more of a fan of him than her tbh

i guess after all of this im actually more disappointed in tom than anything. ive always seen him as a very intelligent, mature man, and to see him get involved in all this drama just doesn’t seem like the person i thought he was. idk. as long as he’s happy i guess but i still find it fucking weird.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the effort Aaron Tveit makes to have other people feel good about themselves? He always compliments others, from his coworkers to his fans to people who interview him, and yes, I am referring to the time he told an interviewer that he liked her “nice yellow dress” or the multiple times where he was asked about his coworkers and found something great to say about them, but I’m also referring to the countless fan encounters that I’ve read where he complimented them on their hair or their shirt or even their name. He finds a way to make people feel good about themselves, even though he is in no way obligated to. In addition, a few interviewers have tried to get him to shit-talk his costars and have never once succeeded; he has also stated that a turn-off for him is when someone goes out of their way to say bad things about another person behind their back. But there are also a few little things I have noticed in the abundant amount of time I dedicate to stalking Mr. Tveit. For example, in the Graceland blooper reel, Serinda Swan throws a frisbee towards him for a scene but she completely misses and he goes “it’s a slippery frisbee!,” supposedly so she won’t feel bad about the somewhat terrible throw. Also, during an interview for Grease Live with him and Julianne Hough, Julianne is talking about how she always forgets this one really easy line and she doesn’t understand why, and Aaron starts talking about how it’s a difficult scene and there are lots of people so it can get confusing and basically comes up with a bunch of reasons for Julianne’s struggle with the line, not one of which puts the blame on her. In another interview done for Grease Live with Carly Rae Jepsen, she said that on her first day on set, Aaron told her that he loved her new album and listened to it during his workouts, which, according to her, made her feel very welcome on the set. YES I KNOW THEY ARE ALL LITTLE THING BUT ITS THE LITTLE THINGS THAT COUNT. So I’m done with this tangent and I’m sorry this had to show up on your dashboard, but I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS and my friends don’t listen to me so this is kind of the only place I can share what pops into my head. Thanks for listening. Or scrolling. Whatever you did.

sound check highlights: malaysia

songs played
wrapped around your finger

  • “how are you luke?”
    luke: i couldn’t talk for 2 whole days [but he’s fine now]
    michael & ashton: quiet luke is much more annoying than talkative luke
    michael: he just does a lot of facial expressions
  • “how are you coping with the huge amount of asian food?”
    ashton: the rice makes me soft
    “skewers & peanut sauce”
  • calum didn’t talk much but he wore a beanie and the “white ringer tee”
    a fan told him it was her favorite shirt on him
  • “would you like to go to outer space or below the ocean?”
    ashton: below the ocean because we should explore our own planet before going to others
    luke: it’d be fun to go to outerspace just to take like a selfie and caption it with our lyrics
    ashton: …we’ll need to play a lot more shows before we can do that
  • 5sos: do you guys like outerspace?
    fans: ??? ofc ???

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