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More Niffler mischief :3 I feel like it would be super cute if Queenie made little outfits for the Niffler ✨ :3 ✨

Too Hot

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One of the tropes in romance movies that made you laugh time and time again was that of the partner who was generally better at whatever activity the couple happened to be participating in willingly letting the less skilled partner win. This trope popped up in movie after movie and you even saw it happen in real life once or twice. It gave you the misguided belief that no matter who you ended up with, they would take mercy on you, especially because games and feats of physicality weren’t exactly your forte, and let you win every now and then.

But, of course, luck was never on your side and you happened to end up dating one of the most competitive people you’d ever met.

If there was one thing Jungkook hated, it was losing. He’d been given the reputation of being able to do, and excel, at anything he tried. And he’d be damned if anyone saw him fail. That was one of the things that drew you to him in the beginning. His determination, his drive, it was endearing and it made you appreciate the effort that he put in to every facet of his life. But you’d be lying if you said it didn’t also annoy you just a little bit.

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The One And Only // Lip Gallagher

“Ian! Get the fuck off me!” I scream as my best friend continues to tickle me. “I’m serious! I’m going to pee, get off!” I say through numerous giggles.

“Okay, okay,” He says breathlessly. “Go to the toilet. I don’t want to be peed on!” I laugh in response and head to the bathroom. I walk in and see Carl shoving his head in the toilet bowl.

“Get outta here you little rascal! Fiona’s not gonna be happy when she finds out you had your head in the toilet bowl.” I joke.

“The water got cut off and I needed to wash my hair somehow!” He grins and leaves to cause more mischief. I do my business and hurry back to Ian’s room to pay him back somehow.

“Gallagher! You little gay fuck! It’s pay back time.” I say as I storm into the Gallagher boy’s room.

“Pretty sure I’m not gay,” I hear someone say followed with a chuckle. I look up at the top bunk bed to see the one and only Phillip “Lip” Gallagher.

“Sorry Lip, you seen Ian?” I ask trying to play it cool. Right now I’m actually freaking out because I’ve had a crush on Lip ever since I can remember.

“He ran out yelling about how someone was going to get him. I think he went to Mickey’s place.” I groaned. “Oh wait! You’re the one that was going to get him.” He laughs. “Makes sense now.” Lip chuckles to himself as he jumps off the top bunk only wearing his boxers, I blush but I’m not too embarrassed. I’m used to this by now. I plop onto Ian’s bed and watch Lip get dressed in jeans and t-shirt. As creepy as that sounds I assure you it’s not.

“Coming out for a smoke?” Lip asks. I nod and follow him out of the house. I sit on the porch railing and grab a cigarette out of my pocket, Lip stands in front of me and gets a blunt out. I light mine and then use my lighter to light Lip’s. His face is quite close to mine right now, but I do not mind one bit.

“So Y/N, I was thinking.” He pauses and takes a drag. He blows the smoke out and lets the blunt hang out of his mouth. God, he looks so good right now. “I was wondering if you’d like to go out sometime?” I sit there in shock.

“What? You mean, as in like a date?” I ask nervously. He nods. “Sure!” I smile and take a drag of my cigarette.

“Great, I’ll take you out later. Gotta catch up on some homework. See ya later Y/N.” He finishes his sentence by quickly pecking my cheek. I giggle and watch him walk into the house.

“Damn that was cute,” I hear a familiar voice say. I look over to spot my annoying, red-head, gay, asshole best friend.
“Oh fuck off.” I pause. “We have some unfinished business,” I smirk as Ian’s eyes widened. He quickly catches on and runs straight into the house, with me following.

**sorry it’s short, I’m tired but I still wanted to write this before I forgot the idea**

Boris in: Dancing with the Devil Pg1

                             A sunny day it was in a little happy town, Boris the wolf was playing his music on his clarinet for the sheep. He was sitting by a tree at the top of a hill by his farm watching the sheep in the field. He stopped and looked at his watch.

Boris:“Hm…think it’s about time I run into town for a little while. Maybe buy a snack and say ‘hello’ to some good friends.” He said to himself and he stood up to stretch. He walked down the hill and got into his truck. He drove down a dirt path into town.He stuck his head out the window and waved to those he recognized, and that’s just about everyone. He said 'Good Morning!’ and
'Howdy’ to everyone who walked by and they smiled and waved, some  said 'Good Morning’. He parked outside Mr. Ched’s store.The rat who never seemed too happy about anything. Unless it’s money. Boris walked in with his usual bright smile on his face.“G’ morning Mr. Ched!” He said. He was standing by the cash register looking angrily at Boris.

Ched:“Good?! What’s so 'Good’ about it?!” Boris frowned.“I haven’t been getting any customers since this morning!” He took out a cigar and lit it. Boris smiled.

Boris:“No worries there Mr. Ched, I’ve been needing to buy some snacks!” Hearing that made the rat smile.

Ched:“Well then, why didn’t you just say so?” He chuckled.“Have a look around!” Boris did as he was told and looked at the dog bone cookies. He licked his lips and was about to take a few but stopped when he noticed the price.

Boris:“ $20.00 for one bone cookie?”

Ched:“Each!” He laughed. Boris, frowning, took out his wallet and looked to see how much he had. Not enough to buy a cookie. He looked at Ched.

Boris:“Well Mr. Ched I don’t think I can afford to buy any of this if they’re going to cost so much.” Ched glared at him and slammed his hands down on the counter.

Ched:“Then why are ya still here?! Go on GIT OUTTA HERE!” He yelled and Boris took off running back to his truck. He quickly drove off and sighed.

Boris:“Aw well.” He said. The wolf wasn’t much of a fighter unless he needed to be. Unlike most people around the town he was a sweetheart. He was the only wolf in this town that was kind hearted, and the only wolf who lived here. He parked outside of Mrs. Mo’s store and went inside.The old cow was watering some flowers by her window. She looked over at Boris and smiled.

Mo:“Why hello dearie!” She said sweetly. Boris smiled brightly to her.

Boris:“Hello! How’s everything going Mrs. Mo?”

Mo:“Just fine dearie. Do you need anythin’?” She asked.

Boris:“Would you by any chance got any bone cookies?” He asked with a hopeful look. She shook her head.

Mo:“Oh sorry dear, I’m all sold out.” He frowned.“Mr. Ched bought them all.” His ears lowered.

Boris:“Aww.” He said.

Meanwhile somewhere out of town there was a small crack by the dirt road. It began to grow bigger. And bigger. It grew until black ink liquid poured out and a clawed hand was formed. It dug it’s claws in the ground and pulled out a grinning creature. He stood on his hooves and pulled his tail out of the ground. He looked around and in front of him was a large sign. He squinted and frowned.

???:“Little….Happy….Town?” He smirked and began to laugh.“What a dumb name!” He took in a deep breath and spat black ink on it covering the sign completely in ink. He giggled and walked down the dirt road towards the town.
“Now…time to cause some good old mischief.” He said to himself. Just then a car drove by and he held out his thumb.The old chicken saw him and he stopped. The creature walked up to him.“Hey Mister! I’m Bendy, I need-”

???:“What?” The old chicken said as he fixed his glasses and looked closer at him.“Speak up sunny! I can’t-OH!” He jumped back startled when he saw the little creature.“DEMOOOON!!” He drove off and made Bendy fall flat on his stomach in mud. He quickly stood up and spat out mud and rocks. He shook the mud off and shot a glare at the car.

Bendy:“WATCH IT YA JERK!” He yelled. He noticed some of his things fell out of the car. He looked through the suitcases and found some gloves and a bow tie. He frowned at them. He looked up and saw another sign. 'Happy friendly people!’ It read, and showed a family wearing gloves and the father wearing a bow tie. Bendy thought about whether or not he was going to wear them. He shrugged.“Ah, what the heck.” He said and put them on. He also noticed they were wearing shoes. Seeing that there were no shoes lying around he formed his hooves to look like shoes. He smiled.“Not bad I guess.” He said to himself. He took off running towards town.

Boris drove through town heading back home. He bought some flowers from Mrs. Mo’s store and some noodles for dinner. He drove past his farm and parked near his house. He got out of his truck and brought in his stuff. He cooked up his noodles and ate before going to bed.  He stared at the ceiling lost in thought.

Boris:“Well, good night Boris.” He said with a smile.“Tomorrow’s always a new day.” He said but slowly frowned and his ears lowered. He sighed.

It was dark out when Bendy arrived into town. He grinned brightly and chuckled. Some cars drove by him and he managed to hop onto one of them. He looked around and saw that one store was still open. He hopped off the vehicle and ran inside. He sniffed the air and licked his lips. He saw Mr. Ched changing the prices to being much higher. He chuckled to himself while doing so. Bendy rolled his eyes and saw some snacks up front. He walked over and took a candy bar. He opened it and began to eat.

Bendy:“Mm! Not bad.” He ate it all and took another.

“Ahem.”  Bendy looked up and saw the rat looking down on him with a smile.

Ched:“Excuse me sir, do you plan on buying those?” He asked.

Bendy:“Well let’s see.” He looked at the price.“Ohhh $15.00 huh? Oooohh, yeah, I don’t think so, but uh, can you afford a new shirt?” He asked before he spat ink all over the tall rat. He stumbled backwards and fell on his food knocking over some shells on his head. The little demon began to laugh. He took a few more candy bars and ran out the door.  Ched stood up nearly tripping over his own feet trying to wipe the ink off his face. He went outside and shook his fist.

Ched:“COME BACK HERE YOU LITTLE THIEF!” He yelled angrily. Bendy continued to run until he found another store. One belonging to Mrs. Mo. He  slid under the door and looked around. He saw some flowers and sniffed them.

Bendy:“Mmm…” He said and looked around for more sweets. He saw some cakes in the glass at the front. He licked his lips and picked out a vanilla and chocolate cake. He took a bites from it before his head was smacked into the cake by a broom. Mrs. Mo stood over him with a fearful look in her eyes.

Mo:“Go on now git! Ya hear? Get out!” She swung the broom around and he dodged her attacks. He was about to leave but she smacked his head off his shoulders and it bounced around the store. He screamed as his head bounced around until it landed in one of the other cakes. His eyes spun around. Mrs. Mo gave one look at him and she fainted. His body searched around for his head. He whistled.

Bendy:“Hey stupid! Over here!” He called out. His body walked towards him.“That’s right, keep going this way. Warmer…..warmer.” His hands
touched his face and picked up his head placing it back on his body.“There!” He looked at Mrs. Mo and smirked. He drew a mustache and glasses on her face. He giggled and left the store. He ran through the town causing more mischief and leaving ink where ever he went.

Harry Potter/Highlander: Magic and Mischief: Untitled, Part 2

Part 1 | Part 2 | more to come

Fandom: Harry Potter, Highlander
AU: Magic and Mischief
Word Count: 1363 (3445)
Characters: Regulus Black, Matthew McCormick

He’s only just returned home from a morning of errands when the phone rings, making Regulus stiffen for a moment before he closes the door behind him, hurrying over to the phone. It’s still terribly shrill, but attempting to change the tone with magic without a greater proficiency than he has at bespelling things risks the phone itself working. With any luck, the call is Matthew with information.

“Hello?” He has to remember to speak normally, though he hasn’t picked up the habit of others in answering with name or some other identifying information. There’s too much risk, even if no Death Eater he knows would willingly go near a Muggle device such as a phone, and would have no reason to know his number or that it is his in the first place. Or perhaps it is mere paranoia, but that kept him alive this long, and he’s loathe to let it go.

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mischief-and-maryment  asked:

Babe i honestly feel them Credence Feels™. Would you mind doing numbers 9 and 51 from your prompt list? Thanks so much :)

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“Can we get some of these?” Credence asked, standing in front of a wall of jars filled to the brim with a plethora of differenced and vibrantly coloured sweets.

“We’ve got so many at home though!” You told him with a chuckle, resuming your hunt for groceries.

When you looked back up at him, he was already looking at you with sad eyes and an over exaggerated pout as he made his way over to you.

“No,” You groaned teasingly as he wrapped his arms around you, burying his face in your shoulder.

“Please?” He muttered against your skin before pulling away, the pout making its way back to his lips.

“Don’t give me that puppy dog face,” You said as you cupped his cheeks, his pout turning into a smile as you spoke. “How am I supposed to say no to that?”

“So is that a yes?” Credence asked.

You laughed and shook your head for a moment before saying, “Sure.”


This is like way after FBAWTFT cause Credence is actually happy and more confident :,) requested - @mischief-and-maryment

Taglist - send a message and let me know if and what you wan’t to be tagged in!!


Thank you for the request! I am sorry to be getting back sort of late to you, but the request is very appreciated!! I hope you like it ~

Title: Forget the Movie
Writer: Bunni
Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: smut
Word Count: 2115
Synopsis: Yoongi decides to take you out to the movies after a long week, but what he gets in return is unexpected. Will he be able to make it through your constant teasing? 

  Excitement seemed to be pumping through the rapper’s body as he finished getting ready for the casual movie date he had planned for the both of you. The prior week had been a hassle and now that the weekend was in full swing, The only thing on Young’s mind was the night planned ahead for the both of you. The sound of boots scuffed across the floor lightly as he moved to look in the full body mirror of the shared bedroom. He adjusted small things here and there, and he couldn’t help but smile at the thought of what you might look like. It was never a surprise that you looked cute on dates - even casual ones. The man fixed the sleeves of his graphic button down before finishing the tedious task of lopping his belt through his pants. Deciding to let his soft tinted hair free from any beanies or hats, Yoongi just glazed his hands through it quickly to put it how he liked. 

  “Yoongi, are you ready?” A voice called out to him. He smiled as it touched his ears as the sweetest sound ever heard. It was smooth like silk, and had just the right pitch that made him happy - well, he was always happy with you. Always pleased with just having you nearby was something Yoongi valued. “Yeah. I’m coming.” He called back out before shutting the lamp off and grabbing a few rings to slip on his slender fingers. He exited the room before making his way to where your voice had called previously. “That isn’t very fair to look so cute, jagi.” His voice touch your ears as he wrapped his arms around your waist and pressed a chaste kiss behind your ear. You chuckled and trend around before fixing the collar of his shirt before grabbing your phone off of the mantle by the door. “You look handsome yourself” You smiled before winking as you head out the door. “Let’s go before you try to make us stay home.” 

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Loki’s parlour trick. It’s MISCHIEF TIME! ;)

I honestly can’t wait for Thor: Ragnarok to come out. The BTS photos all look so good and Taika Waititi is a great director. I doubt the horned helmet will be featured in this movie, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

Harry Potter/Highlander: Magic and Mischief: Untitled, Part 1

Currently haven’t titled the story, because I’m not happy with any title that’s floated through my head so far. Sequel to The Death of Regulus Black.

Part 1 | Part 2 | more to come

Fandom: Harry Potter, Highlander
AU: Magic and Mischief
Word Count: 2082
Characters: Regulus Black, William (OC), Matthew McCormick, Petunia Dursley, Harry Potter, Arabella Figg

Regulus Black finds out about the events of Halloween and early November 1981, and finds himself rearranging his life to take care of his brother’s godson. Now all he needs to do is organize the exoneration of his brother - or at least, Sirius’s disappearance.

Even in his new life he knows when the Dark Lord falls, as the Mark on his arm fades away to nothing that can be seen. He can still feel it, lurking under his skin and wonders if he will always have it, or if the sensation of it still being there is some phantom his mind is conjuring up.

It takes little effort to find out what has happened, as even the Muggle papers over here are commenting on the early start to the Guy Fawkes Day festivities. It does take a Wizarding paper to learn that Voldemort is presumed dead after attacking James and Lily Potter, and their son Harry. An infant who seems to be the celebrated hero of the day, though how a baby with nothing more than whatever accidental magic he might perform could possibly defeat the Dark Lord, Regulus doesn’t know.

He keeps reading the paper, glad that the local wizarding enclave thinks nothing of even Muggles picking up their papers. Not that he’s entirely certain he can tell the difference here, with them having much the same fashions and living side-by-side as they do. No one seems to care.

It’s a paper from later in the week that makes his blood run cold, staring at the all too familiar face on the front page of the Prophet.

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Sell outs- Dean Ambrose, prompt #2

Dean Ambrose

Prompt: 2 “ Hey, hey, calm down they can’t hurt you now”

warnings: None!

requested by: Anonymous

A/N: I really like the idea of this one, Enjoy! X


The crowd screamed in excitement, the adrenaline ran through your body like poison, the smirk you had almost permanently plastered on your face showed even more mischief then normal. Why? well today was the day of the free speech night as triple H would put it. Where any superstar could voice their thoughts with no back lash.

You walked out to the ring, your Shied team mates following you, “This is gunna be good” Hunter laughed into the mic as you stood tall in the middle of the ring, the rest of the roster stood on the ramp. “Stephanie, sweetheart, I really do hope you have good health insurance coz.. well you’re gunna be needing it after I’m done with you!” everyone cheered, nobody noticing Roman and Seth acting oddly. “Oh, are you sure I’m the one who needs the health insurance, sweetheart” The billion dollar princess mocked.

Before you could even register what was going out you had been slammed straight down to the floor with chairs, the two Shield members behind it laughing evilly, Dean watching in horror before being dragged away from you by Hunter. Seth and Roman continued their vicious attack, you being barely conscious.

After a struggle a few members of the roster had finally pulled off your now ex friends. Following in suit your boyfriend and the last Shield member, Dean ran to your side, pulling you in to a hug carefully. “Hey, hey, calm down they can’t hurt you now” he whispered into your ear, you whimpering in pain and the audience crying out in outrage.

“What did I ever do?” you cried as the medics came out “nothing! they’re sell outs.. I’m gunna kill them” Dean raged.

A few weeks had gone by and you where back again in full health, Seth and Roman being the sell outs they where followed Steph and Hunter into the ring. You and Dean had planned your come back, nobody knew it was you in the black hoodie at the front of the crowd so it was going to get interesting.

With out warning you ran into the ring with Dean, the ex Shield members running of and Dean easily taking out an off guard Hunter, you doing the same with Steph. “Yeah, Sweetheart I’m pretty sure I was right, you will be needing that good health insurance.”

“That’s my girl” Dean yelled and picked you up, sitting you in his shoulders.


Priya is kind of the coolest dog I know. 

(And she flushed a pair of pheasants today, then recalled away from them in flight!)

Newt Scamander relationship headcanons pt.1

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♦ Some creatures live in really cold habitats so you have to travel to cold places or you need to stay outside for a longer time so Newt gives you either is blue coat or his Hufflepuff scarf to keep you warm, but most of the time he gives you both because he‘s afraid that you‘ll catch a cold.

♦ Newt is kinda shy around new people so he always wants to hold your hand, it‘s soothing for him to know that you‘re right next to him but he loves holding hands in general.

♦ It‘s hard for Newt to study his creatures when you‘re around because he can‘t keep his eyes off of you. His notes often end up with little drawings of you or he writes down your name and draws little hearts around it.

♦ He‘s really fascinated by how well you get along with his creatures. He never thought to find a person who shares his love for magical creatures and he‘s so happy to have you around and he can’t help himself but to make you compliments all the time.

♦ If Newt meets friends he tells them mostly about you because he still can‘t believe how much luck he has to have a person like you by his side. If no one stops him he won‘t shut his mouth about you.
„You won‘t believe, Y/N caught the Niffler and even tamed it ! It just couldn‘t resist her charm, but honestly, who can ? She‘s just the loveliest girl I‘ve ever met.“

♦ Newt would always tell you facts and interesting stories about his magical creatures with so much passion, it‘s just cute and heartwarming how his eyes sparkle when he talks about them.

♦ Newt was fascinated when you were able to tame the Niffler but he was shocked and probably grew a few grey hairs when you asked him to keep it as personal pet. It was cute, of course but it caused him so much trouble. Still, he allowed you to take care of the Niffler because he were sure you could prevent it from causing more mischief and he wanted to see you happy.

♦ If Newt isn‘t busy with his creatures or his books then he wants to spend as much time with you as he can. He knows that he can‘t offer you all the attention you deserve but he tries to make the time you have with him wonderful so he visits the theater with you, or he invites you to a candle light dinner but mostly he just relaxes with you at home and cuddles with you.

♦ It‘s almost impossible to have a fight with Newt because he‘s just too nice and sweet but if you get into an argument with him then he‘s the first person who apologizes. He gives you your time to calm down and as soon as he thinks that you‘re calm enough he walks up to you, takes your hands in his and asks for forgiveness, no matter if he was wrong in the argument or not. He just loves you and wants peace.

♦ Newt wants your best and he‘s always worried about your well-being, especially since a few of his creatures are very dangerous so he always asks you how you feel and if he can help you with something.

♦ Newt can be really clingy if he has a bad day and then he looks for your attention to calm down. He asks you really sweet if you may have a bit time for him and if you really do then he wants to cuddle with you. He pulls you into his lap and nuzzles his head into your neck and tells you how glad he is to know you and what he loves about you.

♦ Newt will - no matter how busy he is - always lay down his work for a while if you don‘t feel well to take proper care of you and your problems/needs and he has always an open ear for your worries.

Hermione headcanon

I’m sure thatwe’ve all seen at least one post about Hermione being black, or fanart of her as a PoC, and there are many possible ways you reacted to this.

But imagine

Black Hermiojne who makes sure to know as much as she can, so she won’t be part of either stereotype about black people or Muggles

Black Hermione who follows rules to a T because back in the Muggle world racist teachers/classmates would blame her for any misbehavior

Black Hermione who starts SPEW because the treatment of house elves riminds her of how her ancestors were treated, and how her people are still treated so badly

Black Hermione just makes so much more sense to me