more motivation to save money

There we go, 2016 will end here in nearly one hour

Did I improve? Lol I can’t quite see it but I have a feeling that I learned a lot in is year and that should do for me too owo)/

2016 has been quite a year, a lot happened and I think I drew a lot… I think. Well that was what I wished for a year ago in 2015 to improve my art.
What always frustrated me about my art this year was the fact that my art folder was filled with more simple doodles that actual artworks or that I nearly always have no proper background.
What also frustrated me is, that I clearly take too long to actually finish something plus keeping the motivation to still work on it till I have everything done.

Therefore! My plans for 2017 will be:

- Improving art skills (there is still a lot to learn)
- More drawing
- Draw faster
- Perhaps more backgrounds?
- Stop being jealous to other artist, instead take motivation/inspiration/fun
- Saving money for Lappy 2.0?