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Holy yikes - how old is Jo as de-aged Jo? Bc like tubby little five year old Jo climbing into Nates lap bc "I'm sleeping Nate, Je t'aime mais je suis fatigué. Embrasse moi, s'il te plaît?" Going with the cuddle definition of embrasse

Omg anon that’s so cute I teared up a bit. The de-aged Jo (based on the prompt) is like 16 or 17, so not very young compared to what you were thinking. But I love your idea too!!

Little kid Jo who only trusts Nate, who loves being held by him and looks up at Nate with big dark eyes and the cutest little pout and babbles in French (so…not much different than 21-year-old Jo lmao). He clings to Nate’s legs until Nate puts him on his lap, and Jo likes to kiss Nate’s cheek in that sloppy earnest way that kids do. And Nate is lowkey panicking bc he’s not the best with kids?? But also Jo is so cute, fuck. Nate’s sure he’d be even more screwed if he could understand what Jo was saying, but someone translates and it’s heart-meltingly cute anyway.

When Jo gets back to his proper age he sulks off and hides because he’s a little embarrassed by how affectionate he was as a kid, and like, he didn’t need Nate to know how much Jo needs him. But Nate digs him out of his corner and confesses that he liked baby Jo who was terribly cute, but he prefers grown-up Jo because well, he really likes grown-up Jo. And then kisses. On the lips this time, and Jo looks at Nate all wonderingly with his big dark eyes and Nate’s like ah fuck he’s even cuter like this.

the signs as things john rogers has said about nate ford
  • ARIES: “not a pleasant man”
  • TAURUS: “troubled”
  • GEMINI: “a control freak”
  • CANCER: “a really unpleasant, vaguely sadistic human being”
  • LEO: “going down a dead end and way too obsessive and blind to see it”
  • VIRGO: “he’s condescending, he’s sarcastic, he’s vengeful”
  • LIBRA: “there’s a seething angry vicious criminal under nate ford at all time”
  • SCORPIO: “he gets more awful the more you get to know him”
  • SAGITTARIUS: “a bitter single 40-year-old man”
  • CAPRICORN: “pays attention viciously and to a fault”
  • AQUARIUS: “not a healthy human being”
  • PISCES: “a moody bastard”