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reasons you think people hate j*nerys: the incest, the “predictability”, because i prefer jonsa, daen*rys being infertile, etc.

reasons i hate j*nerys: jon and daen*rys are two fundamentally different people both politically and philosophically and would therefore never work as a couple, especially considering that daen*rys stands in the way of the northern independence jon (and robb, tbh) has built his life on fighting for for the past six seasons :)

One of my favorite things about Kira Nerys is that she’s religious and it’s not a super obvious part of her character, but as far as I know, she’s the only one of the ops crew who actively practices a religion. But when she does talk about her faith, it’s obviously very important to her, and also something she struggles with and wishes she was better at. And I just love it so much, and I love her so much, ahhh.

one of the things i like abt Catholicism

is our relative chillness about being flawed humans. like some Christians right off the bat are like “did you know that you’ll go to hell if you don’t repent?” and catholics i know are more like “did you know that saint phillip neri sometimes shaved half his beard in order to be less intimidating to children?” 

and people are so struck by the weirdness of saint facts they look at you like… “so… did that actually work out for him?” 

and then as a catholic you’re like “huh.” and then you discuss relative scariness of men with beards from santa clause to charles manson and where monks with half a beard might fit on that scale. it’s a blast


This is truly, literally, 100% the best thing you can ever hear from or say to another person, ever.

fanchonmoreau  asked:

Here's a gay question that's not on the meme I didn't see on the meme: fictional characters not formally identified as lesbians who are definitely lesbians?

oh this is a GOOD ONE. i’ll do five just cause it’s a good number but obviously there are loads more. 

  1. KIRA NERYS. it’s one of the greatest crimes of television that we were given this swaggering angry butch traumababy and asked to believe that she was a heterosexualist. 
  2. JULIE DODSON. one of the best scott and bailey phenomena is that all scott and bailey fangirls seem to come independently to the same conclusion more or less immediately. julie dodson, lifelong lesbian. praise the goddess for pippa haywood’s legendary slouch.
  3. CLARE CARTWRIGHT. we all know that for happy valley to have any genuinely satisfying narrative resolution it must end with safe gay clare. 
  4. JANET FRAISER. most of my feelings about stargate have dwindled to [shrugging girl emoji] but listen you can take janet fraiser career dyke from my cold dead hands. 
  5. MINERVA MCGONAGALL. i don’t care about 99% of harry potter things but i am ride or die for lesbian minerva mcgonagall. if you’re not already convinced i have a trenchcoat full of femslash that will convince you.