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“GALLY!!!!!!! Notice in the movie, he never once says something you can truly disagree with.”

- James Dashner on #mazerunnerfriday


Showcase of a Dad Moment: Goofy

I’m sorry that Showcase of a Dad Moment has been put on hold for so long. I had a lot of emotional turmoil over work and stuff, so I decided to try and kick myself in the butt to post one today since I haven’t in a long time.

I don’t remember exactly why or when Max was added to Disney as Goofy’s son, but they couldn’t have picked a better character than Goofy to be his dad. Goofy is earnest and always delighted just to be Max’s dad and to be a part of his life that it almost becomes overbearing; it tends to drive Max off a lot as seen in this movie and the second movie as well. But Max starts to realize that there’s no one more loyal and there for him than his dad and it’s wonderful.

❛jack falahee gif icons❜ — 25

By clicking HERE, you will be redirected to twenty-five gif icons of the love of my life, Jack Falahee, made from scratch by me. They’re currently all from various Snapchat videos, but I’ll be updating it with more, including shows and movies he’s been in. Please drop a like or reblog to this post if you use them! You’re free to edit them as you wish, but if you do, please credit and/or link back to the page.

A Silent Voice

Hindi ko inexpect na ganito pala kaganda ‘tong movie! Not just an ordinary story about friendship, family, anxiety, depression, and bullying. It goes deeper. Grabe makarollercoaster of emotions and it gave me chills sa ending.
A must-watch movie! More films like this please!

anonymous asked:

More Danny/Colleen please! Maybe them going to the dinner, movies like a date thing or them going food shopping and Danny being confused all the options lol or meeting one the other defenders!

I already did the dating yesterday so you get… the rest lol sorry this is really lite on the shipping part but I’m gonna make up for it next prompt I fill ;)

They’ve just thrown fruit and some carrots in the cart and Colleen’s crossing out items on her list when her brow furrows.

“What’s wrong?” Danny asks - he doesn’t know what could go wrong with buying groceries, but she’s doing all the work after all.

“They changed everything since last time I came here,” she sighs.

“What? Why?”

“It’s some kind of way to get you to buy stuff. If you have to look for cereal all over again then you’ll see things you might have skipped if you went straight to buy your usual food. Argh, listen, do you think we can split?”

“Uh, sure? What do you mean?”

She tears the list in half and hands one piece to him. “Just get the things on here, I’ll get these. Like this we’ll be through faster.”

“Uh, all right,” he agrees. She hands him the basket she had on her arm while she takes the cart, kisses him on the cheek and dashes off to what looks like the milk aisle.

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On Madison Avenue (Late March)

(This is the second fic in the ‘Scenes from Seasons’ series - the first one is ‘In Colorado Springs (Early February)’ [link].)

On Madison Avenue, the taxi stopped. Therese had half-expected that it would not, that she had not told the driver the address at all, that the address did not exist, that Carol’s new apartment on Madison Avenue did not exist, that the taxi driver would continue driving her uptown until she was forced to give him all the money she had and walk back for miles. But the taxi stopped, and Therese looked at the building through the foggy window. She paid the driver and stepped out with her two small suitcases. Her few other belongings would be arriving later. Carol had arranged it all.

Therese already had a key. She made her way inside and up to the top floor of the newer, taller apartment building and unlocked the door of the apartment. It swung open easily, and Therese stepped in. The door fell shut behind her, and she put her suitcases down where she stood. She took off her gloves, and her hands were shaking. It was very silent in the apartment. She was surrounded by Carol’s things, Carol’s coats on the coat stand, Carol’s scarves on the shelf, Carol’s name on boxes neatly stacked along the wall.

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