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50. A random headcanon?

While Kira is pregnant living with the O’Briens, Keiko goes to Bajor for a plant nerd thing. When she comes back she presents Kira with three small jars full of Bajoran soil (Kira tears up and immediately flies into a sneezing fit). Kira tells Keiko about her father’s garden, and how it was the one thing they had during the occupation that really felt alive. (Keiko tears up, but does not sneeze). 

The next time Keiko goes on a plant nerd mission to Bajor she comes back with a few little packets of seeds - just some herbs and a kind of small Bajoran pepper. Together they set up a little indoor herb garden using the soil, teaching Molly how to plant the seeds and promising that she can help water them every morning. Miles cobbles together an effective enough sun lamp situation and in the end there’s a nice little window garden in Kira’s room that makes it feel more like home than anywhere has in a long time.

let’s talk about star trek!

Sometimes I think Kira and Garak are like mirror images of each other.

While Kira has a direct, assertive, truthful, violent, honorable, steady persona, Garak is all about ambiguity, delicacy, politeness, secrecy, instability. Of course he can be threatening, very much threatening, but in a completely different way.

I understand why the DS9 writing didn’t put them to work together a lot in the episodes of the series while it was running, but man, if there was a good 8th season, I wish they could develop their relationship more, specially after The Dogs of War.

I started drawing maps of castle Brennenburg, mostly because I was curious about the overall layout of the castle and where everything existed in relation other locations, plus I figured it would make writing/drawing comics easier if I had some kind of a plan at hand. As it turns out, the castle is a lot bigger than it seems at first, and that’s just the visitor-friendly floors above ground!

I’ll upload them (probably in several installments since there are going to be so many) once I’ve inked them. ^^

It took longer than expected but finally the time has come to announce our new members! We just want to say a quick thank you to every lovely person who applied and to those who helped us spread the word of this net and if you weren’t accepted, don’t worry! There will be another round once everything has settled! 

Without further ado, it is our pleasure to welcome our new members!

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self care is watching fanmade star trek music videos nonstop


This is truly, literally, 100% the best thing you can ever hear from or say to another person, ever.

I was a Bajoran, although I always wanted to be Starfleet. At the end they let me wear the costume, but then I lost it! I got promoted, it’s still not meaningful to me (joking) - I wanted the Starfleet uniform. Rene would always say to me, “Nana, you know this isn’t really REAL, right?” The promotion was exciting for me, whenever I got to sit in the captain’s chair, it was like YES. Rene was always kind of perplexed by my lack of grounding in that field.
—  Nana Visitor - (YouTube)