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Nash Grier

The Gift

Matt Espinosa


#13, #23, #33^

Cameron Dallas


Couldn’t Wait*^

A Thousand Miles Away^

A Little Jealous*^

Jack Gilinsky


Time I Can’t Take Back^   {part 2}

Jack Johnson

Cough Drops and Cuddles

#15 “I just wanna see you smile one more time.”^

All His Friends^


Nate Maloley

Best Mistake*

Baseball Attire   {part 2}*

Those Lips*^


How Long Is Forever?^


#27 “Try it one more time and I swear..”^

#1 “God, you turn me on.”^

Planes - J. Cole*^

#9 “Goddamn, that’s one fine…”*^

#24 “Do it, I dare you.”^

One Wild Night*^      {part 2}

Send My Love^      {part 2}^

Saved - Khalid

Sammy Wilk

Slow Motion - Trey Songz*^

#18 “You can’t play with me like that.”^

#5 “You drive me fucking insane.”^

#39 “Tell a soul and I’ll kill you.”^      {part 2}        {part 3}        {part 4}^

My Brother’s Best Friend^

Derek Luh

Superman v. Clark Kent *   {part 2}    {part 3}

#5 “You drive me fucking insane.”*^

#17 “Please, just don’t let go.”^

#6 “You’re mine. Don’t forget that.”^

#9 “Goddamn, that’s one fine…”^

#11 “Lay one more hand on her/him…”^



In My Room - Yellow Claw*^

Planes - Jeremih*^

#4 “Papi, please.”*^

#9 “Goddamn, that’s one fine…”^

#34 “It was never actually real, was it?”^        {part 2}

#21 “Why don’t you come over here and make me?”^

Hayes Grier

She’s Worth It^

Take A Break^


Something Better^



He Finds Out You’re Ticklish^

Michael Clifford

#6 “You’re mine. Don’t forget that.”^

Ashton Irwin

#11 “Lay one more hand on (her/him)”^

Calum Hood

#24 “Do it, I dare you.” + #11^

the signs as things john rogers has said about nate ford
  • ARIES: “not a pleasant man”
  • TAURUS: “troubled”
  • GEMINI: “a control freak”
  • CANCER: “a really unpleasant, vaguely sadistic human being”
  • LEO: “going down a dead end and way too obsessive and blind to see it”
  • VIRGO: “he’s condescending, he’s sarcastic, he’s vengeful”
  • LIBRA: “there’s a seething angry vicious criminal under nate ford at all time”
  • SCORPIO: “he gets more awful the more you get to know him”
  • SAGITTARIUS: “a bitter single 40-year-old man”
  • CAPRICORN: “pays attention viciously and to a fault”
  • AQUARIUS: “not a healthy human being”
  • PISCES: “a moody bastard”


I walked into the room the smell of kush hit me hard i began to cough nate was in the middle of doing a smoke trick after he was done he stared at me “Y/N what you doing here ?” he looked down “Um Nate did forget i live here ?” oh fuck duhh look iIm sorry “ i looked at Nate what are you sorry it i think its hot.” he looked at me and smirked” come smoke one with daddy” my feet moved before my brain could never tell me this was wrong i let my hair out of its bun as i walked over to him and sat next to him he pulled out this bag filled with pre rolled blunts he grabbed one a lite it taking a deep hit and blew it in ma face i just sat there im awe nate bite his lip and handed me the blunt i slowly took a hit and blew it out and held it before i hit it again “ soo when did miss Y/N become a smoker?”  You blushed and hit the blunt then passed it too him. he hit it a couple times and got close to you and blew it close to your lips so close you could feel his soft lips brush across yours you closed your eyes and let the effects take over you you slowly laid on the bed soon nate laid with you tracing your arms he whisper in your eye “ you high ma ?” you nodded your head as you began to feel relaxed and clam nate slowly played with your shirt  you glanced at what he was doing “ take it off nate “  he slowly pilled my shirt off and my shorts nate began to kiss and suck on my neck causing me to moan softly he ran his finger over your body stopping at your underwear he looked at you asking if it was okay you simply moaned to let him know nate ran his hand down your slit spreading you open he moaned “ Y/N so wet for me i wanna take ma time but i cant help myself “ he slowly pushed his finger inside of you causing you to moan and buck against his finger as he licked and sucked on your neck making sure to leave marks nate shoved another finger inside of you causing you to bite your lip as he slowly rubs your clit but soon he pulled his hand out of your underwear and pushed u down and opened your legs and pulled your underwear off of you he slowly licked up and down your heat causing you to gasped he looked up at you staring as he sucked and lick up and down your heat your eyes began to flutter as moans began to spill out your mouth “ Natee i cant take it please give it too me “ he stop and got up and took his sweats and boxers off he flipped me over on my tummy and lifted my ass up and rubbed his dick on your pussy and slowly slipped inside of your grabbing your hips slowly rocking in to you causing you to moan and grip the sheets he stroked you deeper and faster “Y/N so wet and tight for daddy “ he began to thrust harder and faster making you moan his name “Nattee please don’t stop “ you slowly rubbed your clit but Nate smacked your hand away and growled “ NO you don’t get to touch” he smacked your ass as he slowly pinched your clit causing to go limp but Nate held on to you as he thrust harder “come for me Y/N let me feel it you felt your legs shake and u slowly began to cum all over Nate he stroked you a couple more times as he came inside of you and let you fall onto the bed he looked down at you “I love you Y/N gotta get you high more often

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