scenes in each and every episode. I wanted to see Elijah being more like the creepy Godfather. I wanted to see Rebekah being the strong mean femme fatale vampire she was originally introduced to be, I wanted to see the insane and unpredictable Kol, I wanted to see the history of the Originals, I wanted to see even Finn and Sage. I wanted to see Ester’s past with Mikael (without them being necessarily the villains to Klaus’s hero [ewwww]). I even wanted to see more of Henrik. I wanted to see them in modern times, I wanted to see them in their own past. I wanted to see their twisted and even incestuous relationships. I wanted to see blood, gore, horror, vampires, massacres, more blood, more horror, Klaus unredeemed, Klaus as the villain, Klaus as the monster, Klaus as the most feared and loathed of the Originals. I wanted to see how the rest of the Originals worked in the environment in contrast with Klaus as the most terrifying species to have ever walked the earth. I wanted to see them as royals, as supernatural mafia, as elegant and yet brutal monsters, as masterminds, as VAMPIRES. I wanted THE ORIGINALS.

Klaroline was my ship but I would be more than happy to have references (even limited ones) and crossovers but have them divided in order to explore Klaus as a character without the shade of ship luring over him.

However I didn’t get to see any of that.

What I saw was a BABY SHOW (I can still not believe this! lol). “Niklaus the girl is expecting Plec’s monstrosity”. The backdoor pilot had no Rebekah (sorry she had how many seconds on screen?), had no Kol, no Esther, no Finn, no Mikael. However it had  A LOT of Hayley (the character I completely despised and was massively rejected by the audience) and a lot of OOC Elijah and OOC Klaus.

I wanted the Originals and the writers gave the Hayley diaries. I wanted a scary show about THE VILLAIN I loved and the writers gave fluff and hammy teen pregnancy drama with bits of some supernatural elements (that were going against the established mythology) here and there.

I loved the Originals SO DAMN MUCH that seeing them degraded like that hurt more than not seeing them at all.

I didn’t watch the Originals because imo the show sucked from the second the pregnancy was revealed. A show that has a flagship a miracle baby that would redeem the villain (WHY? SERIOUSLY WHY? SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME? WHY HAVE A WOMB REDEEM THE ONE AND ONLY CHARACTER THAT SHOULD NEVER BE REDEEMED IN ANY WAY OR FORM OR ASPECT! WHY?) while having as the center of the show a “character” that has no part in the Originals in any form whatsoever. A show that used the names and the faces of the characters I loved but changed their personalities and destroyed their characters in the most offensive and illogical ways with no consistency.

A show that disregarded the Originals, that disrespected the fans, that began based on plotholes. A show that gave no attention to its audience and gave the exact opposite thing from what people were expecting. A show that tried to bait the fans with false promises and hints and clues of plots that never intended to have in the first place. A show that dared to call itself “The Originals” while it was never about the Originals.

So let us say that Caroline crosses over permanently to TO. What will change? All of the sudden the characters won’t be OOC? The show won’t be a soap teen drama? It won’t be a ship mess? It won’t be the Hayley diaries? The flagship plot that established the show’s existence won’t be the disgusting baby? The misogynism won’t be there? The tropes will disappear? The plotholes won’t exist anymore? TO Klaus will stop being a disgusting clone of TVD Klaus?

Besides…I am shipping Caroline with TVD Klaus. TO Klaus for me doesn’t exist and from what I am hearing and reading about him I would never ship him with anyone, how much more with Caroline. I would rather not see that mess than having my ship ruined horrifically because the writers are incompetent and illogical. Thank you but no thank you.

Surely I won’t avert my eyes from the gifs that would emerge, and from the fics and the art and the vids. And maybe even if I heard anything good (it has to be REALLY GOOD) from TO blogs I trust I could potentially search for a Klaroline scene in yb (and even that is extremely doubtful) but watching TO? A show that I do not like? Because of a ship? Even if that ship is Klaroline?

No. Hell no.I have stopped watching TVD also but I would return if TVD Klaus was there again (as TVD Klaus and not the TO mess) and I would suffer through the rest of the mess but at least I would give it a chance even for a crossover lol. But TO? No. Never.

Because for me Klaroline was never the reason for not watching the Originals. The reason was only one. I loved the Originals SO MUCH in TVD that it literally made my soul bleed and ache to see them so degraded and destroyed in a show that was meant to be about them but ended being about OOC caricatures of them and about praising talentless actresses and writing failures.

tbh im really not a fan of “you can’t drink him away” like mickey was trying to drink away his own feelings of guilt, he was trying to drink away his own feelings of helplessness, he was trying drink away the fact that ian had to deal with mental illness in the first place, but he was never trying to “drink ian away” like what tf even is that

tbh i really hope seth is ok because having your private pictures leaked to the world is a pretty horrendous thing. he’s gotta go to work and do what he loves knowing that his co-workers have seen him naked. his bosses. the fans. friends and family. leighla shouldn’t have leaked those photos because he obviously trusted her enough to send them to her. i get that she’s mad at him but there’s more mature ways to go about it than leaking nudes and acting as if it’s funny as fuck.