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I was a Bajoran, although I always wanted to be Starfleet. At the end they let me wear the costume, but then I lost it! I got promoted, it’s still not meaningful to me (joking) - I wanted the Starfleet uniform. Rene would always say to me, “Nana, you know this isn’t really REAL, right?” The promotion was exciting for me, whenever I got to sit in the captain’s chair, it was like YES. Rene was always kind of perplexed by my lack of grounding in that field.
—  Nana Visitor - (YouTube)


Lyndon Neri & Rossana Hu, architects and interdisciplinary designers
(mentors for the Lexus Design Award 2016)

As co-founders of the Shanghai-based Neri & Hu Design and Research Office, this design team devotes a significant amount of their time to mentoring young designers. Understanding that contemporary problems related to buildings require more than traditional architecture, Neri and Hu utilize overlapping design disciplines to solve design challenges in numerous countries. This is complemented by their strong belief that research is critical to uncovering each project’s unique set of contextual issues. Wallpaper* recognized Neri and Hu’s work in 2014 by naming them Designer of the Year, and they were inducted into the U.S. Interior Hall of Fame in 2013.

Pictured Works
> Top: Xi’an Westin Hotel and Museum; Xi’an, China /
> Middle row: Mercato restaurant; Three on the Bund, Shanghai, China /
> Bottom left: Design Republic Design Commune, Shanghai, China