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Mute Dadsona AU where Amanda of course knows sign language and makes it her goal in life to teach the kids at the cul de sac the basics, at least, so they can understand her dad.

Craig used to be fluent but he’s gotten a little rusty over time so he needs some practice but that’s fine! He and MC probably also have a lot of made up or secret signs only they know. He also helps his kids practice what Amanda shows them.

Hugo has learned the basics plus some more complex stuff just from dealing with dadsona and Amanda at school. Ernest acts like he doesn’t care but he and Lucien probably practice it together and are surprisingly good at it.

Damien immediately orders books and guides and dives right into learning more and ends up becoming near fluent faster than Craig can relearn it. Lucien is kinda along for the ride but he kinda likes using it like a secret code at school with Ernest and Amanda. Damien surprises Dadsona with his knowledge by bringing over a bouquet in person and signing he explanation for each flower. Dadsona cries a little.

Brian kinda struggles with picking it up but he’s okay with it because Daisy picked it up so quickly and she’s usually around when Dadsona is so he relies on his little girl for a translator until he can figure out more. He and Dadsona still have competitions though…

Mat gets nervous that he rambles too much around Dadsona since MC can’t stop him or speak over him. The first sign he learns is probably “it’s okay” just because MC uses it so much… Carmensita isn’t really the best at actually doing the signs but she can “read” them pretty well.

Robert I want to be fluent. Like maybe his wife was deaf or mute or a close family member was and so he is entirely fluent with sign language and so is Val and Amanda and Dadsona love that but Robert cannot be trusted as a translator. Someone will ask what Dadsona signed and Robert tells them that the MC killed someone and he needs them to drive him to the state border. MC then punches Robert’s arm, Robert giggles, then he gives the correct translation.

Joseph has no freaking idea what they mean for the longest time, he’s so busy with the kids and church events he hardly has time to stop and learn, but when he has the time he’ll look stuff up and he’ll stop MC or Amanda on the road to ask for a few phrases so he’s learning! The kids mostly don’t know it and Amanda is a liiiiiittle scared to teach them…

Mary learns through trial and error during nights out with MC and Robert and just guesses until she gets it right. Her guesses are more and more ridiculous as she drinks more and it makes Dadsona both exasperated while also holding back cackles. Mary secret learns some other phrases by watching Joseph and Damien and Robert.

FIC: This Time, Maybe

Fandom: Samurai Love Ballad Party
Timeline/Continuity: Reincarnation AU
Pairing: Tokugawa Ieyasu/MC (unnamed)
Genre: General/Angst
Word Count: ~2200
Rating: PG
Notes: I wrote this in mind with a strange canon divergence that sort of marries with the historical context of Tokugawa Ieyasu having his wife executed. So that whole deal where she’s accused of being a spy? Imagine she didn’t make it out alive. Why? Because it’s morbid and I’m a sucker for drama, and it makes for the best reunions.  

“Is it selfish of me to want you to remember?” 

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Can you write something about ZenxMC on their honeymoon? :D

This request was really a lot of fun to write! Zen can sometimes be tough for em to write about but this request has helped me comes up with some headcanons of him, so thanks anonny! And thank you for the request, I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • Zen had always dreamed of going on an extravagant and luxurious honeymoon with you once the two of you were married
  • But the life of an actor doesn’t always pay the best so he would unfortunately have to settle some
  • Your wedding together was a joyous and intimate ceremony, Zen definitely cried more than you
  • Once it was time for your honeymoon, Zen was more than ready to spend an entire week with his precious new wife
  • He managed to gather enough money to rent out a small house near the beach for the week, he wanted to have a relaxing and romantic getaway with you and he figured this was the best option
  • You barely had time to unpack since Zen was already trying to drag you to go to the beach
  • His nose almost bled when he saw you in your swim suit and without warning, he gathered you into his arms and placed kisses all over your face
  • You giggled but started blushing as other people stared at the two of you, Zen scoffed and stuck his tongue out at the standbyers
  • “They’re just jealous that I have the most beautiful, perfect wife in the world!”
  • The two of you swim a little bit but Zen would rather sunbath with you so that he can admire your body
  • He’ll ask, multiple times, if he can make love to you on the beach because to him, you’re more desirable than ever
  • Speaking of making love together Zen will ask you all throughout your honeymoon if you want to
  • This man just loves you so much and wants to show your body the love and attention that it deserves
  • But he’ll calm down the beast for a while so that the two of you can have some nice quality cuddle time with him
  • Zen would be totally content with just spending one day with you lounging around in bed, with you wrapped protectively and lovingly in his arms
  • Especially with the relaxing atmosphere of the beach coupled with the soothing sounds, both of you get some well deserved rest while on your honeymoon
  • During one of your nights together, Zen took you to a classy bar for some late night drinks
  • He excused himself after he polished off his third beer, you assumed he was going to use the restroom
  • But instead, you saw your husband up on the small stage seated at the piano
  • Zen winked at you and started flawlessly singing while his fingers worked the piano a slow romantic song for you
  • It was a simple gesture but Zen’s thoughtfulness made your heart swell with joy and silent tears fall down your cheeks
  • As the week sadly came to an end, you stared at the setting sun, feeling a little sadden that you had to leave such a peaceful and beautiful place
  • Zen came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist, he kissed your cheek and stared at the fading sun with you
  • “Don’t be sad, MC. Our honeymoon may be over but my love for you will never end. I’m so happy that you enjoyed yourself, it was honestly the best week that I’ve ever had in my life. I promise we will take plenty more vacations together now not only as Zen and MC but now, finally as husband and wife.”

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Ummmmm Rfa's reactions when mc has near-death experiences while on a relationship w/ them?? Idk hi!

Mostly the weeping and gnashing of teeth… =\
Assuming we’re post-game/after the After Endings, so spoiler alert!

I’m writing along the lines of MC getting into an accident and being badly hurt. Not just a “wow, that bullet grazed me!” situation, but a “we’re surprised MC survived that” kind of deal.

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V ~ Amnesia ~ Final Chapter


I fixed my sleeve collar and gazed at my reflection. Today was the big day. Today was Jumin’s wedding.

I padded into the venue where I stood by the groom, who seemed extremely jittery.

“ What’s wrong Jumin? ” I nudged him with a bright smile possessing my lips, “ You’re getting cold feet on me? You are about to get married to the woman of your dreams. The woman you’ve been in love with for five years. ”

“ Jihyun…. but what if I’m not enough for her? I- ”

“ Jumin ” I sighed “ I know you’re special to her. You had only been dating her for a year before you proposed, yet she didn’t hesitate for a second to say yes. I could tell from the day after I visited you from recovery that she was smitten with you. ”

Jumin nodded, yet his nerves were still visible. Almost like magic, all of his worries flew away as the double doors swung open and MC emerged on to the isle. She looked absolutely stunning. Once she reached Jumin, she held onto his hands tightly.

“ We have gathered here today to unite these two people in marriage. Their decision to marry has not been entered into lightly, and today they will publicly declare their private devotion for one another. The essence of this commitment is the acceptance of each other in entirety, as a lover, companion, and friend. It will take special effort to grow together, survive hardships, and to be loving and unselfish, ” the priest spoke, “ With that being said, please recite your personally prepared vows. ”

“ MC… ” Jumin began, lovingly gazing at his bride, “ Since you arrived into the messenger, I thought God had sent down an angel, just for me. You… we’re there, you looked out for me and my well being. With V traveling, I had nobody to lift me out of the dark hole that I and my company dug, then you arrived. You were the sun on my cloudy day, you kept me in check, and most of all, you repaired the shattered glass that was my heart. You taught me how to feel again. To feel emotions. Ever since we got to know one another, I felt love, happiness, and admiration. MC, I promise to be your best friend. To have your back no matter what. To allow you to fight your own battles and tap in when you need me. I’ll share the covers and let you use the hot water first. I promise to love your family as if they were my own. I promise to trust you enough to take over my cat projects. To kiss you and hold your hand with every opportunity possible. To defend you from others even if you’re wrong. Finally, I promise to put your happiness above everything. Even Elizabeth the third. ”

“ Jumin ” MC giggled. Her smile was bright and beautiful. “ From the start, I knew you were someone I should hold dear. You became my best friend, my companion, my safety blanket… ”

Jumin was so lucky to have her. Apparently I was lucky at once as well.

“ No words will ever be able to explain what you were able to do for me into a full extent. You were there when I struggled with the party. You were there when I lost V. You were there when I found out about the special security system. ”

Special security system. The bomb. I could see Luciel silently chuckle at the mention of it.

“ Jumin Han, I vow to be your best friend as much as your lover. To not question your cat projects. Most of the time. You can get out of hand at times. I vow to tag along to meals with you, your father, and his variety of girlfriends. To hold back Zen from punching you in the face, even though you deserve it sometimes ” MC smiled as everybody’s eyes turned to a smug looking Zen. “ I vow to have your back even if you’re being cold hearted. To brush it off if you spend more time with your cat than me in a day. Finally I vow to love you for who you are. To cherish every aspect of you, and to be the best wife I can be. ”

“ Very good. Jumin, please repeat after me ” the priest spoke as the ring boy ran down the isle, “ I make this oath to love you through all eternity, to hold your hand through the darkness, and to seal our vows. With this ring, I thee wed. ”

“ I make this oath to love you through all eternity ” Jumin picked up the ring.

For an unknown reason, I began to feel an intense pain in my chest.

“ To hold your hand through the darkness “he gazed directly into MC’s eyes.

My smile began to fade. Was I still in love with MC from all those years back?

”… and to seal our vows. With this ring, I thee wed. “ Jumin slipped the ring onto MCs finger.

” MC, will you marry me? “ I asked.

” Jihyun! “ she squealed, ” Oh my god! Yes! “

I could faintly see her hand with the little vision I had left, but I could see it well enough to place the exquisite ring on her delicate finger.

I remember now, but why at this moment? Why here?

” With this ring, I thee wed “

Had I been too busy with my flashback to listen to MC take her oath?

” I now pronounce thee husband and wife. You may kiss the bride “

Jumin tenderly cupped MCs cheeks and kissed her. I could feel my heart sink to the very pit of my stomach, though I kept on a smile as Jumin carried MC down the isle. Once the couple was out of my sight, I made an exit to the bathroom.

” MC are you sure about this? “I panted while her delicate fingers trail down my bare torso.

” Mmmhm “ she mumbled against my V-line and discard my boxers with a swift movement.

“ Oh my god~ “I moaned as she lowered herself onto my rock-hard member and took a hold of my hands. Lacing our fingers, I leaned up to kiss my fiance.

Tears were rushing down my cheeks as Luciel raced into the bathroom.

” There you are! They want you in for the best man speech- are you okay? “he panted.

” I remembered, Luciel. I remembered MC. I remembered the proposal. I remembered our first time. I remembered….. how much I loved her. “

” MC? “ I felt her head relax on my lap ” What do you look like? “

” What do you want me to look like? “ she giggled.

” Mmm… “ I smiled. ” A human. “

” Well I’m sorry to tell you “ she straddled my lap, her lips inches away from my ear ” I look like an alien-goldfish-cow-horse “

Her words caused giggles to emit from both of us. I reached around, cupping her face in my hands.

” I bet you’re the most stunning alien-goldfish-cow-horse “ I rubbed my nose against hers.

” V… I’m so sorry. I’ll make your speech for you and tell them that you had to take an emergency. Okay? “

I was alone after that. Alone to wallow in my broken memories.

She wasn’t mine anymore. I had lost the game of amnesia, in which Jumin was the other player.

Don’t Try and Stop Me. [Happy Lowman x Reader]

Originally posted by lowmans

[ @homicidalteenagedream request: ‘You’re mine and I am not one for sharing.’ & ‘Don’t try and stop me.’ with smut.]

Warnings: NSFW.

As a crow eater, it was your job to basically serve the MC members and provide more than just a smile for the night. Sometimes, this worked in your favour, but most times you were sleeping with some old, fat, dude just to keep things peachy.

The ultimate goal, however? To become a member’s old lady and be taken off the ‘free fuck’ list. This meant that you were exclusive to that member, just like any old fashioned girlfriend or wife. Then again, there was a lot of competition for such a position, but every girl had a favourite member they would try their best to impress. While most girls went for MC Presidents, or Charming’s own – Jax Teller, you were more interested in none other than Happy Lowman. Every time the two of you came together there was this fire between you. It wasn’t just pure lust and a carnal need for skin on skin, no. The way the two of you spoke to one another and joked around just seemed so natural, therefore, he was your target. But it didn’t work like that all the time.

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fluff #50 mc to jumin

This reminded me of Nobunaga from IkeSen hahaha. So maybe that influenced me a bit. But I love writing Jumin fluff, it’s so relaxing!! Also this wraps up my dialogue prompts!

#50: “People are staring.”

The breeze of the air conditioning welcomed them as they entered the boutique. MC quickly scanned the shop, taking in the lack of racks and shelves, which were instead replaced with plush couches and elegant high backed chairs. Jumin placed a hand at the small of her back, both to relax her with his presence  and to encourage her to go on.  His bangs covered one of his twinkling eyes and his lips spread across his face in a arrogant smirk. He was completely in his element here, an exclusive shop that catered only to the most esteemed citizens. 

Their engagement was still relatively new, and he had declared that morning he was going to take her shopping for bridal shoes. She had imagined a long discussion about the proper store, or perhaps a bit of window shopping before hand, instead he arrived at her apartment and they rode directly here, with his assertion they would find just what they were looking for. 

Now here they were, and she had no idea what to expect. His hand was firm against her, leading her toward one of the chairs. They sat side by side, hands entwined, as a well dressed woman approached them. 

Mr. Han. We are very happy to see you today. How can I assist you?” The woman asked in a saccharine voice, one obviously affected for her clientele. At the mention of his name a few nearby shoppers turned their heads towards him.

“Yes, we are looking for a pair of bridal shoes for my fiancée. Something in ivory, with a full heel, closed toes, minimal embellishments. No bows. Diamonds should be fine, however. Please take into consideration our height difference and her comfort as well.” He answered quickly, then turned to MC, still grinning.  The woman stared at MC’s still covered feet momentarily, then nodded and walked away. 

“I’m not sure if you are accustomed to stilettos and we don’t really have enough time for you to learn. However I am intrigued to find out if my idea of your tastes are correct.” He explained casually. 

“Well, I have worn them before, but you are right. I prefer a full heel. It make sure me feel more secure. Are you sure… this place is okay? It seems very… exclusive.” She responded nervously. She had yet to get comfortable with his lifestyle, or the idea that he would spend unheard of amounts on her. 

“Only the best of the best for my future wife.” He answered with finality. He held onto her hand as they quietly waited for the woman’s return, tracing patterns into her knuckles with his thumb. After only a few minutes the attendant returned with several pairs of heels. They went through them, MC slipping her feet into each one, wiggling her toes at the ends, taking a few steps, staring at the rich fabrics. The woman watched her with professional appraisal, taking notes with each pair. Finally, she offered MC a knowing smile and pulled out a pair of heels while declaring she knew exactly what they needed.

Both Jumin and the attendant knew she was correct when MC softly gasped at the pair presented to her. They were made with stiffened ivory fabric. Delicate lace adorned the side and flourished over the closed toe. Interlaced along the lace were dozens of tiny diamonds, all shimmering. The heel was on the slimmer side of full, and the sole easily gave her another inch. She brushed her fingers across the shoe, entranced by how soft it was, the thick cushioning of the inside.

“Would you mind?” Jumin interrupted her thoughts and held out a hand for her to give it to him. She reluctantly released it into his care and he rose from his seat before kneeling on one knee in front of her. Her heart raced and cheeks burned as more of the people around them turned to watch. 

Jumin gently lifted one foot. He caressed the heel with his palm and his fingers brushed across her ankles. His entire focus was on this one foot, and he cradled the shoe in his free hand before slipping it onto her easily.

“People are watching.” MC whispered, face flushing at the intimate gesture being so easily observed.

“Good. They get to see how happy we are.” He answered before placing a gentle kiss on the top of her foot. “I think we’ve found the one.”

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Can I have some angst that doesnt end well? With RFA +V and Saeran if possible.

OK here you go just a

ou go just a warning the Yoosung one is really long OK! So buckle up this is gonna be sad. And if this is not what you wanted then pleaselet me know so I can re-write it!

And dear lord you guys are trying to kill these men…and woman.


Between gaming and school he had no time for you. You could understand studying that was a necessity. But every night when he came home you ran to the door to greet him but he would just push you to the side telling you that he was stressed and needed to game to make him feel better. And thats ok the first few times but not everyday. But being the good wife that you are you still made him dinner, did his laundry, and even washed his dishes. But all you got was a ‘thanks. 

 The day of your anniversary came by. You and Yoosung were so happy on the day of your wedding.  Your friends and family were there it was perfect. Part of Yoosungs speech went like 

“MC I promise to make time for you even though I’m busy I will never forget to hang out with you you are not only my wife but my best friend.”  

And in the beginning of your marriage that was true…..for a while. After his classes he would run home and tackle you with hugs and kisses exclaiming how much he missed you. But over the months his excitement faded more and more to the point where you were basically old news. 

“I’ll spend all my time with you my ass” You mock setting the table for a romantic dinner.

 Then the door opens and you run to see Yoosung.  

“Yoosung~” You say cheerfully. “Your home”

 He just looks at you sadly and walks past you. You give him a cold stare. Finally he looks up at you confused. Tears are dripping down your face. 

“Whats wrong MC” He asks. 

“Have you even looked at the chatroom today. He glances at his phone and sess all the ‘Happy Anniversary’ texts theres even one from V.

 “Shit I’m so sorry” He says.

 “Oh, what sorry that all our friends remember our anniversary but you dont. You yell.  “Its just school an-” You cut him off. 

“No, Yoosung its always school you never have time for me anymore” You yell through tears. “You know what I’m calling Seven to come pick me me up” 

Tears are dripping down his face youve never seen him this sad. You pick up your phone and call Seven all Yoosung can do is watch in horror as his wife walks out the door.


He came home late….again drunk…again. You had enough of this he had been doing this for the past few weeks since his “career took off”. You were happy for him, dont get that wrong. But this excessive drinking and partying was to much for you. You decided to talk with him.

 ‘Hey Zen, honey.” You say sweetly.

 “Yeah MC” He slurrs.

 “I think this drinking is getting out of hand.” You say genly putting your hand on his lap.

 He slaps your hand away and you stare at him in shock. 

 “You don’t tell me what to do woman” He sneers lighting a cigarette.

 “Don’t smoke on our new couch dear.” You remind him.

 “Im the one who bought this thing” He yells.

 “Yes but your wife gets a say too!” You yell back on the verge of tears.

 “Whatever” He says looking off.

 “What happend to the man I married” You say walking away.

 Once you get out the door you call Yoosung.

 He answers the phone.

 “Hello?” He answers sounding tired 

 Yoosung. You sob into the phone

 MC is that you….why are you crying. He says hecticly

 Zen is such an asshole why did I even marry him” You sob

 MC what happened. He asks with a scared tone.

 Ill tell you can you please come pick me up. You say shakily. 

 Ok Ill be there in a minute MC hold on. He says.

 When Zen wakes up the next morning your gone he then remembers what happened last night. 

 He lost his MC.


 He came back from a mission and you were so excited to see him. He had been gone for about 3 months and you had been so lonely without him. You missed his pranks, his jokes, and just everything about him was perfect to you. He was such a loving husband to you. You were getting ready to go to the airport Jumin was getting you a ride and you were so thankful. When you arrived you told Driver Kim to wait outside. But when you walked in Seven looked awful you could feel the worry and anxiety from all the way across the airport.

 “Seven~” You scream.

 You go to hug him and he flinches back but you wrap your arms around him and he loosens up.

 “I missed you” You sob.

 He smiles but then turns to a frown he looks behind him and hugs you tighter you feel tears go onto your back.

 “MC you have to listen to me ok” He says frantically

 You nod confused.

 “Someone followed me back their extremely dangerous I need you to get as far away from here as possible” He whispers.

 “What? Seven I-I cant leave you” You sob into his chest.

 “MC…please don’t make this harder for me to say goodbye” He hugs you tighter. 

 He pulls way wiping your tears from your face. “MC don’t cry just know that Iove you”

 “I know but-” He start.

 “MC were running out of time please just go” He begs.

 You hesitate but look into his eyes “Goodbye Seven” 

 You run to Driver Kim’s car and get in.

 “Take me to Jumins’s house now!” You scream.

 As you drive away you see an explosion and cry harder. Your Seven is gone forever.


 “MC not now I have to work” Has become a common phrase in your house. He has become almost robotic like he has no emotion at all. Now hes not good with emotions he never was but now he has almost none including love. You were so done so you stormed out the door to take a walk but you saw the headlights racing towards you to bad you didn’t care anymore.

 “MR. HAN MR. HAN” An employee ran into the meeting room.

 “What is it” He says sounding annoyed.

 “Its your wife sh-” He didnt even finish his sentence before Jumin was out the door.

 “Please be ok” He says to himself over and over.

 When he gets to the hospital he immediately runs over to your room. 

 “Doctor please do you know what happened.” He pleads.

 “She got hit by a car” He says quietly.

  “I will sue whoever did thi-” He was cut off.

 “You didn’t let me finish, many witnesses said that it looked like she saw the car coming she stared right at it” He finishes.

 “So your saying she committed suicide” He looks over at her covered by the cloth. “Why MC” He sobs.

 Jumin was never ok after that he often just skipped work and drank wine. The RFA tried to help him but he didn’t want it he just wanted to be alone

 Ok I spent hours on that so please let me do another one I’ll do the ones I didnt do tomorrow ok. 

Some more info on Bodyguard:

 Since we had asks regarding Bodyguard and other cast…here’s the info per Deadline (X).  Besides Richard and Keeley Hawes, Bodyguard also will feature Sophie Rundle (best known as Ada Shelby on Peaky Blinders),  Gina Mc Kee ( Line of Duty), Rowena King and Vincent Franklin.  Their roles have been unspecified and it not has been announced who will be playing Richard’s character’s wife.  Information has been scant since the original announcement.

We will update as we hear more!

Hot for the teacher lll

Imagine you’re Abel’s teacher (age 5)  and you go to a SAMCRO party, as Jax’s guest. 

Originally posted by orangemoons13000

“Anna, you don’t understand, wearing this? It would look like i’m wearing a costume.” You complained to your younger yet guru style sister. She groaned on the phone and continued. “I’m not a biker girl” 

“(Y/N), c’mon, it’s an MC. Everything is leather, leather, tight leather.” You let yourself plop down on the bed, a towel around your body. It was about time for you to go to the clubhouse, but you were still deciding what to wear. Your sister had sent you part of her clothes for you to wear, but you werent sure. Your style was girly and fresh, long dresses and pretty skirts, an elementary teacher in all the extension of the world. 

“I’ll try it on but i don’t promise anything.” You said, hanging up the phone before she answered. You stood there, watching the leather jacket and the tight red skirt, the fishnets and the high heels. You frowned your eyebrows, biting your lip. You didn’t felt comfortable. You didn’t want to make Jax think that you were trying for him to like you, that you were trying to impress him. It was a friendly invitation, he was your student dad and he invited you over to his clubhouse. Big deal. 

You groaned, throwing your heels off when you tried on the outfit. You didn’t knew how to move around in a tight skirt like that, and you were too old to be wearing fishnets out of kinky purposes. You shook your head and took off the leather jacket, sitting defeated, and naked in the bed. 

It was already 9:15 when you decided to stood up and look around your closet for something to wear. You decided you would wear the leather jacket, because it was a fair cold night. The best jeans you owned and some black stilettos, for your comfort. A plain black shirt was your ally, and your long hair in full display on your back. You looked at yourself in the mirror, bitting your thumb nail, as nervous as you could be. You grabbed your purse, car keys and phone, before heading out, vodka bottle in your hand. 

The drive there was full of red lights, making you think twice about this whole situation. You were quite innocent, yes, but you kind of understood the world of an MC. You tried not to get your hopes up, thinking that it was harmless flirting, but deep down inside you were hoping for the best. You avoided this kind of situations your whole; Since your High School boyfriend did you wrong, and grew up being introvert, thinking you were not worth the bother. 

Once you parked outside of the TM you knew there was no turning back now. It was now or never; Silently, you thank Jax’s ex wife for taking the kids away for the weekend, because that fact made everything more easy. Walking into the parking lot you could see a big fireplace, with big beard guys taking care of steaks and hamburgers, a lot of bikes formed neatly, guys leaned on them along with girls leaned on the guys. You smiled nervously  and walked around for a few minutes; You gained a lot of smiles but also a lot of glares from the female part of the club. You were a rookie compared to these girls. They had perfect bodies, flawless and authentic outfits. They were about this life, and all you had was a bottle of vodka. You sighed, about to make an exit when a familiar voice called you from a far. 

“Mrs. (Y/N)…” You turned on your heels, reading the patch on the guy’s kutte. You smiled, looking at a Jax Teller, two beers in hand. “I thought about bringing you an apple, teacher, but all we got left is beer.” You giggled and nodded, grabbing one. “I was thinking you were gonna stood me up.” 

“I was about to.” You said, drinking from the beer, trying to calm your nerves. 

“Really?” he leaned against the bar. “Why’s that?” 

“Look at all these girls.” You said motioning  around both of you. “Revealing clothes, beautiful faces. I’m a little intimidated, Mr. Teller.” Jax bit his lip, looking at you while taking his beer down. 

“Mr. Teller, hold that thought.” He winked in your direction, making you giggle a little. “They’re trying their  best.” He said in a serious tone. “My beautiful crow eaters.” You smiled at him, trying to light up the mood. The music was loud and the ambient was a party one. You could see the famous Gemma Teller watching you from a far; You were secretly afraid of all of this, the whole SAMCRO world, the bad reputation the club had, but deep down from inside, it wasnt a complete mess. It felt like a big Christmas dinner, with way more weed and more lap dances. 

As the night went by, you talked with Jax. You told him how you had been your own family for quite a long time; Your sister living up in New York, and how you decided to stay behind after your aunt and uncle died, car accident. You also told him about how you always wanted to become a mother and how you wanted to live in a big house with a big family. Jax smiled at this, your ideals were lovely.

He told you about his life, too, mainly Abel, and you noticed how much care he put into his words whenever he mentioned the club and his family. You didn’t want to be noisy, so you let him tell you whatever he wanted to tell you. It was a lovely night in, emptying beer bottles and filling up ashtrays. 

When to clocked marked 2:30 in the morning, the party was slowly dying. Everyone was either locked in the doorms, passed out on the carpet or too drunk to function. 

“I better get going.” You said getting up, feeling a bit dizzy. You were a light weight. 

“You sure you don’t want to crash in?” Jax asked, getting up too, putting his half beer on the bar. You nodded, grabbing your jacket and placing in on top of your shoulders, out of energy to actually put it in. “Let me walk you outside.” 

Outside the moon was big and the stars were everywhere. You looked up, being closed followed with Jax. An apology still to be made. 

“Uhm. Jax?” You asked, the “Mr. Teller”, dropped around beer number 5. 

“Yeah?” he asked lighting up his cigarette offering you one. You refused. 

“I wanted to…apologize. For what i said about your beautiful crow eaters.”

“It didn’t bothered me.” He began. “But…it was weird, you know? You were the one that said that, as a society, we needed to learn to look behind the kutte. Their makeup, their slutty clothes, those fierce faces they put, that’s their kutte. That makes them belong, you see…” he took a long drag. “When you’re associated in an MC, you belong to everyone, and you belong to no one. That’s what they want. A place to rest their head.” You nodded. “The sex, the kisses, lap dances, they just come with the package. They’re great girls and really funny when they don’t loose a screw. Like you, i see behind your teacher kutte.” 

“I’m not wearing a kutte.” 

“Yes you are. It may not say Sons of Anarchy, but you’re wearing a kutte.” He lifted his eyebrows, making you grin and shake your head, hands on your hip.  You wished you could say you understood Jax little monologue, but you’ve had such a Plain Jane life, you couldn’t wrap your head around it. 

“Yeah, and what does it say?” 

“You’ve been wanting to kiss me since that stupid PTA meeting.” His security made you laugh and shook your head, and before you knew it, you were being pulled on the side of the clubhouse, the darkness and the cold being your partners in crime. Jax placed both of his ring full hands on your waist, pinning you against the wall. Your breaths mixed in between the both of you, your hands not being able to find a place in the man in front of you. The biker pressed his forehead on to yours looking at your lips hungrily. 

“Abel’s not around. What’s stopping you?” He whispered, biting his lip, fighting the urge. 

“I’m just trying to take it slow.” He laughed darkly, pressing himself against you harder, making your breath itch in your chest. “J-Jax.” 

He shook his head. “I’m on full speed here, babe.” Jax confessed. You gulped and bit your lip. 

“Just fucking kiss me already.” You threaten, making him smile and crash his lips into yours, theets clacking against each others, lips burning and mouths wet and hot. If you were more pushed against the clubhouse wall you would become a part of it. Jax hands were running around your body, making you groan and arch your back in excitement.

“Nice to know these bad curves where hidden under your teacher outfits.” He stated, making you pull back a little.

“You don’t like my dresses?” 

“I love your dresses. I just wish i could see this more often.” He said, grabbing a handfull of your ass and holding it tightly. You blushed and moaned out, Jax attacking your lips once again. 


SITSC Season 3 Ryoichi’s Route [Cinderella of Temptation]

MC gets promoted to be an editor-in-chief for Cinderella Special Edition, but in order to do this job, she has to go back to the main company in Tokyo, Japan for awhile. Ryoichi immediately knows something’s on her mind, so she tells him about her promotion and Ryoichi encourages her to do so. Of course in the end Ryoichi surprises her by also going to Japan because he suddenly has work related matter in Japan and it was informed last night. Coincidentally, MC’s main work is to cover the article of the 100th Anniversary Naota Award Event for writers, and Ryoichi is one of selected main writers to publish a new story for this event. However, the theme of story given to him is ‘a gender’, emphasizing on a man and woman. In short, he has to write a romance story again, and it becomes complicated as Ryoichi doesn’t write romance stories anymore. Meanwhile, MC begins to be widely recognized as Ryoichi’s wife at work environment, but most people working with her still sees her as 'Mr. Hirose’s wife’ rather than her as a Cinderella’s chief editor. Will they be able to get through their situations professionally, and together as a husband and wife?

Honestly, when I finished this story, I died XD Ryoichi’s main story delivers once again in this, and his relationship with MC is one of the best I’ve ever read in Voltage Apps. I was reminded once again of how amazing MC is in Ryoichi’s route, she proves that she’s capable on her work as a new chief editor. Also I feel like Ryoichi’s story emphasizes more on her work life, not saying that other guys’ routes don’t have it but I don’t know I just feel like it.

Beside MC’s new team, there are also more ikemen new faces in this route who’re responsible for handling writers’ work in the event: a man in grey suits named Haruomi Yasutsuna who seems to know Ryoichi personally, and a shota looking guy named Hiroki Tani who happens to be Ryoichi’s fan work.

And I think what Ryoichi said on the last screenshot perfectly sums up what we feel about SITSC guys:

Ryoichi: “Did you miss me that much?”


(CGs and screenshots belong to Voltage Inc.)

Let's Get Ready To.....SMASH!!

Nintendo just announced their first ever Invitational Tournament, featuring 16 of the top Smash Bros. players in the world to compete, live at E3. This is HUGE news, as it shows Nintendo finally embracing the competitive community that has kept Smash, and Melee in particular, alive for so many years.

So the question naturally follows: Just WHO are these players? Though we don’t know the full list yet, we can speculate who they might be, and take look at those who may qualify.

Wander, our resident fan of the tournament Smash scene, has put together a list of some of the top players of Melee and Brawl. Hopefully, this will give you a brief introduction to 16 Smashers who we might see at the Nokia Theater this June.

Without further ado: Ladies and gentlemen, the Smash Brothers!

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