more merlin because i miss it so much

I think the gods want a fanfic

I just laughed soooo hard Oh good lord hahahahahaha!

Merlin as a tall skinny dragon (blue scales, maybe?) Balinor (huge with black scales) is worried about his son, and Merlin’s all shy and doesn’t want to tell his Dad that he thinks the princes are much cuter than the princesses.

Then Merlin captures Arthur and at first Arthur’s scared and angry at the dragon but then Merlin’s such an idiot and just wants to talk with Arthur.

Then Arthur escapes and everythings fine in Camelot again until Merlin captures him again (because he missed him, awww) and then it happens so many times that Arthur’s more annoyed than angry/scared of Merlin.

Then he ends up visiting Merlin on his own accord and Merlin becomes his dragon. And I need this now!!! Why did you do this to me?!

Diamond of the Day - The Merlin Finale

  If you’ve seen Merlin, you’re probably quite used to screaming things at your TV, like “Tell him the TRUTH!”

(Thanks Genie). ^_^

  If you’ve made it to the last episode of season 5 (Diamond of the Day), then you’re probably used to feeling depressed on Christmas Day–I mean it was just such a happy ending right? XD

  Seriously, though: I think a lot of Merlinians are looking at it the wrong way. The people who say “I hate the Merlin ending” are often the same ones begging for another season. If the finale was really as terrible as people act like it was, then why would they still miss it so much?

  Because the last episode was good. Really good.

  Though Merlin failed to save Arthur’s life, what he did do was far greater. Simply by being Arthur’s friend–his real friend–Merlin helped inspire Arthur to to be a better person. But even more than that: Merlin had become a better person, too (because contrary to popular opinion, Merlin was not always so perfect either).

  Yeah. Clearly, Merlin changed too.

  Really, all Arthur needed was a friend who believed in him, to help him believe in himself. Someone he could trust.  Which was why Merlin’s magic reveal was so devastating for him. 

  Some thought Arthur’s reaction to Merlin’s magic should have been different, but honestly, I don’t see how it could have.

  Arthur had been betrayed by practically everyone (except Merlin). Learning that Merlin too, had lied to him was just too much for him to bear–Arthur felt like he was being betrayed by the one person whom he had thought would never betray him. 

  How could he not be upset? He had every right to feel/react as he did. It hurt for him to realize that despite how much he had trusted Merlin, Merlin apparently had not felt like he could trust Arthur enough to be honest with him.

  But even so, Arthur forgave him–pretty quickly, too. You can see the shift in his thinking from, Merlin did everything–to–Wow. Merlin did everything for me.

  Yes, the last episode was sad, but it was also deep, moving, and beautiful. I want the show to come back not because I hate the ending, but because I love it–and I know that I’m not the only one.

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every time I rewatch merlin I cry a little more because watching arthur come to love him is so fucking emotional to me. and I can pinpoint the exact moment he started really appreciating merlin - when merlin came with him to fight kilgarrah. and you really see it in s04 when morgana captures merlin to try to make him her assassin and arthur won't stop searching. at one point arthur tells merlin he wouldn't look if merlin went missing, but really he would be like uther when morgana disappeared.

@ the last sentence; yes, oui, si, da. The prospect of it means so incredibly much to me, you have no idea. In the show when Merlin goes “missing” or is away for a days Arthur loses his mind but it’s more the physical aspects of his life & the every day thing. I don’t think he really gets worried because it happens so often & Merlin comes back (usually) in one piece, though one we get past a day he does become unsettled & start worrying (5x08). Anyway, as I was saying the first thing Arthur thinks about is the fact there’s nobody to dress him & every day mundane chores that he has to figure out for himself that Merlin usually takes care of.

What’s missing is the emotional factor, I think this would come more gradually with the length of time Merlin is missing. It would start of with the tavern jokes, then we would move on to searches & I think Arthur would go to a place of almost acceptance or denial about Merlin being missing then something would shake his world emotionally & THEN we would get the final impact where Arthur realises how much Merlin impacts his life emotionally. How it’s Merlin & only Merlin he confides in (because he has trust issues but he trusts Merlin unconditionally), how Merlin is his emotional strength & rock - building up his self esteem, encouragement & just pushing him to do his best. He’ll probably also notice how a lot of his court decisions were also made by Merlin, he might notice this a lot earlier on actually, how Merlin’s guidance shaped his Kingdom - whether you personally agree to this being a positive or not, it happened & I think Arthur would see it as a positive. Of course that’s when the interesting bit comes in because how does Arthur react to this? When this is the exact sort of situation that Merlin would help him get through. 

Anyway.. This probably isn’t what you expected but there we are, hahaa. By the way I talk about this AU a lot ‘cause it’s my favourite “headcanon” but I made an au based on this; The Savage King; x  I just want to see Arthur Pendragon suffer.