more movies like this please

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Can you pls draw Movie!Cole with C6??? Thank u very much your art ks beautiful!!!

First of..thank you SO much! <3 

..and of course! One gorgeous boy for you coming up!

I bet Lloyd is either holding a speech or is yet again on the edge of tears and Cole..doesn’t care. Shame on you, my boy!

(also I would have written the characters on his gi..but I can’t fully make them out..always those arms in the way..)

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Angel my narrative teacher just said Shrek could be a post-modern take on Grendel from Beowulf, help I don't know how to feel about this information. What kind of university am I in.

what the fuck this is the only theory i will ever care about in my entire academic career………….. 

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Obviously none of you have ever heard of the comics lmao his hairstyle has nothing to do with K-pop or “Emo” culture lmao plus long hair and martial arts have always attributed in one way or another, they gave him and the other stars that style to establish them being “different” from everyone else they were combating



Donnie in Dragon Tiger Gate:


“GALLY!!!!!!! Notice in the movie, he never once says something you can truly disagree with.”

- James Dashner on #mazerunnerfriday

❛jack falahee gif icons❜ — 25

By clicking HERE, you will be redirected to twenty-five gif icons of the love of my life, Jack Falahee, made from scratch by me. They’re currently all from various Snapchat videos, but I’ll be updating it with more, including shows and movies he’s been in. Please drop a like or reblog to this post if you use them! You’re free to edit them as you wish, but if you do, please credit and/or link back to the page.

Why don't we ever talk about Brother Bear more often?

Like this fucking movie has amazing affects, realistic character personalities and features, shows off culture, shows that every creature alive has emotions and a soul, and the music is flawless. Not to mention the lesson given in this movie is absolutely amazing!

Anon: hey, this is for that emoji game. could you do Constantine with D4?

John’s a grumpy mess with an eyeball in his Gin&Tonic. Drawn in a messy experimental way cos I haven’t drawn anything for a while and wanted to just play around and let loose ^^”

Emoji ask game! Send me more!

Mad Max Fury Road is like the ultimate “Girl Power” movie, I love it so much. Furiosa is a warrior goddess and the wives are so diverse and incredible. Even the main guy, the “hero”, wouldn’t be able to do shit if he didn’t have this team of amazing women- compared to most action movies where it’s reversed. This movie is feminist as fuck. More movies like this please.


Glader Playlists: Minho

Songs that fit into my Minho aesthetic.

Red Hot Chili Peppers//Can’t Stop
Nirvana//Smells Like Teen Spirit
Bastille//Bad Blood
Cage The Elephant// Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked
Arctic Monkeys//D Is For Dangerous
Lorde//Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Imagine Dragons//Friction
The White Stripes//Seven Nation Army

a summary of my experience of JUPITER ASCENDING, the greatest cinematic achievement of our time
  • Mila Kunis, incredulously: Could this get ANY WEIRDER?
  • My friend, audibly: YES
  • Thirty-something dudes in front of us, appropriately: *HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER*
  • /scene

day 38 and i am still not over that scene of jillian holtzmann dual-wielding plasma whips and battling ghosts left right and centre. holy shit. i will never recover from this. jillian holtzmann is my soul animal and i love her. how long have i been waiting for a female character like this. too long. i need more amazing women like this in movies please i need them to survive

On Madison Avenue (Late March)

(This is the second fic in the ‘Scenes from Seasons’ series - the first one is ‘In Colorado Springs (Early February)’ [link].)

On Madison Avenue, the taxi stopped. Therese had half-expected that it would not, that she had not told the driver the address at all, that the address did not exist, that Carol’s new apartment on Madison Avenue did not exist, that the taxi driver would continue driving her uptown until she was forced to give him all the money she had and walk back for miles. But the taxi stopped, and Therese looked at the building through the foggy window. She paid the driver and stepped out with her two small suitcases. Her few other belongings would be arriving later. Carol had arranged it all.

Therese already had a key. She made her way inside and up to the top floor of the newer, taller apartment building and unlocked the door of the apartment. It swung open easily, and Therese stepped in. The door fell shut behind her, and she put her suitcases down where she stood. She took off her gloves, and her hands were shaking. It was very silent in the apartment. She was surrounded by Carol’s things, Carol’s coats on the coat stand, Carol’s scarves on the shelf, Carol’s name on boxes neatly stacked along the wall.

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