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Star Trek AU

Sports and Ithro are both Trills, and both are on their tenth hosts who happened to be twins. 

Ithro is stationed at the space station Latabæ and is often bothered by the Ferengi con artist Glanni “Glæpur”. They have a bit of a love/hate relationship, and Ithro lets Glanni get away with probably more than he should.

Stephanie Meanswell is the Captain of USS Lazytown with Trixie, a Bajoran, as her trusted Number One. Sportacus is a Medical Officer.

Ensign Robbie Rotten is a very very tired Betazoid who has a hard time coping with all the emotions and feelings he’s bombarded with 24/7 and can often be found hiding away and working at night when it is more silent. 

Stephanie is a Betazoid too, but she deals with her abilities a lot better, which makes her a great Captain and negotiator. 

Guess who’s back
Back again 

Well, I hope so. Haven’t finished a drawing in months and been to scared to use my tablet again. BUT i had to sometime so //shrug

mai x hana is the real otp tbqh!!!

plz i beg u let me date her

((a small sketch drawn while watchin some gr8 streams))

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i got to see NU’EST live tonight!! aaahh, i feel kinda undeserving bc i hardly knew the band ow o;;

the show was amazing tho!! admission was free and i couldnt pass up the chance to see a kpop group live!! i went in completely blind, i had never heard their music before. i rly liked their songs tho and i plan to look them up in the next few days!!

You know what, the Marble Hornets fandom doesn’t talk about Amy enough. It’s very clear that she was a huge part of Alex’s life, so why don’t we talk about her more? She was only in one entry. So was Sarah and Seth, but I see more fanart of them then Amy. We don’t talk about her and Alex’s relationship, we don’t don’t talk about the pain and denial Alex went through when he killed her, we don’t talk about her relation to Jessica and how devastated Jess must have been when she found out Amy died. We don’t talk about Amy enough.

Shoutout to VSCO cam for making photos look half okay

this is not a FF (i dont actually follow all the blogs listed) but a list of accounts i find myself reblogging often. only focusing on NHL content. hopefully it will help some of you xx (2013-2014 edition)


captainfantoewstic [devs, hawks] || crosberle [jets, oilers, pens] || crosschecked [leafs] || devsbhawks [devs, hawks] || essouffle [hawks] || hartfrdwhalers [canucks, leafs] || luciefers [caps] || modanos [bolts, leafs, stars] || tylersexguin [canucks]


alexgoligoski [wild] E, G: wild, others 

alzner [caps] E, G: multi-team

ameriqueen [pens] E, G: pens 

anders-lee [isles] G: isles, others

barca-penguins [pens] E,G: pens 

beaunitabennett [bruins, pens, stars] E, G: multi-team 

bennyandthestars [stars] E, G: stars, others 

bieksler [canucks] E, G: canucks

bollig25 [caps, rangers] E: multi-team

brianboyler [pens, rangers] E, G: pens, rangers

captainjonathantoews [habs, hawks, stars] E, G: hawks

copperbooom [wings] E, G: wings

crosbye [pens] E, G: canes, canucks, pens

dallas41chicago88 [leafs] E, G: leafs, hawks, others

danhammerhuis [canucks, pens] E, G: canucks, pens

darthtulip [hawks] E, G: hawks, habs, others

ekholms [pens, preds] E, G: pens, preds

elqiao [?] G: multi-team

evgeniemalkin [habs, hawks, oilers] E, G: multi-team

eternityinalake [hawks, pens] G: hawks, pens

fleurys [pens] E, G: pens

fourthline [sens] E, G: multi-team

franson [flyers, leafs, preds] E, G: leafs, preds, others

fucale [canucks, habs, leafs] E, G: multi-team

gauncer [canucks] E, Gcanucks, others

glovehand [pens, stars] G: habs, pens, stars

goalieelove [habs, hawks, stars] E. G: hawks, others

isengard [avs, hawks, stars] G: multi-team

jamessreimer [leafs] E, G: leafs

jeffskinnr [canes, hawks, kings, stars]  E, G: kings, others

jordanschroeders [canucks] E, G: canucks

jordanstaal [hawks, pens] E, G: hawks, pens, others

juicepls [canucks] E, G: canucks

letangs [pens] E, G: pens 

maljic [pens] G: pens, others

markstroem [habs, panthers] G: habs, panthers, others

martybiron [rangers] E, G: rangers

mattduchenne [avs, habs, rangers] E, G: avs, others

mcandrefleury  [canucks, pens]  E, G: canucks, pens, others

michaellatta [avs, caps, hawks] E, G: hawks, stars,  others

myregularface [bruins] G: multi-team

nlidstrom [wings] E: wings

ollimaattas [pens] G: hawks, pens

paulmartinamericanhero [pens] E, G: pens

~** peeksandtoews **~ [canucks, hawks] G: canucks, hawks

pittsburghpengwins [pens] G: pens

prustytute​ [habs] E,G: habs

pyatts [canucks] E, G: canucks, others

quebuenoooo [?] E, G: multi-team

raantasauruses [hawks, stars] G: hawks, stars

rawrzuhlind [canucks] E, G: canucks

sedintwins [canucks} E, G: canucks, others

shawzerz [hawks] E, G [hawks]

sidmalkin [pens] E, G: pens, others

sidneyc [leafs, pens, stars] E, Gmulti-team

so-hockey-eh [?] G: multi-team

staalskinner [canes]: E, G: canes, others

szabadosed [?] E, G: multi-team

theyslayedthedragon [canucks] E: canucks, others

toewscrosby [hawks] E, G: hawks, others

troubaa [hawks] G: hawks 

vincecarters [leafs] E: leafs, others

wbspens [pens, stars]: E, G: pens, stars

wintermonthnovelty [?] E: multi-team

withglowinghearts- [?] E: multi-team

yourmomsfavouriteplayer [habs] G: habs

yzermanwingedwheel [wings] E, G: wings

this is a constant wip, if you’d like to suggest other accounts, just give me a shout! I’m also listing focused teams ( “[team]” & “E/G: team”) based on the impression their tumblr gives me, but feel free to point out any errors!


A beautiful montage of figure skaters today

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