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hey guys, I know some of us (including me) are a little concerned by tøp’s growing popularity, so I’ve made a list of upsides:

-more band merch

-more tour dates/places

-more suffering kids will get the help they need

-more amazing clique members to meet! <3 

-the boys will probably post more often

-more pictures in general

-tyler and josh will be more supported 

-they’ll be a lot more successful

-they deserve it

-ensures that they’ll stay together longer

-cool new effects and styles

-maybe a letter address (finally)

-more opportunities in general to see and enjoy them

-the world will be singing their songs instead of Justin Bieber’s 

-these are the songs we want playing everywhere, the ones that deserve to be on the radio and playing in stores

this is a really good thing guys let’s stay positive and support them


Got alot of shows coming up.  DC this weekend + dates with Araab Muzik in October & November.  Not to mention after parties, pop up performances, Electric Punanny and more.


OCT 07 - Washington DC - Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium

OCT 27 - Atlanta GA - King Plow

NOV 01 - Providence RI - The Met                                     

NOV 04 - Buffalo NY - Sound Lab

NOV 05 - St. Louis - 2720 Cherokee

Important Phan announcements

If you weren’t able to watch the live show today well here’s some things Dan and Phil announced!

• They are coming to America next week for book signings! They are going to LA, NYC, and Chicago!

• They haven’t announced of they are doing their tour in America but they are trying to figure it out!

•Pinof 7 is coming at the end of this month! They also said there would be videos before them so yay!!

• New Merch will be in the Dan and Phil shop! Am pretty sure they are sweaters bc Dan said they couldn’t say what it was but he keep rubbing his sweater and putting it towards the camera while saying it so expect more stuff!

• Their tour Merch will be available in the Dan and Phil shop!!

• this wasn’t in the Liveshow but since food battle 10 (smosh) is next week, they will be collabing with them!! (It was on smoshs food battle 10 trailer)
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