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Today, Thai users in twitter have a little trend by using an app to change an actor into a woman. I couldn’t resist the trend because Eddie’s already so damn cute being a man. I don’t disappoint! OMG LOOK AT THIS CUTIE!!!!


Now I want Graves x Fem!Newt fic with burning passion of the sun omg ; w ;;;  or just Fem!Newt with any male character…. *sobs*

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Can we talk about the beauty that is Blue Sargent some more? I feel like nobody in the fandom appreciates her enough... even though she is literally so great????

blue is great and very underrated. i know i’ve talked before about wanting more for her in canon and i do/did, but i rly love what we have of her. i think her character growth in bllb is really slept on? that book is all about her becoming more independent and strong and sure of herself and such. like i was talking about the other day, she’s hugely compassionate and kind (but not nice– that’s a quote from canon, lol) but she’s also a ten thousand year old brat with a switchblade. luv my daughter.

Okay like I love Drag Race, but where’s the drama? I was expecting DRAMA and not like the Alexis Michelle accusing everyone for her being read to filth on the runway and everyone just sitting back and listening while staying calm drama, I’m talking about Season 5 Episode 1 Of Untucked Drama. WHERES MY RIVALRIES WHERES THE MADE UP FEUDS LIKE DARIENNE AND DELA, I WAS HOPING TRINITY AND EUREKA WOULD BE ALYSSA AND COCO BUT WE ONLY GET FIVE SECONDS OF SHADE AND EVERYONE TELLING EUREKA TO SHUT UP. Also, where’s Ru in the workroom shading everyone? Where’s the next Pearl Vs Ru showdown.

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I love how Rapunzel is having her struggles (obviously I love that the other characters aren't perfect and need to learn, but especially Rapunzel) because sometimes characters who are more optimistic and happy are portrayed as always happy and perfect. I love that she obviously has her ups and downs, but still is optimistic. Oh god, I just love this show. (And we're only a quarter of the way through Season 1!!!!)

I adore Rapunzel’s struggles, too. And people don’t seem to realize how much of a brave face she puts on. She doesn’t want to burden people with her troubles, because what’s the point of making someone else hurt if there’s nothing they can do to help you?

I’m really looking forward to more nightmares, and a continuation of the main plot, to see more character development, and more of how she copes and learns to let others in when she’s stressing.

Because believe me, it bugs me no end that she hasn’t actually explained to Eugene why she turned down the proposal. She asked for his patience, and he offered his understanding, but in a, “I can see that you need space and time,” kind of way. I mean, he literally said, “I still don’t understand why you said no,” and it breaks my heart that she doesn’t feel like she can tell him outright. She just doesn’t want to hurt him, doesn’t want to admit that yes, he’s her dream, but he’s not all that she wants. She doesn’t want to make him feel inadequate. But with as head-over-heels in love with that woman as Eugene Fitzherbert is, we all know he’ll totally get it. He’s not stupid. He’ll be able to realize and understand that she wants the freedom he’s had his whole life, that her wanderlust hasn’t been sated. And he’ll stick with her through it all.

“Lisbon, I Love You”

And for Cassian Andor, Lisbon is the fast pace of what eventually happens on this walk. Lisbon is her hand disappearing underneath his shirt and his palm cupping her breast through the fabric of her dress. It is her whimpering in his ear as she begs him for more, more, more…

Lisbon, 1941.

Cassian Andor is a spy for the Allies, Jyn Erso is a stranded mess of a human being, and their wartime affair is both the best and the worst thing that could have happened.


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*comes knocking shyly at your fandom door* Darby, do you think you could write more Allira? They are my weakness and you write them so well *boops your nose*.

Emmaaaaaa you are so sweet <3

Of course I will indulge in some more Allira. I’m always looking for reasons to write more femslash and I love these two a lot tbh.

Basing this off a prompt from some list I reblogged forever ago:  “Are these your underwear or mine?”

Allison always said that she saved laundry for days when she and Kira were both home because she enjoyed dong it together, relaxed and easy and usually with lots of teasing and casual touches. The truth though was that Allison despised doing the laundry and having Kira there made it a little more bearable. It also meant half the work.

“Hey Ally?”

Allison jerked from her musings and looked up to where Kira was frowning at a pair of lacy black underwear. She couldn’t help but find the image adorable.

“Are these your underwear or mine?” Kira said.

Looking closer, Allison studied them for a moment and then shrugged. “They’re not mine.”

“I don’t think they’re mine either,” Kira said slowly.

They exchanged a look and laughed.

“Lydia,” they said in sync.

“I still don’t know how she ends up leaving her underwear here all the time,” Allison said with a roll of her eyes. 

“I just hope it’s not because she’s having sex in our apartment.” 

Kira gave a brief face of disgust to the piece of cloth in her hands and then tossed it farther up the bed away from their own things to be dealt with later.

“Lydia actually has manners unlike Scott and Stiles,” Allison said.

“Ugh, don’t remind me.”

Kira shuttered as Allison laughed, folding a pair of her own pajama pants into a neat little pile and setting it aside with the rest. The continued in silence until Kira paused, stopping mid-fold.

“Do you think she’s trying to tell us something?” she said, quiet but considering.

Allison blinked in surprise and then cracked a smile. “No. She’s way more direct than that.”

Kira still looked doubtful even as she resumed her task. Allison bit her lip as she watched her for a long moment. Eventually she hazarded, “Would you mind if she was?”

Kira twitched a little at the question, blush slowly creeping across her cheeks. “I mean, it would be very flattering.” She looked embarrassed by her answer but didn’t try to take it back. “Would you?”

“Well, I wouldn’t really complain.”

They watched each other closely, as if waiting for the other to breakdown first. When neither of them did, they smiled awkwardly at each other and continued on with their task. Allison knew this conversation wasn’t close to finished yet though. Something big had been opened up to them without any effort, and she could never let things rest for very long.

Allison sighed and glared discretely at the basket of yet to be folded clothes. She really really hated laundry.


Here’s my Velvet Crowe cos from Tales of Berseria~ I love her so much but I hate her clothes and wig. This cos keeps falling apart but I’m modifying it more so that they’ll stay on for awhile when I take her to AX. This is also the most exposed skin I’ve done in cos (besides femAce) so it was a challenge more ways then one. I cant wait to take more pictures of her, next time a full body one.

Photog: @hime-photos thanks for always agreeing to take pictures with me! And spazzing about games lol.
Velvet: Me

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Want more Nora, how about some white lighting(Weiss/Nora)? Because I'm a sucker for this kind of thing, their teammate's reactions when they found out they were dating.

Ruby and Yang are super excited. Especially Yang because Yang loves Nora. Blake is just happy that Weiss is a bit more happy and less stressed now. But she hopes nothing too crazy will happen with Nora hanging out in her dorm room more often now. 

Pyrrha is super happy for them. Jaune is a bit confused at first (”Wait, Weiss is gay?” - “Yeah, Jaune, everyone knew except you.”), but he’ll get around. Ren’s a bit sceptical. I mean come on. This relationship seems like it can’t possibly work out and he doesn’t want Nora to get hurt. It takes him the longest to get used to it.