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I finally saw the episode and broooh, Yojimbo is sooo good. They really pumped up the fight choreography. I’ve just watched some season 1 episodes and let me tell you, the animation has become so gorgeous in those last few years!
Oh, and of course, Yojimbo himself, I adore that rabbit, he’s so chill I love him.

Best part of the episode however is that I get to see le B team kinda murdering people? Like, Donnie freaking ran over a guy with his goddamn horse and Mikey just pummeled the peeps.
You even so a head rolling? Yep, definitely a show for children, 100%

starmanaresiii  asked:

Ever heard of American Ninja Warrior? It airs on NBC. Imagine Steve going on a celebrity edition of that show and running the course. Maybe with a few of the others (Sam, Nat, Bucky?) running it as well?

Steve had agreed because it was a celebrity charity edition of the show and he wasn’t about to turn down an opportunity to help someone in need.

He hadn’t realized that Rhodey was going to be his competition. He hadn’t realized how excited he was for it, either.  

Sam and Natasha would be competing against one another, and Bucky and Clint had decided that it was only fair they take one another on while dodging projectiles from one another. Because heaven forbid there be a situation in which they aren’t trying to one-up the other’s aim.  

Steve finished the course in record time (he was a little smug, supersoldier serum notwithstanding).  

Steve knew a lot about Rhodey.  That he was patient and kind and had rock-solid boundaries and was fearless. He had no idea that Rhodey was a complete and utter badass when it came to American Ninja Warrior.  He tied Steve’s time.  Without a serum.  And he was definitely older than Steve was.  Kind of.  Depending upon how you calculated.

Point being Rhodey schooled him.  Steve refused to accept that they’d tied.  He’d had the serum and Rhodey just had his complete and utter incredible self. He declared Rhodey the winner and wouldn’t hear otherwise.  

Steve didn’t even know until they were filming the award segment that Sam had beat Natasha and that Bucky and Clint stalled out for three minutes throwing darts at one another before scrambling ass-over-tea-kettle for the end of the course and they were still waiting to determine who’d won based on a photo finish.  

a-lover-of-jugo  asked:

hay i love your Young McHanzo art but i do have a question wen Hanzo was younger he use a sword write? so my question is ever thought of drawing a sniper McCree and a samurai Hanzo?



………………………….THAT’S TRUE-

Tho to be fair, the official bio did imply he basically grew up a prodigy in martial arts, swordsmanship, and bowmanship. But the appeal of young!Hanzo using a sword and being the cocky aggressive short-range attacker (guess who Genji took after jflkdasfjl) while young!McCree played more safely as the mid-range sniper hotshot and watching Hanzo’s back (thus impressing him)-

…what a nice thought. 

So, thanks for that ; A ;

nekoma ANBU


asian representation in power rangers
ludi lin (zack taylor, power rangers 2017)
naomi scott (kimberly hart, power rangers 2017)
william shewfelt (brody romero, power rangers ninja steel)
peter sudarso (preston tien, power rangers ninja steel)

Rain, as Raizo, in Ninja Assassin.

You would not believe how many times I’ve watched this clip now. (I still haven’t even seen the whole movie.)

He’s just so sexy! (Also, hearing him speak English is seriously messing me up.)


Let me tell you about why Genya’s current ES has wrecked me forever.

1. Genya and Kojuro smoke together, sharing Kojuro’s kiseru.

That in itself already made me super happy. MY FAVOURITE BOYS ARE GETTING ALONG. PROUD TEARS OF JOY.

2. Genya’s confession speech is PERFECT.

Genya: …you know I hate troublesome things, right? I felt like there would be a lot I wouldn’t be able to do if we became lovers. We’re not regular people. No matter where we go, we’ll always be ninja. So I thought… It would be better for us to stay this way. But, that in itself became troublesome. Hiding these feelings that I can’t help having, being together with you all the time but still unable to touch you… You’re important to me too. Probably as important to me as I am to you. […] So don’t deny it anymore when people ask if I’m your lover.

Is it as mushy as some of the other confession speeches? No. But it’s perfect for him and his MC.



OK so I know I’m like the only person on Tumblr still playing Neko Atsume, but today’s update freaks me out a little bit.  There’s one new rare cat, and he’s called Whiteshadow.  His “type” is not the usual like, grey, or calico, or whatever… no, it’s NINJA COSTUME!!!

Also, I saw him as soon as I opened the app a few minutes ago, standing on a fence in the yard, not anywhere I’ve ever seen one of the cats before, just standing there staring, not on any of the spots where the toys and stuff go. 

I thought it was odd and a little spooky; I took a couple pictures of him, looked at them on his page, and went back to the yard.  He was gone just like that, in like three seconds, and instead of fish he left three cans of cat food???  Which since I don’t use that kind of cat food and already had 99 cans of it meant I got nothing, really??

Then I looked closer at his profile page…  Under “goodies”, he doesn’t use any “goodies” like the other cats… no, he just goes on “scouting missions”.  Who is he scouting for?  Is someone about to take over the yard??  Am I becoming paranoid over a simple silly game about cute cats???  (…yes)

This game is just trying to see how far it can go at this point and still keep crazy addicted users like me… 

I need to tell myself at this point: you idiot there are starving children in the world… stop wasting your time playing and worrying about this ridiculous game… but then I think… I can’t neglect the cats!!!  oh my g this is pathetic I need a life and a real hobby…