more moran


first painting study of the new year!! a happy billy moran

i was excited because i was automatically drawn to the colors of the ref, but had absolutely 0 motivation to draw a guitar–but it’s hidden!! the guitar is hidden!! YEA!!!!

ANYWAY, first study of the new year!! wanted to use some spring–winter transition colors because i am so ready and so excited for good weather again


J2 Full Panel @ Phoenix Con 2017 + Louden Swain Intro [x]

  • Jim: I wonder what's taking Sherlock so long to solve this
  • Seb: He's probably dreaming about you sensually licking a gun or you crossdressing or
  • Jim: What
  • Seb: Or that might just be me having inappropriate thoughts sorry boss

SPOOPY LOUDEN SWAIN edited and made more proportional so it can be a print! while i love ink, having the ability to flip a canvas is very important to me

ANYWAY these were really fun designs to come up with! seriously, horsemen of the rockpocalypse. gosh, how did i not think of that already–BUT THEY PERFECT FOR CREPPY MONTH THO


elizabeth mccord + her love & loss for crown prince yousif “joey” obaid