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Kraglin deserves so much love. When the othe ravagers gave Yondu a funeral with fireworks, Kraglin’s expression hurt me more than anything. His teary eyes and cheers because he knew that all Yondu (his captain) ever wanted is a Ravager funeral and he finally got it.


They went there. Patty Jenkins, my new hero and certified award-worthy filmmaker, fuckin went there. She wrote a woman-pain story. She took the fucking “woman dies to give man the sorrow and rage and power he needs to complete his mission” and flipped it on its head. I cannot even believe it. I have been waiting for so long for a story like this.

professor marston & the wonder women movie review

Yesterday night, I was very lucky (my bank account, not so much) to go to London to see Professor Marston & the Wonder Women, a movie which I’d been waiting for ever since Luke Evans was cast in it. The reviews were positive and my friend @johnsmoore had loved it after seeing it at TIFF, but despite my excitement (which had already increased after seeing Wonder Woman), part of me was still a little nervous, and I hoped the movie would make my trip 100% worth it.

It did.

Professor Marston & the Wonder Women is a love story. But not just any love story: it’s a love story about ‘unconventional’ people (as they say) but told with love, care and respect. If I hadn’t been so focused on trying not to noise my never ending feeling of satisfaction and gratefulness, I would have cried all the way through.

I didn’t cry, but I laughed a lot (it was so, so funny!), and I spent (almost) the whole movie smiling so hard I had to bite the inside of my cheek to remind myself to chill if I didn’t want my face to hurt by the time the movie was over. And this movie… it was pure and honest and beautiful and fun and so, so full of love.

Elizabeth is bold and hilarious and fierce. Olive is brave and soft and strong. William is good-hearted and passionate and determined. You’re gonna love that trio. You’re going to feel for them and hurt with them and fall in love with them at the same time they fall in love with each other. I know I did. The cast did a wonderful, wonderful job. Rebecca Hall was simply phenomenal. Luke Evans was full of strong gentleness. Bella Heathcote an example of strength and vulnerability combined.

Now, anyone who knows me a bit also knows sex scenes and I aren’t friends. At all. So when pretty much every review I read mentioned the sexual content, I started getting a little bit worried, because reviews don’t usually talk about that. Though they were reassuring, being anxious and a sex-indifferent bordering on sex-repulsed asexual, I needed the movie to reassure me. And it did. 

First of all, it was far from the explicit thing people seemed to promise. I’ve seen much, much more explicit sexual scenes. I’d almost say these were soft. But the point is… they were so, so well done. Sex wasn’t there just to show hot people making out for the sole purpose of having a useless sex scene. Here, sex was passionate and loving and fun! It was such a refreshing take on scenes that usually make me cringe because of how boringly all-the-same and seen through the male gaze and lacking actual feeling they too often are.

Then, you know how biopics can be nice but there’s always a moment when you wonder “okay it’s good and all but how far in are we now”? It’s not a thing here. The movie flows so well, and honestly too fast. When the end was near I was like, “what? already?” I didn’t see time go at all. I wished it would never end. And the penultimate scene! That scene was incredible. It was funny and sad and it will make you want to go on your knees and beg for things to be alright.

When the movie ended, I was an emotional wreck. I couldn’t believe what I’d just seen. A movie about bi women told by LGBTQ+ people? A movie where a woman being in love with another woman and three people loving each other equally is normal and filmed like any ‘classic’ movie romance usually is? A movie that shows a kinky poly and gay relationship in the most simple, positive, and respectful way? 

I’m so thankful this movie exists. I’m so thankful for the laughs and the moments of simple, precious domesticity, of the consent all throughout the story, of how healthy and beautiful it all was, even though it wasn’t always happy. And on a personal level and as a queer person myself, it meant so, so much to me to see my favourite actor in such a story. I have no words to say how much it means to me, but you can believe me when I say it made my heart burst with love for the movie even more than it already was.

Professor Marston & the Wonder Women is shining with love and there is no way you won’t want to give all yours back.


In Mexico today we celebrate the National Day of Mexican Cinema (Día Nacional del Cine Mexicano) and to celebrate here’s a list of 10 films directed by Mexican women:

1.       No quiero dormir sola (2012) Natalia Beristáin

2.       Cinco días sin Nora (2008)  Mariana Chenillo

3.       Los insólitos peces gato (2013) Claudia Saint-Luce

4.       Fecha de caducidad (2011) Kenya Márquez

5.       Nos vemos papá (2011) Lucía Carreras

6.       Sabrás que hacer conmigo (2015) Katina Medina Mora

7.       Las buenas hierbas (2010) María Novaro

8.       Tempestad (2016) Tatiana Huezo

9.       Todos queremos a alguien (2017) Catalina Aguilar Mastretta

10.    Perfume de violetas (2001) Marisa Sistach


Bellas de noche (2016) María José Cuevas



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then all at once.


“GALLY!!!!!!! Notice in the movie, he never once says something you can truly disagree with.”

- James Dashner on #mazerunnerfriday

btw I must say, anyone who ships Twilight and Pinkie Pie together is REALLY gonna enjoy the MLP movie. No spoilers ofc but. Thought y’all should know. ouo

                           10 Photos before Disaster Strikes 

i think it says a lot about me that i sat through kingsman 2 and the only actual criticism i have about it is that in sweden the bride and the groom walk down the aisle together (which i only know because crown princess victoria’s decision to have her father give her away sparked public outcry) 

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The closer we get to the next movie Im more like "please just let Poe be queer". I do ship stormpilot but also finnrey so either way Im not gonna be disappointed whatever the new ~star wars it couple~ is, but it's not even about the ships. I just want Poe to be openly gay or bi and badass in space. That's like... everything I would have loved when I was a kid first getting in contact with Star Wars :') Your daily posts remembering us that Poe isnt straight always make me smile thank you so much!

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poe dameron is the queer space icon we need


Part 1/3 Get to know Elizabeth “Liz” Barker from Sneakers. Information taken from screenplay by Phil Alden Robinson, Lawrence Lasker, & Walter F. Parkes.